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When I met Alex in Dublin I got him to write out my favourite lyrics from the song Missing You so I could get them tattooed. I’m so happy that I can now represent a band that have been a part of my life for the last 7 years. They got me through some of the toughest times in my life and I am forever grateful of that💕

Kuroo x Reader x Bokuto Angst Scenario

*Soulmate AU where you have the same tattoo as your soulmate but when you lose feelings for them it starts to fade* (I posted this on DA but I wanted to post it here as well~ Also if you use this AU please credit me because I’m p sure I came up with it thx)


    If there was one word that would describe your relationship right now, it was boring. Nothing was the same with your boyfriend anymore. You hoped that the feeling was mutual, you really did. Kuroo was suppose to be your one and only- at least that’s what you thought. Simply because of a small matching tattoo that you both had behind your ear, a pair of bright yellow cat eyes.

    The dense clouds outside made the classroom darken, the sunlight no longer able to illuminate the small room. Perhaps this was a sign? There was no more light in your world anymore. (e/c) orbs wandered around the room, making their way to a certain boy who’s hair stood straight up. A long sigh left your mouth as you noticed his tattoo. Faded.

    Now a sigh of relief was what came out this time. Thoughts traveled through your mind as you now realized what this meant. Panicked whispers began to swirl in your head.  Maybe we can rekindle our relationship? I do love him! We just aren’t doing anything… I don’t want this to end. You can’t have this end, yet it was inevitable.

    You swallow thickly and your breath starts to quicken, eyes darting around the room. The door wasn’t far away from you and if needed, a quick escape could be made. But you didn’t want to leave because you were panicking, you wanted to leave because there was doubt in your mind. Would Kuroo follow you out? Would he even notice that you left? More importantly, would he even care?

    Why would he? His feelings are slowly dissipating so he has no reason to. But yours are as well. So why go fret over this if you’ve both lost interest in each other? Because you needed to know if you really were loved, that you were at least cared for by someone. Kuroo had had always been that someone you needed, reassuring that he was always going to care about you and love you with all of his being and more. Was it all a lie? No, you knew he loved you, but that was then.

    You got carried away in your thoughts, you could feel your throat begin to burn and your vision got blurry. The tears finally overflowed and spilled down your cheeks. Not wanting people to see you in this state, you rushed out of the classroom. Not taking anything with you or a second glance you simply left the room and didn’t really know where to go from there.

    There was no slide of the door again once you shut it after you ran. That was a sign Kuroo didn’t follow. Not sure of your destination, your feet unknowingly took you into one of the school’s gyms where there would be no one. Or you thought. A boy was sitting against the wall with his handheld device.

    “Kenma?” you ask quietly, wiping your face to get the tear stains off. “What are you doing here? You should be in class.” your shoes squeaked against the floor as you made your way over to the younger.

    “And the same to you, (y/n).” Kenma retorts back at you, his eyes never looking away from the screen.

     Letting a small chuckle out, you take a seat next to him. “How come you’re in here? Just to play your game?” your head tilts over and your watch the character in the device.

    He just nods and keeps playing. “Were you crying?”

    You refrain from answering him, deciding to change the topic. “What game are you playing?”

    Kenma understands that you don’t want to talk about it and he won’t push you to. “Kingdom Hearts.”

    “Oooh.” you pretended to know what video game it was since you weren’t very knowledgeable in the gaming field. The rest of the time you spend with him is in silence, and you can’t say you don’t enjoy it. It helped you calm down, and even though he didn’t talk to you, his presence soothed you for the time being. “Um, thanks for not telling me to leave, Kenma. I appreciate it.” you smile at him as you give your thanks.

    “Well it’s not like I own the gym, so I couldn’t really kick you out. It didn’t bother me anyway.” he stood from his spot after he saved and put the small console away. “I have to get ready. The team will probably be in in about 15 minutes, we have a practice match here.” with that he walked out of the gym and to the locker room to get changed.
    A few moments after the second year left, your boyfriend walked in to the gym, peeking his head in a looking around for you. “Oi, (y/n). I have your things.” he told you, giving you your bag and binder of schoolwork as he walked towards you. “Why’d you leave?”

    “Oh I thought you didn’t notice..” you say to him quietly, looking at the ground as you take your belongings from his hands.

    “Well yeah. I tried to follow you but the teacher got mad at me and told me to sit back down..” He lies to you with a shrug. “Sooo… Are you okay now?” the way he says it makes it all too obvious the he doesn’t want to know and he doesn’t care about what you have to say. Kuroo just wanted to hear ‘Yeah I’m fine!“ so that he could go and get ready for his practice match and talk with his friends. That’s what he cared about right now, not you or your feelings.

    "Uh.. yeah. I talked to Kenma for a bit and that made me feel a little better.” you lie right back to him. You aren’t better, you’re devastated that you and your supposed soulmate isn’t the one. But at least you feel the same way. It doesn’t mean you’re happy about it though.

    He took your fake 'I feel a little better’ as an opportunity to leave knowing full and well that it wasn’t sincere. Once again though, he didn’t care because at least you said you were kind of okay. “Well if you’re feeling better then I have to go and get ready..” He didn’t even let you say anything. When you opened your mouth, his back was already turned to you.
    The other team arrived first. A smile played at your lips when you saw the captain walk in.

    “Ohoho! Look who it is!” the multicolored haired captain grinned as he spotted you. Another person that would make you feel happier had come at the right time.

    “Hi Bokuto!” you waved to him as he and his team dropped their bags. You made your way over to him and before you could protest he picked you up in a bone crushing hug. “B-Bokuto.. I can’t breathe..” you chuckle out, barely any breath in you.

