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“Chris doesn’t have that reputation because guys don’t go around calling other guys sluts” - Noora Sætre.

hewwo im 5 away from my next hundredth can i perhaps have a mcpromo !!!!! im angel nd i love 9muses nd girls. also babie raccoons they deserve all the love:((( 💖🍓🍒💐💘💕🌼💖💫💞💖💗🌟💌💐💘💖🍒👼🎀🌟💌🌼💕

chapter eleven of the lost princess of merope: slaying a dragon

see chapter one, meet the princesses // 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

This is PJ’s opportunity. Every kid raised on Harry Potter and Sabrina secretly hopes- maybe even expects - to get secret powers. “I’m going to turn this pillow into a shield,” she announces. She reaches down and grabs Tate’s pillow. It remains a pillow. She shakes it. It remains a pillow. “Wait. How do you do magic?”

“Open your heart. Breathe in smoke and breathe out sparks,” Oona says helpfully. Zoila has no idea- she just speaks and animals understand her. Helene tries to explain the science of botany to her. Outside, a dragon roars so loudly that the windows of Tate’s room shake.

“Close your eyes,” Calla says. “And just try to breathe. Think of something not so-” A loud scream echoes from outside. “Awful.”

PJ closes her eyes and tries to let go. She tries not to think, which makes her think of how she’s not thinking. She tries to think of something that calms her, something that makes her feel- 

The pillow suddenly flails in her hands and meows loudly. PJ’s eyes fly open and she drops the cat now in her hands. The cat shoots under the bed. “I wanted to make a shield!” she says, falling on her knees to look for the cat under the bed. (“Were you thinking of a shield?” Zoila asks, and PJ shoots her a dirty look.)

“We should probably get out there,” Helene says, looking out the window. “They need help. PJ, you should stay here and work on your… gifts.”

“What!” PJ shouts as the others run out the bedroom door. She chases after them. “You did not kidnap me and take me to another world to leave me inside!”

They burst out of the castle doors into pure chaos. This kingdom is freezing- everything is huge mountains of snow around the entire castle. The dragon and crowd of knights and Tate are standing in a courtyard filled with huge, big trees covered in ice and snow.

The dragon is big, but not Jurassic Park tyrannosaurus rex big. It’s probably about fifteen feet tall, easily able to fit under the trees in the courtyard. Its long wings are spread out to show off its impressive wingspan. It’s pure black, only a shine from the sun on its scales to display any sort of texture. It breathes fire almost carelessly, melting all of the iron weapons the people of Celaeno are trying to use against it. Tate is in the middle of the fray, wildly manipulating iron in attempts to keep the dragon at bay. When the iron weavers seem to create a sort of cage around the creature, PJ thinks for just a moment that the beast is contained- 

But the dragon’s back foot comes up to seemingly kick itself. The dragon’s scales seem to spark at the hit- twice, three times- and the entire dragon’s body lights up in a ball of flame. Helene lets out a shout. The iron cage melts away. It must be something like flint and tinder, or coal. When the fire fades, the dragon is still there.

Evangeline hurries to their side when she sees them. “We have to do something,” she says. “They already lost-” She glances at Helene quickly before continuing. “If I hit the tree branches above the dragon, the snow should get the dragon wet enough that it can’t relight immediately. If Tate can get close enough, she can kill it then.”

“Well,” PJ says. “I’ve got an idea.”

You turn: Do you remember what the P stands for in PJ’s name? Go to that page and follow the instructions to help slay a dragon. (like this: wormwoodandhoney.tumblr.com/namehere)

ok so if im being totally honest it is impossible for me to feel any way about the season 2/sequel news. at this point so many things can go wrong that i may not even want to play the game in the end. 

a lot of it comes down to if the new game is about the old characters or if it will be a new cast, and if it’s going to be LGBT related at all. so many of the things i loved about the first game have the possibility of not even being a part of this new game. (dont get me wrong, i don’t really think Max and Chloe’s story should continue for a lot of reasons)

we know nothing about this game and for me i think that means there’s really nothing to get excited for. that sounds super cynical but ive been hurt before i’ll definitely be following the news about this game and ill be waiting patiently to start getting excited once we actually know anything about this game.

and i look forward to what the fandom has to say and all the discussions that are bound to happen when we start learning things about the game.

so in celebration of stranger things season 2 (and me finally finishing season 1) have this eleven painting <3