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Scenes I need to see

In no particular order or importance (and only what I crave right now, so inserting ‘subject to change’ small print here)

- Serena losing her rag at the gossips and kissing Bernie in front of everyone on the ward because “we might as well give them something to bloody talk about!”

- Serena losing her rag and then crying at Bernie for being a cowardly custard and running off, to which Bernie grabs her and bearhugs her before she can storm off, whispering sorries and “I promise to never hurt you again” into her hair.

- Serena and Bernie in the office, sexual tension off the charts, finally going in for a kiss just as Raf knocks and lets himself in, to which both women simultaneously yell “GET OUT!” and slam the door in his face because they can’t wait any longer…

Let me get this fucking straight!

Ginny’s had one real friend growing up in baseball. Something tragic happens and she loses her father AND that friend. Flash forward, Ginny finally starts fitting in and actually makes friends. She has a VERY STRONG connection with her captain and catcher, reconnects with a long time friend and his family, finds a friend in Tommy who reminds her of that first real friend ever. In one fucking episode: -She nearly loses the close friend and his family -ACTUALLY loses that new friend who reminds her of her first real friend ever -And then finds out that her captain and catcher, who she has a really close connection with, has been fucking her agent and lying to her about it. AND THEN CAN’T EVEN BE MAN ENOUGH TO TELL HER. Who the hell wrote this episode? Satan!

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I just woke up and I'm confused about what is happening. All I understand is that Briana embarrassed herself again and she needs help, because she's losing the plot.

her bf jayk apparently had a girl on the side and she tweeted about him and how he was “gaining publicity from her” lmao


You sneaking heart,
dreaming of the Summer
you, wretched hands aching from
the cold

You live in this grief, you
who knit together bitter midnights
from your fallen eyelashes

You, who silenced all the orange trees

You lit those collapsed afternoons
on fire
created autumn
in a body longing
just to blossom

You named her daughter,
sung her a curse
loud with your coughing love

You couldn’t help
but lose

You, the one who
taught her hands
to grow

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part 2 please for the fake boyfriend AU for moon lovers! the part 1 was written so well ;~~~;

Part 1

Soo didn’t know why she agreed to this.

As she sat beside So in what had to be the most uncomfortable meal she had ever been apart of, she deeply deeply regretted the decision she made the day before. 

The one thing Soo learned from this awkward meal was that Yeon Hwa was pretty.

Yes, Soo knew that Yeon Hwa was pretty, but after being this close to her, she was able to notice how clear her skin was. How light her eyes were. How her lips had a natural pink color to them. 

It was the type of pretty that intimidated other girls.

Especially Soo. 

She felt like she couldn’t even eat because she could feel Yeon Hwa staring at her. Her stare alone made her lose her appetite. 

Soo picked at her food, mindlessly listening to So inform Yeon Hwa of how they had “met”. 

“It really happened so fast,” he said. “The details are getting a bit fuzzy but all that matters is that we’re together.” 

He wrapped an arm around Soo and she stiffened under his touch. 

“Right, honey?” 

Soo looked up at him.

Really? Honey? 

He rolled his eyes, urging her to smile. 

If you don’t agree right now…

“Y-yes,” she said, finally turning to face Yeon Hwa. “I’m just so happy that we’re…together.” 

Her response was enough to get So to let her go and her body sagged in relief. Soo glanced at her watch, internally screaming of joy when she realized her class would start in ten minutes. 

She placed her chopsticks on her tray and abruptly stood up. “Well I have to go. Don’t want to be late to class.” She quickly picked up her tray and pushed in her chair. “This was fun! Let’s do it again sometime.”

Or not. 

It was only when she heard the scraping of another chair that Soo wanted to chuck her tray across the cafeteria room. 

“My little Soo just hates walking to class alone,” she heard him say. “I’ll see you later!” 

Soo quickened her steps towards the tray collector but So’s long strides caught up to her fairly quickly. 

“You don’t have to walk me to class you know.” She put away her tray and hoisted her bag on her shoulder. “I’d rather much walk alone.” 

So glanced back at the table and saw Yeon Hwa eyeing them like a hawk. He took Soo’s bag from her and placed a hand on the small of her back. 

“Just keep walking,” he said with a smile. “She’s still watching.” 

He pushed her out the door but Soo turned back just in time to see Yeon Hwa staring back at her. If looks could kill, Soo would’ve been dead a long long time ago. 

“You ended early.” 

Soo closed her eyes and took in a breath as she felt So fall in step beside her. 

Her class did end early, but she was hoping that it would give at least some time to herself. 

Two weeks.

It’s just two weeks.

“I guess I forgot to mention it,” she said,quickening her steps. “But I told you. You don’t have to walk me to and from class. I’m not a child.” 

“Well I’m fully aware that you’re not a child, Soo, but if I run into Yeon Hwa and I’m not with you, she’ll corner me. I just know it,” he said. “Besides-” 

So stopped in his steps as he saw Yeon Hwa round the corner. He quickly grabbed Soo’s hand and yanked her into an empty room. 

