losing someone you love to corruption and there being no way to bring him back

When the Ink Dries VI (ch 13-16)

Rated: Explicit

Thank you: @icedteainthebag for brilliant feedback and guidance

Warning:  This story contains many potentially sensitive topics, too many to separately mention.  Read cautiously or have a friend vet it for you if you’re sensitive to something in particular.

Apology:  for it taking so long.  I recommend a refresher, if you can stand it, of at least the most recent chapters.

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Chapter 13

Mulder was on the porch when he got the phone call, the shrill landline ringer pricking the post-midnight air from behind the screen door like a chorus of crickets.  Out here in the middle of nowhere, it seemed a new species of bug came into existence once a week.  They used to refer to the place where he was sitting as Scully’s spot - now, like it or not, all the spots were his.  He’d been watching the driveway like a Golden Retriever every night since she moved out, faithfully expecting his vigilance to bring her back sooner, full of self-pity and priding himself in his loyalty.  The past couple of years, it seemed like he was busy anytime she was sitting out there.  But the tasks on his to-do list which were once so important only held his attention so long as the smell of her shampoo still hung in the doorway over her empty coat hook.  Once that was gone, there was nothing left to do.

In the rush and hush of it all, Stella’s smooth, silvery voice sounded even more illicit than it did any other time - so much so that at the beginning, he’d had a moment of panic where he wondered how he’d wound up on the phone with a nine-hundred-number.  

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My thoughts on Fëanor-

-and false claims that piss me off

See, I have been wanting to just sit down and write things about Fëanor for so long now but I’ve never gotten around to actually doing it. What is the purpose of this? Well mainly as entertainment for my followers, but also to clear up some things that I keep seeing repeated over and over again, and oh how many posts I would reblog on here if only they didn’t take a cheap, unfunny jab at Fëanor - The character I love more than any other in any form of media ever.

I will unfortunately be unable to share actual quotes in this piece. I let my friend borrow my english copy of the Silmarillion and so I only have the swedish version here, which is admittedly HILARIOUS occassionally, but it means that if I have a quote - I will have to translate it for you, so it won’t be exact word for word.

I won’t be talking about the different texts and exact words, but rather misconceptions I’ve seen prodding around about him, and direct arguments I’ve seen come from different parts of the fandom. I see the majority of the Tolkien fandom as the gosh darn best people I’ve ever had the joy of stumbling upon - endless amounts of fan-pieces, whether it’s art, music or writing that never seem to go away. They just get better and better and I love you.

But like I said there are SEVERAL things that are always brought up falsely about Fëanor that I just can’t stand for, sort of like the criticism against Thranduil that ‘OH HE’S JUST A RACIST SHITHEAD AND HE’S WRONG’, when in truth he’s the only actually rational and sane character in the movies.

THAT is the type of things I will bring up here. Read on further if you think it might me amusing. If you decide not to I wish you a pleasant evening/morning/day :D

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Starting Over Again

“request: “HEY! so i just wanted to request an angsty kihyun fic in which he is a member of an assassin group and it just so happens that you are his target but he does not that you are actually an assassin as well. TYSM😘!!” -anon

ship: Kihyun x [y/n]

genre: angst

word count:



Originally posted by monstaxscenariosx

“Caught you by surprise, didn’t I?” 

Kihyun’s breath hitched when he felt the cold surface of your blade on his throat. It was an unexpected turn of events. He was supposed to be in your position right now but sadly, he was in your position, the one who’s probably gonna lose his life.

“You’re also an assassin, huh?” His voice was filled with bitterness that he could even taste the metallic taste of his blood seeping out from his busted lip. “I am and I think it’s a bad decision for you to choose me as your target, Yoo Kihyun.”

Totally bewildered at the fact that you know his name, his eyes stared right into yours while staring at both of your reflections in the mirror right in front of the two of you. “You seriously don’t remember me, do you?

Do I know her? Kihyun mentally asked himself, trying to recall any particular memory to give him some hints of who you really are. Glancing down at your hand, the sight of a silver ring got all of his memories rushing back like a current.

“[y/n]?” His voice trailed off as he reaches up to your hand, slowly wrapping his fingers around your hand with tears welling up on the corner of his eyes.

Kihyun listlessly dragged his whole body towards the conference room where he was summoned by their leader, Shownu. Having the doors opened for him, he wasn’t too happy to see the red folder right in front of Shownu. 

He knew he was gonna get his hands covered with blood again. It has always been that way. Kihyun, the most wanted assassin for killing hundreds of well-known people. “What is it this time, Hyunwoo?”

It was rare to hear Kihyun call Shownu by his real name, and when Kihyun calls Shownu by his real name, it was obvious that Kihyun didn’t want to do the work that’s being thrown at him. It has actually reached to a point that Kihyun was sick and tired of taking away countless lives when he, himself, doesn’t even know why they had to be killed.

“I need you to kill her for me.”

Shownu didn’t waste any time and showed Kihyun a picture of you and a list of information about you. Glancing down on your picture, he felt his heart skip a beat for a second and that really bothered him.

There was something about your picture that he couldn’t pinpoint. Was it because he was reminded of someone whom he had long forgotten about? Was it because you looked too familiar for him? His eyes read all of the information written down on the piece of paper, pushing it away after memorizing a couple of information.

“When do you want me to start?” Kihyun leans back in his chair, an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach. The sun was still up and he just got back from another mission last night. Shownu somewhat had a miserable look on his face when he stared at Kihyun.

Doesn’t he remember her? Shownu thought as he took a hold of the folder. “You can start whenever you feel like it.” 

“Alright, I’ll be heading out tonight and I think I might need that information sheet for me to study this afternoon.”

Nodding his head in approval, Shownu rips the paper off the clip and hands it directly to Kihyun. Turning around to leave the place, Kihyun was brought to a stop by Shownu’s question.

“Doesn’t she look familiar to you?”

Shaking his head in disapproval, Kihyun didn’t think twice but to continue his way out. Sadly looking at Kihyun’s retreating back, Shownu slumps his whole body in his chair and lets out a deep sigh, wishing that Kihyun had never taken the job.

“Isn’t it sweet of you to finally remember me, Kihyun?” You blatantly asked as you just let his warm hands take a hold of yours but despite his sudden skinship, you never brought your guard down.

Memories of the two of you came rushing into Kihyun. The time when the two of you were happy in each other’s arms, enjoying each other’s warmth and touch…. but only to be destroyed once he entered MX. 

“You’re still wearing our wedding ring?” Kihyun sadly asked as he looked over to his wife, wondering why he never seemed to remember you when he saw your picture. Was it because his mind decided to bury that happy memory at the back of his head to keep him emotionally stable? Was it to keep him at bay? or was it to keep him away from hurting himself over and over again?

Scoffing at his own words, you only pressed the blade harder on his throat, slowly cutting through the first layer of his skin. “Pathetic, isn’t it? Even though here I am, holding a knife around your neck ready to kill you, I’m still wearing our damned wedding ring… knowing that our marriage had already died five years ago.”

Both of your chests were burning with sadness. It was a tragic ending for the two of you. You were taken away by people whom he never knew and he was taken away from you by MX. “What happened to you? Why are you an assassin?”

