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It’s Trans Day of Visibility! I have the privilege of being able to be safely out, but for those who don’t, this day is for you too. We stand by you, for you, and support you always. It’s ok to wait to come out, or to even just come out to yourself. You’re still hella valid and a rad trans friend 💙💖

Sheridan always looks like a broken hearted baby after a tie or loss and it breaks my heart into pieces because she’s so good and so young and I want her to know she did her very best and that we’re all so proud of her. 


Results from the end of the bachelor!

Players had to challenge Cameron to a sparring match. Win = 2, loss = 1, tie = 0. Then, their relationships with both siblings were added to their challenge scores to determine the winner of All Saints. In order, the scores! (Cameron rel. + Darryl rel. + Challenge = Total)


  • Holly Bird Koppel: Lost, 2:0 = 1
  • Kameria Rose: Lost, 2:0 = 1


  1. Holly Bird Koppel: 69.00 + 45.95 + 1 = 115.95 = WINNER!
  2. Kameria Rose: 70.57 + 44.05 + 1 = 115.62

I want everyone to appreciate just how close this elimination was! ‘Cause I mean, a 0.33 point difference is miniscule! But can mean the entire challenge, as is the case of Holly Bird and Kameria.

I want to extend thank-yous. First, @asimlishpixel. Thank you for letting me have Poppy. She was the sweet, quiet type, but ultimately too quiet, as she would’ve rather read books. Next, @sevenleafsimblr. Thank you for letting me have Cierra. She was a fighter till the very end, but again, it’s all in the tiniest of score differences. And @threadsoftheeasternseas, again, for letting me bring back Kameria, only for her to bite the dust again. Pls don’t kill her???


I am cow, hear me moo.

The son of The Woman Who’s Not Agent Spiller or Penny Northern is running around in his jocks, and he is one.  Mulder’s made a slide show out of it, and is showing it to Scully in the office while wearing the Nail Polish Sample Tie of Loss.  Mulder’s about to experience great loss again, but don’t panic, it’s only of this tie.

The tie is still in his possession when they arrive in Wisconsin, sharing an umbrella in the moist rain.  It’s hard not to notice the difference between Mulder holding an umbrella, where it’s off in the stratosphere somewhere, and Scully holding an umbrella with Mulder bent in half underneath.  They go to the Church of the Red Museum first, where they do some close whispering.

After the church, they visit Not Penny Northern or Agent Spiller and talk to the kids.  That makes them hungry so they go out to flirt over some dead cow.  Mulder senses trouble & heads outside, littering his rib bib, where he and the little lady send some bullies on their way.  Then it’s back to the motel.

The Nail Polish Sample tie is now lost, presumably still tied to the leg of their bed.  The way Scully walks confidently into the motel room makes it immediately obvious that they’re sharing.  Mulder finishes getting dressed and is now looking good in Bewitchery in Red.  It fails to bewitch the Red Museum people but Scully’s still interested.

An attempt to interrogate a church guy fails when Mulder doesn’t sit with his feet on the table and Scully’s still slightly bewitched by his tie.  At least I think it’s his tie she’s sneaking a look at. Other shit happens and they go for a drive and cows are injected.  

Then a plane crashes and it’s somehow related.  Mulder has the tie on that I’ve decided to name Probable Cause, named after his penchant for warrant-less snoops, as occurred the first time he wore it.  To confuse the already confusing story, Mulder finds a peep hole and camera at Not Agent Spiller or Penny Northern’s, who has very large wall cavities with lights inside accessed through a mirror.  Needless to say, 7 years of bad luck is heading Mulder’s way.

The sheriff’s son is killed.  Mulder’s wearing Sewer Gems.  He gets shouty in this interrogation with the peeping perp, and even sits down, but he still fails to put his feet on the table or even the chair. After lots of close talking, Mulder and Scully feel quite flushed but they work everything out, something to do with purity control and Deep Throat.

