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Hi!! So I was on your blog the other day and found a great fic on here but I opened it in Tumblr and when I went to read it later it had closed me out. The fic was under another ask and I've looked for it for friggin ever but can't find it. The person who asked about it described it has kind of a 5+1 fic where stiles was being protective of Derek and the first one is stiles catching Chris breaking Derek's car window. If you could help me find it I'd really appreciate it!

This is I Love To Be The Underdog by CaptainnAustralia. (Chris was so wrong to break that window, but Stiles made sure he knows that now ;)

One of these days Stiles was going to learn that having a death wish was a bad thing.


Five times Stiles got into an argument on Derek’s behalf, and the one time he didn’t have to.

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Hi! Im hoping you can help me locate a fanfic. The story is basically a time jump to Clarke being a teacher in a grounder village. Lexa, still the commander visits Clarke and asks to stay in her village. It turns out, Lexa is sick with some sort of tumor and doesn't have long to live so she wants to spend that time with Clarke. Clarke convinces her to see Abby and get treated. There is a happy ending. Thank you!

hello, my dude! you are looking for this most excellent fic 👉🏻 Within Me An Invincible Summer

Lost and Found - Chapter 2 - Esahc - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
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Lost and Found (3750 words) by Esahc
Chapters: 2/?
Fandom: Homestuck
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
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Characters: Gamzee Makara, Various Fantroll Clowns
Additional Tags: Mirthful Family (current), Found Family, Children Raising Themselves, no-sburb au, Clown Family AU

It’s hard being the youngest in the family. It’s hard and nobody understands.

Lost And Then Found — Ted E. Bear’s Grand Aquarium Adventure

Late one afternoon, Security Officers Sylvia and Kevin found a lost teddy bear belonging to a visiting school. After locating the owners, they took him on a tour of the Aquarium to pass the time before he could be returned. Here is the tale of Ted E Bear’s Grand Aquarium Adventure.

Don’t worry, don’t panic. This has happened before.

Yep—I’m just here by myself, alone on the floor.
I guess things aren’t fine, since no adieu was truly bid…
Oh my goodness, my gracious, just where is my kid?!

Maybe the teacher brought everyone back to the kelp?
Nope, nobody. OK, uh—yeah, I may need a little help.

Excuse me coral, apologies, I don’t mean to vent
But perhaps you know where exactly my kid went?

I guess I’ll just finish the visit on my own, that’s not so bad.
When you’re happy as a clam there’s no reason to be sad.

*Sniff* No, this really isn’t fun to be alone with the fish!
I want to find my kid! Please, I just have this simple wish!

- Hey little buddy! Aw—are you lost my dear?
- Yes! I can’t find my kid! I’m alone forever I fear!
- What’s your name? We’re Kevin and Sylvia and we care.
- Thank you so much for your help. My name’s Ted E. Bear.

- Not to worry, helping you get unlost is part of our job!
- Really? Oh wow, oh thank you—you’re most—oh *SOB!*

There there Mr. Bear we’ll find your kid, post haste!
Now let’s make sure your visit doesn’t go to waste!

- Check it out, I helped raise this little purple-striped jelly!
- Wow, it’s really beautiful—awesome job there Tommy!
- Want to give it a shot? I’ll bet you’re great at animal care.
- Wow, I don’t think I could—I’m just a little plush bear!

- Nonsense, you got this. Here’s a scraper—it’s all in the wrist!
- How’s that?
- Perfect! Look at you—you’re a budding jelly Aquarist!

- Whoa, what’s this class—I get to feed the fishes?!
- Yep! But to pass, you’ll need to wash the dishes!

- The control room is cool!
- You’re eating it up like a glutton!
- What’s this switch here?

- Want to help us greet our guests—Jasmine needs an intern!
- Oh wow, a job at the Aquarium—it will be so much fun to learn!

Learn… Where do I remember hearing that word… SCHOOL!
My kid! I have to get back! But… working here would be so cool!

Oh me, oh my—I really want to help conserve the great blue sea!
And… being there for my kid is the way for me to fulfill my destiny!

- OK, let’s find my school—what assistance can I show?
- Oh, we already found them.
- Really, when?!
- About 8 hours ago.

- Well, then let’s get this show on the road!
Box me up, make sure I’m safe and stowed!
- Can do Ted E! We wish you the best on your journey!
Thanks for stopping by, say hello to your school family!

Dear Sylvia and Kevin, 
I made it back to class safe and sound.
The teachers were so happy to tell the kids I had been found.
Thanks for teaching me to find my dreams and in my heart carry ‘em.
Much love from your Beary-best friend, Ted- E, to the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

Thanks so much to Ms. Bizon’s class and the Sea Breeze School in Foster City for letting us host Ted E for the day—albeit accidentally! We hope to sea him again soon!

Lost and Found Part 2

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Lost And Found Part 2

Summary: Two sisters wake up in an all to familiar world but have no memory of what happened the night before, what happens when the Winchesters boys find them and claim that the two girls are their sisters? As they struggle to remember who exactly they are, with Sam and Dean helping them, the reader and her oldest sister Katie are pulled into a wild supernatural adventure , that they somehow know all too well…?

Pairings (none only family connection): Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader, Dean x sis!Katie, Sam x sis!Katie

Characters: (y/n), Katie ( @winchesters-favorite-girl ), Dean, Sam,

Warnings: fluff and angst

K: Here’s part 2! I’m not really sure what happened here. All I gots to say is, Sorry?

(Flashbacks are in italics)
(y/n) = your name
(y/n/n) = your nickname



“Wha-? Whoa! Hey easy (y/n)!” Dean chuckled.


