lost and wandering

OTP Idea #883

Imagine Person A going for a hike alone in the woods one day, when they lose their path and get lost. After wandering around for a while and getting increasingly more panicked, Person A finds a small cabin. Upon knocking on the door, they meet Person B, a recluse who hasn’t seen another person in years. B gives A food and a place to stay and eventually, the two start to bond until Person A decides they need to head home.

Bonus points if Person A convinces Person B to come back to civilization with them.

The Collector.

Saccharine sweet words
Flowed from your tongue,
Honey sickly sweet
Dripping down your chin
As you licked swollen lips
Kisses with butterfly bruises
And marked with crimson blood.
You flashed me a feral grin,
Wickedly white teeth
Gleaming in the moonlight;
A wolf
With a Hollywood smile.

Cloying cologne caught
In my nostrils,
Your stringent charisma
Stuck in shattered lungs
As I shuddered for breath,
For a heartbeat
Of clarity.

Those elegant hands,
Fingers meant for
Piano keys
Or plucking
Guitar strings
Cupped my cheeks,
And I wondered
How such a soft gesture
Could feel so utterly

But I was no child then,
No innocent babe
Wandering lost in the woods.
I knew better
Than to search for you
In the skies,
You were never
My North Star,
Polaris guiding me home.
You were a machinist
Of self-loathing
And heartbreak.

I should have remembered
That collectors
Don’t release their butterflies,
Withered, wilted wings
Shot through with pins
& Encased in glass -
A study of broken beauty.

But I am not your butterfly
And I deserved better
Than to perish
In a box.

s. k. g.

Your soul feels so much like home, and when I met you, I finally understood what they mean when they say, ‘Not all who wander are lost’.

For I always find myself wandering back in your arms.
—  cynthia go // Not all who wander are lost
How We Met AU's

You found me wandering lost around an Ikea. We’re both lost and I’m getting really scared so you built us a fort and now the employees are trying to get us out of it.

I’ve lost my dog and I’ve been searching for them all day now. You found me crying on the curb and offered to help. I have no idea who you are but thank you so much for helping.

Our group had a lip sync battle and you got up there and lip synced to Sexy Back and didn’t break eye contact with me. I’m both turned on and embarrassed.

You pepper sprayed me in the face because you thought I was your creepy ex. I’m mad but then I actually looked at you and said a cheesy pick up line so now we’re just staring at each other awkwardly, but my eyes still burn please help.

I’m a lost soul wandering constantly in this world full of temporary things. Everything that I will hold will eventually be gone. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that no one can promise anything. The people I loved became the people I lost.
—  Iriss
Reasons why Bismuth deserved better

A long, comprehensive list by yours truly

  • Reformed while still in the mindset of being attacked, immediately calms down when she sees a child
  • Is lost and so goes wandering around in unfamiliar territory looking for said child
  • Calls said child “little friend” and is very nice to him without him having said a word to her
  • Look at her interactions with Pearl and Garnet and tell me she’s evil just look me in the eyes
  • “Your Ruby is showing”
  • Calls Steven a meatball and is altogether a gracious guest
  • Her initial shock finding out Pearl and Garnet never learned about her
  • L A U G H
  • She breaks the house but it’s fucking adorable
  • Had nicknames for her comrades apparently? Pure
  • Her reaction to the deaths of said comrades is honestly the strongest, most powerful reaction to anything thus far and actually made me tear up
  • The most chipper, optimistic warrior in the world, tells war stories
  • Going through the warp pad “brings back memories” for her
  • Took a gotdam lava shower for no apparent reason. Just likes lava I guess
  • Molded a sword by hand. Like, with her hand. One hand
  • Had enhancements for her friends? What a good friend
  • Saw that Amethyst was left out, found/made something for her on a spot
  • Also dude what the hell does “deep cut” mean? She’s so good
  • Made Amethyst do the star eyes thing, one of the few times nowadays that it’s actually charming
  • “Pearl I didn’t ask you to bring me a spear”
  • Joins Steven in his mild ass rituals and enjoys them, makes a damn good pizza
  • Has the same outlook on Lonely Blade that I would. She’s right.
  • Decides she’ll try sleeping which is?? Great??
  • Best you-are-not-rose-quartz talk ever. Sure wish we’d retained that lesson over the episodes
  • Decided within a day of meeting Steven that he “deserves a better weapon” than Rose’s Sword, her self-proclaimed finest piece of work
  • Wanted to liberate everyone by shattering a very select few as opposed to the millions that the fandom claims
  • Surprisingly patient with Steven when he pulls the whole “a crystal gem would never!” thing on her. I would’ve dropkicked him into the lava tbh
  • Really only gets mad when he says SHE can’t use it either, which is extremely reasonable. A weapon you made that could end the suffering of millions that a child (who has never seen war) tells you you can’t use? I’d be pissed too.
  • Only starts attacking when she thinks he’s Rose
  • Is right. What kind of leader sabotages her own army by forbidding them to win?
  • Throws a stone dummy at Steven which is honestly Iconic
  • Asks BEGS to be shattered as opposed to being put in what’s essentially a coma, as opposed to living with the fact that she was ignored in favor of Rose’s shitty pseudo-individualistic ideology
  • Her final speech murdered me just like she asked Steven to murder her