Mulder sets up a meeting with  the whole town at the church, then ditches the whole town along with Scully to go to the meatworks.  He has to get down close to figure out why an open gas can would be on the floor, then he’s chased into a cold room and locked in by the perp. I bet DD loved dodging all the carcasses.   Scully’s got her own posse this time and they arrive before the place blows, and the tearful sheriff shoots the baddie for killing his boy.  Then Mulder makes sure nobody’s looking before he whisks Scully back to the motel room to snuggle up and whisper lots more.  It  must be difficult to sleep apart after being cooped up in quarantine for a month.

I Was Born To Save The Doctor

I just understood something. And suddenly, a lot of things make a lot of sense. I love when that happens. 

Do you remember that Clara said she was “born to save the Doctor”? Every now and then, people pick up on this, saying that it might have meant she was born to literally save the Doctor (the same way that CAL “saved” 4022 people).  

Well, I think these theories were absolutely right! Clara is born to make a backup of the Doctor.  It’s obvious, really, if you think about it: The more Doctor the Doctor forgets, the more Clara learns about him. If his memory were to be erased, Clara could damn near take his place.

But let me start from the beginning.

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MIND Diet Repeatedly Ranked Among Best

A diet created, studied and reported on by researchers at Rush University Medical Center has been ranked the easiest diet to follow and the second best overall diet (tying in both categories) for 2016 by U.S. News & World Report. The MIND diet also tied for third for best diet for healthy eating and was ranked in the top five in five categories and the top 20 in seven, as follows:

  • Easiest Diets to Follow: No. 1 (tie)
  • Best Diets Overall: No. 2 (tie)
  • Best Diets for Healthy Eating: No. 3 (tie)
  • Best Diets for Diabetes: No. 4 (tie)
  • Best Heart-Healthy Diets: No. 4
  • Best Weight-Loss Diets: No. 16 (tie)
  • Best Fast Weight-Loss Diets: No. 21 (tie)

Now in its sixth year, the annual “Best Diets” list provides the facts about 35 chosen eating plans and ranks them on a range of levels, from their heart healthiness to their likelihood to help with weight loss. To create the annual rankings, U.S. News editors and reporters spend months winnowing potential additions to the diet roster and then mine medical journals, government reports and other resources to create in-depth profiles. Each profile explains how the diet works, whether or not its claims are substantiated, scrutinizes it for possible health risks and examines what it’s like to live on the diet, not just read about it.

Eating away at Alzheimer’s risk

The MIND diet is a research-based diet developed by Martha Clare Morris, ScD, a Rush nutritional epidemiologist, and her colleagues. In recent studies, the MIND diet showed that it helped lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by as much as 53 percent in participants who adhered to the diet rigorously, and by about 35 percent in those who followed it moderately well.

“One of the more exciting things about this is that people who adhered even moderately to the MIND diet had a reduction in their risk for Alzheimers,” Morris says. The researchers also have found that adhereing to the diet may slow cognitive decline among aging adults, even when the person is not at risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

The name of the MIND diet is short for Mediterranean-DASH Diet Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay. The diet is a hybrid of the Mediterranean and DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diets.

Both diets have been found to reduce the risk of cardiovascular conditions, like hypertension, heart attack and stroke. Some researchers have found that the two older diets provide protection against dementia as well.

Morris and her colleagues developed the MIND diet based on information that has accrued from years’ worth of research about what foods and nutrients have good, and bad, effects on the functioning of the brain.

A wine and no cheese party

The MIND diet has 15 dietary components, including 10 “brain-healthy food groups” and five unhealthy groups — red meat, butter and stick margarine, cheese, pastries and sweets, and fried or fast food.