Glancing back at your reflection, he knew that the old [y/n] was long gone and was replaced by someone whom he never expected to meet. A new [y/n] who’s practically fine with killing people, having her hands stained with corrupted blood, and being heartless. 

You hated things like killing people when the two of you were still young and happy. But now, it was different… especially when Kihyun left you. You trained so hard in order to just meet him one day during some mission. You hoped that one day the two of you might meet with hearts still beating for each other and now is actually that day.

But the day when the two of you are up on each other’s throats, trying to kill each other. You fell silent when you heard his voice filled with concern and sadness. Why did you become an assassin in the first place, though? Was it because you wanted to run away from the pain that he’s caused you?

“I don’t know…” you whispered against his ears before making your hand go limp, pulling the blade away from his throat. “I… I can’t do this.” You angrily muttered as you tried to fight back the tears that were threatening to fall.

Feeling a lump in his throat, Kihyun wipes away the blood on his neck before pulling you into his arms. Oh, how long have he yearned to have you in his arms once again. Burying your face into his chest, you unconsciously wrapped your arms around him and burst out crying. 

“Why did you leave me?” Your cry was muffled in his chest, only to bring Kihyun to tears. “I never meant to leave you, [y/n].” Kihyun whispered as he slowly remembered why he left you in the first place.

“Kihyun, you do know that [y/n]’s in danger because of you right?” Wonho asked as he roughly places both of his hands on his shoulder. “I know…” Kihyun lifelessly replied with his eyes lowered to the ground. “And you do know how to keep her safe?”

Of course, Kihyun knew how to keep you safe but it was in a harsh way. If he joins MX, then he would be reassured that you’d be taken care of their sister assassin group, a group of people that he doesn’t even know about. But it also meant that he wouldn’t be able to see you again.

“Okay fine….” Kihyun gave up at the thought of you being in danger. Glancing towards your sleeping figure, Kihyun heaves out a sigh and mutter a sorry before glancing back up to Wonho.

“I’m in.”

Kihyun then tightens his grip around your, his shaky breath glossing over your neck as his tears have already betrayed him. “I’m sorry… but it was only one way to keep you safe, [y/n]…”

“Safe?” you scoffed as you pushed him away. You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. He never knew what happened to you. He never knew what struggles and beating that you’ve gone through to become an assassin… which you never wished to become.

“Do you call having my back whipped by some woman safe?! Do you call having my body filled with bruises safe?! Tell me, Kihyun, is everything that I’ve been through safe to you?!”

Gaping at the words that he just took in, Kihyun looks at you with eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “They did that?”

“They freaking did, Kihyun, they freaking did! And you know what, I had to freaking fight for this wedding ring so that I wouldn’t lose the only thing that reminded me that you were mine and you loved me.”

Looking down at his hands, he sadly twists the ring on his left hand before he softly mutters a sorry. “This is pointless..” you exasperatedly said as you walked towards him, grabbing his hand before placing the knife on his palm.

Just end it here, honey. I know what’ll happen if you don’t finish your mission.” 

Kihyun’s eyes widened in fear as he frantically shook his head in disapproval, throwing the knife away from the two of you. “No. I’m not gonna kill you…. [y/n], please, we can fix this. Let’s run away!”

You sadly smiled at him before letting out a shaky breath, “We can’t… we both know that they’ll be able to track us down and punish us once they find us.” Kihyun takes a hold of your hand, his vision blurred by the tears in his eyes.

“Let’s leave everything behind, [y/n]! We can be that happy couple we used to be and grow a family together!” 

Hearing those words were comforting enough to make you smile at him sincerely. You slowly remove his hands off of yours before cupping his cheeks. His tears were brimming down his cheeks, his lips were starting to swell from crying and you’ve never felt so broken to see him like that.

“I love you so much, honey, but I can’t do that… I know that we’ll be both dead if we ever try to run away.” 

“We can change our identity, [y/n]! We can fucking change it…. please… Let’s just live a normal life with mini me and mini you running around our house, I’m sick and tired of this life… please… just run away with me.”

Kihyun was literally sobbing as he leaned into your touch. He was right… the thought of that having a family with him felt magical that it sent butterflies in your tummy. Imagining what Kihyun just said made you change your mind. Taking his lips with your own, you couldn’t help but smile at the feelings of his on yours after how many years.

Pulling away from the kiss, Kihyun leaned his forehead against yours before sniffing. His gaze was soft and was filled with so much emotions. Tracing your fingers on his lips, you couldn’t help but smile before letting the words, that could change both of your lives, out from your mouth, making him burst out into a smile.

“Alright.. let’s run away and leave this all behind us.” 



He was nothing if not a patient man.

Everything was in place. He had all he needed or wanted in this moment. In the middle of the house, stood a room with no windows – just four walls and sparse furniture. The middle of the floor bore a single chair – one that would be the heart of his second surrender.

Those killers the BAU tracked day in and day out? Absolute amateurs compared to him; honestly, the only ones he had respect for were the occasional women they came across. They had a mission, a purpose – it wasn’t about pain, it wasn’t about some selfish need, for those women, killing was secondary - revenge was primary.

Though he didn’t come from the same place in the context of being a killer, he understood them; they killed because it was necessary.

And so did he.

Ever since he was a child, he knew he was different. Between his life with his parents taking in foster children and his intelligence, there was no chance he would’ve ever fit in. Frankly, it was better that way. Walking around the schoolyard, he’d watch his fellow classmates and scoff at how inferior they were. With nearly a 190 IQ, he couldn’t comprehend their little lives – the stupid things they did and said and worried about. There were so many other problems in the world. Why did their stupid troubles matter? 

He grew up superior. He grew up knowing he would make his mark on the world. But while the world assumed he’d make a difference with an amazing medical breakthrough or a landmark legal decision, he knew differently.

They’d called him dangerous.

They truly had no idea. If they had, they would’ve locked him up and thrown away the key.

The NSA had taken him on because he was considered too threatening to work in the general population. With his mind, he could easily take down the Pentagon or with a little work – only a little mind you – start the world’s next great war. So the U.S. government channeled that energy. It had been enough for a while. The work there actually challenged him slightly, but only for a small time, and then the news came.

His father’s imprisonment and subsequent death had been for nothing, because Dr. Regan ran with the Believe the Children movement, the movement that told local law enforcement to believe the ramblings of children. They’d claimed his father was a pedophile, but he wasn’t, and he’d died in prison because of exaggerated claims and the desire of a psychologist to make her own mark on the world.

How did the BAU become his target?

They’d taken on the case. It was as simple as that. He had no grudge against any of them personally, but Regan needed to die. Those kids needed to die. Revenge. It was all he had lived for. Once they were all gone, he needed to find another reason to live. And he’d landed on it watching the BAU team do their work. They were considered the best in their field. Unbeatable.

Ah, a new reason to live. 

To prove his superiority.

Sitting in the middle of the room, he began to file through the pictures in his pocket. Penelope Garcia. With her curly blonde locks, loud-colored frames and even brighter lipstick, one look was all it took to know she’d be the easiest to corrupt – to torture. Someone like her…she wasn’t meant to cross paths with someone like him. His plans for the rest of the team would rip her apart; she’d be so close to being able to help and yet so far, her communication cut off at varying intervals, with less and less of the team members each time, slowly driving her just a touch too far with all of the possibilities and few certainties. That was too simple, too easily done. The rest would be harder to drive to insanity, and so much more interesting.

