Rin Teeth Theory

When Rin was a little kid, like 4, he dressed up as a shark for Halloween. Gou,eager to help her big brother, found a nail file and proceeded to sharpen Rin’s teeth. Rin loved it; anything to make him more like his favorite animal. His parents were far less thrilled.
When Rin began losing his baby teeth and growing adult ones, not only was his smile a broken mess, but he couldn’t chew properly, so his parents were left with no choice but to have them filed again when they grew in. (submitted by: landscape-goat

Imagine #18 Peter [Requested]

“Say Dada.” Peter’s hoarse voice instructed in an affectionate coo as his muscular arms support the eleven month old infant in a secure embrace. Peter’s enamored cerulean irises scrutinized the contours of Connor’s features, pride swelling in the werewolf’s steel chest, an adorable dimpled smile on the toddler’s face. Connor Reece Hale was a beautiful baby; stunning cobalt irises, an adorable button nose, flawless porcelain skin, plump smooth cheeks, supple peach mouth and a heartwarming dimpled smile. Peter had to admit that he enjoyed being a father, a portion of his lycan heart ached at the loss of Malia’s childhood, he vowed to never miss a memory with his baby boy. He wanted to experience each of life’s childhood milestones; learning to walk, learning to speak, potty training, losing his baby teeth, learning to ride a bike and his first day of school. “C’mon.” He urged in a soothing murmur. “Say Daddy.”

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Scion of Stars

Scion of Stars by aerlalaith
Rating: M
Word Count: 69,200
Summary: One minute Dean’s cleaning shifter guts out of his hair, the next, Castiel’s telling him that he somehow has a kid. Not only that, but Crowley got there first and is holding him ransom. Now Dean has to stage a rescue mission (or make a deal), all the while trying to keep Castiel from freaking out about his sudden fatherhood, and Heaven from learning that their least favorite type of abomination is alive, kicking, and about to lose its baby teeth.

Nephilim are abominations, yet creating them is easily avoided… unless you have amnesia and are married to a human. In this story, the unintended consequences of season 7 catch up to Cas as he is faced with a four year old son he never knew he had. Once Team Free Will wrests the child away from Crowley (yeah, I know it’s a spoiler, but come on - you know you want to get to the good stuff!!), Castiel has to figure out how to be a parent to a traumatized boy. After posing as partners to get legal custody because Daphne is dead, Dean and Cas fall into domesticity with all of the delightful, humorous and fluffy moments you can imagine. These include dealing with oblivious brothers and pissed off daughters.

Domestic bliss in the bunker doesn’t last long because there is a reason nephilim are despised and feared. They are ticking time bombs. They soon discover that this sweet child is poised for a horrific future if they can’t unravel the mysteries of the past. This story is part case fic, part kid fic and all awkward relationship development.

in all honestly i think you still care. when she’s the one sleeping beside you at night, i sense you possess the small feeling of disappointment once you realize that its her strawberry hair sticking out, it’s not my charcoal blending in with your pillowcase. it was always something about us that we had a strong connection, for months we would go without talking to one another. you’d always be on my mind, and the conversation would spark once we gravitated toward one another in a crowded room. so don’t go around and tell everyone how you left me behind as easily as it took for you to lose your baby teeth. i’m still the space that was never filled by another.

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A childs skull before losing baby teeth

loving you is like growing up and maybe that’s what it was meant to be: strange feelings in your gut, limbs all out of order, stretching and reaching for some home. still now, my hands feel for that place in my bed and I realize I am losing baby teeth all over again. I tread softly in search of tender gaps and palpable spaces; they are all that’s left of the bits of me I thought I needed


I got carded for buying “Crimson Peak” today! Are you kidding me? OMG, I only buy children’s Benadryl because I got sick of being carded! I had to show my ID and everything! This is what I get for being born a preemie and not reaching puberty until I was 21! Seriously, I was losing baby teeth as a sophomore in college.🙄 When everyone else was getting the Freshman 10 lbs. gain, I lost 10 because of a growth spurt!!! My 8 year old great nephew refuses to believe I’m over 16! Some say I should be happy, well there are times when looking younger than you are is a good thing. Like my dad. He’s 85 years old and literally looks like he’s 55. That’s when looking younger is helpful. ☺️

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