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I want to follow people that are here to have somewhere to vent and share their life and get/give positive support.
I love reading your posts and seeing your pictures and will never be mean to you. We are all in this together. 💗

So I’ve been avoiding looking at myself or weighing myself since I’ve been running and weightlifting a couple times a week. I just don’t want to see lack of progress you know? My body feels great and my back doesn’t hurt as bad when I get in the floor and play with Trystan. Those are good signs to me so I haven’t felt the need to validate anything. Mostly because I don’t want to discourage myself. I bought a couple shirts a few days ago and I wanted to wear one today because it’s long sleeved and would keep me warm today. I put it on and looked in the mirror from the side like normal expecting to see a huge tummy bulge from my mommy belly… and I didnt. Of course it still there but… it’s finally not disgusting to me. It’s smaller, less noticeable. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mommy body because I carried my perfect son there. My husband never once has ever complained or treated me differently. Nor has any of my family. Just me. And I finally feel good, you guys. Finally. I have so so so much farther to go because this is only the beginning but who gives a shit. I feel good with myself.


Almost Normal!!

I got my blood work results back. I’m excited that all my numbers improved. When I was diagnosed with diabetes I had an A1C of 11+. When I began my Public Display of Self Love journey I was off my diabetes medicine, but still was in the low diabetic range. In October my A1C was down to 6, which is pre-diabetic range. Monday my blood work showed an A1C of 5.8.
5.7 and lower is considered normal, and not pre-diabetic.
I am so close. I am grateful to be non-diabetic and looking forward to seeing my results in 6 more months. Yay, for turning around a medical condition!!! Xoxo


Progress Not Perfection! I am grateful. Xoxo

The First Step

Written and sent one year ago, July 17, 2014. What an amazing year! I am so proud of myself! Xoxo

Dear loves,

There is a show called Extreme Weight loss on TV! I am inspired and want your help.

In the show the potential participant sends a letter to a weight loss expert (Chris) admitting and asking for help. He, then surprises the person in front of their friends, family, and community. He, then weighs them in (in bra and shorts 🙈) They then immediate leave for a 90 day boot camp away from the participants life.

Last year I went to the YMCA and took my first dance class. It felt so good to exercise and feel alive in my body. That was April 1, 2013. I made a goal to myself to exercised every day for 100 days. I went for 104!!

The biggest lesson I learned was that no matter what, I could prioritize myself. It didn’t matter if we were traveling, my kids were sick, I was sick or just busy. I completed my goal and thought I would not lose that beautiful gift of a lesson. Unfortunately, I did lose it.

The following month I was lucky enough to be diagnosed with kidney cancer. I say lucky, because there were no symptoms. It would have been way too late by the time I was symptomatic. I am so fortunate to be cancer free with an amazing prognosis.

The self care and self love that I worked to build for those 104 days exercising helped motivate me which ended up possibly saving my life.

I would like you to join me for my day one. Day one for a documented year, but more importantly day one of a new life. I hope at the end to call this year my wildly successful extreme weight loss and extreme self love/care project.

My plan:

Write and share my plan, idea, and letter asking for help with all of you.

Invite you to attend my day one weigh-in, 90 day weigh-in, 6 month weigh-in, 9 month weigh-in and year (celebration) weigh-in.

Please come attend my weigh-in parties if you are available. Please email great healthy recipes, workouts, quotes, tips, and love.

Please contact me if you want a hiking buddy, gym partner, or any other activity that we could do together. I would love company and all the support I can generate.

I will have a pound weight loss goal at each weigh-in. I will then set the next goal for the following weigh-in. Also, I am going to find a difficult and scary physical challenge to accomplish during each phase. If you are training for a specific event, or if there is a physical goal you have wanted to challenge yourself with please let me know. Maybe we can tackle it together.

I will not have the luxury of being whisked away from my distractions, kids, work, and responsibilities like they do on tv. (I called the location on the show and it cost over $7,000 to do this program with their assistance; hence the creation of my own version)

I am going to go through this transformation at home, with my family, and community, and job.
Thanks in advance for reading this email, and any support you are able to extend.

Day 1-August 1st 2014 at 8 pm!

Day 90-October 30th at 8 pm!

6 months-feb 1st at 8pm!

9 months-may 1st at 8pm!

1 year-August 1st 2015 at 6 pm!!

Love and gratitude,
(A very scared and excited) Sara

My very wise mother suggested I wait to send this letter till my steroids (for asthma treatment) were out of my system. She is probably right!

However, you know me. I’m tortured being trapped in this unhealthy body. I want to be healthy so badly for myself and for my entire family. If I don’t follow through with this, it will be my own judgement that I have to endure.

Love and trust in myself (and you of course)

Heart’s Goal: Conquered!
My seven year old daughter, who I call Heart, made the goal to put her arms completely around me. I would say, mission accomplished! (I do recognize my measuring tape, her arms, are also growing. ;)

Non-intelligent box said 175!!!!!
Happy 8 month anniversary to me!! I have lost 79 pounds since August 1, 2014. When I began 8 months ago, at 254 pounds I said my goal range was 175-150 pounds. I love myself, and am so proud of all of my hard work. Happy and grateful! Xoxo

Suggestions for Creating Self Love and Weight Loss:

Decide if you are ready. Consider if you believe that the pain you feel, is great enough to make changes? If the answer is a clear yes, then you’re ready to begin. Even if your yes, is a yes muffled within doubt and despair, know that it is still a yes.

