losing toenails

Raj the Tiger

I first met Raj and his family through the following detailed email:

The tiger’s name is Raj, short for Maharaja.  He is 8-¼ years old and he is the most important tiger in the world.  Raj has joined us on every adventure since the day my son, E. found him in the Omaha Zoo gift shop.  Raj has been with my son in every one of our numerous moves (5 in 8 yrs) and is my son’s best friend.

E. is trusting you and me that Raj will return home in one piece.  E asks that you are very careful with Raj and he promises to feed Raj before he travels.

I think Raj needs a spa treatment and a hospital diet to plum up his body and legs.  E has asked that Raj not look brand new and no whiskers please.  (Raj had whiskers long ago that scratched his boy at bedtime, and they were removed by a grandparent shortly after adoption).
Raj did lose his toenails (black threads) in a tragic baby sister incident - my mother gave him pink and purple replacements that have never been Raj and E’s favorite.  Both of them would prefer no replacements.  E said he is not a stuffed animal expert like you are, and if you feel Raj needs toenails to keep his feet in good shape; he will listen to you.

We agreed that Raj would come to the hospital for a spa and pedicure (he didn’t need those stitches.

Raj arrived at the hospital in a well decorated box with labeled air holes:

He had a a bodyguard travelling with him (Tusk the Sibertooth Tiger), blankets, a pillow and his own food supply. 

 His young person had written out specific feeding instructions:

Raj quickly began his spa, with Tusk keeping watch:

You can already see him getting cleaner!  He got a new heart made with a bit of his original stuffing.  It had a tiger on it since he is a tiger, and a lion since his heart is as strong as a lion (or a tiger):

And once his chubbiness was approved, he was closed up and his fur was fluffed and he was ready to go home:

Tusk and Raj got back in their fancy box, with their blankets and pillow and food, and flew home to Indiana:

They made it home safe and sound and their person wrote:

Raj is home and he looks fantastic!  E was thrilled to see how well his friend was looking.  The stuffing was declared the perfect amount and that Raj smells great too.

Thank you for all of your work and time.  You made the process so easy and it was great seeing the photos of Raj’s heart and spa bath too!

Thank you again

Now that is awfully nice, and it and the photos of E taking Raj out of his box (now hanging in the hospital) were wonderful, but even better, I also received this surprise email:

  Dear Ms. Realmsofgold,
I am the GrandMUM of E whose Raj was just in your hospital . I want to thank you for the skill and tenderness you used tending to the most important tiger in the world.  E has had some difficult times without RAJJ….now thanks to you he is stronger and confident with RAJ at his side.  May God give you long life and strength to continue helping the “RAJs’ of the world.with much gratitude and respect,

I’ve never been called Ms. Realmsofgold before, but if that is the type of email that comes, I might just add it to my signature. :-)

the signs as stuff that sucks

Aries: forgetting your earbuds at home 
Taurus: losing money
Gemini: ingrown toenail 
Cancer: a cat ignores u 
Leo: an itch you cant reach 
Virgo: a dog ignores you
Libra: slipping in front of people
Scorpio: hang nail 
Sagittarius: B O 
Capricorn: slightly peeing your pants
Aquarius: dry throat
Pisces: your phone cracks