But you have to let it go eventually. That thing that is causing you grief. There are still things for you out there. Things that will remind you that your life is not yet over. Things that will remind you that your potential is as broad as a clear blue sky. Things that will remind you that you are still fighting the good fight which is life. I can’t promise you that those things will hold the same magic as to that thing you’ve had before. But I can promise you that those things that are waiting for you in the future are beautiful, meaningful and blissful enough for you to stay alive and keep on going as you continue on with the art of living one day at a time.
—  Juansen Dizon, If You’re Feeling Lost
And don’t you worry so much kid. You’ll get a lot of freedom as you grow old. You’ll go on adventures, meet a lot of good people, learn new stuff and unlearn your old ways. But by then your life will begin to possess infinite possibilities, and you’ll feel clueless as to where to start. That’s why you among with billions of people in this planet will look back at their childhood years and refer to them as to when “things felt simple” Because, in many ways, we as human beings secretly need limitations to prevent us from being lost. But sometimes, for most us, being lost can be a beautiful thing. Sometimes being lost is just a part of growing the fuck up.
—  Juansen Dizon, Adolescence
Don’t worry too much about blooming late in life, my friend. As late bloomers, we ourselves understand that great things take time. We tend to learn from the experiences of others who’ve bloomed so early in life in order for us to make the right choices and in order for us to avoid making the wrong ones. We tend to appreciate our milestones more for the very reason that we ourselves know that life is not a race. Life is about focusing on the progress we make on our own fucking pace for we weren’t born to fit in—we were born for the sole purpose of blooming patiently, gracefully and without a doubt—brilliantly. So be brave, my friend and be your own kind of magic.
—  Juansen Dizon, Late Bloomers Club