loss of freedoms

I could physically feel you losing interest in me. Our 3 a.m. conversations had turned into 3 minute chats. Everything was surface level, and it absolutely broke my heart because I wanted nothing more than to have you back in my life. I felt like screaming at you to just Speak to me, but I knew it was futile. Sometimes no matter how much two people want to make it work, it’s not meant to happen.
—  Losing a Friend Hurts so Much// a Excerpts From a Book I’ll Never Write

Whoniverse: Class - 16/? times there’s more to Miss Quill than meets the eye. (1x07)  

I, um, lost the Quill I loved. He was killed in the destruction of your planet? No.


It rained in morning yawns of winter
I heard it first, a calming sound
Running water, sieve of delight
The tree bark darkened, leaves heavy

A drenching received

Now I walk these pretty sidewalks
Scattered with leaf petals, for me, for us
Leaning leaves fan my face with witch omens
Conjure whisks of hyssop and rue

But I won’t be distracted from my thoughts
Of what we receive freely, water, trees
Cut, smoothed, 2 by 6 nailed in place, a home
Roots and seeds, trees exhaling oxygen

So much laid at our feet

And we convert it to money
Then vex the loss of our freedom


jupe-box replied to your post “BurnerSwap!AU Muckles just being dorky boyfriends! (for the requests…”

ok so i looked at the burner swap tag on your thing but im very confused. what exactly is this au if you dont mind? Thank you. also i love this photo and their expressions its so nice i love them

I’m not sure I can explain it much more clearly than the other posts in the tag did, but let me try.  Uhhh okay.

It’s basically just an AU based on the premise of our bad guys being the new good guys and our mains/good guys being the villains.  I wanted to try putting spins on the characters’ canon personalities so they were still recognizably themselves, but given the opportunity to fall on the other side of the moral balance!  :D   The only real exception is Jacob, who stayed a main/good guy becuase I wanted him to be their engineer/Abraham’s friend.  TuT

So instead of “Live fast, live free” Motorcity and stifling, dictatorial Deluxe, we have lawless, violently anarchistic Motorcity and Deluxe as a safe haven with an actual system of rules and protection for its citizens!  

I hope that explains it in some way!  It’s kind of an abstract concept but I really enjoy it ((and not just because it’s got Mike as the terrifyingly enigmatic Head of Security for Kane Co. and Chuck as their secretive and badass booster-junkie R&D guy))  ((and also not just because they’re SO married and I love it))

“why do you care so much?” // aleppo

“it doesn’t even affect you.”
this is the kind of thinking that is poisonous, venomous;
once those words leave your lips,
then you are no better than them.
our fellow human beings are being murdered, slaughtered-
and yet here you are, questioning me as to why, why, why,
your ignorance greater than your sympathy.

“why do you care so much?”
let me tell you why;
because this goes further than you think.
because this isn’t just about bloodshed and loss;
this is about freedom and justice;
about basic human rights.
when you turn your head away,
you are dooming thousands of people to death.

“why do you care so much?”
lives have been lost-
women, men, children;
thousands of possibilities, thousands of opportunities,
all bombed away in the blink of an eye.
one of them might have invented the cure for cancer,
another might have become the greatest author of our generation.
but now, there is nothing-
nothing but corpses and debris.

“why do you care so much?”
let me ask you then,
what your definition of right and wrong is.
because if you can’t even separate humanity from acts of cruelty,
then you do not deserve to call yourself human.
open your eyes, open your heart-
make yourself aware.
please, for the civilians,
i beg of you to care.

- isabel cruz.

Around us life bursts forth with miracles - a glass of water, a ray of sunshine, a leaf, a caterpillar, a flower, laughter, raindrops. If you live in awareness it’s easy to see that miracles are everywhere.
—  Your True Home, Tich Nhat Hanh
Headcanon for Marrying Rafael Barba

Just a PSA, if I don’t think I’m getting enough Barba, I’m not above writing my own requests lol I need Rafi in my life.

The bachelorette party is nice, you decide against something big, opting for a wine tasting instead. You didn’t need wild and crazy, you weren’t mourning the loss of your freedom, you were celebrating the fact that you found your home. Rafael was the best part about your life.

On the wedding day, you’re a shaky mess. You hear his voice near you and scream that it’s bad luck to see you. When you turn you notice that he isn’t looking, his eyes are shut tight and he’s grinning, blindly holding out a hand to you.
“I just wanted to kiss you,” he sags honestly and how can you deny him that. The two of you kiss and he turns heading back out.
When the music starts, you’re trembling, you hate having everyone’s eyes on you.

True to the pattern of your awkward life, your heal breaks halfway down the aisle, sending you tumbling to the ground. There’s a series of gasps and all eyes watch as you lay on the church floor, deciding whether to just stay there and die, or keep going.

You choose the latter when you hear Rafael laughing. You look up to see him grinning at you, whole body shaking with laughter. You suddenly feel silly for being embarrassed, you were taking everything too serious. Who cares what they thought? This was your day.

You smile at Rafael, starting to laugh too.
You watch him hold his arms out to you, “come marry me, carino.” He says between chuckles.
You stand up, hiking your dress up to mid-thigh and kicking off your heels as you run down the aisle, launching yourself into his arms.
He picks you up and spins you around, finally lowering you when your noses are pressed together.
“Hi,” he whispers. “I like the symbolic show you did of how you fell for me. It was great.”
You are a mess of blushing giggles, smiling like an idiot at him. “Yeah? It wasn’t too much to break the heel of my shoe?”
“No, no it was perfect. Excellent showmanship.”
His kisses your forehead and turns to the pastor. “We’re ready.”

