lossing money

people finding out the names and prices of Victor’s extra af belongings irl bring me to life honestly every time?? how do you do that and also how much does he earn what the fuck

Actual, non-gendered suit associations
  • Wands: Personal growth, emotional development, youth
  • Swords: Strife, conflict, battle, struggle, victories/losses
  • Pentacles: Money, skilled work, work, craft, trade, responsibilities, age
  • Cups: Family, creativity, abundance, harvest, fertility (of the body and/or the mind)

The Worst Hyperinflation in History and the Death of the Hungarian Pengo,

Inflation is when money loses value over time causing prices to rise. Money is just like any other commodity; it’s value is derived from it’s rarity.  When it comes to fiat currency (paper money that is backed by nothing but trust), money tends to lose value when governments print more of it, the price of goods rises, and thus inflation sets in. When governments print a lot of it at once and money loses value very quickly, hyperinflation sets in.

For most of World War II, Hungary was a member of the Axis Powers.  After suffering severe defeats on the Eastern Front, the Hungarian Government quickly went broke, and being an Axis Power, there weren’t many countries it could burrow money from.  In order to fund the war, the Hungarian Government desperately began to print money to pay for expenses.  In 1944 the largest denomination bill was the 1,000 Pengo note. As the war came to a close, expenses only grew as the Hungarian Government had to fund projects to repair and rebuild the war torn country, provide employment for returning soldiers, and fund many new social programs. Government printing accelerated in order to meet the demand for cash.  As a result, the largest denomination bill at the end of 1945 was the 10,000,000 Pengo bill.

By this point, hyperinflation was seriously disrupting the Hungarian economy. People saw their life savings instantly made worthless. In order to buy basic supplies like food and groceries, people had to go to stores with wheelbarrows full of bricks of cash. Prices doubled on a weekly basis. By July 1946, Hungarian hyperinflation had reached it’s worst. By then the price of goods doubled every 15 hours and the daily rate of inflation was 195%, making an annual rate of inflation of 41.9 quadrillion percent. During this month, the Hungarian government began printing the largest banknote in history, the 100 million billion Pengo bill, or the 100 Quintilian pengo bill (100,000,000,000,000,000,000 (10^20).

In August of 1946, the Pengo had become so worthless that the entire Hungarian money supply of 400 quadrilliard Pengo ( 4×1029 ) had the buying power of 1/100th of an American dollar. On August 1st, the Pengo was declared defunct by the Hungarian government and replaced by the Forint, which was to be exchanged at the rate of 400 octillion Pengo. By then the Pengo had become so worthless that government workers had to be hired to sweep up piles of money from the streets.

Suit meanings (short description)

Hearts ♥️- Happiness and emotions. This is an easy one because hearts represent love and could signal relationships. But some are warning cards due to emotions or relationships

Clubs ♣️- Work, money, and social interactions. Clubs usually represent things going on at work (or school) and signifies maybe a gain or in some cases, loss of money.

Diamonds ♦️- Success and energy. The work place, and a lot of the time associated with imagination. Gains in money, or maybe in friendships. Positive things in general.

Spades ♠️- Negative emotions, or other negative things. Can mean fear, doubt, worry, loss, or misfortune. Generally not good.

Witch Tip:

Sigil everything. Plant pots for growth, bowls and cups for weight loss, jars for money and fortune, shoes to keep your feet from hurting. You can sigil practically anything, whether it’s carving it into the material, or just scribbling something in pencil to erase it later. Sigil your school notes for memory retention, paint one onto your temple for headaches and then wash it away. They are your best portable, powerful method of enchantment. Take advantage of that.

Thank you for reminding me that some people value $300 worth of PlayStation games more than they value a fellow human’s ability to eat. Yes, I’m in a position now where I could handle the three days it took to correct the loss of money. Seven years ago, I would have legitimately not been able to feed my children because of your desperate need to pretend-shoot cartoon characters with your “friends.”

Thank you for reminding me that there are some people out there who don’t have the talent or ability to get a good job and pay for their own games. That their only means of obtaining joy is to steal it from others, regardless of whether or not that theft will result in their eviction for not having rent money.

But most of all, I want to thank you for teaching me how this whole process works. See, before you decided to spend $300 of my family’s money on nothing but PS4 games, I didn’t know that both PlayStation and my bank would work together to trace the purchases.

A Letter To The Person Who Stole My Debit Card Info

Ok because I’m trying to find my way through a panic attack and I’m sick of feeling like my life is the worst and nobody else has the right to feel this bad and then feeling guilty and hating myself because that’s a ridiculous and irrational thought

I’m listing the good things in my life

(Quick list of my privileges to show I’m aware of them: I’m a white born and raised Finnish person living in Finland, I’m not visibly or physically disabled, I’m not that much overweight to experience discrimination, and I guess I can appear conventionally attractive if I try)

- I have found a person who is perfect for me and an amazing relationship and the person wants to marry me
- Which btw became legal here at the start of this month
- I have a secure income until July even if it’s not very much
- My mother and sister care about me and support me
- I have a nice apartment that has a dishwasher and free internet and a beautiful view
- I have friends and some of them even live in the same town
- I’m in university which is flexible and I’m able to go back to studying when I’m more stable and feeling better
- I’m not in much physical pain very often
- Again I’m getting marrieeeeeeeeeddddd
- Mass Effect Andromeda is coming out soon lmao
- Also more Twin Peaks later in spring
- My parents are financially stable enough to be able to support me with money
- Our plants are growing nicely!!
- I’m getting a new therapists (probably) and have a better chance at recovery then (hopefully)
- I’m getting back into photography
- I’m slowly getting thinner and my face already looks better and more like me!!
- I’m living in the age of amazing technological advances and might live to see a real space age and otherwise just very convenient life with easy access to even more things, information, entertainment etc
- I have hope that in the next elections (regional, parliament, presidential) the horrible direction Finland is going to may be turned around because of the rise of the green and left parties
- I think that if I can persevere enough and not drop out I have a chance to get a job/career I find interesting and rewarding
- I may get the chance to get into a dbt group this year!!
- once again my fiancee is amazing and I’m so thankful she’s in my life and I can go to sleep and wake up with her around and just live a domestic life together

help ,,

so today my mom told me she no longer has a job

we are already struggling financially because of medical bills and now we only have one income which is my dads

I’m trying to sell some of my stuff but it’s not really selling and idk I guess like donations or something would be really helpful ??

I feel shitty making this post I hate asking for things but this is for my family ,,, anything would be so helpful

thank you guys ,, 💖

Every single time I relapse, my life spins out of control…

I’ve lost jobs, crashed my car twice, gone broke, narrowly escaped jail – and I am one of the fortunate ones. One of the worst things about a relapse for me is not the loss of money and material things, but the loss of love and trust from my family.

I just want to tell other addicts who feel hopeless that they are not alone. I too have felt those worthless feelings and thought I would never be able to stay sober. But that doesn’t mean I gave up.

—  Alix, two months clean from California, On Addiction