lossing money

Tea/Coffee Readings

How To

You need to find a cup with a wide brim that’s light in colour, find a wide saucer. Pour in lose tea leaves/coffee (you can buy loose tea leaves or rip open a tea bag) into you cup and add boiling water (Do Not add milk) Drink your tea/coffee while thinking about your question, if you dont like tea/coffee take a few sips. When you are finished drinking take the cup in your dominant hand and place your non-dominant handover the top of your cup. Turn the cup tree times in a clockwise direction. Pour any remaining water down the sink. Place the cup upside down on the saucer or a napkin and turn it clockwise three times, turn the cup over look for the leaves that have taken shapes. When you have finished your reading it is customary to turn your cup over, place your index finger on the base of your cup and make a wish

You can twist and turn the cup for new angles to find symbols in your cup, the closer the symbol is to the rim of the cup the sooner it will happen. the further down the longer it will take, tea reading can only predict up to a year. symbols at the bottom of your cup will take almost a whole year to take effect. Common Shapes

Abbey Freedom from worry
Ace of Clubs A letter
Ace of Diamonds A present
Ace of Hearts Happiness
Ace of Spades A large Building
Acorn Financial Success
Aircraft Sudden Journey
Alligator An accident
Anchor Success in business and romance
Angel Good news
Ankle Instability 
Ant success through perseverance
Anvil conscientious effort
Apple Business achievement
Arc Ill health, accidents
Arrow Bad News
Axe Difficulties and troubles that will be overcome
Bat False Friends
Bath Disappointment
Bayonet A minor accident
Beans Poverty
Bear A Journey 
Bed Inertia
Bee Good news
Beehive Prosperity 
Beetle Scandal
Bell Unexpected news
Bellows Setbacks
Bird Good news
Birdcage Obstacles, quarrels
Bird’s Nest Domestic harmony 
Bishop Good luck coming
Boat Visit from a friend
Book Open Expect legal actions, future success
Boomerang Envy
Boot Achievement
Bottle Pleasure
Bouquet Love and happiness
Bow Scandal, gossip
Box Romantic troubles solved
Bracelet Marriage
Branch With Leaves A birth
Bread Avoid waste
Broom Small worries disappear
Buckle Disappointments ahead
Building A move
Bull Quarrels
Bush New Friends
Butterfly Frivolity 
Baby Pregnancy, something new
Ball Completion 
Butterfly Transition 
Cab Disappointment
Cabbage Jealousy 
Cage A Proposal
Camel Useful news
Candle Help from others
Cannon news from a solider 
Cap Trouble ahead- be Careful 
Car Good fortune 
Cart Success in business 
Castle Financial gain through marriage 
Cat A quarrel
Cattle Prosperity 
Chain An engagement or wedding
Chair An unexpected guest 
Cherries A happy love affair
Chessmen Difficulties ahead
Chimney Hidden risks
Church Ceremony Unexpected money
Cigar New friends
Circle Success, a wedding
Claw A hidden enemy 
Clock Avoid delay, think of the future 
Clouds Trouble ahead
Clover Prosperity 
Coat A parting, an end of a friendship 
Coffin Bad news
Coin Repayment of debts
Collar Dependence on others for success and happiness
Column Promotion
Comb Deceit
Comet An unexpected visitor 
Compass Travel, a change of job
Corkscrew Curiosity causing trouble
Crab An enemy 
Crescent A journey
Cross Trouble, ill health 
Crown Honour, success
