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"Are you sabotaging my dates?" W/ Calum or Michael (because Calum would be a little cocky sh*t about it, and I could see Michael doing it as well)

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He’s having a terrible day. He’s having a terrible, terrible day. He started out at his apartment which is far too big without her in it and has way too many reminders of how she used to sleep right there next to him.Waking up isn’t exactly a highlight when your first thought is to reach out for the love of your life and find empty space where they used to reside.

It’s kind of like this everyday, reminders of her everywhere he steps, in the scattered CD’s she’s not there to stack and in the wincing and burning of having to put back the second coffee cup because she’s not there. And remembering to breathe.

Michael didn’t realize that it would be so hard, losing her. He thought it would be best, thought that she’d get herself out of that shithole apartment and make herself something in this city, something big and grand and effervescent, something with as much grandeur and love as she held in her eyes.

She was as big and grand as the city itself and he wants to have the world rise up and applaud for her smile, to be in her audience and love her fiercely. As fiercely as he does.

The thing is, in theory, that’s lovely, but he misses her like she was his air. It’s so much to him, so much lack that it keeps a weight in his chest wherever he goes. It’s funny, how he knew that having her touch in the night and her fingers run through his hair felt like everything that was beautiful about being alive, he knew it, and it’s even sadder that he knows that waking up every day without it makes everything harder and weaker. He used to think that when you loved someone, it was like a wave upon sand, that you’d always meet and find your way again, because the world is fucking cruel but love is real. Now he’s cold and lonely and no one’s on their way back to warm his freezing heart, and he doesn’t believe that his love is the sand that she washes over like daybreak.

She’s dating now, Calum told him.

He knows he has no right to be heartbroken, no right to want her to pine over him when he let her go. For this exact purpose, so she could find someone worthy, someone who loves her and has got the world to give her. Because if he’d had that, Michael would’ve given her the world. He’d have written her name in the stars and written novels about the curve of her lips and written her dreams into reality. He would have, and he couldn’t, so he gave her to the world so someone could.

But it’s all mixed up because he remembers kissing her and her loving him, the wa her fingers felt and how she sat on his lap, and how she smiled into kisses and never wore pants around the house and sang into hairbrushes. How she was everything he wanted, the light of his days in the most pure way. He used to find love grandeur and bullshit and a lie people tell to sell music and books, until he met her.

So yeah, he’d follow whatever guy she was seeing and they’d see his insta plastered with photos of him and her together, photos of her crinkled eye smile (which, holy shit he’s so fucking in love with her) to the kisses and the emojis and the remnants of what they’d shared.

If Michael was going to let a world go, going to let something that claimed his heart and written the rules for his affections end, let a multiverse of possibilities and feelings and late night open-mouthed kisses end, he would be damned if whoever took that from him didn’t see what they’d built.

So, on a quiet afternoon, where he’d followed a seventh guy just that morning, he hears a knock on his door, impatient and rushed.

He opens it, slow and lethargic, not paying attention to what he’s wearing or how he’s looking like. He hasn’t in ages, he hasn’t really payed any attention since there’s no one to impress anyone. No one whose gaze means the world and he’d do anything for.

“Have you been sabotaging my dates?”

She’s in front of him, and holy shit.

Holy shit.

She’s obviously dressed for a date, and she looks so fucking beautiful it’s like his heart could give out.He’s in withdrawal of her and he wants to pull her towers him, wants to pull her swiftly into a kiss like they always did when she stood on his threshold, and when she looked up at him with wide eyes.

He’s gaping, partly because he’s so surprised, can’t even think of what to say because she’s there and in front of him and breathing in his presence and it’s hit him in this wave he’s not prepared for, not ready for.

And she’s right, he has been.


She walks straight into his apartment and he’s reeling because she’s fuming but she’s still so goddamn beautiful and he’s still so fucking in love with every piece of her.