Pulling the picture of Penelope aside, he let it float to the floor, his eyes now falling on the other beautiful blonde, Jennifer Jareau – loving wife and caring mother of two sons. It could’ve been three had she not been sent overseas into the hands of Michael Hastings and Tivon Askari. The entire team had been through enough pain for a lifetime, but Jareau…she’d experienced a few special types of pain: the never-ending pain of losing a child and the pointed, deliberate pain of torture. Again, he wasn’t a man to take pleasure in physical pain, but she couldn’t truly be sure of that.

Luke Alvez. Lewis’s finger ran over the cut of the new member’s jawline before carelessly tossing the picture on the floor. His room had taken some doing. A special painting was needed to truly get into the mind of the former U.S. Army Ranger. Every piece of his room was specially designed to bring him back to his time in the service. Each and every horrible loss he suffered, the men he lost, the fears that formed upon his discharge, all of it would come back. Maybe he would make it out, go back to the BAU and live a happy life with the man he loved but never told. Maybe he wouldn’t. It didn’t matter to him.

The new Unit Chief. SSA Emily Prentiss. No more Agent Hotchner – driven away by the sheer possibility of his son being targeted. No doubt he lived in fear every day that Jack wouldn’t make it until his 18th birthday. Knowing he was living with that fear was enough for him. Prentiss however had been isolated for seven months. After finding a family, a group of people she would give anything for, she had to leave them for their own safety. What would it be like for her to be isolated once more? Never knowing if she’d see her loved ones again. It was too bad that periodic outages were necessary for his plan, otherwise he would’ve given anything to watch SSA Prentiss lose her mind.

Only three left, not including the young one, Reid, of course. Once he was back inside, he’d have to find a way to get into contact with Ms. Adams – she was actually quite impressive. Now for Stephen Walker and David Rossi, the forever family man and the newly crowned one. Well, now it was just David unfortunately. Actually that might make it more interesting. He would need to prove he knew Stephen just as much as he knew himself, or face the consequences.

The last member. Dr. Tara Lewis. The comedic nature of them having the same last name did not escape him; it actually put a little smile on his face. A room full of numbers; she would have to swim through them to find her way to him. He had no doubt she would, no matter how long it took her. He was nothing if not patient and she was nothing if not determined. Upon putting the numbers in order, she’d find him. He wouldn’t put up a fight. And the indomitable BAU would take him in for a second time.

For as long as he lived, it would never end. They would be never be safe - and that’s what he was living for.

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So I just read the latest ask, and your last part about doing a pirates of the caribbean bit is so amazing I can't even tell you. Though maybe we could do a little Pirates Stony. Tony saves a young Steve from the sea. Only to meet him years later when he is dragged on to his ship as a hostage for ransom by either Bucky or Natasha. What surprises Tony more, how big Steve got or how he is now a pirate captain?

Originally posted by shawnasgonnagif

My friend, do you realize what you have done?

Pirates of the caribbean stony, with the same meet cute as finding pack? My mind has run off with it. 

Steve a little older than 9 so he and Tony have a better chance at remembering each other and Steve a better chance at remembering the Governor that passed away under mysterious circumstances’s son. Remembering the handsome fellow that saved him from drowning after doing the stupid thing of leaning his row boat to the side and falling over. Remembering how after the handsome fellow saved him the fellow didn’t immediately scoff or teased him after seeing how loosely his clothes fell over his skinny frame, how instead of saying expected things like “well it’s no wonder you were out drowning, no meat in your body to pull you to shore” or “just saved you so you can go out and meet death by the hands of some smuggler or even a wench, you won’t last long in a fight.” The fellow just asks if he’s okay and if he’d like any help retrieving whatever he had on his row boat or if he needed to find his parents. 

Then when the fellow makes the little friendly comment of “handsome guy like you shouldn’t go out by means of drowning,” well, let’s just say young Steve is a bit smitten. 

He never put together handsome fellow being the same man that, if rumors were to be believed, was the first man heard of to be married off to either a woman (Sunset I’m thinking here, and she’s the one to ask her father to set it up because she wanted a piece of Tony and would have no other, no matter how much Tony’d say no) or another man (Hammer again, or even Ty Stone, sons of other more powerful governor’s than Howard) by his godfather, and the same man who could create dreams with his hands. All Bucky and Natasha knew was that their pirate gang needed a bit of money to repair one of their sails, and even though ‘pirates’ are on their titles they’re not bad pirates. More like robin hood pirates who only take from the wealthy and use that wealth to hunt down other nasty pirates and even put a stop to some very corrupt men of power. They see a perfect opportunity when Tony passes by, oblivious to the two notorious and infamous pirates of the Avenger (ship name). They don’t give him a chance to even squeak as they whisk him off into the night and to their ship. 

They notice eventually someone following them. Someone who probably saw Tony get taken, so they act fast and try to lose them before the navy gets called. Only this person is persistent and at one point order them to let go of their friend. Clearly this person is close to their captive, so what do they do? Why snatch the second person up so they can double the ransom. People of high class only befriend other people of high class. Someone will pay for them both. 

Only when they bring the two on board they find two problems with their plan. One, the friend they snatched doesn’t look high maintenance, isn’t wearing any of the expensive clothing. In fact what Bucky has on is about the same worth as the friend. Shaggy and curly hair, unshaven face, the way he fidgets and rubs his hands together? This isn’t a man in power, this is a commoner! 

Their second problem is because of Steve. They’ve known the man long enough to know that look as being nothing but shock. So Steve knows the man they first snatched up, no big deal. They could work on convincing Steve to send the ransom and they’ll even return the man in tip top shape. No harm. But then the very same man is looking at Steve in wonder, then as if he’s grown two heads, then he finally looks around the ship and notices it’s a pirate ship and well, that look of shock is back along with disbelief and when that finally fades the look of utter betrayal he gives not only Steve, but all of them, well, it’s enough to even make Bucky and Natasha feel guilty. 

Well, shit, this just got complicated. 


You make great villains the same way you make any great character–by making them real and dynamic. But villains must be paid extra attention because they, along with the protagonist, provide the crux of the story: the conflict.

When I talk about villains, I’m talking not simply talking about the force or figure working against the protagonist. I’m talking about the bad guy. Not every story has a villain. But when a story does have a villain, they must be done well.

Villains should be:


And to be dangerous he must be:

Active. Not some uninvolved figure the hero is trying to bring down. Your villain should be working just as hard against the hero as the hero is working against them. A disinterested villain is boring and not at all scary.

Smart. I see this cliché a lot. The climax comes about and the villain does something exceptionally stupid so the hero can defeat them. They stand there and give their spiel so the hero has time to escape/be rescued. They think “Oh, there’s no way he’ll get out, might as well call my guards away." 

Having a stupid villain makes the hero look weak, the win feel cheap, and the writer look lazy and unimaginative.

Purposeful. I don’t know any person or thing in real life who embraces evil for evil’s sake. There should always be a reason for your villain’s villainy. Similarly, your villain shouldn’t be running around being bad just to show how bad they are–that’s cheap and hollow. Everything should have purpose or it loses meaning.

