Heading into the finale...

I personally wish they’d flipped the script on who gets new beginnings as it’s all coming to a close. I think a more satisfying ending for a series like this would be Vince retiring, Kent having to move back to Scotland for family reasons, Nina getting a job offer somewhere else with Frankie deciding to follow her there because he plans to marry her someday and doesn’t want to lose her. 

Thus, there’s Jane and Maura… left to continue on with their work just the two of them, like always. After they’ve said their goodbyes to their beloved colleagues, they sit there at the bar a little somber and down, but ultimately realizing that no matter what they’ll at least always have each other. Their phones buzz. “Rizzoli. Isles.” 

They get up, and walk out, back to work, like always.

And it ends right there. With the audience content in knowing that the two of them will carry on, our favorite pair, doing the jobs they’ve devoted their entire lives to since the first moment we saw them. 

The end.

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Prompt: Komaru loses her Ahoge and Toko loses her shit.

A/N Read the prequel

Komaru Loses Her Ahoge and Someone Loses Her Shit

Komaru didn’t decide to get a haircut, Genocider Syo did for her.

She doesn’t know why she did it, she wasn’t even aware of when she did it in the first place. all she knew was that one moment they were fighting off monokumas and when it was over, Syo had reverted back to Touko.

And Touko was giving her weird looks.

“W-Who are you supposed to be?” Touko asked warily as she skirted away. “And w-what did you do to K-Komaru!”

“Huh?” Komaru grew even more confused at her accusation. “What are you talking about? It’s me, Touko.”

“D-Don’t get overly familiar with me!” Touko yelled while taking a cautious step back.

“What are you saying? I’m your friend!” Komaru yelled back and took a step closer.

“The only f-friend I have is Komaru! S-So tell me where she is right now!” Touko insisted as she held on to her taser.

Komaru would’ve been touched by Touko’s sentiment if it weren’t for the fact that she was treating her like a stranger.

“But I’m telling you I am–” It was then that her eyes caught a glint which caused her to pause. That’s when she saw herself clearly on the reflection on the glass window. She looked exactly like she usually did while out on the job. Exhausted, covered in dirt, haggard–

And missing her ahoge.

“What the?” Komaru’s eyes widened in sudden realization. “Is this what it’s all about?”

“H-Hey! I’m still interrogating you!” Touko yelled at her. “Don’t just go off t-talking to yourself!”

Komaru continued to stare at her reflection in awe as she mumbled, “It’s gone.”

“Hello? Earth to w-weirdo?” Touko waved her arms wildly.

“It’s actually gone.” Komaru mumbled and then her face broke into a grin as she said, “I’m free.”

“She’s completely lost it.” Touko muttered in disbelief.

“I’m finally free.” Komaru cheered and then suddenly grabbed Touko into a bear hug as she jeered. “I don’t have to be a protagonist anymore!”

“G-G-Get off me!!” Touko stammered, clearly uncomfortable with the contact.

Komaru prompty complied and pulled back only to bow deeply. “Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.” She then stood straight and proud. “I’m forever grateful to you. I won’t ever forget you.”

“O-kay. You’re freaking me out here.” Touko said as she placed more distance between them.

“From now on, I’ll be living my life like I’m supposed to be.” Komaru proudly puffed out her chest and proclaimed, “As a side character!”

And with that, Komaru left a perplexed Touko on the street.

She came back the next day though since her ahoge grew back.

i saw a post so let me just say: clary fray is not “whiny”.

you know who’s whiny? me, i’m whiny. i cry like five times a day and i complain about irrelevant things and i don’t have any real problems.

clary fray loses everything plus her world view in a single day. she’s heartbroken over her mother being kidnapped and simultaneously already starting to be mad because the same mother has been hiding the second half of clary’s world from her. she’s devastated because the man she views as her father has seemingly betrayed her. she’s utterly destroyed by the fact that her biological father turns out to be the biggest piece of shit a person can be. all she has are three strangers, one of which seems to actively hate her and all three of them have ideals that at one point or another work against clary’s perception of the world. she also has her best friend who dies and over whom she now has the power of life and death. 

plus, you know, she finds out that the guy she’s been falling for is her brother and then that same guy disappears with their asshole father who he’s been abused by his entire childhood.

and she still only allows herself to break down in private and is trying to be there for all these other people who are watching their world turn upside down, and is constantly trying to be good and fair and she just keeps on going and keeps on fighting, trying to save everyone.

i could never be as strong as clary fray, i would have already broken down and quite possibly died.