Cup Reward for effort
Curtain A secret 
Cymbal Insincere love
China engagement 
Chair A guest 
Clock Better Health 
Daffodil Great Happiness
Dagger Danger ahead, enemies 
Daisy Happiness in love 
Dancer Disappointment
Deer A dispute or quarrel
Desk Letter containing good news
Devil Evil influences 
Dish Quarrel at home 
Dog good friends 
Donkey be patient 
Door Strange occurrence
Dot money
Dove Good fortune 
Dragon Unforeseen changes, trouble 
Drum Scandal, gossip, a new job, argument
Duck money coming in
Dustpan Strange news about a friend 
Eagle a change for the better
Ear unexpected news
Earrings misunderstanding
Easel artistic success
Egg Prosperity 
Eggcup Danger is passing 
Elephant Wisdom, strength 
Engine news is on its way fast 
Envelope good news 
Eye overcoming difficulties, take care
Face setback
Fairy joy and enchantment 
Fan Flirtation 
Feather Instability 
Feet An important decision
Fence limitation
Fern Disloyalty 
Fir Artistic success
Fire achievement
Fireplace Matters related to your home 
Fish Good fortune in all things, health, wealth and happiness
Fist An argument 
Flag Danger ahead
Flower Wish coming true
Fly Domestic irritations
Font A birth
Fork A false friend, flattery 
Forked line Decision to be made
Fountain Future success and happiness
Fox A deceitful friend 
Frog Success through a change of home or job
Fruit Prosperity
Gallows Social Failure 
Garden roller Difficulties ahead
Garland Success, great honour
Gate Opportunity, future happiness
Geese invitations, unexpected visitors
Giraffe Think before you speak
Glass Integrity 
Glove A challenge
Goat enemies
Gondola Romance, travel
Gramophone Pleasure
Grapes Happiness
Grasshopper News from a friend 
Greyhound Good fortune 
Guitar Happiness in love 
Gun Trouble, quarrels
Hammer Overcoming obstacles
Hand Friendship
Handcuffs Trouble ahead
Hare News of a friend
Harp Harmony in love
Hat A new occupation 
Hawk Sudden Danger, jealousy 
Head New opportunities 
Heart Love and marriage, a trustworthy friend
Heather Good fortune 
Hen Domestic Bliss
Hill Obstacles, setback
Hoe Hard work leading to success
Holly An important occurrence in the winter 
Horn Abundance 
Horse Galloping Good news from a lover
Horseshoe Good Luck
Hourglass A decision that must be made 
House Security 
Iceberg Danger
initials Usually those of people you known to you 
ink pot A letter
insect Minor problems soon overcome
Ivy leaf Reliable friend
Jester Party or social Gathering
jewelry A present
jug Gaining in importance, good health
Kangaroo Domestic Harmony 
Kettle Minor Illness
Key New opportunities
Keyhole Beware of idle curiosity 
King A powerful ally
Kite Wishes coming true 
Knife Broken relationship 
Ladder Promotion
Lamp Money
Leaf Prosperity, good fortune
Leopard News of a journey 
Letter News
Lighthouse Trouble threatening
Lines straight and clear Progress, journey 
Lines wavy Uncertainty, disappointment 
Line slanting Business failure
Lion Influential friends
Lock Obstacles in your path
Loop Impulsive actions could bring trouble 
Man A visitor 
Map Travel and change 
Mask Deception 
Medal A reward
Mermaid Temptation 
Monkey A flattering mischief-maker
Monster Terror 
Monument Lasting happiness
Moon Full A love affair 
Mountain Obstacles, high ambition 
Mouse Theft
Mushroom Growth, setback
Music Good fortune
Nail Malice