“No, you don’t get to just leave me all on my own and stand me out like some sort of castaway and act like you don’t want me to move on. You did this, Michael!”

“I haven’t been sabotaging your dates!” He says, barely able to think.

“Oh please, you follow them with your instagram page full of pictures of me and you and everything about us and if you could’ve thrown us away like we were trash why can’t you thor away your damn pictures? Why can’t you let me be without you?” She exclaimed, throwing her hands up and walking towards him and her eyes blazing and she thinks he threw them away.

Like he hasn’t spent every fucking minute of every day loving and hoping and waiting for her happiness because that mattered s much more than his.

“I threw us away? Are you really that fucking blind? How the hell do you think that being in this hell hole without the only light i had, without the person that meant the world to me was for anything but you? I was trying to help you!”

He’s close to her face now and it’s softened now, confusion settling on her face.

“What does that even mean, Mikey?” she says softer, not moving away from him but aware of their proximity.

“It means that you were here every day loving me and keeping me with you, in this shithole apartment when you could’ve been soaring. I’m dragging you down, I still am, now. Don’t you think I wanted to call you? To fix this? I couldn’t- I can’t. You’re this star and you’re burning so  bright and gorgeos that I can’t keep you to myself. It’s not fair to you.”

“That isn’t your decision to make Michael, it’s mine. And you don’t get to make that for me! You don’t get to take the best fucking thing that’s ever happened to me and say that it’s not right because you don’t love yourself they way you should. And I love you. And I still do, when you’re a fuckhead and you won’t call me and when you’re late and even when you’ve broken my heart.”

“I didn’t mean to break anything.” He said, a bit dumbfounded on her speech. “If I hadn’t- I hadn’t donw what I did, would you be here with me now?”

“Of course I would.”

“Would it be completely selfish for me to ask you to come back?”

He hadn’t thought of this happening. THere wasn’t an alternative here, no way that she could be back here with him. She’s lovely and kind and brilliant and in front of him, and he can see it all now. Everything that he’s missed, her hands on his waist and her morning laughter, coffee for two and kisses with  her on the counter. His heart bubbling and laughing and dancing all around because she was there. He didn’t think he could have it back.

“Yes.” before he can even process how he’d let himself hope, he hears her speak again. “But I love you, and I want you, despite your selflessness and selfishness.”

And his hand shakily reaches her face and his eyes flutter close as he pulls her close to him and she closes the gap, and he gets it now, why love is a relief, why it’s flying and home and adventure and perfection because with her it’s all of that, with his hand reaching around her waist and her eyes closed because it’s overwhelming.

“I’m an idiot,” he mutters, against her lips and laughing just a bit,”A bonafide idiot. Never, ever ever letting this go, ever again.”

“If you do, I’ll find my way back to you.”

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When you wonder if that space dorito will get her limb enhancers back (There's still hope right?)

I loved Peridot when she had to her limb enhancers! Aesthetically speaking, they were awesome, but I know they were also really important to her in terms of functionality. Like, she’s still upset about losing them and being separated from her screen.

However, I’m not sure we’ll ever get to see her get them back… her losing them was part of her character development, a separation from her past that left her powerless and made her team up with the CG’s. The only way I could possibly seeing her limb enhancers returned to her is if there’s a true emergency (possibly involving Homeworld, idk) and they somehow retrieve them from the depths of the ocean, provided they didn’t move too much in the currents.

At this rate tho, the fact that we’ve gone this far and Peridot has shown that she can manage without them, I don’t think we’re gonna see them… I bet when (if?) we see Homeworld, we’re gonna see some other Peridots with limb enhancers.

Olicity: What’s Left Behind

1022bridgetp said: Hi! I don’t know if you take prompts but I send it anyway :) Olicity is spending a lot of time together now that they are a team and Oliver and Felicity is in a happy place again. He is afraid to ask her out on a date even though she is looking forward to it. Felicity loses her patience and asks him out instead.

