The potential for big money coupled with the number of eager-to-please mooks and henchmen made it the city to be for the villains in the late 90s. It took a few years for the hero presence to establish and organize themselves, but they did, and there was something of an equilibrium now.

Or it can go this way, with superheroes cropping up to defend against existing supervillains.

And see? Equilibrium. Clearly Wildbow understands how it has to work.

As far as cape population went, Brockton Bay wasn’t in the top 5 cities in the U.S., but it was probably in the top ten.

Oh wow, apparently supers are rather common in this ‘verse.

Plot twist: Worm is in the same 'verse as LoSRH and #1 on the list is Shitropolis.

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