Necklace complete Admirers
Necklace broken The end of a relationship 
Needle Admiration 
Net A Trap
Numbers Indicate a timescale, the number of days before an event occurs
Nun Quarantine
Nurse Illness
Nutcrackers Difficulty is passing
Oak Good fortune
Oar A small worry, help in difficulties
Octopus danger
Opera Glasses A quarrel, loss of a friend
Ostrich Travel
Owl Gossip 
Oyster Courtship, acquired riches
Padlock open A surprise
Padlock Closed A warning
Palm Tree Success, honour, happiness in love
Parachute Escape from danger
Parasol A new lover
Parcel A surprise
Parrot A scandal, a journey
Peacock Riches
Pear Comfort
Pentagon Intellectual Balance
Pepper A troublesome secret
Pig Material success
Pigeon sitting An improvement in trade
Pigeon Flying Important news
Pillar Supportive friends
Pipe Thoughts, solution to a problem, keep an open mind
Pistol Danger
Pitchfork Quarrels
Policeman Secret enemy 
Pump Generosity
Purse Profit
Pyramid Success
Question Mark Hesitancy, caution 
Rabbit Timidity, be brave
Railway Long journey
Rainbow Happiness, prosperity
Rake Be organised
Rat Treachery 
Raven Bad News
Razor Quarrels, partings
Reptiles Treacherous friend
Rider Hasty news
Ring Completion
Rocks Difficulties
Rose Popularity 
Saucepan Anxieties
Saw Interfering outsider
Scales A lawsuit
Scepter Power, authority 
Scissors Domestic arguments, separation
Scythe Danger
Shamrock Good Luck, wish coming true
Sheep Good fortune
Shell Good news
Ship Successful journey 
Shoe A change for the better
Sickle Disappointment in love
Signpost Draws attention to the symbol to which it points to
Skeleton Loss of money, ill health
Snake Hatred, an enemy 
Spade Hard work leads to success
Spider Determined and persistent. money coming
Spoon Generosity 
Square A symbol of protection, comfort, peace
Squirrel Prosperity, after a hard time
Star Good health
Steeple Slight delay, bad luck
Steps An improvement in life
Sun Happiness, success, power
Swallow Decisiveness, unexpected journeys
Swan Smooth progress, contented life
Sword Disappointment, quarrels
Table Social gathering
Teapot Committee meeting 
Telephone Forgetfulness causes trouble
Telescope Adventure
Tent Travel
Thimble Domestic changes
Toad Beware of flattery 
Torch A turn fir the better 
Tortoise Criticism
Tower Opportunity, disappointment 
Tree Changes for the better 
Triangle Something unexpected 
Trunk A long journey, fateful decisions 
Umbrella Annoyances 
Unicorn A secret wedding 
Urn Wealth, happiness
Vase A friend in need
Vegetables unhappiness followed by contentment 
Violin Egotism 
Volcano Emotions out of control
Vulture Loss, theft, an enemy in authority 
Wagon A wedding
Walking Stick a visitor 
Wasp trouble in love 
Waterfall prosperity 
Weather Vane a difficulty, indecisiveness
Whale business success
Wheel  good fortune
Wheelbarrow  a meeting with an old friend 
Windmill  business success
Window open good luck through a friend 
Window closed disappointment through a friend 
Wings messages
Wishbone a wish granted 
Wolf Jealousy, selfishness
Woman Pleasure
Worms Scandal
Wreath Happiness ahead
Yacht Pleasure
Yoke Being dominated 
Zebra Overseas adventure
Triangles Good Karma 
Squares Use caution
Circles great success 
Letters Usually refer to friends, family, and people you know
Numbers indicates time, months and years

