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Lazy day (kinda smut) // Carl


Request for anon, I hope you enjoy :)

this is my first time writing any kind of smut I’m sorry if this is awful!

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In Alexandria, most days were spent guarding the towers, scavenging for whatever you could find, doing the washing etc. By the end of the day everyone was exhausted.
But there was one day just every once in a while, when Rick would allow some people to put their feet up and relax if he felt worthy. You spent those days with Carl, the two of you would do things like cuddle, go on walks around Alexandria or bake. On the days that he didn’t have the day off you would follow him around Alexandria like a lost puppy.
Today you both had the day of and your only plans were to lay around the house.
“Carl put me down!” You yelled as Carl threw you over his shoulder, you wouldn’t tell him but you liked when he did this, you got a perfect view of his ass ;) He laughed lightly and threw you down on the bed. He began tickling you, his hands running up and down your waist and neck.
“C-Carl stop please, I’ll do anything” you say in between laughter and he stops suddenly.
“Anything?” He smirks You nod, refusing to let your grin show. He kisses you suddenly taking you by surprise, it was full of lust and need. His hands wonder your thighs and for a moment you take in the feeling of his hands on you, knowing that one day you may never feel this again.
You rolled him over so you were on top, straddling him and rolling your hips over his hard on creating friction between the two of you. Carl moaned making you giggle, you loved knowing just how good you were making your boyfriend feel.
Carl’s hands slid up your shirt, removing it in the process. He looked at you like you were a work of art, you were his muse.
“Fuck you’re so beautiful” he said right before attacking your lips with his again, his lips were slightly chapped but were surprisingly soft. He flipped you over again so this time he was on top. The look in his eyes showed pure lust and excitement but yours probably showed the same.
Carl threw his shirt of throwing it in a random corner and you took a moment to take in his perfectly toned chest. You had thoughts of running your nails down it, or sucking hickeys every were to show everyone he was yours.
His lips moved down your neck sucking just below your collar bone, biting the mark he left before moving down more.
“C-Carl hurry, please” You begged your teasing boyfriend
You could feel him smirking against your skin before he slid your pants down.
His eyes scanned your almost bare body and you wanted to smirk knowing just how turned on he was right now.
“Patience baby” he bit his lip and you almost let out a moan at how hot he was.
He kissed down your neck, passed your breasts and down your stomach before slipping down your underwear. Your hands gripped the pillows as you knew you would need something to grip onto.
Just before he could start thought, there was a sudden knock at the door downstairs.
“Ignore it baby” he said and came up to kiss you roughly
When you two thought the person outside had gone his hand crawled down to your lower region, without warning he slipped a finger inside of you making you arch your back off of the bed and bit his lip softly from the shock.
You felt an overwhelming sense of pleasure and never wanted this moment to end.
“That feels so good Ca- “before you could finish the door was harshly pushed open by the one and only Rosita, your older sister.
“You little bastard!” Rosita seemed furious and began swearing at the two of you In Spanish, Carl seemed terrified as he scrambled to put his, and your clothes back on.
“Rosita I-I” Carl was at a loss for words and you wanted to laugh at his awkwardness, it was adorable.
“You’re 16 Y/N! what would you do if you got pregnant!?”
You were both now fully dressed again and you felt less embarrassed about the situation, it was kind of funny thinking about it only minutes later.
“Relax Rosie, you got to stop worrying about me so much. I totally understand why you do especially in our situation but just tone it down a little, I wouldn’t do anything with Carl unless I trusted him completely” Carl smiled at you through his embarrassment
“i hate you sometimes” she sighed “just no babies alright?” you both nodded your heads vigorously before she walked away.
“So where were we?”

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Today we lost a defender of the LGBTQ community

Today Juan Gabriel died in EU because of a heart attack, he was an important singer in México! maybe the most important one! he was a BIG defender of the LGBTQ community! Mexico is a male chauvinist country, one with a close mind but this man! THIS MAN made his dream a reality! against all the hate in this country he could be what he wanted! and that’s something very brave!

Rest in peace Juanga! 


“You and your father are my curse!”