Example: James Moriarty from BBC's Sherlock. Sherlock describes Moriarty as "He’s a spider, a spider at the center of a web, criminal web with a thousand threads and he knows precisely how each and every single one of them dances." Moriarty is depicted as someone whose intelligence and skill is widespread, all-encompassing. He is a very powerful man with a very bad purpose, and that makes him dangerous.


Your villain and what they represent (the conflict) should have real-world resonance. Without this connection to issues in the life of the reader, the villain is only relevant within their story. That can make for an okay story, but it will never make for a great one.

Great stories are the ones that crawl inside you and live there for a while, and that won’t happen unless the reader can connect deeply with the conflicts within your story.

Your villain must stand for something bigger than themself. Every character should to an extent, but especially the hero and the villain. Think about your favorite book, show, movie, etc. Almost certainly it deals with an issue that you can connect with deeply whether it be cultural identity, social inequality, heartbreak, struggling with self-love, and on and on. You care so much about that story because it is relevant to you.

Example: President Snow. He represents something that teenagers are starting to realize is a very big issue in the real world: corrupt government. Dystopia. There are startling parallels between how the Capitol wants to spin the romance in the Games to distract from the literal murder of children by other children and how our own media focuses more on Team Gale/Team Peeta than on the horrifying themes addressed within the book and movie. The movies are their own sort of sick irony, perpetuating this issue of the rich getting richer while presumably speaking out against it.


Do not get this confused with realistic. Real simply means believable, honest, understandable. Your story is fiction, after all, so not every element of your story needs to be "realistic.”

Your villain should be as multi-faceted as your hero. This goes back to giving your villain purpose. The reader should be able to see where your villain is coming from even if they don’t agree with their actions. Your villain should have strengths, flaws and should be dealing with issues the reader can get

Example: think about how the perception of Voldemort changes throughout the series as more and more of his past is revealed. The reader begins to understand why Voldemort hates Muggles and Muggle-born witches and wizards, but his actions are never justified. 

And if you want your villain to be really fucking compelling, those many facets of their personality and desires should have a direct relationship with the hero. The villain and the hero should have chemistry so the conflict between them is amplified and made more complex. This can be done by having the villain directly parallel the hero, or having them directly oppose the hero–but honestly it is best done with some of both.

Example: the Joker (I know–you can’t talk about great villains without bringing up this asshole). In The Dark Knight, there are direct parallels between the Joker and Batman: both are just human, both technically hide behind a mask, both are incredibly smart/skilled, the Joker says Batman “completes” him, even going on to say, “Don’t talk like one of them. You’re not! Even if you’d like to be. To them, you’re just a freak, like me!”

But the Joker also compares them to “an unstoppable force” and an “immovable object.” They are so similar, but in different directions. The Joker wants chaos, Batman wants order. I read an excellent post analyzing their relationship here on tumblr and I can’t find it which makes me so sad, but it basically said that Batman represents what people can be at their very best, the Joker represents what they can be at their very worst.

That relationship, that chemistry, adds layer upon layer to the conflict, making it that much more interesting and compelling.

Villain Inspiration: Villains I Want to See in YA (Actually goes for any genre, really)

justanotherflailgirl  asked:

Your tags for the post about Rose McIver returning to OUAT were exactly the same things I was thinking! I loved the tinkerhook dynamic and I felt that we saw so little of it. Forget the reginasoulmate blah blah blah, I NEED more hook backstory! What are your thoughts about his early pirate days, before Milah?

You know that feeling when your heart starts to race when someone else mentions the thing you spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about and invites you to share???


I could go on and on (and on and on…) about post-Milah, revenge-driven heartbroken Captain Hook and his Neverland days with his compatriot-in-heartbreak Tinkerbell (I may have written a fic or two about it), but here’s why pre-Milah pirate Captain Jones is such an underrated and important time in Killian’s life.

In Good Form, straight-laced beponytaled Lieutenant Jones, at the peak of his reform from his gambling and drunken habits from his days of servitude, loses his brother and turns pirate.  Just when he thought he had risen above his indentured status, had pride in his achievements and well on the road to bringing “glory to the Jones brothers”, his world came crashing down around him, the shattering realization that they had only shifted their servitude from a corrupt sea captain to a corrupt king.  He vowed to never again take orders from anyone else, let alone someone dishonorable enough to send good men out to fight and die for underhanded and unscrupulous reasons. When he makes his great speech to the crew, he doesn’t say “fuck the king, lets go out and get rich and live in luxury and make the world bow to our whim”, he says, “We will live by our own rules, never again will we take orders from a nefarious king and be subject to anyone else’s authority.” For the first time in his life, Killian Jones feels truly free.

Cut to the tavern flashback in Devil’s Due, we see the dreaded not-to-be-trifled-with pirate Captain Jones swooping in to defend a woman being disrespected by a handsy creep. (I actually wrote an entire meta on just “at your service, ma’am”, that’s how obsessed I am.) When she pegs him as a pirate, he shrugs off the nomenclature and offers his perspective, “We sail where we will and answer to no crown.” Then he flashes that charming proud puppy grin we all know and love. He’s flirting with a woman by sharing what he is most proud of- the independence he enjoys that he achieved on his own accord. This freedom is the basis for the entire conversation that follows.

And herein we get the only firsthand insight to Killian’s pirate life pre-Milah. What did he do in the years in between Liam’s death and falling in love with Milah. When she asks “Is it wonderful to travel so much?” He pauses, then gets that wistful stare while barely whispering, “Aye.” He nearly gets lost in the idea of how incredible it feels to be completely free and at his own whim, to explore the wonders of the realms, harking back to nights in cold, dank crew quarters that he must have dreamed of such a life. He finds his way back to the conversation with that little bench scoot towards her when he starts to describe some of his favorite experiences and destinations. He sees the caged nature in her eyes of another sheltered soul and offers to take her with him on his adventures, to free her the way he always wished to be freed.

So we can surmise that what transpired in the days between those events is the unadulterated fulfillment of Killian’s ambition. Exploring the treasures the world has to offer (and taking some of it too), answering to no man but himself. But he knows that everything he has achieved- his freedom, the agency, even his captaincy, would never have come to him if not for Liam’s death. Everything he has he owes to his brother. He can never completely enjoy his accomplishments and his adventures because he flashes to thoughts of how Liam can’t be there to see it.

Imagine, for instance, in the “cities where the air smells of spices and women are carried on jeweled chairs”, Killian roaming the markets of treasures and luxuries, indulging in delicious food and exquisite drink, the tastes and smells he never could have dreamed of. Exploring rich cultures in the far reaches of the world he only ever saw on a map. There is always this thought in the background, ever present, sometimes barely noticeable, sometimes deafening, “You would have loved this, brother.” It is in Liam’s honor that Killian never squandered a single moment of that life, he seized every opportunity he could, bowed to no man, and savored every opportunity that Liam died to afford him. He lives his life to the absolute fullest because he knows that life is a gift, to be enjoyed and shared with others.

And one day he does return to that port and Milah decides to run away with him and Killian learns of perhaps the most valuable of all life’s riches- love.