Druid Sticks

You will need 4 sticks at roughly the same length, on one side of each stick there should be one mark, on the other side of each stick there should be two. 

hold the stick between your hands and think of your question while rolling the stick around between your hands, when you are ready place them on a flat surface keep them covered with you non-dominant hand, while using the other to straighten them. 

The chart below is the patterned displayed by the Druid Stick. Two dots represent the side with 2 marking, one dot represents the side with one marking. eg: the pattern above is  Acquisitio


  • Puer — Boy.  Aggressive, assertive, masculine action; risky behavior and cockiness.
  • Amissio — Loss.  A loss of heart or a loss of money; could be good or bad, depending on circumstances.
  • Albus — White. Open to intellectual and spiritual pursuits, but rather forgetful of the belly and sexuality.
  • Populus — People / Crowd. Lost in the great mass of people. Diffusion of effort and intention. Following the mob.
  • Fortuna Major — Greater Fortune. Success by your own effort.
  • Rubeus — Red. Body and Bodaciousness. Wine, Sex, Drugs and rock and roll.  Out on the town, but risk-taking and potential for mischief and bloodshed.
  • Puella — Girl. Beauty, compassion, feminine receptivity, open to many circumstances.
  • Acquisitio — Acquisition, Gain.  Increase of wealth in the purse but lacking compassion or generosity. End of love in some circumstances.
  • Conjunctio — Crossroads.  Choice, and choosing. The decision is in your hands, but indecision may make make things harder. Choose.
  • Tristitia — Sorrow. Sadness and trouble and difficulty. Sometimes literally downward movement.  illness, sickness and doom.
  • Laetitia — Happiness. Joy, ecstasy, happiness, sometimes literally upward movement.
  • Carcer — Prison. Limitation and boundaries. Edges. Acceptance of present circumstances. Locked in.
  • Cauda Draconis — Dragon’s Tail.  Watch out for endings! End of cycles, risk of getting whacked on the way out! The long route home.
  • Caput Draconis — Dragon’s Head. Blessings at the Beginning. Starting something new, a new cycle, set out on an adventure.
  • Fortuna Minor — Lesser Fortune. Lucky circumstances that have nothing to do with you.  Swiftly passing opportunity.
  • Via — Road.  Active effort, driving along the path, driven by great powers toward destiny — but not a lot of choices ahead; stick to the path you’re on.

Hartford Courant, Connecticut, May 14, 1922

To dream of:

Ice - Success
Idiot - Grief
Illumination - Poverty and worry
Images - Bad luck
Inheritance - Death of a relative
Ink - Spilling ink, breaking an engagement of separation from a friend; dreaming of ink in any other way a favorable omen
Insanity - to dream of insanity of some other person, grief; to dream of yourself becoming insane, assurance of a long life
Intoxication - Increase of fortune, recovery of health
Inundation - Sadness, sickness
Iron - Profits; if burning hot, sorrows
Island - Desertion
Itch - Good luck
Ivy - True friends
Janitor - Beware of gossip
Jaundice - Beware of treachery 
Jaws - Sickness
Jay - Sorrow and trouble
Jewelry - Trouble and danger
Judge - Beware of slander and malice
Kettle - To dream of a black kettle means death
Keys - Anger, worry, want
Killing - Killing a person is generally a bad omen, foretells distress, and even death; to kill some one else, worry over enemies
King - Beware of flattery and cheatery 
Kiss - Kissing a relative, beware of treason; kissing a hand of a person, friendship, good fortune; kissing a stranger, journey
Knee - Being wounded in the knee, disappointment, worry; kneeling down to a person, trouble; unable to use the knee, poverty, bad news; sore or painful knee, sickness
Knife - Quarrel, separation; if you dream of a knife wounding you, danger
Labyrinth - You will make a great discovery
Ladder - Climbing a ladder, success; descending a ladder, great loss and trouble, ruin
Lake - Clear water, fortells friends; muddy or agitated water, quarrels
Lamb - Good luck
Lame - Trouble, sickness
Lantern - Success
Larks - Alive, good luck; roasted
Laudanum - Misfortune
Laugh - worry and loss
Laundry work - You will have to work running over one, worry
Lawyer - Quarrels, troubles, losses, hard for other people
Lawn - Gazing upon one, good health; trouble, imprisonment 
Lead - Inheritance 
Leaves - Sickness
Legs - Journey, success, money; wooden legs, bad luck
Letter - Visit by a friend or good news
Letter carrier - Important news
Light - To see in a drea, a great light is an omen, great honors and riches are in store for you; it predicts success in love, happy married life, blessed with children
Lightning - Love quarrels
Limping - Business troubles
Linen - Riches 
Lion - Seeing one, you will find some new good friend or make an acquantice of one soon; killing or laming the lion, great success; seeing a lioness with young, domestic happiness
Liquor - Riches
Lizards - Danger
Lobster - Alive, success; cooked, joy
Locomotive - Unpleasant journey
Lottery - Loss and failure 
Magician - Beware of treachery
Man - A girl dreaming of man; beware of gossip; if he is plain or ugly, quarrel; clear trouble and loss of money 
Manure - Great financial luck
Marble - Inheritance 
Marriage - With a relative, danger; with a handsome person, joy; with a plain or ugly looking person, sorrow
Masquerade - Seeing one, beware of deception; taking part in one, success
Mass - To dream of attending mass denotes happiness
Matches - Riches
Meadow - Comfort and prosperity 
Meat - Pleasure and prosperity 
Medicine - Taking it, sickness, distress; administering it to someone else, profit 
Menagerie - You will enjoy true friendship
Melon - Good health; if the dreamer is a sick person, it denotes a speedy recovery
Mending clothes and stockings - Unhappiness 
Merchandise - Seeing a great amount of it piled up, beware of thieves
Merchant - Meeting some merchant of importance, success
Message - Receiving one, advance in life
Mice - Trouble
Mill - Success, riches, inheritance 

