Into The Unknown (Piano)
  • Into The Unknown (Piano)
  • Over The Garden Wall

Into The Unknown - Over the Garden Wall

It’s been a while but here’s a piano piece from yours truly, your cool cat Josh~ Last night after a grueling night at work, I took the band and my coworkers to a trip… Into The Unknown~

Ooh boy, was I overdue for an OTGW piece but here. I played it out of being so tired and wanting something sweet but somber to finish the night off, and why not play them a song that reminds me of a special friend who helps me get through nights like this sometimes, heh. You know who you are, but this ones out to you, thanks for loving this show and I hope to spread it more myself!

That’s all I really gotta say, its fun playing music from this show and I plan to learn more when I have time. The band said it was a cute song and my coworkers are always happy to see me show off, I guess!~ Can’t lose my edge with the piano after all, but I haven’t given up. I played one or two more songs after this but they weren’t significant enough to record lol. For now, let’s enjoy this time in the Unknown, my cool cats. Thanks for listening, I love you all~

I want to get lost in you.
I want to lose all my sharp edges,
my too soft angles, my wrong habits
and my worried mind,
I want to lose my insecurity,
my identity and my history.
For a period of time,
I just want to get lost,
not remembering who I am and
who you are, living the moment
and nothing but that.
—  // fusion
Losing My Edge
  • James Murphy: I always found it very funny that people saw this like, "Well like you have these funny songs like 'Losing My Edge'" and I was like, "That song is serious as a heart attack."
  • Interviewer: Well it doesn't sound really sad.
  • Murphy: Right.
  • Interviewer: But there are funny parts in it.
  • Murphy: Right, but there's funny parts in a funeral.

Of course, we won’t soon forget his voice, either. But he knows as well as anyone that its the moments that matter: the first time you heard “All My Friends” surrounded by friends and sort of lost it; when you listened to “Losing My Edge”, chuckled, and then boned up on Can and Modern Lovers; going back to “Someone Great” after a loss. For a guy who once “vowed not to make personal music,” “Home” is a sentimental-yet-dignified last call. Murphy gets the last word: “If you’re afraid of what you need/ Look around you, you’re surrounded/ It won’t get any better/ So good night.”


Interview with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem about how to deal with failure

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1. Daft Punk - Crescendolls

2. Huey Lewis And The News - Hip To Be Square

3. Fifth Harmony - Work from Home

4. Kavinsky - Nightcall 

5. LCD Soundsystem - Losing My Edge 

6. HOME - Resonance 

7. M.O.O.N. - Crystals  

8. College & Electric Youth - A Real Hero

9. Alizée - J'en ai marre!

10. Yes - Roundabout

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Finished Nergui, for beejoux! I LOVE THIS CHARACTER? She’s a priestess for Death, as in the Horseman of the Apocalypse Death (sort of–it’s hard to explain outside of the context of the story, lol). She’s so pretty and her fiddly neck/chest details were actually a lot of fun to draw and work in. Thank you Bee for being so patient with me!

“Yeah, I know. I’m really losing my edge. The gossip blog has been railing on me and fuckin’ Kimmy slammed me today. It’s all starting to just get really tiring. I just want to go back to the way things used to me, y’know?”

2/7 8:30 pm (i wrote this please do not take credit)

Once again I find I exist only in extremes,
Only in signifiers of Better and Worse,
Each action a contradiction of the last.
I can’t get out of bed but my room is totally clean,
I put the dishes away but at night it’s like I’m drowning.
And plus, I’m having a lot of weird dreams

Sometimes it helps if I make, make, make,
Pour my soul onto some paper until it shakes
Throw myself outwards and make it take, take, take.

Other times I give up and go in
Folding upon myself like a black hole
Compounding like a sin
Swirling in the wake of thoughts that roll by over and over
Like the tide against a boulder
Maybe this is just what it is to grow older?

It kind of feels like I’m coming a p a r t
A Part if some bigger swirling void
Like I’m losing my edges and being absorbed
Mostly against my will,
Like I’m losing the right to the space that I fill
So I’m being deported, transported,
To some…otherness,
Some different place, some separate space
Infinity trapped in a bubble, I’m being pushed apart and crushed into rubble.
I’ve had the same song on repeat for hours
No it’s not ours
Cause there’s no US there’s no WE it’s just ME.