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[TRANS] 160226 10Asia Interview - UP10TION’s Sunyoul

English translated by Hwannies @ up10tionintl

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My Name is Sunyoul. It means “to move people with a beautiful melody”. My real name is Sun Yein. It’s written as “bright (Ye)” and “virtuous (In)”, which means “to become a bright and virtuous person”.

When we debuted, I didn’t believe it, but above all, I was very pressured. While practicing, I can just practice harder to fix a mistake, but I can’t make mistakes on stage. That pressured me a lot. In the group, (the others shout “Mom!”) I have a motherly image because I take care of the others, but I don’t nag much. I’m different from Wei. I’m the kind who says, “Please clean up~~”, “You should lose some weight~~” (Wei: I say, “Clean up!”) “Shouldn’t you do this~~”, “Shouldn’t this be done~~~?”.

In the dorm, it’s dangerous to leave the bed, so I stay under the sheets. I like it under the sheets. On our off days, I stay in bed all day. If I have to go out, I make sure that I do everything at once. For example, if I have to go to the bank or buy something, I will go to the bank and then buy what I need in one go. On our off days I prefer to just stay at home and relax. I would go to the convenience store and buy a lot of food and then eat them all under the sheets. When I’m bored, I’ll talk to Gyujin who sits out in the living room with me, or look at my phone.

I look up to Younha. When other people do covers of her song, the feeling is different. Her vocal style is unique and she has her own feel, so I like her.

I saw Younha sing while playing the piano when I was younger and I fell for her. That’s when I decided that I wanted to become a singer. I lived in a rural place, but I saw her on TV in 4th or 5th grade. When I said that I wanted to audition in my 3rd year of middle school, my mom scolded me saying, “What are you gonna do if you don’t study?” But in my 2nd year of high school, my mom told me to audition so I decided to participate in Superstar K5, but I got casted there and went up to Seoul.

The 3 words that describe Sunyoul are “spectrum”, “Mom” and “high vocals”. When light gets reflected, you can see many colors, and I’m the same. (laughs) As for “Mom”, that’s what the rest call me. For “high vocals”, it’s something that I achieved through my own efforts. My voice has always been high pitched, but I could only go up to the 2nd octave ’fa’, so I went off pitch a lot during our monthly tests at the company. But I worked hard and I could reach the higher pitches. (Wei: He auditioned with IU’s “Someday”. I thought, “Was our company choosing female trainees?” I was shocked at first.) I was a special case. (laughs)

Dear Sunyoul, don’t worry too much and I hope everything works out as you work hard!

English translated by Hwannies @ up10tionintl

take out with full credit!


10Asia March 2016 - Sunyoul’s Interview 
(Scan by petit_charme@twitter, Trans by U10T-Sunyoul)

My name is Sunyoul. It holds the meaning of “moving people with beautiful melody”. Real name is Seon Yein; written as 叡(bright)仁(kind-hearted) and has the meaning of “becoming a bright person”. Actually when we made our debut it didn’t feel real; what I felt more was burden. That’s because while I was a trainee even if I made mistakes I could fix them by practicing, but I can’t allow any mistake to happen on stage. That part has become a big burden. Within our team, I play the role of (members saying “Mom!” here and there) mom and give the impression of being someone who takes care of others, but actually I don’t really want to nag that much. Wei and I are different in this case. I’m more like “Control yourself a bit~~” “Let’s lose some weight~~” (Wei: And I’m like “Have some self-control!”) “Weren’t you supposed to do xxx?” “Shouldn’t we do that~~~?”; this is my style. 

In our dorm it is very dangerous outside my blanket so I only stay under my blanket. I like it the best under my blanket. I don’t come out even when we got days off. When I have to go outside, I try to get everything done at once. For example, if there is something I need to do at the bank or something I have to buy, I’d finish both at once and buy stuffs after I went to the bank. On most of our free days I like to enjoy my freedom at home. I’d buy lots of snacks from convenience store and eat them under my blanket. If I get bored I’d talk with Gyujin who also sleeps in the living room or look at my mobile. 

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