losing weight slowly but surely


We all busy, We all have a job, a bills to pay, some have child to take care, but don’t forget to eat, even president has a time to eat, right?

Here’s the best times to eat:

Breakfast: ideal time around 7-8 am, don’t have it later than 10 am (because that’s not breakfast, but brunch, breakfast-lunch). remember to eat breakfast within 30 mins after wake up. usually I eat banana or oatmeal at 4.30 am because I’ll hit the gym at 5 am in the morning, after that i eat breakfast part 2 (like hobbits) at 7-8 am.

Lunch: Ideal time 12:30 - 2 pm, don’t have it later than 4 pm, ideal time gap between breakfast and lunch is 4 hours, yeah that’s right, i’m usually eat lunch at 11 - 12 pm (my 3rd meal XD) because at 11 am my stomach ringing the bell.

Dinner: Ideal time 6-9 pm, don’t have it later than: 10 pm, must remember the meal should be at least 3 hours before sleep, that’s because if we eat and immediately hit the bed and sleep, our digestion system can’t digest the food perfectly and will make us gain a weight tomorrow.

NOTE: Don’t skip meal time, because that can slow our metabolism, and make you, yes you, become more fat, or easily fat.

usually i eat 4 - 5 times daily with ½ or ¾ portion every meals, but that’s make me (slowly but sure) lose weight, from 75 kg+ to 62 kg now (with 3-4 times gym every week) and i can’t go up to 65 kg with this meal schedule, but if I absent from gym for a week for business schedule, i gain 5 kilos in a week, and lose 3 kilos after 2 days back in fitness and eating routine…


anonymous asked:

how would the boys react if they had put on some weight since dating candy?

I think Castiel can be a bit chubby from time to time but he usually works it off when he notices. He’s not big on exercise but he does want to keep in shape. When he realizes he’s gaining weight he just kind of does what he usually does. Doesn’t make too much of a big deal, he’ll just exercise more often and try to drink more water.

Nathaniel is a pretty lean dude so for him to gain weight it pretty surprising. He doesn’t realize he’s getting bigger until his pants are a little tighter than usual, or he’s getting a bit of a muffin top. He starts to eat healthier and will exercise when he has free time. Maybe he’ll get you to come with?

Lysander is really tall and to me he seems to be a bit wider than the rest, so him weighing a little more doesn’t surprise him or anything. He only does something about it if his clothes start to get too small for him. Untill then, he really doesn’t mind. T happens. He wouldn’t care if you put on weight so why should he worry about himself?

Armin gives no fucks. I feel like he’s got pretty high metabolism so he’s probably just been eating over his limit. Once he measures his portions more carefully he starts to slowly but surely lose the weight. But even then he doesn’t care whether he does or not and he’ll be damned before he even thinks about working out.

I really think it would take a lot of junk food and lack of exercise for Kentin to gain anything besides muscles since he seems to be pretty active and careful about his figure. He’d feel a little insecure and would immediately begin to exercise twice as hard and cut back on sweets. He knows you wouldn’t care but he can’t help but feel self-conscious about it, poor bby.

Bento Challenge Week 11: Healthy/Low Calorie

So I’ve got opinions when it comes to healthy food. Variety is better than restriction. Fat is necessary for satiety. Complex carbohydrates are better than simple ones, but a life without simple carbohydrates is no life at all. And, most of all, the more quickly you lose weight, the more likely it is that your body will kick into famine mode and increase your hunger cues for up to six years after you’ve lost the weight, trying every trick it can to return you to your former set point. So yeah, I could stand to lose a few pounds, but I’m making sure to lose that weight as slowly as possible (around 10 pounds a year), mainly by reducing the amount of out-and-out junk food that I eat and by increasing my physical activity (which currently equates to about 40 minutes of laid-back biking a day, though I want to incorporate some more strenuous activity into there at some point). It’s intended to be a permanent rather than a temporary thing. 

So I don’t have any interest in eating only low calorie lunches, per se. They’ll just make me hungrier when I get home after work. But since that’s the theme of the week, I figured a vegetable-and-fruit-only bento (with a bit of homemade balsamic salad dressing to keep things marginally interesting) would be a relatively painless way to go. I do really enjoy eating fruits and vegetables, and this theme gave me a reason to engage in one of my favorite hobbies: going to the specialty produce market and picking up some weird-ass plants. Yesterday’s haul included kumquats, green almonds, and kiwi berries, plus some extremely tiny sweet peppers, radishes, and multicolored grape tomatoes. I also got fiddlehead ferns and sea beans, but didn’t have time to cook them last night, so they didn’t wind up in the bento.

Then I used one of my slick new cookie cutters to imprint the OSHA Health Hazard symbol on some sorrel and called it a day!

This, my friends, is the difference that 30 pounds makes. When you’re losing weight slowly but surely, it can be hard to see the day to day progress in the mirror. Pictures definitely help!

I’m certainly not done, but I feel SO much better already. I was suffocating in my 237lb body. You can see it in the picture on the left, my smile looks forced and I just feel like my cheeks and double chins were taking over my face. The picture on the right, taken last week, looks relaxed and natural.

I feel like I’ve been given a new life and a second chance, and I’m not going to waste a second of it.

Today’s training session was amazing 😄
I hit a new personal best of 140# deadlifts!! 💪🏻🙌🏻 I sweat so much more now that I’m actively losing weight vs before when I was heavier. I don’t get it?!

I had leftover pizza and wings for dinner tonight. And I don’t feel even a tiny bit guilty about it. I worked hard today, I rarely get pizza anymore, and I’m not about restricting myself so much that I leave no room for the necessities of life 🍕 like pizza lol or poutine 🇨🇦
I have the whole rest of the month to eat all the chicken and try new veggies and see more progress, but this is a lifestyle change. The life I want to live needs to be maintainable, and so far, this process is working for me. I’ll still have junk and such, just not as often. I try and make better choices, I listen to my body more and don’t overeat, and I’m much more active than I ever was. I’ve made so much progress over the past few months and the fact that this works for me and I’m actually ENJOYING the process is much more important than the amount of weight I’m losing each month. I’m getting there. Slowly but surely. 💪🏻😄👌