losing your bond

REBLOG if you understand that partners lose bonds with your muse & your arcs together. So: you won’t pressure, annoy, berate, or hound them until/if they come back.

This is a promise that THIS mun understands muses and arcs go dead and it’s OK to move on! You can always tell this mun directly, but understand this is a: 


Scribble-Doodle: Forbidden to Know

Teen parabatai story! Set in 203, following their final test. I’m tagging it as Jalec because Alec’s feelings for Jace play a part here.

Alec suggests it’s time to celebrate. Jace wholeheartedly agrees. Because they made it. They passed the last test. Now nothing can stop them from becoming parabatai.

Laughing, Jace throws an arm around Alec’s shoulders and they start for the door when…

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can we just imagine the actual stress of being a spy though — you think you struggled in high school with finding yourself, or in your university years, but imagine knowing the consequences of not fitting in are far more than being ridiculed: if you don’t blend in perfectly, it could very well get you killed. you have falsified memories, your opinions are not your own, and friends outside of the business can’t know what you really do for a living. you can’t share those experiences. imagine the identity crisis of agents in deep cover — you’ve got to not be you for however long the mission takes. you can’t let the slightest thing slip about where you ’grew up‘ or your fondest memories of childhood. but not only do you have to keep up that pretense — you’ve also got a job to do at the same time. it’s imperative you keep your shit together — your country needs you. this is your calling. they’re going to test you, so don’t cock it up.

subaruxayano  asked:

Friendship for the headcanon game~ :D you can choose which character heheh c;

From this ask box meme



  • SHE’S THE CLINGY FRIEND! If she decided she loves you, she LOVES you and you must learn how to deal with her affection xD;
  • Imagine that meme of Will Smith showing off his wife. Yep, that’s Venna worshiping you whenever you look down on yourself. Don’t fight her on this, you’re gonna lose;
  • If your bond is tight enough, she’s going to make you lend your ear to whine and complain about life. She won’t be sorry;
  • You might have adopted a child against your will XD