Sea Herbs and Plants

When it comes to practicing sea witchcraft most people probably only really think about using seashells, fish bones, sea water etc but there’s a lot of herbs and plant life that can be used in sea magic as well.

Below are my own personal associations for plants and herbs that I use in my practice and some possible suggestions for those looking to find more plants and herbs to use in their sea craft.


Now, I know what you’re thinking, This probably sounds a little weird and out of place. And, it is. I associate lavender with the smell of the tide rolling in just after the sunset, and more importantly I associate it with the Salt-Bearer, who to me is the very heart of the ocean. It is the only commonly used herb that I find myself able to associate with the sea and because of this, it’s my go-to herb. I tend to lean away from using lavender essential oil in place of using the actual bulbs because to me, the oil, no matter how strong the scent seems to be lacking something. I just don’t use it in spell work. 

Associations: Ebb and flow, purity, evening tide.

 Sea Things I tend to use it for:

  • Protection charms
  • Purification Salt
  • Sea “Tea”
  • Banishing Salt
  • Simple Beauty Baths
  • Low tide powder
  • Submerged Casting
  • Cleansing Spray for Shells and Bottles
  • Sigils
  • Almost everything. 

White Roses

Once again, this probably sounds really straight and I want tonight but it is normal I denies that this probably won’t work with everyone. I can’t truly describe why I associate white roses so heavily with the sea and sea magic but it is a thing. And to be honest, I fucking hate roses in all their colors but I can tolerate white and once again through the Salt Bearer, I was shown that this plant can easily be used in ocean magic. 

Associations: Morning tide, High tide, The Moon/moonlight and the sails of a ship. 

Sea Things I Tend to Use It For: 

  • Baths
  • Purity Salt
  • The charging of sea water. 
  • High Tide powder
  • “Softer” spells

Sea Weed

Sea weed is a lovely, lovely plant to keep handy and I suggest that any aspiring sea witches pick up some if you can. Now, when you do pick up the sea weed, you can choose to dry it or keep it hydrated; that part is up to you. I usually choose the former method as dried sea weed can be crushed up into a semi-fine powder and used that way as well. 

Associations: Moving up in life (since seaweed grows toward sunlight), Prosperity, Money, Success. 

Sea Things that I Tend to Use it For:

  • Money spells
  • Prosperity spells
  • Curses to cause failure and money loss
  • Beauty spells and glamours
  • Good luck charms
  • Motivation spells

Sea Moss

Sea moss usually grows on rocks such as those pictured above though it can grow in other places, I’ve seen it on docks and such. Sea moss is definitely strange but also worth it. When going about collecting sea moss, you should never do it with your bare hands, the reason for this is that sometimes when you go to pull the moss off of the rock, there are barnacles beneath the moss or around it that you weren’t able to see. 

Every time that I have gone to get sea moss and used my hands, I ended up slicing them on barnacles. Not a pleasant thing. I would suggest bringing a butter knife, wedge that under the moss and carefully pull off a few pieces. 

Associations: Endurance, adapting, the waves (water beats against them)

Sea Things That I Tend To Use It For: 

  • Endurance charms 
  • Rebirth

Salt Hay


Salt hay is my absolute favorite seaside plant but unfortunately, the beach that I live close to barely has any so it’s very rare that I ever get the chance to get my hands on some. One of the reasons that I am so crazy about it is because of how it gross, this fucker literally grows through the salt water when other plants would have died. Metal. 