Heathens - Demon!Dean x Soulless!Reader

A/N: Even with my computer corrupting the file, I managed to get it up before midnight! Super excited about that. As of now, this is an imagine that will stand on its own. However, I do have some ideas that could further it if I decide to go down that route. Hope you all enjoy! :)

PS: Yes, the name relates to Suicide Squad. I really did love it. ;)

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Warnings: Murder, Implied Smut, Season 10 spoilers, little editing

Word Count: Roughly 2500

“Y/N?” Dean Winchester. A deep, gravelly voice you hadn’t heard since Bobby died. A voice that should have meant something to you. A voice that instead made you turn slowly, a brow raised.

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How about some soulmate au where the soulmates thoughts about the other appear on their skin if that makes sense? I'd love to see McCree and Soldier 76 or whoever else you wanna add!

I love this.
Also, I had a really hard time coming up with a scenario to write for McCree, until I went into my AUs folder and the first thing that jumped into my eye was this little gem here and I laughed for about fifteen minutes at the idea, so of course I wrote it.

Requests are closed.

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Uprooted by Noami Novik

My Rating: 5/5

“Our Dragon doesn’t eat the girls he takes, no matter what stories they tell outside our valley.”

Forget everything you think you know about folklore and enter Novik’s realm of dark fantasy in this stunning debut full of lush and terrifying fiction. Uprooted is easily a unique masterpiece with plots and characters unlike any others in its genre. I started off reading this book as one would begin a thrilling but harrowing task. I’m never one to be put off by the size of a book, however at first glance Uprooted seems like a monstrosity of small fonts and lengthy pages, something that can make any reader feel threatened.

Do NOT let this fool you, for once I began to invest my time into the chapters, the pace quickened so much so that I devoured two-hundred pages over the course of a few hours (which for me, and my ADD, was remarkable)! In a strange way, I felt that the book was almost too good for my brain to keep up with everything…if that even makes sense. I like to thoroughly take in every detail of any story, and Novik is a wordsmith goddesses, so of course I was bit overwhelmed by my own sheer exuberance. There’s enough space between her phrases to leave room to the imagination, a feat that I respect when it comes to how an author writes his/her story. But in my case, I was just so excited to read the book that I wound up thinking about reading the book…instead of actually reading the book…(*insert face-palm*). Nevertheless, this piece of fiction is exceptionally crafted and brimming with strong protagonists. This is all I want in an epic fantasy, and I have a feeling you will want it too.

“It comes, I suppose,” I said thoughtfully, speaking to the air, “of spending too much time alone indoors, and forgetting that living things don’t always stay where you put them.”

We start off our journey with Agnieszka, a young peasant living in the quant village of Dvernik which borders the deadly, malevolent Wood. Her dearest friend, Kasia, emits strong beauty and bravery―qualities of which the Dragon sees fit enough for a new servant. The Dragon is an immortal wizard who protects the villagers against the dark magic of the Wood, yet each decade he takes the most promising girl to live with and serve him for the next ten years of her life. He des not harm the girls, and each one never returns to their meager lifestyle in the valley once they are put back into the world―instead going off to greater cities pluming wealth and prosperity. Kasia has known since she was a child that she is more than likely to be chosen by the Dragon. Agnieskza has known as well, and the thought of losing her aquatinted-sister is maddening. Until the day of the harvest comes, and the Dragon does not choose Kasia.

*It is now three-o’clock in the morning and I just finished Uprooted after binging the book for the previous forty-eight hours. My head is still spinning. That was without a doubt one of the best books I’ve ever read.

The plot was enchanting with all its twists and turns, especially considering the abstract idea of the antagonist―and I only say idea because this antagonist was not a person, rather it was a forest more eerie than the one found in Snow White. The Wood, as it is known amongst the characters, is a giant shadow of land that lurks within reach of the village inhabitance, constantly picking off children and others who wander too close. It spreads like disease and can corrupt those who’ve never even been to the outer reaches of the valley, simply by plaguing someone and sending them back without seemingly any traces of evil. Novak has created such a compelling image of darkness, and it is all the more ingenious because this wickedness does not reside within a single person. The antagonist is not governed by what most living antagonists are contrived of―no, this antagonist is literally Mother Nature in full fury.

To defeat such a villain, Agnieskza must learn quickly of who she was destined to be, and with the begrudging help of her mentor, the Dragon. The most shocking of all the subplots was undeniably the stories that came from the Wood and it’s origin. You’ll meet characters so wonderfully crafted, and they’ll tear your heart to pieces. This is not your average folktale. It’s so, so much more.

But the best thing by far were the characters and the relationships held between each of them. For starters, Agnieszka is not written as some beautiful damsel with a fate that will make or break the becomings of the universe― she’s simply a peasant girl who cannot go ten minutes without ripping her skirts or getting dirt in her hair. Her bravery, cunningness, compassion, and humorous whit are what makes her character so compelling. I fell in love with her, and that’s not very common for me and the main protagonists because I usually find some flaws that cannot be cast aside to be unnoticed. Raw and so wildly foreign, Agnieszka is all I’ve ever wanted in a strong heroine.

What makes her even better is the relationship she shares with her dearest friend, Kasia. I cannot begin to express how pleased I was that Novik didn’t touch upon two jealous friends who bicker over boys and beauty. I’m so disgusted with the trope of girls unnecessarily loathing one another, and this book was such an overwhelming breath of fresh air that their sisterly friendship actually did bring me to tears on a few occasions. Also, Kasia wasn’t left behind in the grand scheme of the books commencement. I won’t tell you what becomes of her because that would involve spoilers, but it’s pretty freaking awesome. Kasia is a courageously loyal friend, and a sharp sword when needed be.

The Dragon, much like Agnieszka, is not the average brooding male protagonist you might have expected. He’s refined and well-spoken, but also incredibly sarcastic and exasperated with the nonsense he has to put up with. Wizards, especially those who’ve been lingering for more than a century, have grown cold to the ways of endearment. The Dragon cares about the health and safety of his people, and those outside of his borders, but that doesn’t mean he wishes to tether himself to them in fear of being hurt through their inevitable deaths.

What I love most about him is how he treats everyone else around him, even those who we’d consider enemies. He’s not malicious or hot-headed, in fact he’s quite the opposite. The Dragon (and you will find out his true name int he book!) is very wise and very alone. Agnieszka enters his realm of brick towers and barriers and forces them all down in a heartbreakingly, amusing adventure full of bickering, snipping and name calling. I’m a sucker for platonic friendships, but I’m downright obsessed with those friendships that flourish into platonic romances (which then harvest into something even more beautiful as time goes on). So to surmise, Uprooted, although not heavily focusing on romance of any sort, enraptures all I want in a perfectly imperfect OTP (One True Pairing).

This story, although making my heart swell, was nonetheless dark and complicated. I don’t know if I’d truly classify this one as YA because there are moments where violence and explicit content are used as the foremost points of development. Perhaps it’s better as a NA novel? Regardless, I wouldn’t mind the rating at all so long as some of these entities don’t disturb you. I’m not quite certain what thrilled me the most; the romance, the battles, or the Wood. Every aspect of this novel was carefully delivered with an underlying tone of bitter darkness that halfway reminded me of tree rot or moss…not that I’m being nostalgic or anything (I totally am). I’ve studied forestry for a while and the organic diction and prose of this story had me swooning. The setting was delightful, and the writing style was one of the best I’ve ever come across. It kept me engaged from prologue to epilogue.

