I am trying ever so hard to find beauty in the world now that you are no longer a part of it. I am trying to fight the monster that pushes on my chest each morning and says, “I think you need just a little more rest,” because these days it hurts just to get out of bed. These days its like my bones are made out of lead. I know that if you were here you’d say, “Baby, don’t forget to breathe,” but I’ve been having problems breathing ever since your heart stopped beating, and I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you.
—  lead by ahn

my body was my own creation until you came along and tore down the curtain to show me the piece of trash I truly resemble

I always thought I was one in a million compared to those girls on the streets but I see through your eyes now and I really am just as easy

I’ll never know how you managed to see the real me but I’ll thank you because now I have no doubt I’ll burn in hell where I belong

—  forever in your debt (m.t.h.)
Loss of Innocence

My white dress slowly faded to black
And my little cherry chapstick turned dark red
My hair grew shorter to show off my breasts
And my nights become longer for the rest was unsaid

The world has lost it’s wonder but I’ve never felt more dazed
Where did the little white dress go?
Why did my innocence fail to stay?

They say in a collision
that there are three
areas of impact:

First, the vehicle
with the object,
followed by your
body with the
vehicle, and,
your internal organs
with your body.

And every time
I heard this,
I always thought
that I was too
smart for that,
that I knew better
than that,
that I would always
be careful,
that I would always
look out for

But now,
it makes sense,
how a heart
can smash
so quickly,

when we went
from 100
to 0 just



Just Like That by k.p.k

the first few months i knew you
i carried you around in my pockets
like you were a part of the fabric,
letting your name somehow slide
into every conversation i had

the final few days that we spoke
i tore through the clothes in my closet,
trying to find the last pair of jeans
i wore to see if there was maybe
a hole in the seams that made us
lose what we had


jean conversations (k.p.k)