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Desaparece com o tempo toda a paciência e boa vontade pra tentar entender o motivo das pessoas sumirem da nossa vida, tão extenso que é o mundo, vamos fazer questão de quem não nos espera, pra quê?
—  Lost in the disaster

This took SO fucking long to do good god

Worth it tho

Okay so this is Slug (left, real name Hasse Bernfield) and Whit (right, real name Shawn Jackson), who are among the younger members of Delsin’s group.  They grew up in the same town after being brought to the planet along with their families (Slug’s were miners, Whit’s were rich af corporate types).  Slug’s parents died in an accident but he refused to be adopted into any of the other families, becoming a sort of neighbourhood bully and stealing food and money and stuff.  Whit didn’t have many friend for their own reasons, but after nearly shooting Slug in the head when Slug tried to mug them they became fast friends.

Slug likes painting and not talking about his feelings and Whit likes plants and making sure that EVERYONE knows their feelings.

Well, I want to make a story. A comics story with Youtubers and the main character actually could be PewDie BUT. 

“Pewds and The Lost Reality” is the story about  a parallel universe that is amazingly beautiful but at the same time and full their secrets.

This story will include other huge storylines is divided into separate stories with the other characters in the main story. 

The short story is that Felix will have to face another world no less beautiful where you live the same youtubers only created because of the reactions of real people on the opinion from the fans as the negative stereotyping and hatred. Unfortunately, Marzia falls under the influence of violence on the part of fans and not withstanding lost in the most lost reality. PewDie will meet with other stereotypical heroes from Dan and Phil, Anthony and Ian, Louise and Zoe, PJ and Chris and the others but he literally do not know about them and about this world…

Will our heroes make others and ourselves not to fall under the onslaught of stereotypes and negativity towards them?

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“We found the purple cloud. Let’s go get the purple cloud. Purple cloud, purple cloud! Whooaa! Oh, my goodness. I guess so. Uhhhh… Okay.”