losingbutgaining  asked:

Are the HTTYD books worth reading? That probably sounds really stupid, sorry! I was just wondering if I should read them or not?

Hey!  No, no, this isn’t stupid at all! I had the same reservations when I found out there were books and it even took me a year or two after I learned of them to sit down and read them.

So, thinking of reading the HTTYD books, eh? …  Well, I’m sure at this point you know they’re quite different from the movie and, yes, marketed to a younger audience.  However, I definitely recommend reading them. Not only do they totally enrich the entire HTTYD world (because outside of the dragon and social differences, they are quite similar land/culture wise).  Also, they’re chock full of beautifully written lessons and philosophies. Each books opens and closes in the voice of Old-man!Hiccup as he gives his memoirs.  It’s something that’s just great to have in your mind and heart.  I definitely give the thumbs up for reading them :) (Not to mention the movies have now threatened to end the same or similar way the books will so I think it’s good to hop on that gravy train)