lost archives dlc

When I realized that the Lost Archive would tell Subject 16 and Lucy’s story, I immediately bought it. Storytelling is my drug. As I was playing each memory, my heart gradually broke. Even then, I didn’t understand why Lucy switched sides at all, especially after knowing how his mind was unraveling faster the more he was in the Animus. That final part of the last memory was so peaceful that I had to stop playing for a few days because I knew what that meant.

I really think it was unfair what they did to Lucy’s character in ACB. They built her up so well in the first two games as a really close friend to Desmond who he could trust and share his feelings with. When the rest of the world was out to get him, Lucy was that one person who both Desmond and the player could connect with, you almost felt safe and comforted by her presence. But in the end, you’re forced to kill her, with no good explanation as to why. It’s not until the ACR Lost Archive DLC that you are suddenly told that she was never your friend in the first place and that she was going to betray you. They wrote her off as a god damn sleeper agent! You have no idea how much this pisses me off!

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[note: Initiates has quite a bit of behind the scenes info about bh!Lucy]

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In Assassin’s Creed Unity or Comet, I really want to learn more about Lucy (in the modern day scenes). I’m not sure if I missed something about her, but I was so confused when she died. I shipped her and Desmond so much and then Ubisoft just murdered my feels. I want to understand why she HAD to die.

[psst…you’re looking for the Lost Archive DLC (from Revelations)]