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Every time Honour is said in Avatar the Last Airbender

Number of Times Each Character Says Honour:
zuko: 15
Iroh: 7
Azula: 6 
Aang: 5
Katara: 4
Sokka: 3

Most times Honour mentioned in Episode:
7 (EP: 205 Avatar Day)

Episodes without Honour:
EP: 102 The Avatar Returns 
EP: 108 Avatar Roku (The Winter Solstice, Part 2)
EP: 110 Jet
EP: 111 The Great Divide
EP: 114 The Fortuneteller
EP: 116 The Deserter
EP: 117 The Northern Air Temple
EP: 119 The Siege of the North, Part 1
EP: 120 The Siege of the North, Part 2
EP: 202 The Cave of Two Lovers
EP: 204 The Swamp
EP: 207 Zuko Alone
EP: 209 Bitter Work
EP: 210 The Library
EP: 212 The Serpent’s Pass
EP: 216 Appa’s Lost Days
EP: 219 The Guru
EP: 302 The Headband
EP: 303 The Painted Lady
EP: 304 Sokka’s Master
EP: 305 The Beach
EP: 307 The Runaway
EP: 309 Nightmares and Daydreams
EP: 310 The Day of Black Sun (Part 1: The Invasion)
EP: 316 The Southern Raiders
EP: 318 Sozin’s Comet (Part 1: The Phoenix King)
EP: 319 Sozin’s Comet (Part 2: The Old Masters)
EP: 320 Sozin’s Comet (Part 3: Into the Inferno)

28 Episodes do not mention Honour
33 Episodes mention Honour
54% of Episodes have Honour

27 Seconds Spent on Honour
24 hrs 12 min 30 sec of Avatar
0.03% of Avatar Spent on Honour

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sawyer nicknames / plot movement

I never want to hear ‘the french chick’ again. sawyer has the cleverest nicknames for ppl over & over again. it’s one thing he never fails at. he just called kate 'thelma’ in the scene I am watching when she asked for a gun lol.

he needs a nick name for the 'french chick’. aight.