can we just–can we please talk about the chair scene for a moment? because it’s so incredibly important to me. 

by the ‘chair scene’ I mean the page(s) in the voltron comics where we see Allura alone in the castle and she is riding around the halls in a floating chair.

and it’s important to me because I love Allura and I want to see her happy and she was so clearly having fun (boy oh boy I can’t wait to hear that laugh get voiced!) but also because it’s really speaks to her character

Most of the time we see Allura she is serious, the rare moments when she loses her composure are usually out of anger or frustration. The reason so much of the fandom mistakes her for an adult is because she acts like one. Because Allura is the princess of Altea; and Altea is the planet that created the lions and Voltron. 

Her planet may be dead but Allura feels the responsibility of what happened to the universe in her absence because she feels it was on her to stop it. To carry on her father’s legacy by destroying Zarkon, she admits as much in season 2; but there are hints before that, like when she insisted on stopping for Nyma and Rolo’s distress call or when she refused to give up on the Balmerans. Or the multiple times she over extends herself for the sake of others.

Allura has the weight of the entire universe on her shoulders, on top of all the loss she’s faced. The only time where she lets herself genuinely just relax and be a goofy teenager is when she’s alone. (We see this a bit in Space Mall too, where Allura spends the day playing with the mice.) As soon as the paladins call her in the comics, Allura de-musses her hair and acts the part of a princess again.

I’m hoping Allura’s character arc heads in a direction where she realizes that all of this isn’t her fault or responsibility; that she’s just one person and she doesn’t have to burden herself like she does.

we’re not lovers, we’re just strangers (1/4)

Summary: If she gets closer to Chloe, she’ll find out. And she can’t risk Chloe finding out because she will lose her, and God, she can’t lose the only good thing in her life right now.

She wonders whether that’s possible; to lose someone she doesn’t have.

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@anghraine suggested 7, 13, or 18 from the kiss prompt meme.

What that ended up inspiring was a slightly strange hybrid of #7 (laughing kiss) and #13 (a kiss we Cassian had to wait for).

Cassian has an infuriating habit of touching his mouth when he’s deep in thought. It might help his concentration, but it does nothing for Jyn’s.

He’s doing it right now while he sits at the foot of his bed, leaning against the wall and reading the latest batch of intelligence analyses on his datapad. Jyn is sprawled full-length across the mattress, trying to review her squad’s mission report for approval. But she loses her place in the document every few seconds because she can’t stop looking over at what Cassian’s hands are doing.

She watches his index finger bump absently over the notch in his upper lip, flattening it out. Then he props his elbow on his knee and rests his thumb against his bottom lip, denting its fullness and pressing it into his teeth. The faint downward arc at the corners of his mouth deepens.

Enough. Jyn drops her datapad to the floor and shuffles across the creaking bunk on her knees.


“Hmmm?” He looks up, distracted. When he sees how close she is, the curve of his mouth reverses, forming a smile instead.

“I’m done with my report. I want a kiss.”

“No, you’re not,” he contradicts her, though the smile on his face only brightens. “You’re a terrible liar.”

She reaches for his right hand, tugging it toward her. “I’m not lying about wanting a kiss.”

She runs her thumb across the ridge of his scarred knuckles before she lifts his hand to her mouth and follows the same path with her lips, gently sealing them over each knurl of bone. Her mouth drifts across the back of his hand to the blunt point where his wristbone stretches the skin taut.

“Then kiss me.” His voice is low, not quite an order but definitely more than a plea.

Jyn can’t resist the urge to tease him a little. She looks up, grinning against the skin of his wrist. “What do you think I’m doing?” The crisp hair on his arm ruffles with goosebumps when she breathes out over it.

Turning his hand over, she pulls his arm closer so that she can trail her tongue along the raised line of the tendon running down his forearm to his wrist. She brushes her lips over the fleshy pad at the base of his thumb, licks a suggestive circle in the centre of his palm. His hand twitches in hers. She brings the tip of his thumb to her mouth, parting her lips around it and sucking delicately, just enough to wet the skin. She scrapes her teeth along the underside as she pulls it out of her mouth, dragging it over her bottom lip.

Cassian’s breath is faster, his eyes look darker. “Kiss me,” he repeats, his voice a little hoarse.
She kisses the tip of his index finger. “Don’t rush me.”