To adhere to and benefit from the MIND diet, a person would need to eat at least three servings of whole grains, a green leafy vegetable and one other vegetable every day — along with a glass of wine — snack most days on nuts, have beans every other day or so, eat poultry and berries at least twice a week and fish at least once a week. In addition, the study found that to have a real shot at avoiding the devastating effects of cognitive decline, he or she must limit intake of the designated unhealthy foods, especially butter (less than 1 tablespoon a day), sweets and pastries, whole fat cheese, and fried or fast food (less than a serving a week for any of the three).

Berries are the only fruit specifically to be included in the MIND diet. “Blueberries are one of the more potent foods in terms of protecting the brain,” Morris says, and strawberries also have performed well in past studies of the effect of food on cognitive function.

“The MIND diet is a modification of the Mediterranean and DASH diets that highlights the foods and nutrients shown through the scientific literature to be associated with dementia prevention,” Morris says. “There is still a great deal of study we need to do in this area, and I expect that we’ll make further modifications as the science on diet and the brain advances.

“We devised a diet and it worked in this Chicago study,” she adds. To establish a cause-and-effect relationship between the MIND diet and reductions in the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease, “The results need to be confirmed by other investigators in different populations and also through randomized trials.”


Day 1: Quicksilver

→ rapid or unpredictable in movement or change; mercurial

She wore wings on her feet because, God, how could she not when so many years had carved the same lesson over and over into her bones, into her blood, into her spirit. Her DNA was stained with flight long before the Godaime was done with Sakura, but she was fine with that. Sakura was glad for her bird like soul that know above all else it must not let the world touch her.

Sakura was a medic with every last fiber of her person, and during a period where her young self sought a reason for existence, went seeking a place to plant herself, the world began to make more sense than ever before when she dove headfirst into the healing craft.

What she was before Sakura became a medic was something she wasn’t sure she wanted to ever see in herself again. The idea of regressing terrified her. Too often she found her worst fears; her friends dying, her teammates failing, her village crumbling, her patients dying under her hands, linked back to the little girl with hair too long and eyes too blind to see anything more than a boy and a silly dream.

Sakura beat out the anxiety snapping the sandbag back on its hook before she realized her mistake and toned it down. She blinked, catching the swinging weight before it could accidentally knock into something. Her mind had wandered again. Usually she came to the gyms to give her over active brain a break. She thought too much sometimes, and she needed to let off some steam after another trying week where she failed to place in an outgoing team.

‘They didn’t need a medic.’

On reflex her elbow popped out as her fist slammed into the sandbag knocking it off its chain to crash and slide across the floor. Gym members on the other side of the room looked up when they heard the metal snap but went back to their work when they saw Sakura didn’t look like she was going to do anything more. Too many had learned that provoking her would be worse than just letting her burn for a minute.

‘Rock Lee isn’t a medic either, but he’s going on the mission.’ The thought stung doubly when she remembered the two of them had been training together for the past three months on speed exercises. She couldn’t out pace him, no, but she was doing so well.  What right did they have to think she wouldn’t be able to keep up? She was strong, but she could be fast too.

“Something he said?” a new voice teased, poking a thumb at the limp sandbag.

Sakura eyed the annoying cousin to Sasuke, remembering him from years ago when he would shadow their practices and annoy her childhood crush till it was laughable.

“Shisui, what are you doing in the gym? I thought you just used training grounds?” Sakura asked, pacing to collect the metal links and bend them back into shape so she could rehang the sandbag. At least this time she hadn’t punched a hole clean through it. She had held her chakra back that much.

“I heard you were using the new training facilities for the common folk and decided to check it out. What’s wrong with our training grounds?” the lanky Uchiha asked over a grin while he hugged a neighboring sandbag.

“And this concerns you because….?” Sakura widened her eyes and forced a look onto her face that she knew he would find funny. As if on cue, he snickered behind the sand bag, hiding his bottom face with his hand.

“Is it against the rules to be curious?”

Sakura fit the links back into place and dropped the sandbag to swing in place, finally secured. “You’re just bored because Itachi’s on rotation again and Sasuke just left on a mission.”

