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Max Holloway vs. Anthony Pettis Set for UFC 206 in Toronto

 With UFC 205 and 207 already presenting extremely stacked cards, 206 only must rise to the occasion, and today (Oct. 26th, 2016) just made Dec 10th that much sweeter.

 Max Holloway, who’s currently on a 9 fight win streak will take on Anthony Pettis, whom only has one bout within the Featherweight division since moving from the 155lbs weight class.

 While things are foggy with McGregor’s return to the division and Aldo’s possible retirement from MMA, this looks to be the next no.1 contender fight.

 After a three fight losing streak at Lightweight, Pettis made the move to Featherweight, where he was successful in taking down Charles Oliveira, and now looks to further his win streak in hopes of becoming a two division champion (not simultaneously).

(written by: Adam LeBarr)


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