Associations: Strength, secrecy and concealment, the connection of land and sea, standing tall.

Some Sea Things To Use It For: 

Concealment spells


Self Appreciation Spells


Connecting of Two Unrelated Things

Other Ideas for Plants and Herbs to Use
Red Algae
Green Alage

Think Long Term

I feel like my biggest pit-fall in any of my life journeys, be it weight loss, school, or saving money, is my intense desire for immediate or extremely quick gratification.

I wanna lose weight NOW

I wanna finish school NOW

I wanna have money for my boob/nose job NOW

And not only have I realized how childish this mentality is, it’s also detrimental to actually achieving these goals

By not getting the results I want immediately, I am more likely to not care and slip up

But something I’ve accepted and that has helped me is; the time is going to pass anyways

No matter what

And I think back on a few months or a year ago…and it doesn’t seem that long ago

So if I just stay strong every day, create say…just a 500 calorie deficit, I could be at my goal weight in a year

If I save just a fraction of my paycheck every week instead of spending it on immediately gratifying nonsense, I could have my surgeries in a year


Time can be your best friend or your worst enemy

It’s up to you which one it becomes

Actual, non-gendered suit associations
  • Wands: Personal growth, emotional development, youth
  • Swords: Strife, conflict, battle, struggle, victories/losses
  • Pentacles: Money, skilled work, work, craft, trade, responsibilities, age
  • Cups: Family, creativity, abundance, harvest, fertility (of the body and/or the mind)
Guide To Colormancy

Colormancy is using colors and their correspondences for divining purposes. It is a method of divination that I haven’t found too much about on here, so here is a little guide to using colormancy, different techniques, and color correspondences.


There are plenty of different ways to use colormancy, for it is a rather broad form of divination. A few suggestions on what to use:

  • Cards: using colored cards can be a very easy way to use colormancy. You may then use them exactly how you would any form of cartomancy. It is my personal preferred way of using colormancy, mine are about the size of standard tarot cards and I lay them out as if I was doing a Tarot reading.
  • Buttons: putting a bunch of small colored buttons into a bag and pulling them out one at a time or tossing them onto a divination grid is another easy method of colormancy. You could also use colored rocks, beads, crayons, marbles, or anything else small that you can easily pull from a bag.
  • Color Wheel: Simply taking a color wheel and turning it into a spinner and flicking it when you wish to get a fast easy answer is an easy beginner method.
  • Pendulums: If you have a pendulum or necklace this is another easy method. Print out or make a pendulum chart or grid and when asking your questions interpret which color the pendulum swings over.
  • Color Generators: For those who enjoy using technomancy and modern witchcraft you can use random color generator sites to randomize and provide you with the colors in response to you questions. It is also a fast way for witches on the go who have a cellphone.
  • Dice: Rolling a dice with different colored sides is another easy way for beginners in divination and colormancy to start out. If you don’t have a dice with different colored sides you can easily make one by finding a dice you do not mind painting up and paint the sides with either paint or nail polish. You could also, if you are good at arts and crafts, make your own dice from paper and color the sides.

There are numerous other ways to use colormancy of course. Find what works for you best, these were just some easy suggestions.

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alalunastuff  asked:

Hey Jen, you trully are a rare gem for any fandom worthy to have you! Beyond happy you're part of the Olicity fandom! Only one thing I would like you to address, esp given your knowledge of TV and how the business works. So, what is your view on ratings for Arrow Season 5? The decline in ratings goes ofc accross shows and channels as a general trend nowadays. But specifically how do you feel about Arrow ratings this year? TY!

What a sweet thing to say. I am but one among many, but you are so incredibly kind. Thank you. Hope you don’t mind that I’m publishing this ask because I always like ratings questions. I think they are fun. Yes. I am weird. I don’t know if it’s knowledge. It’s more a weird obsession combined with some (hopefully) educated guesses. (Some of this will be a repeat for those who’ve read my thoughts on ratings before).