She repeats the process slowly with every finger of Cassian’s right hand, drawing them into her mouth and curling her tongue around them. By the time she gets to his little finger, his eyes are shut and he’s tilted closer, unconsciously canting toward her. She puts his hand down on her leg and his fingers clench on the muscle of her thigh. Reaching up, she cups his face in both hands and slides her fingers into his hair. Cassian sighs and his mouth parts as she leans in toward him.
At the last moment, when she can feel his breath on her lips, she pulls aside—kisses his jaw up to his ear, across his cheek to the soft creases at the corner of his eye and over his brow. Cassian groans, trying to turn his head and reach her lips, but she twists away, laughing.

Then he lunges, or maybe just topples forward, and she’s pinned beneath his warm weight, though he’s careful not to crush her. Still laughing, she squirms under him as he presses his lips to her throat and has his revenge.

That couch scene with freelin ruined my life. Freya wasn’t just worried about losing her family that she has been wanting a thousand years for. She was also worried about losing Keelin and being something that reminds her about the death of her parents. Freya wanted to make sure that Hope didn’t have to experience growing up without her mothers love like she did. Freya was unloved/tortured for a thousand years and she would do anything to make sure that Hope never experience that. 

His Soldier - Part 5

So part 4 went out the other day, and I’m glad people enjoyed it. I really didn’t expect many people to actually like this series, but it turned out well. Just want to say thank you for all the support I’ve received. 

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Anyway, here is Part 5~.

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Here’s an unsolicited mini-essay on why Shea Coulee is the real winner of season nine. And no, I don’t mean by performance in the competition or what not - I mean by who is going to gain the most from this experience.

First of all, Shea went into the show knowing her father had limited time left here on earth. In the few weeks leading up to the premiere, she lost her sister AND her father. She slayed Drag Race in a way that rivaled that of Sharon Needles and Bianca Del Rio. Her stint on the show was uncontested, miles ahead of everyone. 

Despite all of this. Despite all of the hate that the hordes of Sasha fans sent her way. Despite the racist rhetoric Valentina fans threw at her. Despite losing two of her closest family members during this process, she maintained a composure like no other. Even in the reunion, in the heat of Valentina being outed as a shady character, she stood vigilant, unbothered, and honest. All of this, despite the fact that a mere 24 hours earlier, she had the crown stripped away from her after she busted her ass off for three to four straight weeks of grueling creative challenges. She’s done what no other queen could do - Won, somehow lost, and still came out on top. 

The benefits of it all? She gets to win a second season, whenever she so chooses to be on All-Stars. Sasha fans? They have to stan for her knowing that in ELEVEN seasons of Drag Race, she is the only queen to not earn her crown through her performance in the competition itself. And that is satisfaction enough.

War Room -- Miss Clara ENTJ


Extroverted Thinking (Te): Miss Clara is a natural-born accomplisher. She might seem bossy and unnecessarily blunt, but she wants to make a warrior out of Elizabeth. To do this, she puts Elizabeth through spiritual drills (such as writing out a list of annoying things her husband does) and long conversations to ‘fix’ her. Losing this ‘war’ is no option to Miss Clara. Even though praying in a closet for hours looks strange to many, Clara found it the most efficient way to “submit to God and resist the Devil”. In the “War Room” novel, Miss Clara is defiant to her son, Clyde, when he tells her she should move to his house to stay safe. Clara needed strong reasons before she would leave her home – she wanted to be as independent as possible and likes things neat and “the way they should be”. She enjoys fixing others throughout the movie too, not just Elizabeth.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Clara immediately envisions a future for Elizabeth as soon as she meets her. Although her driving force is telling Elizabeth what to do and putting her through drills, Clara knows when to sprinkle in an insightful analogy that prods Elizabeth in the right direction. There are several instances in the story where Elizabeth does not know what to say, or refrains from speaking, and Miss Clara knows just the right words to get to the root of the issue. Her end goal is clear to her and she usually explains it to others quite well.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Miss Clara isn’t controlled by her senses, but she often lets them take over. She’s often upbeat and it is visible from her actions, including humming, being loud, or even dancing. When she took Elizabeth and her daughter out to get ice cream, Clara indulged and loved it. She knows how to tune into the current mood and environment fairly well. One of her analogies about the lukewarm coffee was directly connected to one’s perception through the senses.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Though praying in a closet for hours may not be one’s normal response to spiritual warfare, Clara is convinced that she is doing the right thing. All of her actions are based on an underlying belief that there is a spiritual war going on and that it is her duty to equip others. Although she is determined to get others to do the right thing, Clara is never willing to abandon doing the right thing in the process. She does not get along with everybody, but seems to have a very close bond with those she does.