But for all the emphasis I put on the world-building and characters, one of the best things about this story was truly the aesthetic of wizardry and witches. I didn’t know I’d be reading about witches, specifically ones arranged so whimsically. The spell-language, as the Dragon called it, is lyrical even though my tongue tripped over the strange words more than a few times. The magic is so vividly described that it makes you feel as though you can brew the potions and cast the spells as well. This book presented a look inside the makings of wizards in such a new and darkly romantic angle, and I couldn’t have been more pleased.

Uprooted is brilliant beyond words, an old artwork that had been lost but newly found and restored to life. It was everything I had hoped it would be and MORE. I’m proud to say that Naomi Novik is now one of my favorite authors and I can’t wait to see what else she’ll gift us in the future. I recommend this book to everyone! It deserves all of the stars, the moon, and the planets.

And, like all the books I love madly, I made a playlist for Uprooted which you can listen to HERE. I hope it inspires you to read the book, or if you have read it already then I hope it delights you!

Willow Tree March- The Paper Kites, From The Woods- James Vincent McMorrow, My Lair- Bear’s Den, What The Water Gave Me- Florence and The Machine, English House- Fleet Foxes, You’re a Wolf- Sea Wolf, Garden- Cold Weather Company, Stubborn Beast- Bear’s Den, April- Nick Mulvey, Anchor- NOVO AMOR, Coins in A Fountain- Passenger, Autumn Tree- Milo Greene, St. Clarity- The Paper Kites, Magnolia- Wilsen, Blood (Mree Cover)- The Middle East, Weather- NOVO AMOR, Bodywieght- Annie Eve, Switzerland- Daughter, Goat- French for Rabbits, Fairytales and Firesides- Passenger, I Follow Rivers (Marika Hackman Cover)- Lykke Li

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Let Me Tell You About You

I was dancing. My feet were pounding against the floor in time with the beat of the loud music that blared from the clubs speakers. My clothes were sticking to me like a jolly rancher to its wrapper after sitting in someone’s warm pocket for too long. My head was buzzing slightly from the alcohol and my heart was tapping against my chest from adrenalin.
I was having the best time of my life from dancing in a club with about a hundred people that I didn’t know whose bodies were just as buzzed and sweaty as my own. My friends were sitting down at a booth, downing shots and kissing men whose names they hadn’t bothered to find out. I on the other hand wasn’t interested in that, I came to places like this to lose my mind to the music and allow my body to move in any way it felt like it should. That was my release. As my body jumped and swayed to the music a smiled spread across my face due to the high that I was feeling. So high off of nothing but the music.
1 hour later:
I had taken a break to get a drink but I couldn’t stay away from the dance floor for too long. When I heard another song start up I made my way to the floor and slid in where I could. I began dancing again, in my own world, until I heard someone whistle lowly. My body didn’t will itself to stop moving, but I did look up to see who was whistling at whom. My eyes focused in on a guy. His shirt was off and tattoos decorated his defined body. I licked my lips still moving and watched as he carefully took off his dark sun glasses. Although the club was dark, I could identify that he was more than a looker. This boy was gorgeous and every hormone in my body sprung to action as I registered this. His eyes caught mine and my throat caught my breath. Any other time I would have felt inferior with a guy so spectacularly attractive even glancing at me but I don’t think that I was really myself in that moment. I watched as this boy walked through the crowd to where I stood moving less now, but still moving. He didn’t stop walking until he was inches away from my face and my heart was beating so rapidly that I feared I’d go into cardiac arrest. He snaked his arm around my waist and placed his hand on the small of my back. My hormones were jumping again and I wanted to scream or cry or run, however, I couldn’t do anything but stare into his eyes. A pool of soft brown and caramel that made my knees weak. “Keep dancing” he said into my ear as he pulled my body against his. Oh God, he smelt amazing, like lavender and axe. I listened to him and moved my body against him, allowing his other arm to trap me against his body. I had no idea who this guy was but he somehow managed to cast a spell on me in the time that he whistled and made eye contact with me until now. Normally I wasn’t this type of girl, I had fun on my own and my conscience tried profusely to remind me of that, but I ignored it. I let the music tell me what to do and avoided thinking about consequences. “Damn baby,” the guy muttered as his hands ran over ever dip and curve that my body possessed. I did my very best to suppress the shudder that crept on me. I pulled away from him some, so that I could get another good look at him, but he wasn’t having that. He took that moment as an opportunity to turn me around and get my back to his chest. “You’re not like these other girls,” he muttered as he guided my hips to the music. I opened my mouth to say nothing, staring at the people intertwining their bodies with others. “Don’t ask me how I know because I just do. I go from club to club and see all types of girls. They throw themselves at me; basically crawl on their hands and knees over to me for what? A quick fuck or feel up,” he chuckled lowly. “It amazes me, but I don’t have many objections. I benefit either way. Yet here I am dancing with you. You’re the type of girl who steers clear of guys like me, but not for the reason that most people think,” he went on. My throat felt dry and I had to remind myself to keep moving. The boy continued to amaze me. From his looks to the strange way he told me about my own self. “You steer clear of guys like me, not because you think we’re bad news but because you’re not confident. You lack self assurance therefor you think that a guy like me wouldn’t take a second glance at you, but you’re wrong. You’re so wrong that it pains me sweetheart. I like girls like you; girls who bury themselves in books or writing maybe,” he smirked against my neck and then placed a small kiss on my jaw line. I closed my eyes briefly to steady my irregular breathing. “Yeah, you keep to yourself most times, but theres a side of you that only your friends really know about. Like how you were dancing not too long ago. The way you move your body is dangerous girl, if only you knew. If only you knew that not all girls like you can shy away from guys like me which might explain how you and I ended up here right now. Crazy how things work huh? Well I just want you to know that I’d take more than one glance at you, I’d devour every inch of your being with my eyes. I’d take you home right now and fuck you senseless. I swear I’d make you forget your own damn name,” he whispered. I gripped his muscular arms, hopping that I’d gain some sort of support before I collapsed into a pile of pitiful on the floor. “But you’re not that type of girl. You’re delicate and pure and as much as I’d love to corrupt that and ruin you, I can’t,” he said causing your heart to drop a little. He pulled away, not before squeezing your sides an pecking your neck again. You blinked a few times, trying to bring yourself back to reality. By the time you turned around to try and make sense of what had just occurred, he was already a few feet away. You watched in awe as his back flexed while he walked back over to his friends, only once did he turn around to flash you a weakening smile.

I liked writing this imagine. I’m gaining followers but nobody is requesting 😩🙃 makes me sad.
My thoughts on Olicity, Samantha, and William in 4x08

Okay, so I woke up to everyone (mostly) kicking off about Oliver’s actions and Samantha’s demands in this episode. I watched the episode and honestly, couldn’t understand why the hatred - and I’m talking sheer hatred on some people’s parts. How can you take this one action from Oliver and use it to completely lose your love for a character?

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So I've been thinking about Rose's Room. Why do you think Rose would have such a room? What does she use it for? (Please feel free to assume Rose Diamond theory applies here.)