You barely hear the pastor talk the entire time, staring into Rafael’s eyes.
You miss your cue, too busy daydreaming.
“This is the part where you say ‘I do’” Raf prompts with a wink.
“Oh! Hell yes I do!”
He grins at you and nods at the pastor, “you heard the lady, she definitely does. And do too. So let’s skip the details and let me kiss my bride.”

You watch the pastor mumble an abridged version of the ending and suddenly Rafael is kissing you.

The reception is a blur of speeches and bad dancing but you couldn’t care less. You and Rafael are lost in your own world. He spins you around the dance room as the two of you just whisper soft 'I love you’s.’

When it comes time for you to leave, you give your friends an excited grin before letting him drag you to the car.

The two of you never leave the hotel room on your honeymoon, kissing and rediscovering parts of each other, now as a married couple.

He calls you Mrs. Barba, all the time. He says it any chance he can get, unable to believe that you are actually marrying him.

At night he holds you in his arms, lacing your right hands together and holding your left hand to his lips to kiss your ring finger.
“My beautiful bride,” he sighs in contentment, a big grin on his face. “Te amo, entiendes?”

“Si Rafi.” You giggled and kissed him again.
Married life would be perfect.

The signs’ biggest fears

Aries: An Aries wants to feel like they’re the hero in their very own story. Being confronted with their own flaws and weaknesses and not being able to overcome them is one of the worst things that can happen to Aries.

Taurus: Taurus biggest fear is not having their love returned. They’re very loving persons and the fear of not having their love and attention reciprocated can cause them to take a while before opening up to someone or even having downright trust-issues.

Gemini: Gemini’s biggest fear is loss of freedom. They are an extremely independent sign and losing this independency and their freedom can have a serious impact on their mental well-being.

Cancer: This water sign’s biggest fear is in some way having to let go of someone or something. They highly value the past and their memories. They don’t want to forget or –worse- be forgotten.

Leo: Their self-confidence is actually a way of hiding their insecurities. Leo’s have a strong need for attention because of their fear of being ignored, forgotten or overlooked. They don’t want to be insignificant.

Virgo: Virgo’s try to be as helpful as they can out of their fear of other people thinking they’re useless. Much like Leo, they can’t stand the thought of not being needed. They’re one of the signs who manages to cover up their fears better, though.

Libra: Libra’s want control over themselves and their lives. When there’s any kind of chaos or disruption of balance in Libra’s life, they feel like things are slipping out of their hands. They fear getting put in a position they don’t want to be in.

Scorpio: Scorpio’s are seen as the most mysterious sign in the zodiac. This is because they fear their own flaws and weaknesses being revealed and used against them. Like Taurus, they have some difficulty trusting people because of this.

Sagittarius: Like their opposite sign Gemini, Sagittarius fears loss of their freedom. Most of all they want to feel like they can steer their life any way they want to, so being stuck and not being able to find their own way or do the thing they want is the worst thing that could happen to a Sag.

Capricorn: A Capricorn wants to feel like they mean something in this world. It’s why they’re known to be such hard-workers because they’ll stop at nothing to reach their goals. Their worst fear is never being able to reach them, or failing and embarrassing themselves in the process.

Aquarius: Aquarius is the most individualistic of the signs. When they feel like they’re losing who they are or they’re not the unique person they thought they were, Aqua’s will be quick to have an existential crisis. They fear the thought of being replaceable.

Pisces: Pisces is such a romantic and sweet sign. Really all they want is someone they can love and who loves them back. Feeling  alone or rejected or believing no one will ever love them tears them apart.

Use your Sun and/or Moon sign!

Okay but let’s backtrack… Hannibal just let himself get arrested so he could see Will again????

He didn’t have to do that. He could have galavanted through the states on a wild goose chase or made his way down to Argentina but noooo instead Hannibal gives up his life, and his freedom just at the possibility, because there is no guarantee Will would ever come see him, that Will would want to see him again.

Hannibal was that desperate to stay connected to Will that he gave up all the things he blamed Will of trying to take at the end of season 2. Well, he wasn’t wrong. In the end Will was the cause of Hannibal’s loss of freedom… but it was done so willingly.

If giving up your entire life for one more look at someone isn’t love. Shit, I don’t know what is?

Real super-powers of the ENFP

Adaptability - Seeing a myriad possibilities where others see just one.

True spontaneity - Coming up with ideas from thin air, despite not even knowing the subject matter.

Reading people’s minds - or rather natural cold reading or body language analysis.

Incredible optimism - Believing that everything really will be alright.

Time-travel - not literal, but having a good understanding of what potential futures may come out of a range of decisions.

Unintentional intimidation - when you appear to know everything, those around you who know less than you, often feel threatened.

Intentional inspiration - when you appear to know everything, those around you who know less than you can be taken along for the ride & end up stronger, better & faster than before.

The ENFPs powers are charged by being around others, especially other Idealists.  The ENFPs Kryptonite is micro-management & a loss of freedom.  Procrastination is the ENFPs weakness…like writing this instead of doing the other things I’m supposed to be prioritising!