Petyr x Sansa Week: Day 3 Euphoria or Mask

Love gave off a feeling of euphoria, or at least that’s what Sansa was told. Weirdly enough, she had never actually been in love. A cupid who had never been in love? Her friends used to laugh at her, but how could she help it? She had never found that perfect person. That was until she found Petyr. He was next on her list, and was supposed to be struck at just the opportune moment so that the first face he saw was that of Lysa Arryn, but she couldn’t bring herself to condemn him to that fate. But at the same time, she couldn’t afford to lose her job. She released the arrow, but didn’t count on him turning and seeing her instead of Lysa…

he was a good friend, and we got drunk and ended up sleeping together. the only problem, his girlfriend was a good friend of mine. it was killing me and I wanted her to know. I found out a week later, he had been cheating on her with another friend of mine all summer and she felt just as guilty. he said he would tell his girlfriend but never actually did because he “didn’t want to lose his chances with her,” so we did it for him. he immediately blocked us both and I haven’t heard from him since

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hey, could you tell me what comic Joker tortures Harley in the cellar with his "ex girlfriends"? I gotta prove a thing to a friend Thanks!

The New 52, Suicide Squad #15.

I think this was the writer’s attempt at trying to make Harley independent from Joker, since before she was only seen as the ditzy girlfriend of Joker. But after this happened, Harley escaped, almost losing her life from bloodloss, and went back to working with the Suicide Squad. She starts to refer the Joker as her ‘Ex’, and she starts to have identity issues. Flipping personalities between Harley Quinn and her former self, Dr. Harleen Quinzel. 

The thing about Harley is that she isn’t always written properly. Just when she’s getting some character development, another writer takes over and undoes it, so her character is inconsistent. Personally, I will always see Harley as a mixture of New 52 Suicide Squad Harley, and the classic Batman Animated Series Harley, and not some Joker cheerleader she’s always portrayed as in video games and other comics. 

Here’s a picture of the panel:

Tigress lost her entire squad. She didn’t lose 20% of her squad. She didn’t even lose 50%. She lost her whole squad. Look at what it’s done to her. You can see the death in her eyes, but she keeps on going. This is why Tigress is one of my favorite characters.

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Unfortunately, I kindly disagree. A lot of the girls in the group get hate and disrespected, especially Normani & Camila, but they don't react as Lauren does. She seems to lose her mind for a little bit there. She preaches "If don't know you personally then don't take it personal" or "we ignore those with opinions of hate," but it doesn't seem that she practices that. Wished that she took her own advice sometimes. She falls for trolls on the internet who are just trying to get her mad. :/

Amen 🙌

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Hi, sorry to be a total idiot, but in the last chaper when the doctor says that she could 'lose her insurance' for treating the Dot, what does that mean? (I'm English and I grew up with the NHS so I have no idea how American insurance works!)

Not a total idiot question at all!

OK kids let’s talk about the wild and wacky world of the medical system in the US. 

So - Britain (and, cough, many, many, MANY other countries) has a system of universal health care, supported through taxes, the NHS. The US doesn’t*. Instead, the US has a system of private insurers. Our bff Barack Obama tried, oh my dudes, he did try! to get us a public option - which would mean that taxpayers could opt into tax funded universal healthcare. That was the dream of what Obamacare was supposed to be. Now, Obamacare accomplished a lot of its goals, and did provide greater access to a wider variety of plans, and set standards that were totally necessary (like private insurers not being able to turn you away based on a pre-existing conditon). However, that public option is still unavailable, like guaranteed maternity leave or vacation days or any number of the ways that the US looks like a ridiculous laff compared to other countries.


In the US medical system, there is, of course, another type of insurance that doesn’t get talked about so much, and that, my dudes, is malpractice insurance. See, it is stupid easy to sue someone for just about ANYTHING in the US. I could sue any one of you for intentionally inflicting emotional distress on me by sending me bee shit. Now. I wouldn’t succeed in this suit. That suit is going fucking nowhere, it’ll get dismissed long before a judge ever takes a look at it. But to get it dismissed, if I sue you, you’ve gotta hire a lawyer and make sure the proper things get filed in the proper timeframe, because, and here’s the catch, if you don’t do those things? I’m going to win. 

So, we can argue back and forth whether or not it’s a good thing that it’s so easy to sue in the US, and there’s merit on both sides of the coin. Either way, that’s how the system is, and you will not be surprised to learn that doctors get sued a LOT. 

Doctors don’t only get sued a lot, but if they lose, they have the potential to be on the hook for a ton of money. It’s the nature of the beast. If I go in to have one of my legs amputated, and you, the doctor, fuck up and cut off the wrong leg (it happens!) then when I bring that suit to a jury, they’re going to try to compensate me for the value of a healthy leg. How much would you say that is? A hundred thousand? Five hundred thousand? What if it’s not a leg? What if you’re an obstetrician and you make a massive mistake delivering a baby? What if the baby dies? What if the mother dies? What amount could possibly be enough?

So. Insurance exists. Doctors buy it so when the inevitable lawsuits come, they don’t need to dip into their own funds - the insurer will pay for their defense, and very, very often for the damages as well. But say the insurer learns that the doctor that they’re insuring has been doing something batshit risky - like, say, promising to deliver something that isn’t even technically human, that they might be violating all professional standards to approach? 

The insurer wants none of it. They will be OUT of there. And good luck practicing medicine without someone having your back to spot you when those lawsuits come, because, again, they are coming. Maybe not from Reedz and Snas, but from someone. 

In conclusion, this is why the doctors were mean, a medical essay by TST. 