“What are you-”

So clamped a hand over her mouth and glanced outside. His body sagged in relief when he saw Yeon Hwa walk past the room and down the hall. 

“See? She’s everywhere,” he whispered, taking his hand off her mouth. 

Soo pushed him aside and walked to the other side of the room. 

“I know that you said you’ll be leaving in two weeks, but isn’t this too much? Can’t you just tell Yeon Hwa you don’t like her?” she asked. 

So turned and leaned his back against the wall. “You think I haven’t tried? She’s been following me around since high school. And it doesn’t help that our families are close,” he said, rubbing his eyes. “But like you said. I’m leaving in two weeks. After that, this will all be like a long dream.” 

“Or a nightmare,” she mumbled. 

He smirked as he walked over to her. “You never had to agree to this. You’re the one that said yes.” 

“I know but you really didn’t give me a choice-” 

So grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him. His eyes flickered to her lips before his smirk widened. “Do you want this to be real then?” 

Soo’s eyes widened and she found herself holding in her breath as he slowly leaned in towards her. She didn’t know why her heart was racing so fast. She couldn’t seem to look away from his eyes.

The sound of her bag dropping to the floor seemed to snap them both back to reality. So straightened up and cleared his throat. 

“I told you I wouldn’t kiss you again without your permission,” he said. 

She noticed his cheeks turning red and laughed to herself. 

Seeing him like this made him look…cute? 

Soo quickly shook her head and picked up her bag. 


What am I thinking? 

“I have class…” she muttered before rushing out the door. 

She didn’t turn to see if he followed. 

It was raining.

Soo sighed as she sat down on the front steps of the humanities building. She had been in a rush this morning and forgot her umbrella. She watched the rain pour down and hit the pavement, trying to ignore the throbbing in her left leg. 

She had gotten into an accident four years ago. She was lucky enough to survive, and the only reminder of the\at horrible day was the pain in her left leg whenever it rained. 

Soo looked up at the dark clouds looming above. It didn’t look like the rain would stop anytime soon. She began to massage her leg while texting Woo Hee. 

Soo: Are you still on campus? 


Woo Hee: My class got cancelled today! 


Woo Hee: Why? Is something wrong?

Soo: No, everything’s fine. 

Soo stood up and glanced down at her watch. It was a good ten minute walk to the bus station. Maybe five if she walked fast, but she knew that with the pain in her leg, the walk would probably stretch to about fifteen minutes. She knew she couldn’t wait on the rain to stop and hoisted up her bag. She went down the first step, bracing herself for the cold rain. 

“Boyfriends do stuff like this, right?” 

Soo shrieked as she looked behind her. So grinned as he moved closer to her, shielding both of them from the rain. He pointed up at the umbrella and winked. 

“Where are you headed?” he asked. 

“The bus station,” she said. “But you don’t have to take me…I’m fine.” 

He tilted his head and looked down at her. “Really? Because I’m sure that I just saw you sit out on the steps for a good ten minutes. You didn’t look fine then.” He then glanced down at her leg. “Are you hurt?” 

Soo straightened up, wincing as she put more pressure on her left leg. “I-I’m fine…” 

So stared down at her leg and handed her the umbrella. When she didn’t accept it, he grabbed her hand and wrapped it around the handle. She thought he was going to leave, but instead, he crouched down on the ground. 

“Get on my back.” 

Soo took a step back. “What? N-no! Don’t be ridiculous.” 

He turned and glared up at her. “Soo. I’m going to piggyback you to the bus stop. This is what boyfriends do.” 

“You’re not my boyfriend!” 

He stood back up and crossed his arms. “Las time I checked, we still have 8 days of you being my girlfriend. When my girlfriend’s leg is hurting, I will piggyback her to wherever she needs to go.”

He leaned in so that their faces were only a few inches apart. 

“Or I can carry you. You decide.” 

Soo let out a defeated sigh.

“Get back down,” she muttered.

A smirk filled his features before he crouched down in front of her. Soo tightened her hold on the umbrella before getting onto his back. So stood up and secured his hold on her legs. 

“Wow, you’re a lot heavier than I thought,” he said. 

Soo’s eyes widened and she felt heat creep up into her face. “On second thought, I don’t think this is a good idea. Let me off.” 

So laughed and continued to walk. “I’m kidding. You’re as light as a feather.” 

Soo glared at the back of his head. As much as she didn’t want to admit it, her leg didn’t hurt as much. She glanced down at his shoulder and saw that it was getting wet from the rain.

Soo wrapped her arms tighter around his shoulders and shifted the umbrella so that it shielded him from the rain. 

Six more days.

That’s all Soo had to endure. 

On the bright side, So wasn’t as clingy anymore. He had even agreed to let her walk to class alone

She had also been able to avoid Yeon hwa for the past couple of days.

Thing seemed to be getting a little better.  

Or so she thought. 