“You know what, I think we might be done for the night.”

“Hmm?” Oliver glances in the direction of the computer screens, tearing away his focus from the unused outfit displays before him. He’s spent far too long looking at the dummy’s containing the suits of Speedy, Spartan and the Black Canary - only his own looking anything less than stiff and far too cared for. There’s still dust on the shoulders and hood of his suit from the building site he’d been checking through the previous evening (or the early hours of this morning) but theirs were clean, ready to use but…abandoned.

“The facial recognition program is back up and running, which was the last program I was fighting with,” Felicity continues, rising from her desk and moving over to join him where he stands before the display units. “Technologically speaking, we are back in business, unless you count the replacement…you know what, it doesn’t matter,” she broke off, waving her hands dismissively as she draws to a stop beside him. “Everything’s working.”

“Really?” he asks.

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Riley's in ORANGE in GLONY.

I saw! :) She’s actually in it twice - which makes me so happy - once where the shirt is pure orange and a second time where it’s mixed with purple. (Granted it looks a bit like peach, but I think you could argue that it’s a shade orange.) I don’t know the order that the clips are in - seeing as this is all based on the promo - but I do find it fascinating that Riley’s wearing a BLUE baby doll-esque blouse (in the style of shirts she has been wearing for the past few episodes) but once she changes from that, her shirts lose that style and take on the color orange. 

I’m still not sure about the purple and orange sleeveless shirt (which has black in it…), but it will be intriguing to see what everyone else is wearing in that scene… If two people are wearing blue and red, well, that’ll be very, very interesting… And a bit of flip from the norm, if I do say so. 

Lady Chikako, Empress of Destruction, and her three Dork Lords Demonic Guardians.

(Yes, this is my actual strategy for expeditions. No, I have no shame)

Hurt or Anger

Staring at this picture I find myself wondering if anyone sees Rose’s expression her as hurt.  To me it is clearly a look of anger and disapproval. 

When I saw the episode I began thinking about why they decided to animate Rose in this fashion.  If Steven’s feelings about Rose were those of sadness at losing and never knowing her it would stand to reason that her expression should be one of hurt, but it isn’t. 

Why is this?

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Honestly, my favorite thing about Stranger Things was Steve’s trope subversion. 

I was legitimately surprised by it and it was beautiful, wonderful, absolutely glorious.

I loved it for so many reasons, the biggest one was it just being a nice change of pace but then on top of that it’s so wonderful not to see a semi-love triangle where one boy isn’t intentionally made a monster to make the ~artsy, sensitive, nice guy~ seem like such a damn hero(I mean, I like Johnathan though…I’m not shitting on him). It was SO AMAZING that they didn’t use Nacy losing her virginity to him as some sort of ~woe is her, if only she had seen the REAL catch sooner~. Steve was so realistic, so relatable, so many teenagers(boy and girl) do that shit, they’ll hang out with shitty people and act like a big asshole just because it’s the ~cool~ thing to do and because they want to be accepted and it doesn’t make them bad people, it just makes them human. 

It’s so wonderful to actually show a teenage character going through that very realistic peer pressure process. Teen characters rarely show that; so often they’re either the nice, wonderful unpopular kids who are the ideal people or they’re the ~evil~ popular kids who are true monsters and totally unredeemable. An in between is rarely shown and if it is it’ll be a one episode stint where they never really take part in the #truebullying and ~learn their lesson~ at the end and then it’s all forgotten. Steve was different, Steve was real. Steve even actively tried to make up for his mistakes!

A lot of teenagers could actually relate to Steves character arc and that’s such a good thing. A character like Steve could actively help a lot of kids stuck in the middle like he was.

We need more Steve Harringtons, teenagers need more Steve Harringtons, I demand more Steve Harringtons!