My thinking about Room hinges on a couple of things. I will note here that I tend to call it Room and talk about it in a certain manner, because it really is a character in its own right- unlike the other rooms of the Gems from what we’ve seen.  I tentatively use she/her for Room because created by Gems, she’s likely modeled on them to a degree and both of the avatars she’s used to talk to Steven directly have also been characters who use she/her- Rose’s voice via the Pink Whale, and the illusionary Connie.

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Major ACOTAR 3 theory: hermajestymanon & propshophannah
  • @propshophannah
  • hermajestymanon: you know when rhys was shot w the arrows?And how th third book is based off of snow white? when feyre healed rhys ONE OF THE ARROWS WAS MISSING what if the arrow, having rhys blood on it, was taken to put him under a “curse" or the arrow, having his blood, was used to open the gates to the prision since his blood is KEYED to the gates
  • propshophannah: I HAD THE SAME SUSPICION ABOUT THE PRISON!! I posted soemthing about it a few weeks ago but it’s like you and I are the only two alive in the fandom these days!! Like WHY WOULD MAAS tell us the gate is keyed to him. Like we know he can’t get anyone out of the prison **But if you have his blood AND THE CAULDRONit HAS GOT to be possible!!

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how about haizaki, hanamiya, aomine and kyoutani being insecure as to why their kindhearted and gentle girlfriend choose to date them sinc they`re (especially haizaki and hanamiya) "bad boys" or more rough than other guys. but they`re too head over heels/whipped to ever let her go despite their insecurities xD

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:  Soo idk if any of you even read these things, but this as it says, this is important, because i, Admin Sasha, is thinking on adding Diamond No Ace as one of the fandoms we write for! I only just started watching, so it might take awhile before i officially open requests for DnA (currently on epsidoe 20 i cri). But for now i’d like to know what you guys think?Also female pronouns ahead

Aomine: Losing bothered him. The sun’s heat when he sleeps on the rooftop bothered him. But nothing has ever bothered him, nothing ever shook his heart more than the nagging thought that bothered him ever since he saw you tend to his teammates after their lost against Seirin. You’re not the team’s manager, you’re not even close to the team members other than Aomine and Momoi.

Then he saw you genuinely encourage each individual with a smile on your face, bringing contagious small smiles on their faces. Aomine never felt so lucky to have you, someone tender and caring, warm like a mother’s embrace, yet at the same time he’s never felt so self conscious.

What’s his talent compared to you? Strip that away from him, and he’s nothing but a pretentious asshole who knows nothing but basketball and intimidating his opponents. And he wonders, what kind of miracle would go for someone like him.

“I’m not going to let you go you know” you know he meant that metaphorically, but does he have to do it while suffocating the life out of you too? “And god damn it, please, don’t let go too”

You weren’t sure what brought him to think of this. But it’s best not to question when his emotions are laid bare before you, in silence you embraced him, an embrace much intense than the ones you gave to his teammates. After all, he did say the word please, which is something you’ve never dreamed of hearing.

“You big baby, what makes you think i’ll be able to let go?”

Haizaki: He was unusually quiet, and didn’t even react to your sexual comments. Which only happens when something’s wrong. It was hard to tell exactly what’s wrong, his eyes would go distant and he’d make up lame excuses about how he needs to be somewhere else whenever you asked.

“What’s going on?” you firmly asked

Haizaki flinched. What. The. Hell.

This man, who brought fear in his opponent’s eyes with his cruel style of playing, flinched at the sound of your dainty, feminine voice. What had you done to him?

“Do you ever stop and think, that i’m a bad guy?”

Anyone who came across him would think so.

“Sometimes i wonder, what is this gorgeous chick doing with a corrupted guy like me. I mean, you’re not even bad in bed, you could’ve chosen anyone you want, and heck you’d leave them wanting more. So what the heck are you doing with me? Was it fear that drove you to agree to my confession?”

Haizaki allowed your small hand to grip at the collar of his clothes, and look into your eyes with a burning curiosity, but somewhere hiding behind it, pain.

“I don’t know”

He didn’t know what to make of that answer.

“But all i do know now, is someone has to keep you on a leash, and if that person was someone else other than me, i think i might just go insane. Somehow i just knew, that even if you were trouble, you belong with me”

His shoulders shook, and his chest rumbled, followed by a loud laugh from relief. The skies as if cleared up once more, as the old Haizaki came back and pulled you to sit on his lap.

“There’s my possessive little girl, didn’t know you had it in you, you’re getting me so turned on right now”

Okay, sometimes, his sex drive drove you nuts, but, like you said, if he were to say these things to anyone else, you might have to decapitate someone.

Hanamiya: “You should leave while you can” his tone indicates a strong suggestion for you to take. But with Hanamiya, you were never sure if he was being sincere with his words, or if some twisted ending would follow.

“Was it because of what Furuhashi said? When he compared how you treat me in this relationship, to how i treat you?” he wanted to laugh and deny you with a roll of his tongue. The pitter patter of raindrops, and your spot on answer, swallowed the forced out laughter.

He was left with you staring at him.

And he wanted you to stop, stop before those eyes melts the steel cage inside him. “Tch, like i even listened to him” you didn’t believe him, god, how did he let himself become so vulnerable around you, that you noticed what a broken man he truly was.


He basks in the sweet melody of your voice calling out his name, a siren’s call, so alluring yet cruel to the prey. Your hands slid up to his face, and cupped his cheek with your one hand.

“I know”

He hated long speeches, people tend to over exaggerate their feelings through an abundance of complicated words that no one ever bothered listening to. You were different. You know him. Which was silly, because he barely know in which direction does his hair grow, but you know. And even if you answered wrong, he’ll believe you.

It all got mixed up along the way, instead of trapping you in his web, you also trapped him in yours. Maybe, this is what’s called love. Even with two words, spoken with bleary eyes and breath that smells of coffee, he seemed to feel much better, no longer questioning his self worth.

He believed you.

Kyoutani: If his title wasn’t enough to give you a warning on what kind of person he is, then you must either be idiotically brave, or someone who he came to fell for. For you, it was the latter.

He never focused much on the prospect of being in a relationship, but now that he’s in one, he wished he would’ve read the rules or even prepare himself first for what’s about to come. Oddly enough, even with all the mental exhaustion, the smile on your face always gets him through the day. Maybe, even causing him to smile too.

Because he didn’t and couldn’t read the rules of entering a romantic relationship    if only someone were to invent one    he found himself lost, because for some unknown reason he began to doubt himself more and more the deeper this relationship gets. And the more he thinks about it, the more his doubts make sense.

You deserved someone better, heck, anyone other than him. You would get along with everyone easily, and people would find it easy to fall for you if they would. Iwaizumi seemed like a much better boyfriend, albeit awkward and shy around girls, he’s responsible, caring, supportive, and something he wished he could be, he was unpredictable, and a ‘Mad Dog’. What would parents say if their girlfriend brought home this delinquent, compared to a responsible, sensible man?

He did not respect the ace for nothing after all. The more he watched you converse and laugh along with his teammates    whom you’ve known in a shorter amount of time than him yet somehow got along better with    the more he begins to see the error in your judgement. You could’ve been happier if you chose different. If only he was a better person.