“Uh? Uh oh! Hey wait a minute Katie don- OW!”

Dean tumbled to the ground as he was knocked down by his little sisters.

“Easily tackled down by his own two little sisters, how sad.”  Sam cackled at his older brother who currently had two little girls on top of him.

“Shut up Sam!” Dean retorted.

(y/n) and Katie giggled at their older brothers bickering.

“De come play with us!” Little (y/n) exclaimed happily.

“Sammy can you come play with us too?”  Little Katie asked.

“Sorry buggies, we’re kind of busy right now.” Dean explained.

It wasn’t a lie, as much as they wanted to, Dean was put in charge and had to keep watch of his younger siblings until their dad and Bobby got back. And Sammy was busy with homework. Playing with them just get them both distracted.

“Aw, pretty please?” (y/n) pleaded.

“With sugar on top?” Katie added after her sister.

They even did their best puppy dog eyes to convince Sam and Dean to come play with them.

Both brothers looked at each other and sighed. Who can say no to those adorable eyes. Obviously they had learned that from Sam.

“I blame you Sammy, they got that from you.” Dean said.

“Obviously they learned from the best” Sam smiled as Dean only rolled his eyes at his younger brother’s sudden cockiness.

“Alright fine, we’ll play with you guys, but only for a little while.” Dean said.

“Yay!!” Both Katie and (y/n) exclaimed happily.

“Come on let’s go play hide and go seek!”

The siblings played around for a bit and ran around the house, careful not to break any of Uncle Bobby’s things. After playing around and acting all goofy, it was time for (y/n)’s nap time. She was still little and John wanted to make sure his little girl still got the nap times she deserved. Katie, even though just merely a few years older than (y/n), was still a loud to take one if she wanted to. But claiming she was too big for naps, she decided not to take one this time.

Sam tucked (y/n) in a nice cozy blanket on the couch, while Katie sat near her little sister with her notebook in her hand. Dean and Sam sat near too to continue what they were doing before.

As (y/n) drifted off to sleep, all three siblings heard her murmur something that made their heart melt.

“ I wuv you uys”  (y/n) said softly as she dosed off.

All three smiled at their adorable baby sister who they loved too.

(Timeskip a few years ahead)

Stupid Dean. Stupid Sam. Stupid…Stupid Katie! How dare they! I can hunt, I have just as much as right as they do. It was the same thing every time ‘no (y/n) you’re too young’ ‘no it’s too dangerous (y/n), you have to stay here (y/n), you’re gonna get hurt (y/n)’.

You’ve had a enough of it. All of it.You packed your stuff and ran off on your own to take care of this hunt. You were doing perfectly fine until your siblings found you and had to ruin it for you.

Now all four of you were trying to stay alive because whatever monster you were hunting was now hunting you. Fantastic! Absolutely Fantastic.

Covered in dirt, scrapes, bruises, blood and whatever other crap was on you, you were beyond pissed and walking away from your older siblings.

“(y/n)!! You have to stop!” Dean called out.

“It’s dangerous now is not the time to act like this, please listen to us (y/n/n)!” Sam pleaded.

You didn’t want to hear it anymore. You were tired and sick of hearing the same thing over and over agin. You walked faster not paying a single attention towards where you were heading.

“(y/n)!!” Katie called out and ran towards you.

“Go away, I have a hunt to finish!”

You couldn’t help it, you were determined, you wanted to prove yourself to them.

“No you aren’t! You aren’t doing this by yourself! You have to stop acting like this” Katie yelled out.

She caught up to you and suddenly grabbed your arm sharply and turned you around to face her. But you weren’t having it, you snatched your arm out of her grip. And before you can stop yourself, the hurtful words were already coming out of your mouth.

“Oh my god! I hate you guys! All of you are always trying to control me! I’ve had it! Just go away and leave me alone already” With angry tears in your eyes you turned to walk away.

That stopped Sam and Dean in their tracks for a split second, while Katie stood their in shock.

Those word stung and hurt them really hard, especially since it came from their baby sister who they loved and cared for deeply. Before Dean, Sam or Katie could say anything else, as you walked away, a white painful light suddenly struck you and blinded you.

“(y/n)!!” Katie was quick to run towards you and grab a hold of you, with Sam and Dean not to far behind. They were running toward you both. But before they could do anything, the white light struck Katie too and surrounded and blinded the both of you.

“(y/n), Katie!!” Dean and Sam screamed out.

Everything went blank and there was suddenly just darkness.

'I hate you guys!’ Your own words echoed into your mind until they slowly faded away….



“(y/n), wake up!”

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I was wondering, have you come across any swan princess aus? Thanks!

We actually have a rec for you!


This Isn’t My Idea of Fun by ohanotherday

Swan Princess AU: Once upon a time there was a king named William who ruled a large and mighty kingdom, but he was very sad because he was growing old and had no child to inherit the throne. Then, happily, a son was born. A prince. And he was given the named Genim. Kings and queens came from all over the land. Among them was Queen Uberta and her young son Prince Derek.

If any of you guys know any others, send some links our way!

The Public Advertiser, London, June 27, 1761


From Mr. James Taylor, in Howard’s Rope-Walk, near the Hermitage, 
A Silver gadroon’d Salt, Weight about 2 oz. also a Pepper Box, both marked with the Letters I.T.S and the Workman’s Mark T.B.
If offered to be pawned or sold, please to stop them and the Party, and give Notice as above, and you shall have all reasonable Satisfaction.

Google tells me that a pepper-box is a type of gun, and gadrooning is a decorative motif, so I’m going to go on a limb here and assume that this man is missing two guns and not a set of salt and pepper shakers like I originally assumed.