It just pisses me off that Michael may die bloody on a hotel floor, Jane may lose her husband on her wedding night, Petra is in a paralytic state all alone, and Xo is pregnant while Ravioli So-i don’t give a fuck gets off with no direct trauma. Sure Petra and Jane’s turmoil may effect him, but let’s be real. All he got in the finale was a bad case of the blues because a girl he hasn’t dated in over a year got married and, oh yeah, he got laid. So…

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Random question: what do you think about Jon and Ygritte's relationship?

I guess I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand I’m happy that she gave him some freedom from his self-imposed rigidity concerning sexuality, and was the catalyst to him growing up and seeing the world (and its people, specifically outsiders like the wildlings) in a new light. But then on the other hand, I don’t like how the relationship started; he was essentially coerced into losing his virginity to her on threat of death, and just because he is a male doesn’t make it any more okay than, say, how Dany was made to sleep with Drogo on their wedding night (and all the times after). Like I’m sure GRRM intended, I have “grey” feelings about them as a couple.

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What did Lucas mean by you lost get off me ?

From what I’ve seen there’s different interpretations of it. Some people think it’s about her “losing” Lucas to Riley (and if it was it would def be a joke cause she 100% backed out of the triangle & told Lucas to go after Riley) and some people think it’s cause she didn’t get the bobble head from Paco’s Tacos cause he said “who wants tacos?” And then she jumped on him and he said “get off you lost” (like she lost the opportunity to be the first in line & get the bobble head & tacos) but I think it’s kind of open to interpretation.

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The main emotional driving force at the beginning of the show was the tension between Emma and Audrey. Then it was them repairing their relationship and supporting each other as shit went down. Then it was Audrey being desperate to keep Emma from learning the truth so she wouldn't lose her. Then it was their relationship falling apart again. Then it was them reluctantly working together. Then it was them saving each other and finding strength and support in each other and being heroes. I'm dead.

First off I promise not to spam the fuck out of y’all, because I hate spam shit too. So today and Sept 1st will be the only days I toss this up here ok?

“A Journey of Words” in e-book form is available directly from the publisher, Scout Media for $7.99 (You can also pre-order the paperback and companion sountrack CD) The book comes out on Thursday, September 1st, list price is $19.99 + shipping.

Or, you can preorder the e-book from Amazon or Barnes and Noble (the book will be available Sept 1. I don’t know why you can’t preorder the book from them.)

I have ONE story out of the 35. They are all awesome stories worth reading and I hope you will want to buy and enjoy the book.  

The Healers is a story about Fran who has no faith after losing her husband. She is approached by a new neighbor, Moira Newton, who assists her transition to healing in a deep and compassionate way. But, there is an underlying motive behind Moira’s appearance which has far reaching implications for the survival of the human race.

If you absolutely, positively must have a book with “I’ve run out of witty remarks, Uni” scribbled illegibly let me know, I love the fact that y'all are supportive… but seriously business wise, it doesn’t help my profit vs hassle with an anthology. What DOES help though is …

After reading the book, go to amazon.com or goodreads.com (or both!) and leave a review (hopefully positive, and if you really like any story in particular mention it!)

Actually, given the fact that this is the first time we have ever seen their relationship, talked about or seen… it’s pretty shitty.

According to Ruri, Shun just thinks of her as weak and can’t do shit without him and by his own admission… he did call her weak.

He said he couldn’t lose to her because he’s her big brother who knows his little sister’s cards by heart.

And she said to him you can’t stand the idea of losing to me, your little sister - because that’s the kind of person you are.

Like.. wow… I’m actually amazed. Their relationship… is pretty bad aldkjfla which could be interesting giving that Ruri talks to Shun about her VERY CLEARLY UNRESOLVED ANGER ISSUES and Shun like… apologizes or takes back his admission of her as weak.

But I have no faith in that happening seeing as how Shun has been looking for Ruri since his first appearance back in like, ep 18 or whatever and 100 episodes later is when we finally see any sort of relationship between them.