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Lost Finale | Jumin x MC Fanfic

Fandom: Mystic Messenger (MysMe)

Pairing: Jumin Han x Reader/MC/You

Summary: This is the finale of the Lost mini fic series! For those who wanted to view the other parts, click these: Lost 1. Lost 2. Lost 3. 

Genre:Angst/Fluff/General Fiction

A/N: Thank you for staying in tune for this mini fic! I appreciate all the messages I received in the process of completing it. Thank you dear readers! Until the next request~  ❤️️ I hope you will like what I did with the finale. tHANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT YOU ARE ALL WONDERFUL PEOPLE I LOVE YOU CHUS EVERYONE

Spoiler alert to each character endings, everyone!

Your head hurts.

A lot.

You woke up from your slumber with a mind crashing pain throbbing inside your head. You gripped your sheets badly as you massaged your temple and shutting your eyes, hoping to ease the pain.

You’ve been dreaming.

It’s a man. You couldn’t see his face but you can feel his warmth. Your heart flutters whenever you see his smile and whenever you notices him looking at you. It has been happening a lot lately on your dreams. You couldn’t make out who it is. But you do know you feel something for that man. His face isn’t clear and whenever he speaks you couldn’t hear anything. He makes your heart flutter and rejoice in ultimate happiness. Seeing him smile makes you 10x happier.

It has been the same dream over the years. It comes at times you didn’t expect it to. Little by little… you can only dream of small scenes from the two of you. You’ve had nothing but an empty slumber before. You strangely feel full whenever this dream comes to you.

Who is he?

“MC?” you heard a soft knock on your door then someone stepped in.

“My head hurts… so bad.” You tried to muster up the words while gripping, now with both of your hands, the places where it hurts the most in your head.

“It’s time for your medicine. You should drink it. It’ll help.” He spoke again, sitting on your bedside and lifting your chin up. You couldn’t look at him properly because of the pain. You need to focus on the pain. It hurts badly. It’s been getting worst lately.

“Come on. It’ll make you happy… you’ll feel less of the pain.” He spoke, ever so gentle. You loved that voice of his. It has been what’s guiding you for the past years. It has been your light. He helped you in those times you only felt grieve and sadness. You couldn’t remember who you are. He helped you.

He made you remember. He’s your savior. He told you he’s your partner. You will be happy by staying with him. Your past didn’t matter. You just need to stay with him and it’ll be fine.

You nodded, receiving the tablet he gave you. You drank it along with the water he brought. In a few minutes, the pain subsided. You felt drowsy. You laid down again, him guiding your head back on the soft pillow just as he softly caressed your face.

“Remember… you only need me. Stay with me. Here in Magenta… you’ll always be happy.” Those were the last words you heard before you drifted on your slumber.

I’ll be happy with him. I only need Magenta.

“I came as soon as I received the text.” I lifted my gaze up on the silver-haired man who came into the meeting room just as he removed his sunglasses. “Gahhh! I couldn’t even go out without anyone knowing who I am!”

“Who wouldn’t? You’re famous now, Zen. You’ve got your beautiful face on every corner of the streets in this city.” You heard Ms. Kang compliment Zen. Some things does not change over the years.

“Awe! I do know I have the face that surpasses Zeus’ immortality. But gee, thanks Jaehee!” I rolled my eyes at this. Here we go again.

“You’ll grow old. You’ll get ugly. You’ll die.” I butted in and I immediately felt Zen’s glare on me. I shrugged, tapping the wooden desk. It’s the truth. Why would I lie? I was told not to lie…

“Shut up. Nothing ever comes good out of your mouth.” The lovely thing about teasing Zen is that he’s so hot-headed you just want to piss him off more and more.

“Jeez! We’re only going to see each other now and you’re fighting again? Don’t you two ever grow old?” the door creaked open and another one arrived—Yoosung. He’s still in his hospital gown. “I came here as soon as I received the text too! Ahh, I needed to close the hospital early so this better be important.” He walked over to my side and pulled an office chair and sat on it.

“We’re waiting for two more…” I said as I leaned in to the table with both of my hands under my chin. “Ms. Kang, are you sure they received the urgent notice?”

“Yes, I made sure of it. This is an important matter after all.” Ms. Kang went over to the laptop and clicked a few buttons. In a few moments, the projector came to life. “We do need Seven’s partake in this. I asked for his help to re-hack the deleted files after all.”

“Re-hack? Deleted files? What the hell are you two talking about?” Zen, who has been fixing his hair finally took interest and sat down on one of the swivel chairs inside the room. “What in the world is this about, Trust Fund Jerk?”

“It seemed to me that you grew fonder of me over the years. You couldn’t still let go of your pet names for myself.” I smirked. He glared at me once more. Ah, the pleasure of making Zen mad is by rubbing it in his face.

“What the hell, dude?” His eyebrows furrowed as he stared at me. I laughed. This is a good stress reliever. “You’re gross!”

“Zen didn’t grow up, did he? And Jumin too…” I heard Yoosung laughed on his end. “They’re still at it just like before…” Honestly, I’m relieved that nothing has changed over the years.

“It seems that Mr. Han is ultimately fond of seeing Zen’s mad face. I couldn’t blame him. His face is a depiction of perfection.” Ms. Kang said, fiddling on the gadget in front of her.

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good news: yixing gets to “high-five” kyungsoo again

bad news: he must face the consequences of his actions


LINSTEAD APPRECIATION WEEK • Day 2 - favorite friendship/partner moments

“Thank you for being here. Today was a rough one. You’ve been there for me before.