“I was wondering why they wouldn’t let you go, you seemed perfect for it.”

“They didn’t need a medic,” Sakura answered, proud of how nonchalant she sounded even to her own ears. She sounded like she didn’t care. She didn’t care. She didn’t care.

“Is it your speed? ‘Cause I was talking with Rock Lee about stuff and he said you were training together.”

Sakura stilled, turning back over her shoulder to glare at the Uchiha. “You’re curious?” she guessed.

“Well, he said you could keep up, but it’s no secret the kid’s been head over heels for you since the wee days.” The damn Uchiha grinned again and he looked too good for how badly Sakura wanted to punch him in the face. It felt like a waste to destroy art, but it would make her feel better.

“You need a demonstration?” Sakura snapped, turning on her heel and feeling aggression roll through her shoulders and strike her spine straight. Shisui was staring at her now, grin gone.


Sakura nodded to the outside door. “A race, Hokage monument and back. Simple enough, right?”

“That’s pretty far, you sure you have the endurance for it?” he tried to ask with a chuckle, but it came out sounding nervous.

“My flash step is just as good as yours when it needs to be.”

Now he did laugh. “I doubt that honey, but maybe you have gotten better, you don’t need to prove it to me.”

Sakura stalked forward until the sandbag was the only thing between them. Shisui held it like a shield between them. “Yes. I. Do.”

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In case anyone is wondering, the game Seokjin played is called Crazy Arcade’, and it’s a game he hasn’t played in 10 years. 

His player’s name is ‘Army’s Bungle’, refering to a pun he made at 3rd Muster day 2 (’If ARMY is single (싱글), then I’m bungle (벙글),’ 싱글벙글 means ‘smiling widely and delightedly’ in Korean). His EP is 13728/15300, with 25 wins, 7 losses and 1 tie, level 12. 

picture © ArtforYu_

I haven’t really gone out of my way to read anyone’s thoughts on the episode aside from what I see on my dash but I assume that the most common complaint aside from Ash losing is Goodra not getting a win. People are probably calling Goodra trash etc due to only getting a tie and a loss despite being a returning Pokemon ala Charizard or Gliscor, despite being a dragon type and a pseudo legendary, etc. 

Well, first of all I have nothing against ties, a tie isn’t a loss, a tie means a Mon still took something down and carried its weight in the match. And as far as VS Alan goes, Rain Dance allowed Greninja to easily KO Bisharp with a single Water Shuriken, so credit was still given to Goodra. I like little touches like these, where a fallen Mon is still made relevant, it boosts the feeling of teamwork and makes the battles more complex, it’s not all about win ratios. 

Speaking of win ratios, Goodra’s 100% win ratio prior to the league was another thing that hyped it up, but really that doesn’t mean anything, when Goodra only had like two battles, VS Tierno and Clemont.

Sounds like I’m downplaying Goodra myself now, right? Well yeah that’s the point, you see Goodra’s actually not that strong. It’s STRONG but not as strong as you might expect it to be, it was never meant to be like an unstoppable power house type of Mon. It won Ash one gym it had a type advantage against and got strong enough to defend its home land against some wild Pokemon. And ever since then it’s just been chilling there, living a peaceful life with its friends, it didn’t stay behind to train like Charizard or Gliscor, so it wouldn’t have made sense for it to return overwhelmingly stronger than before.

So why did Ash specifically ask Goodra to join him? Well, they’re friends, does he really need another reason? Ash simply wanted to have a good time with a friend he hadn’t seen in a while. And it made sense for Goodra to join the rest of the XY team who already knew him, over calling in an older member.