Stumbled on this article today. Vulture always takes a look at returning/aging dramas and writes an article on rating trends every year. It’s a good read. The take away is it’s been a rough year for everyone. Most returning/aging dramas saw a significant drop in their live ratings. This was The CW:

31% drop is… well… ouch. 

I agree with Vulture. I don’t know a network executive that would be happy with any of these drops because they like money. Loss of revenue is not good. Networks ain’t never gonna be a fan of that. A live ratings decrease = a loss of ad based revenue. 

But am I worried about Arrow? NOPE. The single most important question any fan of a television show that airs on The CW should ask is…

How in sweet holy heaven does The CW make money?

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Finally a day off! So I getz to chill! ¾ head of Cabbage and 2 cups of dry lentils on for meal prep part 1… It’s lunch and dinner supplies. Well, the cabbage was sitting there for 2 weeks. It’s still good. Lmao TY Google! LMFAO

Money savings note: get a $2 giant head of cabbage and cut it up. Partial cook (if you wanna, I do it). Divide into 200g for each Tupperware dish. Freeze.. for..ev..er… Muahahhahhah😈. Beats $5 of frozen cabbage…. save money! Oh, and repeat this for corn, carrots, peas, green beans, bananas, etc, any fresh produce. Some can’t be frozen so Google before buying it. Just save money. Not everything must be bought frozen directly lol. Simple country tip… Thx mom

Monsta X as online shoppers

A/N: this just popped into my head so I just rolled with it. I have my other posts done for this week too sooooo bonus post!! YAAAY!! lol


  • Confused AF about the concept
  • like…he just clicks ‘add to cart’ and the money comes out of his account…?
  • how do they know his card/account number?
  • are they stalking him?!
  • No? Oh… then how does this work?
  • He has Minhyuk explain it to him ten times before he has him just do it for him
  • He watches over Minhyuks shoulder as he does it for him
  • but he asks the same questions every two seconds
  • “So this is that tee shirt I wanted? In grey? Why is the picture black? Is it the same thing?”
  • “Hyung, It’s the same thing. See this? This says grey here. The picture’s only available in black but it’s the same, I promise.”
  • “Okay…. That is the shirt I wanted though right?”
  • Minhyuk never helps him again so he just shops at regular stores now unless someone offers to put up with hi- I mean help him…


  • Goes online out of boredom
  • ends up seeing some item of clothes he’s convinced he needs
  • /damn I would look hot AF in that shirt/
  • ends up buying that shirt in every color
  • plus the matching pants that are, of course, super tight
  • I’m not complaining tho
  • /oh look! those shorts are cool too! They’ll show off my legs~/
  • buys a bunch of sexy clothing plus a headset with bunny designs on it
  • and ANOTHER bunny plushy
  • /ya~ Jooheon would love these gloves though…/
  • ends up buying little things for his members too because he’s selfless like that
  • his total would end up being no less than $350 not including shipping
  • /but it’s worth it for those booty shorts~ yaas/ (<<something he’d probably think imo)

continued under the cut due to length~ ^.^

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Originally posted by bard--the--bowman

Originally posted by middle-earth-journeys

Summary: You look for Bard after the war.

Pairing: Bard x Reader

Word Count: 880

Part 1.

Part 2

Master List

The battle was absolutely horrendous. Bodies of dwarves, elves, orcs, goblins and men were scattered through the field. There you could only walk five feet before you came across another body.

You had thanked mahal that none of the members of the company were lying on the battlefield. They had all escaped relatively unscathed.

Those who were uninjured, or not as injured, began searching for survivors, but you had another agenda.

You needed to find the bowman. When Thorin had denied Kili his trip to the mountain, you had stayed with them and Bard had accepted you after being rejected by the Master. That is when you realize that he indeed was a great man. His heart was in the right place and you couldn’t help but fall in love with that.