Sneak Peek for The Girl At The Library ch9:

“It’s alright, Blake. I’m not saying you need to confess today. Just… think about it, okay?”

Blake felt her chest get tight suddenly, and another surge of odd emotions pumped through her, until she felt tears welling up.

“But I… if I confess and she doesn’t like me… it’ll only get awkward between us and… I don’t want to lose her…”

Velvet and Coco shared a troubled look. The latter spoke again, keeping her tone gentle.

“But think about how nice it’ll be if she feels the same way,” Coco prompted.

Blake always had difficulty considering the positives. In her experience, more often than not, things involving romances didn’t work out, at least not for her.

But… perhaps that was because she’d never liked anyone quite so much as she liked Ruby now, and that affection was only growing stronger by the day.

By now, it was to the point where she was crying herself to sleep some nights because she liked her so much, but was too frightened to speak up about it.

Maybe Coco and Velvet were right.

Maybe it was time to do something nice for herself for a change.


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I headcanon that Sakura lost her eye and she now keeps weed & folded up playboy pages in the socket.

But how did she lose her eye is the question ;)

~Mod Rina

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Well, she is slowly losing her that much is a given. But considering just what happened today with C's expression softening upon L's arrival... There will be a lot of moving on to do.

Yeah, C def has a soft spot for Lauren

NiF novel notes extra #2

I am so behind on the LYB novel reread (I now completely understand why people say fanfic is too distracting orz) but even in the few chapters I managed to cover, there are a few gems that weren’t in the version I’ve read. Gonna put them here along with the rest of my novel notes.

I remember being very amused by Jingrui’s HUGE SENPAI CRUSH on MCS when I read the novel but this bit in Chapter 5 explains it perfectly.

(taken from the translation here)

“Persisting to love Miss Yun, to this day that is the most capricious thing you’ve done isn’t it?” Mei Changsu gazed into his eyes, “loving a woman you’ve never met before with perseverance, even though you know you and her have no fate, besides wishing to preserve your first love, most importantly, it’s because she represents the only time you acted on a whim, right? Losing her is as if you’re losing the freedom that you fought for, gained from breaking free of your shackles, that is why you hurt so much, why your heart hearts, why your feeling so helpless…”

“….” Xiao Jingrui opened and then closed his mouth, he didn’t know what to say, his eyes were red.

“After our first meeting at Qinling, I asked about you, if we were to not look at your insistence on marrying Miss Yun, you’re like a standard sample, a sample that will make all the parents of the world proud. What they wish for you to become, you become. You’re obedient, you show filial piety to your parents, when they tell you to study literature, you do, when they tell you to learn martial arts, you do. Not once have you let your parents down, not once have you allowed them to think….this child is not our child….”

Xiao Jingrui took a deep breath, and difficultly turned his head aside.

“Actually, occasionally you can relax, do you really think Yujin has no worries? He is just better at relaxing than you. Born with responsibility, that is a good thing, what you have to learn is how to turn that responsibility into pleasure, and not turn all the fun into responsibility. Mei Changsu turned his head and looked at him, his eyes soft, “growing up for you……was very hard for you, wasn’t it?”

man you can’t fault Jingrui for crushing hard on MCS after this, probably no one has ever touched on his insecurities so accurately before.

(Go read the entire chapter, it starts with MCS being a perfect being and has Yujin joking about marrying Jingrui, it’s A+++. And the way MCS gets Jingrui to understand his parents’ love and concern for him is so good.)

(also, in earlier chapters, Jingrui initially thinks that MCS is a rich fur trader, gj Jingrui)

I’m kinda wondering if this is also why Jingrui looked up to Lin Shu so much? Jingrui studied the arts to please the Xie side and learned martial arts for the Zhuo side; Lin Shu excelled in everything. Jingrui felt like he was neither the Xie family’s nor the Zhuo family’s son whereas Lin Shu was indisputably the son of the Lin family, loved by all and whose place in the world was secure. It’s like Lin Shu is everything he wants to be… which could be grounds for jealousy except that this is Jingrui (plus it probably helps that Lin Shu is the cool older brother figure).

One of my sister’s friends she went to high school with passed away in a terrible car accident. It’s just so heartbreaking to hear and think about. He was driving back from vacation with his high school sweetheart, newly turned fiance and now on top of losing the love of her life, she has to cancel all of her wedding plans during this tragic time. My town set up a Memorial fund to help his family raise money for funeral expenses but also to recoup the expenses from the wedding they were supposed to have. In three days they’ve raised $20,000; it just goes to show you how many lives he touched and how much a community can come together for someone like that. Rest in Peace, Scott, you definitely left your mark. 

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If you really want to knock Kitty down, you need to destroy her business. No matter what else you do to her, she can't lose her job because she works for herself. So she'll always have money coming in and not care, because as long as she can support herself, she isn't ruined. You need to make sure her business goes under, so she's forced to work for other people, who aren't going to take kindly to her attitude. Let's see if she can keep a job when she actually has to behave.

If I were to do this, I’d need some help.