Sometimes I lose my appetite for days or weeks - even the foods I normally crave become as appealing as eating paper towels. It normally goes hand in hand with sensory issues with the food. These are some of the tricks I’ve learned to make sure I get enough nutrition anyway

  • The first and most important thing is you need to remember that eating anything is better than eating nothing. You may need to suspend your normal standards or rules - eating foods that are less “healthy" than normal, eating the same thing over and over gain, or just not enjoying your food as much.
  • Energy (calorie) dense foods like nuts or energy bars are really helpful, especially if the actual process of eating is unpleasant. Sometimes its really nice to be able to eat a meals worth of energy in under a minute
  • Chewing gum helps me get my appetite going - If I am trying to get myself hungry for a meal I will often start with gum 30-40 minutes before.
  • I rely a lot on eating a little of something I’m comfortable with to pique my appetite and moving to a different food group afterwards. Eating the first thing is always the hardest - I find after I start my brain realizes that food is ok and I can move onto larger portions or a different food.
  • When I eat something sweet I tend to crave more sugar later. So I use this to my advantage and have a small portion of something with some sugar in it and then wait to be hungry for more. Sometimes I will try to eat something a little more nutritious the second time, others I just have more of whatever was finally able to pique my interest
  • For the same reason consider other foods you find hard to put down. I’ve heard that things with both carbs and fat in them are the most “addictive” and I use that when I’m struggling to get enough to eat. It’s ok if this is a “junk” food - remember eating anything is better than eating nothing
  • Ginger tea or ginger chews make my stomach feel better
  • Keep track of your food. It can be really informal, like making sure you don’t skip meals, or it can be some other strategy of keeping a food journal or counting calories. You don’t need to be super precise, it just helps remind you to eat when your body isn’t sending the right signals
  • Look at “food porn.” Scrolling through a food blog you love on tumblr or watching a cooking show can be a good way to get your appetite going
  • Have a nutritional drink like an ensure can help you make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need without much thought. I find ensure is best very cold or on ice.
  • Look for foods or categories of foods that seem easier to tolerate than the others. This might be something you know is easy on your stomach, something of a certain texture, something hot/cold, or just a favorite food. 
  • If there is a food that you find less unappealing than the others, or feels “safe” to you go for it, even if you’ve eaten it many times in the last few days. I even find having eaten a food or meal in recent memory helps convince my body its not gonna be harmful
Dying Lion Had No Hope Of Survival – Until She Found Love

Lions Kahn and Sheila were rescued by Texas’ In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Education Center from an owner who habitually rented them for photo ops and parties. Due to the levels of stress, poor maintenance and boredom, 6-year-old Kahn was malnourished and has the end of his tail chewed off, while his young friend Sheila was dying.

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I never understood people telling me that they have lost their appetite over a delicious meal b/c of XYZ. 

I totally did the other day and I lament my actions and my lack of savoring the gorgeous meal. 

I know I live in my own version of reality…but when reality’s hot breath starts hitting you like a warehouse truck driven by a drunk teenager, it’s totally nasty.

And nasty really does take away your hunger.

I mourn for other reasons but I also mourn the missed opportunity of savoring that meal. 

Chronic Illness Problems

My stomach is more confused than my sexuality.

As soon as I’m done eating, I get hungry. I wasn’t hungry before I started eating. I will only eat a few bites, maybe more if it’s extra tasty food and then I’m DONE. I won’t take even one more bite, without gagging.

And that’s when my stomach reminds me it’s still hungry. I know jerk, but if you were hungry when we were eating then you wouldn’t be starving. If your asshole friends would digest what I give, then we wouldn’t have any problems. Damn organs complain more than I do.

Food for the not hungry.

I’ve said this before, but again, I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome).  And my doctor has put me on Metformin to combat the side effects and kick my out of control hormones into shape.  It’s great stuff.  My hair has stopped falling out (and is actually much thicker now), I’ve lost weight (and continue to lose weight), and my body is no longer held hostage by my hormones.

Thing is, it has a few side effects.  One of those being a loss of appetite.  So I have to make sure I’m eating, and when I feel I’m hungry I have to get up right then and go fix myself something to eat or else a half an hour later I won’t be hungry and will totally forget.  Also, I tend to wander the store having no idea what to get to fix for meals because I’m not hungry, therefore nothing looks appetizing.

And that’s when I discover how much I love Tumblr.  Because people reblog some of the neatest ideas for food preparation.  I saw someone reblog a baked eggs recipe.  I can’t find it now, but I remember about how it went. So I cracked a few eggs into a muffin pan with slices of bacon, and topped them with either cheddar or feta.  Oh and a little bit of sea salt and pepper.  

Cooked them at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.  Oh my god. I am in protein filled heaven this morning.  I microwaved a sweet potato to eat with them, with a little butter and cinnamon on it.  

Would do this again.

anonymous asked:

Hey I have a huge problem with eating. Basically I never eat lunch at school because of my Ritalin and I end up coming off it poorly I feel moody And nauseous , and when i get home I eat too much out of boredom, which is apparently a problem with ADHD. Any tips for either one?

Not having an appetite is a known side effect of Ritalin, but you still need to eat. Your body requires fuel to function. Part of why you’re eating too much after the medication wears off is that you aren’t fueling your body adequately during the day (the rest is probably boredom, like you say; that is definitely a thing with ADHD). The other things are rebound, probably made worse by lack of food in your stomach. Try replacing your lunch with a meal replacement shake if you really can’t force yourself to eat anything, and carry something like trail mix with you so you can snack periodically (assuming that’s allowed at your school). If this doesn’t help, talk to your doctor about trying a different medication.


Uhh, we are having lasagne for dinner that I made with Sanitarium casserole mince and nut meat, grated carrot, tomatoes, brown and red onion, pasta sauce, garlic, chives and my amazing cheese sauce. It’s also being served with chips, salad and garlic bread. THEN I’m making chocolate pudding and custard for dessert. I would be looking forward to it but I still don’t have an appetite. I didn’t even enjoy eating at my favourite vegan restaurant today. This sucksssss.

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Chemical_basis_of_love.pngA

NICE-TO-KNOW THING- posted this anyways, in case you’re interested.

Love usually has something to do with the chemical reactions in the brain. The feeling when somebody falls in love is also the feeling when someone eats chocolate -wikipedia

According to wikipedia, there’s this thing called attraction and it happens when the chemical reactions within the brain causes an increase in heart rate, loss of appetite, deprivation of sleep, and an intense feeling of excitement.

explains why:

(1) you can’t sleep nor eat when you’re in love (2) you feel like your heart is going to explode when you’re with the person you’re in love with and (3) just seeing the person excites you and even takes all the tiredness away from a day’s work.