You make your way through the streets of Dale, checking each and every body to see if it was Bard or his children. You had prayed to Mahal that you found neither.

When you get to the main courtyard, you head straight to the tent that Thranduil and Bard were staying in when you had helped Bilbo deliver the Arkenstone to them. Lets just say, Thorin and Dwalin were not happy.

You pause as you see Bard talking to his children with his back towards you. They all survived. They all made it.

You let out a sigh of relief and that Gaines Bard’s attention.

You were sort of screwed. You had not thought this far ahead. What were you supposed to say to him? It turns out it doesn’t really matter as Bard approaches you.

“Y/n! I had feared the worst,” Bard exclaims, pulling you into a hug. You stiffen a bit, surprised at his action, but you relax, putting your arms around his waist.

He was warm and comforting. Something you needed after this disastrous battle. He pulls back, resting his calloused thumb on your cheek, the rest of his fingers resting on the nape of your neck.

“I had feared the worst as well. I traveled through Dale hoping and praying that I would not find you or your children amongst the dead,” you mutter, eyes fluttering shut as he softly rubs his thumb over your cheek.

“Da should just kiss her already,” you hear and you open your eyes. You know Bard heard it as well because there’s a smirk on his handsome face.

“Tilda. Be quiet. They’ll hear you,” another voice adds. You tilt to the side to look at Bards children and they pretend to be talking amongst themselves, but you could see Bain and Sigrid watching you out of the corner of their eyes.

You smile, turning back to Bard. “You should probably listen you your children, master bowman,” you say, slipping your fingers under the lapels of his coat.

He raises his brow at you.


“Yes. I deserve that kiss after you made me worry so much,” you say, focus on your hands that are currently trying to find the right place to grab.

“Well if I worried you so much, then you definitely deserve that kiss,” he says, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you closer.

“That I do,” you respond before finally getting a good grip and pulling him down to meet you.

His lips were soft; something you didn’t expect from the rugged man. Your lips move together in perfect sync as your arms go around his neck. He pulls you closer so that your body was flush against his. You would’ve continued on if it wasn’t for someone clearing their throat.

You break apart and turn to the source of the noise only to find Dwalinimpatiently thumping his foot. Shit.

You break apart quickly as if you two weren’t adults.


“I came here to see where you went in case there was something important going on only to find you embracing this-this man!” Dwalin exclaims, gesturing to Bard with his hand.

“Adad-,” “The man you hated when you first met him!” Dwalin continues, not giving you time to interrupt. “And now you’ve finally gotten together a week before I bet you would!”

“Adad. I’m sorry. I just- hold on. Bet?” You ask, his words finally sinking in. Dwalin smiles at you.

“Thorin and I just made a bet before I got here that you would not get together till next week sometime. Thorin bet that it would be today and I just lost my one fifteenth of my total profit,” he says and you laugh.

“So you’re not mad?”

“Of course not ghivashel. I could never be mad at you for falling in love,” Dwalin states. You smile up at Bard and his arm goes around your shoulder.

Dwalin lets out a growl.

“I didn’t say you could touch her,” Dwalin states and Bard backs away.

“You will be compensating me for my loss of money,” Dwalinsays, pointing a finger at Bard’s chest before walking off.

You let out a giggle as Bard’s children come running up to you.

“Does that mean we get to call him grandpa?” Bain asks and you and Bard laugh, pulling them into a hug. You were born as an elf, raised by a dwarf, and currently courting a man; you could not be happier.

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Quick Weight Loss Results

I don’t know about everyone else but as I struggle I get so nervous and uncomfortable and these quick weight loss solutions get as tempting as a chocolate cupcake.

Even worse when you look at them there always a subscription/auto ship program constantly taking your money.

You don’t know if you even like them and haven’t seen them in person.

There’s these results but how can you be sure they’re true?

It’s easier to become a seller than a buyer.

There’s all these flags that say no and you’re still so desperate to try it to see if it will help.

I’m trying to stay away but idk how much longer I can hold out?

Has anyone had honest to God encounters with stuff like this?