What do you want? What are your goals? What do you need? What, in your life is not serving you? Be very honest answering these questions to yourself. Write about your thoughts and feelings. Get crystal clear, what is your personal goals?

Once you have your goal, figure out how you are preventing yourself from obtaining that goal. What is within your power, to do today, to be able to work towards your goal?

Create your plan. Be as specific about what you want, what you need, and what the obstacles are. Have specific, timed out, small achievable goals within your plan. Ask for everything you want. This is your life, that you are going to be fighting for. Think and dream big!

Share your goal and your plan with as many people as you are willing. Be brave! People who love you and care about you, want to be there to support you. You deserve that love and support. If you do not ask for it, people do not know how to love and support you in the ways that you need. Use your words.

Ask for help. Create new resources to support your goals and your plan. Get creative in your thinking and problem solving. Don’t allow obstacles like finances, fear, or time to be an excuse for reaching out for help. All three reasons are valid. However, those three reasons each have solutions. If there is a will, there is a way.

Pick a Day One to begin, and begin! Surround yourself with support, resources and community to hold you. Everyone needs people to feel seen, loved, appreciated, and accountable.

Decide that beginning on Day One you will choose to be kind to yourself. Regardless of your progress or your “perfection”, talk lovingly to yourself. The kinder your internal voice is, the more loving your external voice becomes. On Day One, you may feel hopelessly far from your goal, but you are actually on your way. You have a goal, a plan, resources, support, and you have begun.

If you are attempting weight loss, I suggest you weigh yourself at most, once a week. I like to use Monday’s so my weekend is tight. Some programs believe that once a month weigh in, provides more mental health benefits. If releasing power over the numbers on the scale, is one of your ultimate goals, staying off the scale is important. The non-intelligent box can be used as one of the tools, instead of the main focus. Creating non-scale victories (NSV) is essential, and ultimately more rewarding.

Home should feel like a safe space. Create whatever boundaries needed for yourself to feel free, and in control of your goals and plan. Again, know that your plan will not work if you are not willing to use your words, and ask for what you need.

Drink lots and lots of water. Drink ½ your body weight in oz. of water per day. Carry a water bottle with you. Limit all other drinks besides water to infrequent or never. Water helps with everything. Use it!!
The only down side is the frequent bathroom trips.

Start your day with ritual. Create new habits. They can be short and easy. Waking up 10-60 minutes early to be able to sit mindfully, drink water with salt and lemon, exercise, write, connect with your partner, stretch, meditate, or read. Whatever starts your day with mindfulness, self care, and self love. be consistent in your rituals and notice which ones really replenish you.

Exercise as frequently as you can. Even if your goals are not around attempting to lose weight. Becoming more fit has numerous benefits physically and psychologically. It is an easy way to boost your mood, and become more grounded in your body.

Find your medicine. It doesn’t have to mean literal medicine. Although, it is important if part of your self neglect has needed attention from doctors, medicine, and care. What satiates you and puts you into your body? When have you felt less like just a head walking around, instead of a physical being grounded in your body? Maybe sports, charity, exercise, religion, 12 step groups, support groups, writing, dancing, or leading. Everyone needs different medicine. Where will you find your relief and medicine? You may be surprised with the answer. As always be kind with yourself, and do not judge yourself for needing something.

Know that no matter what the goal, it is progress not perfection that will keep you on the right path. Know that you are good enough, and worthy of healthy love. This love must come from you. No one else can do this work for you. You can be held, seen, and loved by others. But, it is YOU who must believe that YOU are worth the effort. Transformation is uncomfortable, painful, and scary at times.

Self care and self love are fluid. Some days are better than others. Trust that time brings change. Feelings change, and sitting with that knowledge can be comforting.

Say yes!! Even if you’re scared of saying yes, say yes! If you ask for help and it is offered, say yes.

Be patient. Treat yourself like a newborn who is trying to adapt to a new world. This is your new world. It can feel awkward and surreal trying new behaviors. Trust that if you want change, you must change what you have been doing. Insanity is repeating the same thing, and expecting a different result. Be boldly wildly different and say yes to you!

Track your food with mindfulness. Track through the day instead of trying to recall and capture each bite. Plan your week and days ahead. Save money and time by using one day a week to cook and prep for the week. Organization is essential to making cooking and eating at home more manageable.

Write. Start a blog. Keep a journal. Sorting through your thoughts and feelings allows you to gain insight through your vast and various emotions and ideas.

Celebrate throughout your journey. Reward yourself for your hard work and perseverance. At each milestone pause and feel proud of yourself. Share this self pride with your people. If you have used food as a reward in the past, create new rewards and treats that feed all of you.

Keep going, no matter what. Even if you feel like you failed, just get up and try again. It’s ok to fall, but you are not going to fail.

I hope this was helpful. Know that it is just my two cents, so take what you like and leave the rest.

Thank you for being one of my people. I am grateful that you are witnessing my transformation.

I am grateful, happy, and blessed.