Look at how HAPPY Goodra got after Ash asked him to re-join him, he wasn’t expecting to get another opportunity to battle together with the team again. And despite not managing to get a straight up win, he helped out Ash in both matches he was used in, and that’s all that matters. I’m proud of him, and will miss him just as much as I’ll miss the rest of the XY squad~

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Optimistic viewpoint - assuming they're going down the "I knew it wasn't mine, but we needed a paternity test" route. This trip to LA could be intended to look like he's going there to get the results of the paternity test and tie up loss ends. Just like the trip in June was supposed to look like she'd got a pregnancy test and he was going to talk to her about it (and randomly took a chimp along - because why wouldn't you want a chimp in a "I accidentally knocked you up" conversation).

Hopefully! That would be fantastic.

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The trailer made me impatient to see xma but somehow Singer's quote about Erik kind of undid that... I'm not sure what about it makes me uneasy but... Well I guess that starting by “He’s found Erik at the most vulnerable place in his life,” is not exactly a great start. Compared to his youth? Or even to the ten years in isolation which should have had way more impact on him? I'm not optimistic as to how you'll manage that Singer... The fridging of his family seems inevitable now I'm afraid...

I think I addressed this slightly before when we first saw the trailer leaked at comic-con but I think it bears repeating that I felt uncomfortable when Singer made a comment similar to this before. Erik has lived through HELL ON EARTH. He was in a concentration camp, his mother was shot right in front of him because he “failed” a test, his whole family was killed, and he was tortured and experimented on by Shaw. His entire people were nearly wiped off the face of the Earth. And what did he do after he got out?

He became a badass Nazi-killer traveling the globe and knifing nazis in the throat. He became a champion for his own cause and a leader in his own right.

Now, losing a wife and child is horrific, but the MOST vulnerable moment of this life is that now? I know it’s not explicit but the implication that losing your wife is literally worse than the holocaust gets me…. a bit unsettled. As Erik’s motivation for wanting revenge on the world, the holocaust is more than enough, is it not? Do we really have to drag in female characters just to kill them for more man pain™? 

Since we know the fridging must happen, my hope is this: Erik’s family getting killed triggers him (don’t even pretend Erik doesn’t have PTSD) and he is stuck in flashbacks and nightmares and basically reliving all the horrible things he’s ever experienced, so that we can tie that loss of his wife to the pain of his childhood. If they can do that, I can see that being Erik’s most vulnerable point, and I can see why he’d be more open to persuasion.

I still will never, ever see Erik Lehnsherr as a man who is willing to be a follower. My only hope is that he’s playing Apocalypse for his own gains.


Aion 5.3

So as to not confuse people, as well as being unsure if Korea will attempt to classify this under 5.1 or address it as a new sub-patch, I will temporarily tag this under “High Daeva Battlefield II”. It has been confirmed that this patch will be known as Aion 5.3.

A huge lengthy content update is underway, and the focus this time round is RvR (Raid vs Raid). Here are the main highlights of this patch summarized:

1. The Abyss is once again seeing some changes, notably the Lower Abyss. There is a new variation of a siege system imposed upon the Lower Abyss now.

2. There will also be a brand new RvR PVP instance known as “Battlefield Pandemonium/Sanctum” that allows a staggering maximum of up to 384 players in queue.

As for the lore, Ereshkigal has noticed the weakening aetheric field changes in the Tower of Eternity and has thus commanded troops to invade the previously safe haven, Pandemonium and Sanctum

P.S - Beritra’s troops are officially out of the picture (save for the few locations)

3. The introduction of new medals (스피넬 공훈 훈장), and a new series of Abyss equipment. These are however, high daeva grade and the same conditions for the equipment apply (yikes, they break upon enchant failure as usual).

4. Improvement of GP rewards to existing PVP instances and arenas. There is a significant spike in the amount gained if you obtained a victory.

(eg. the winning faction will be awarded 150 GP from Idgel Dome while a tie/loss will only award 30 GP)

5. There are quality-of-life changes made to the player characters, particularly for flight and ressurection. There were also adjustments made to the GP system, mainly centered on the GP loss per day, rank and player inactivity. 

I won’t go in detail yet because until the content hits live servers, there will be constant changes here and there. I will however, touch on the main content as time goes by.