lost art project

Well, I want to make a story. A comics story with Youtubers and the main character actually could be PewDie BUT. 

“Pewds and The Lost Reality” is the story about  a parallel universe that is amazingly beautiful but at the same time and full their secrets.

This story will include other huge storylines is divided into separate stories with the other characters in the main story. 

The short story is that Felix will have to face another world no less beautiful where you live the same youtubers only created because of the reactions of real people on the opinion from the fans as the negative stereotyping and hatred. Unfortunately, Marzia falls under the influence of violence on the part of fans and not withstanding lost in the most lost reality. PewDie will meet with other stereotypical heroes from Dan and Phil, Anthony and Ian, Louise and Zoe, PJ and Chris and the others but he literally do not know about them and about this world…

Will our heroes make others and ourselves not to fall under the onslaught of stereotypes and negativity towards them?

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i had a mini breakdown just now bc i thought i lost an entire art project that i’d worked on for a week or two

the whole class period, i had allowed my entire backpack to explode whilst in search of the thing, aired my grievances about having to redo all of it (while creepily laughing, basically never once shutting up about it and making lame jokes about how much i suck), and proceeded to begin redoing it all INCORRECTLY

so at this point, i think everybody was a little concerned, since i was getting funny looks, but still, i scribbled and cut and folded pieces of paper as fast as i could, not caring how it looked anymore at this point

but here comes the kicker: at the end of class, as i was falling apart and putting the failed shambles of my new project away on a shelf where it was finally safe from me, i opened the binder i had with me……………. and there, all by itself, was every piece of my project neatly paperclipped together

and then i YELLED

so, tldr: all of my art classmates think – no, they now KNOW – that i’m very mentally unstable



2002 – “Lost Hills”

Back in 2002, things were changing at Disney Feature Animation. We were all working on what we knew would be our last film, “Home on the Range”. Animation was no longer going to be hand drawn. So, what is someone like me to do? I started drawing my own characters. Eventually I came up with a concept for a new show titled ”Lost Hills”, about a group of kids at an intergalactic middle school for the arts.
I loved the show and the cast of characters. While the show idea got pitched around the studio, it didn’t go anywhere. What it did was open some doors for me. So, when Home on the Range ended I was able to start work on a few projects for Disney Toon Studios as a character designer. At one point I was working on two projects at the same time, working both a day and evening shift! I was lucky to survive the changing times at Disney. My ability to design characters and work in animation is what ended up getting me a job designing for the Disney Stores. So even though I look at this many years later and see things I’d do differently, in a way i owe the whole second half of my career to these girls. M.J. And Britney were the two lead characters and best friends. I still might do something with this concept in the future, so I’ll keep the finer details to myself. Sometimes it’s fun to look back and see where you are now as a result of something that may have seemed insignificant at the time.