    He laughs loudly and lets you go. The grin was still plastered on his face as he continued to talk with you and his an arm around your shoulders in a friendly manner. The two of you talked until Nekoma had started to file in the gym with Kuroo coming out first. He didn’t seem to pay much attention to his surrounding until his friend had shouted at him.

    “Kuroo!” the captain’s smile widened as he saw his friend. He had forgotten that he had his arm around you since he didn’t see it as anything harmful, but it was like your boyfriend didn’t even care.

    “Hey Bokuto!” Kuroo greets him, bringing his hand up in a small wave. His eyes followed to the form that was next to him but where there should have been jealousy, there was nothing. He paid no mind to his friend’s arm around his girlfriend.

    The owl captain noticed this and decided to joke about it. “You know Kuroo, you should be a little more jealous, I’ve got a hold of (y/n)! I could swoop her right up if I wanted to right now!” he gave a hearty laugh, throwing his head back.

    But the words that left Kuroo’s lips weren’t the ones you were hoping to hear or wanted to hear. “You can have her.”

“When you lose touch with inner stillness,
you lose touch with yourself.
When you lose touch with yourself,
you lose yourself in this world.”

-Eckhart Tolle

Chris Evans’s tattoo

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Darren's Roof
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I’m gonna shout until I’m hoarse, drink until I can’t see, laugh until I can’t breathe, up here we’ll be taller than the city. Shout at the night, raise a fist to life, forget about suicide, if only for just one night. And our hearts have all been beaten and bruised, and we’re all pretty confused, and we always expect to lose; I’ll explain it all to you through alkyhol and bad tattoos. If I talk and I laugh too loud, it’s cause I’m trying to forget I’m sad, because things can get pretty bad, but I’d like to believe that somewhere I’ll find someone who’s going nowhere and we’ll go there together.

Les Amis and Tattoos

- Even though his hands and arms are covered in scribbled ink notes 24/7, Enjolras can't stand the thought of having something permanently etched onto his body. Still, he can appreciate the rugged attractiveness of tattoos on other people (*cough cough* GRANTAIRE).

- Combeferre and Joly are both apprehensive about tattoos in general, (What if you regret it later? What if the artist didn’t sanitize their supplies?? What if it gets infected and you lose an arm????). But Combeferre, like Enjolras, finds tattoos attractive on certain people.

** Joly once gave himself a stick-on temporary tattoo and it was the single most exhilarating day of his life.

- Unsurprisingly, Grantaire’s body is a living canvas, and most of his tattoos were done by either Feuilly or himself (considering he’s a licensed tattoo artist with a nonexistent pain limit). Beautiful abstract designs cover his upper back and shoulders, poke-and-stick symbols show up wherever he can reach to put them, and quotes cover the uneven, scarred skin of his inner arms and thighs. His body is essentially his journal, and Enjolras is fascinated by every inch of him.

- Under their cuddly sweaters and blouses, Jehan actually has full sleeve tattoos (surprise!) of skulls, ravens, abstract ink-like shapes, and various flowers. Plus “nevermore” at the base of their neck, “amor est vitae essentia” on their wrist, and more flowers on their prominent hipbones.

- Bossuet got a tramp stamp of “dat boi” when it first became popular, only to watch the joke die a week later. Yes, he was fully sober when he got this tattoo. Yes, Grantaire was the only artist he could persuade to tattoo it on him. Yes, Joly nearly hyperventilated the first time he saw it. 

- Courfeyrac hasn’t gotten a tattoo yet, and isn’t sure if he has plans to. His interests change so often he’s too afraid to commit to any specific design. However, he’s a huge fan of Sharpie tattoos, and thankfully Grantaire and Feuilly are willing to scribble on him every now and then.

- Once upon a time, Bahorel went to the tattoo parlor with plans of getting a full sleeve that encompassed part of his chest. Half of a barb-wire arm cuff later, he was choking back tears as Feuilly held his hand and Grantaire mopped his forehead with a wet towel. He passed out twice before Grantaire could finally finish the arm cuff, and now relies entirely on those giant arcade-machine temporary tattoos to top off the look.

- Feuilly still has spider webs tattooed on his elbows from when he used to hang out with a rougher crowd, as well as an old-fashioned anchor on his calf. Grantaire got him hooked on poke-and-stick tattoos after giving him a simple paper fan design on the inside of his arm. Now, his goal is to eventually give himself some tattoos representing each of his friends.

Being Jax's high school sweetheart would include:

Author: Johannah

✦ Him always walking you home from school or from a date

✧ Him always calling you baby or babe

✦ Basically every girl in school is jealous of you

✧ Sneaking out to meet up with him

✦ When he gets his first bike the first thing he does is go straight to your house to take you for a ride

✧ Going to your first concert with him

✦ Sitting on the roof of his house and talking about life

✧ Impulsively getting your first tattoos together

✦ Losing your virginity to him

Jax: Are you sure? We don’t have to if you’re uncomfortable–

You: Jax - I want this. I want you. I promise. I want you to be my first, baby.

✧ Gemma seeing just how much you mean to him

✦ Cutting class to spend the day with him

✧ Making out with him in the back of your car

✦ Going to all his baseball games and being a super-supportive girlfriend

✧ Having to pester him for months to go to prom with you

✦ (He eventually caves and says yes. He’s so glad he did when he sees you in your dress)

✧ Getting drunk together in his bedroom

✦ ‘Study dates’ which basically just become make out sessions on his bed ith an open textbook nearby

anonymous asked:

I hope you don't take offence to this question, but are you worried about your tattoos deforming as you lose weight? best wishes! xx

Nope. I’ve already lost over 100lbs and they haven’t changed so I highlyy doubt much will happen to them losing any more.