The story is that the woman in the hat set her friend up to lose her virginity via silent anonymous man climbing through her window in the middle of the night in the dark. The friend then wants to know who that man was. The twist is that the anonymous man is actually the woman’s brother. Surprise accidental incest!

(Heavy Metal issue #165, November 1996 - Page 64 The Pleasure of Love by Frezzato)

Don’t think about Diana losing all her friends and companions to time. Don’t think about Diana fighting in WW2 alone. Don’t think about Diana agreeing with Ares; during nights when she didn’t manage to safe everyone.

Don’t think about Diana’s horror when she saw the atom bombs.

Don’t think about Diana staying away from Themyscira, not because she can’t find it, but because she is scared to death about humans finding it. 

Reconnection - Chapter 1 - AniPendragon - Hot Wheels: Battle Force Five [Archive of Our Own]
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Summary:  When the Blue Sentients were lost and the Reds were frozen, Sage did not simply lose her axons and allies. No, she left behind someone else, someone just as dear to her. When a beacon on her home world brings good news, the fate of the BF5 is changed forever.

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Girl these are some rpdr thoughts and they have SPOILERS

the only way I could have accepted this “lip sync for the crown” bs is how it played out tbh because Sasha really was the best of the season imo but she lost out on two wins she should have gotten imo (snatch game and the makeover challenge) that would have put her on even footing with the other strongest competitor from the season shea but with the lip sync battle it helped qualify why Sasha won despite her fewer challenge wins during the season and like I love Peppermint and she’s fucking amazing but after her back and forth performance this season I couldn’t see her winning and shea I love too and she will do great things and is an easy choice for all stars 3 victor (a la Chad Michaels or Alaska because they were amazing and just happened to share seasons with queens who were also just That Amazing) and I feel for her because it was hers to lose but she is still amazing but I am personally so happy Sasha won because I really did think she was the most consistently strong and outstanding competitor this season and her lip syncs were fan-fucking-tastic

Mostly spoiler-free thoughts about Camp Camp #2.3

Gwen is literal perfection.


I continue to love Quartermaster more than all the campers and I feel very guilty about this.

The Nerrison feels are strong with this one.

The Nerris/Neil feels are also kinda strong too, though. (Do they have a ship name? Let’s get on that.) Hoping for a love triangle drama because I’m actually a human garbage can.

The entire time I couldn’t stop grinning because I just know @hopefullypessimistic84 must be losing her goddamn mind over this one.

“What in the name of fun?!”

oh my god, last night I had a weird dream within a dream where I ran into an ex that I was rly in love w, and we reconnected for one night, but then she had somewhere else to be? then when I woke up from the dream in my dream, I started to feel remorseful, unlike anything I’ve felt in years, about losing her bc apparently I had imagined us getting married and having kids etc etc 🙄

anyway, I’ve never been the kind of person to rly want that sort of future, but lately, I have been feeling like idk where I want my life to go, but have I ever rly known?? 😂

also had dreams last night of my sister tricking me into driving her around in one of our old cars (lol), skating at night (😳), and losing my board on an escalator somewhere in Asia???? Idk, so so weird…

and tbh, I hate tumblr these days, I think it sucks more than ever, but it’s still the only social network I can write unnecessary text posts like this and not feel like it’s too much, so 🤷🏻‍♀️

It’s funny. I showed my friend the novel I am writing about a girl who is losing her hope because she has so much that’s happened to her in the past….
His words are “The main character is so sad I hope she has a happy ending”

What he doesn’t know is the main character is me… all the stuff in this novel has happened to me. I’m writing my life out in novel form…

I simply respond. “I don’t know.”

Because honestly I don’t

anonymous asked:

Look if Kara can have a redk incident, Lena can have a moment where she completely loses control of her anger, gets scared, and calls Kara... her safe space.

EXACTLY!!!!! …she is entitled. and for all our “is she bad? can’t trust a luthor for shit” dialogue, when has lena EVER lost her marbles to have us question her? she hasn’t. she pulled a con on her mother… yeah ok. big deal. she’s never actually acted out or let her emotions take over (that we’ve gotten to see)….. and kara has, several times. i’m NOT saying kara is a bad person – HARDLY. but it makes kara RELATABLE when she does that. and i want to see lena get the opportunity to do the same thing. now, to my other anon’s point down below, the writers will probably position it as a jekyl/hyde situation and use that as a way to make everyone turn on lena….which id HATE to see. and i hope it doesn’t pan out like that. but from a character development perspective, lena luthor is SO entitled to have a meltdown. and katie mcgrath would SELL IT.