“Why didn’t you tell me you were dating So?”

Soo’s body stiffened when she heard his voice. She turned to see Wook walking around the bench before taking a seat beside her. 

“It’s…it’s complicated,” she whispered. 

“Complicated,” Wook repeated. “You didn’t think it was something you should’ve told me?” 

Soo closed her eyes and let out a tired sigh. “I have no reason to tell you-” 

“You said that you weren’t ready for a relationship,” he said scooting closer towards her. “And now I hear that you’re dating So? It doesn’t make sense, Soo.” 

“Did Yeon Hwa tell you?” she asked quietly. 

“Does it matter?” he said. “Just tell me if what I heard is the truth. I’ll believe you over anyone else.”

“Would you believe my words too?” 

They turned and saw So approaching them, a growing smirk on his face. 

“Because it’s true. Soo is my girlfriend,” he said, pulling her off of the bench and wrapping a tight arm around her waist. “And we are very much in love. Right honey?” 

It was strange to be stuck between what could have been and what…was. And as Soo’s eyes flickered back and forth between them, she desperately wished for a hole to swallow her up and transport her to another time. 

Note: Gosh, sorry this took so long guys! 

IITextII Brittana
  • Brittany:San…. I know you are going through a really hard time right now… so I understand.. I just wish you would stop pushing people that are there for you away…No..It’s not stupid at all.. I’m scared Tan… I’m really scared for our friend… we could lose her..
  • Santana:I get that now... Brittany things are so screwed up and it just keeps getting worst.. and ugh I feel like shit for even talking about this.. when Mercedes... I wanna be there.. I wanna see her.. but the paparazzi are always yp my ass.. and the last thing her family need is my drama..

Honestly I am so heartbroken over the new chapter I mean looking at mos face when they told him to tell his mother actually made me burst into tears. This precious boy probably hasn’t had many people who have cared for him throughout his life due to the way he sometimes acts but to me he look to have a healthy relationship with his mother and it looks like she loves him and he loves he. So imagine what is going through his head he would probably feel like his mother will maybe hate him and be so disappointed. He probably thinks he will lose her love and I just can’t take it all I want is happiness for this boy.


Harambe no! Amidst all the drama going on with the Secret Wars and the X-Men, Storm is off finding herself in Africa after losing her powers, and she gets into a conflict with a bunch of wildlife poaching assholes. Here they shoot her and this poor lion right in the god damn face. (Uncanny X-Men #196 – Aug 1985 – Secret Wars II Tie In)

I get so depressed when i go out with my sister, because she’s like “I need panties but I dont want to pay 30+ dollars” and I want to just fucking yell at her like SHOVE EVERYTHING YOU WANT INTO MY BAG I WILL EAT THE PRODUCTS YOU NEED IF IT MEANS YOU GET THEM YOU DESERVE EM but I c a n t because she’ll lose her fucking mind if she finds out I lift. Such a fucking struggle like I just want to love you and make sure you have things you need without going bankrupt please accept me as the gay thieving hoe I am.

Random story time.
Went to GameStop with the mom because she wanted a 2nd copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf. (She wanted a new town but didn’t want to lose her 100% museum ect. )
I see the cashier is wearing a game shirt.
I go “Hey I like your shirt!”
And I was just not prepared for.
“Thanks…… Do you know what it’s from?”
Of course I do. And even if I didn’t does that even take away from the compliment???
I go, “Yeah Monster Hunter.”

He kind of gave a weird look, but I am friendly so I continue, “Did you see Monster Hunter Double Cross was announced today?”
He goes, “Double Cross?”
“Yeah it’s G rank Generations! Well it’s Japan version so it’s Cross. Well ya know M. H. X. anyways”
He then explains to me that Generations is the equivalent of Japan’s Cross. And I am confused seeing as I just said that exactly. And then tells me (completely baselessly I may add) that Monster. Hunter may come to the Nintendo Switch.
Like. Bro. That would be cool, yeah, but you literally just over road my confirmed info for your hopeful rumor. And treated me like I don’t know the franchise… I just kind of…. Walked away.

I don’t need gamer credentials to compliment a T-shirt.

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Obviously Emma is special with or without magic or being a savior, but it has taken her 3.5 seasons to finally accept both as parts of her, parts of what makes her special. Stripping her of those things again imo defeats the whole purpose of the frozen arc

I don’t think she’s going to be stripped of anything … at least not permanently.

Everyone that loves Emma can probably agree that the preferred way to have this go down is they find a way to keep Emma alive and keep her Saviorness intact. 

So, I can see this going a few ways … maybe they find that way and just when it looks dire we get to see Emma actually defeat this prophecy and prove that no one decides her fate but her, no one save her but her … etc, etc, etc

Or, maybe the shears are used and she loses her powers but still fights anyway and proves that being a Savior has nothing to do with having magic.

Or, maybe she does die but is revived by TLK? (probably not but just had to throw it out there)

There are lots of ways this could go…