“Kenta-kun!” his name rings in his ear, and he stopped in his trail to wait for you.

He wanted to tell you to leave him and be with someone better, he really did, but he sees you smile, smile only for him, and complain about your day with a comical expression on your face, something he never saw you do with anyone else but him, then he knows that even though he wasn’t the best, to you, he is.

“Eh?” you made a surprise gasp when he suddenly clutched your hand in his.

“Is something wrong?”

He shook his head, at the corner of his eyes he could see Oikawa cooing at the two of you while Iwaizumi kept him on his spot.

“Nothing, just, glad you’re here”

You were surprised, but you didn’t complain, and for the rest of the walk it was silent.

“You were feeling doubtful about yourself again?” Kyoutani made a choking noise from astonishment, and when he looks down at your face, smiling at him, he told you the truth with a nod.

“You always have that weird expression on when you’re starting to doubt yourself”

He looks down to the ground, ashamed of being caught.

“But it’s okay”

He glanced at you.

“Sometimes, i feel doubtful of myself too, if i was worthy enough for you, if i-” the gruff man pulled you in for a side hug, which had you gaping in surprise once more.


How’d Trump Win

I’ve some friends fall into a state of existential despair since the election results, and I thought I’d throw some ideas out there regarding how this happened.
It’s the Republican’s Cycle

In US politics, it’s common for the two parties to trade back and forth every election cycle. We just had a Democrat president, so everybody blames the bad details of the last decade on the Democrats. This is also why they lost a bunch of Congress and Senate seats. So when it’s time for a party to lose, they have the tendency to throw a candidate to the wolves.
You notice how, other than Bernie who’s not actually part of their establishment, only Hillary competed in the primaries? Well, it’s because running for president is expensive, and if you lose it’s pretty devastating financially, emotionally, and politically. Often, if someone loses a bid for presidency, they fall into the background of politics, retiring to serve the lobbies, write books, or whatever. That means that when the party is liable to lose, the party may let a person run who they feel can be sacrificed. For Clinton, she was getting old, she hasn’t been super popular anyway, and she would likely step out of front-line politics soon anyway.
Of course nobody expected Trump to be the Republican nominee, which brings us to…
The Republicans Opened the Door to Financial Corruption and Paid for It
Trump became the nominee in the first place because the Republicans abolished laws and rules prohibiting the amount of money they could take from any one donor. Consequently, they had an insane number of establishment candidates running in the primary because each one had the backing of some rich person with an agenda. The trouble with this is that, while having access to all that extra money is great in a general election, it’s bad news in a primary where your voters are more involved and aware of what you’re doing.
If just one establishment candidate had funding from all the rich donors, it might have been a different story, but instead they split the votes and the attention, and here was Trump calling them all jackasses - and that’s the thing. They were being jackasses. There were other factors at play, but I think having teens of candidates on the field vying for power with financial favors to repay really annihilated the mainstream’s ability to function.
The Inevitable Hillary
I remember reading about the “inevitable” Hillary Clinton after she lost the primary to Obama, and one commentary being made was that her attitude really turned a lot of people off. She spoke as though she was predestined to win, and this has two negative effects on a campaign. First, it implies hubris, which irritates people and causes them to walk away from you. Second, it tells your potential voters that there’s not even a need to go to the polls, because you’re already guaranteed to win.
I saw a lot of this again during Clinton’s campaign this year. In fact, when talking to my family, they expressed anxiety about both candidates, but were more nervous about Trump. They were hoping Hillary would win, I think - I can’t speak for them because they were noncommittal, but Hillary was the more stable option - but they also said they weren’t sure if they were going to go to the polls at all. Usually my family votes, but for this cycle I think general disgust kept some people at home. You may not have wanted Trump to win, but you also weren’t excited to vote for HIllary, so you didn’t, and you assumed Trump couldn’t really win anyway.
Meanwhile, Trump was telling his supporters that they had to vote. He was saying the system was rigged, that Hillary would cheat. His supporters were saying the dead would vote for Hillary, that 130% of a city’s population would turn out to the polls this year. They were saying you didn’t just need to vote, but you had to vote in droves, or else Trump was doomed. And they voted! They went to the polls and voted, while people leaning grudgingly towards Hillary didn’t.
Trump supporters won’t like me saying this, but part of his victory is thanks to ignorance and the way the internet has supplied us with information. I try to stay in the middle of the road and avoid clearly biased material, and consequently I spent a lot of time not really understanding why people were supporting Trump at all. I think a lot of plain, bald-faced information about Trump indicates we may have some corruption scandals in the near future, but I talked to one of his supporters and was stunned when I realized he knew nothing about Trump except the positive things Trump was saying about himself.
The most outstanding quote, as I recall, was, “Well Trump is a financial genius, so although he’s really crass, at least he has a lot of ingenuity”. Meanwhile, my impression of Trump was that he’s one of those people who makes messes so huge people let him off the hook because they don’t know how to properly clean them otherwise. Based on some of the stories surrounding some of the bankruptcies he was involved in, I also didn’t understand the financial genius thing.
But this is what the internet has done for people. It’s let us get into boxes, and instead of presenting us with information we haven’t seen, it says, “You enjoyed this. Would you like to see more of the same?” Hence we’re all buried alive in reaction channels and garbage that tickles the fancy of the SEO algorithms. Some people on the far right were actually NOT hearing the compelling negative rhetoric about Trump’s history and personal abilities. Which is madness - the presidential election is usually when you learn everything that’s terrible about both candidates. That was why “Jibjab” came to exist when I was a kid - because you could make entire songs about the retarded, awful things both candidates were doing.
The Economy
And of course, this can’t be understated. On the surface, Clinton came out saying that she wasn’t going to be supporting Wallstreet or the behavior that led to the Great Recession, but behind closed doors it was made fairly clear that she owed her success to those people and had their backs. I don’t think many honestly believed that she was genuinely going to block the TPP or do anything about the alarming growth of wealth disparity in the US. Her spat with Bernie Sanders also didn’t win her much love from the far left.
Meanwhile, a lot of red states and states that switched to red this year had lost a lot of jobs when they shipped overseas. Environmental regulations from the Democrats also cracked down on coal and other industries, which meant States like Kentucky weren’t going to vote Democrat in this generation because they relied on those industries to eat. These are people who had their cars and homes repossessed, and Clinton, promising four more years of Wall Street support, certainly didn’t sound like a move towards the better to them.
Trump, on the other hand, has been promising everywhere he goes that he’s going to get the jobs back and stop illegal immigrants from soaking up all the money. Of course, this requires a crucial misunderstanding of the entire economy, and analysts are pointing out that even if Trump brings industry back, it’s going to return in a highly automated form and not produce nearly as many jobs. Also, illegal Latin immigrants aren’t really doing the harm the right says they are, and most DO pay taxes because it keeps the IRS from poking around and asking questions.
We actually need some crucial reforms to a lot of things. Healthcare being one, because it’s currently the largest and most crippling aspect of government spending and we could reduce it significantly if we would actually pass laws to prevent some of the rampant abuses we’ve been seeing. There’s no one easy fix, though, and the thing is that many of our largest problems are so severe that we’d need long-term cooperation in politics to achieve the necessary changes.
But in Any Case
The internet did say Trump would make anime real. So if it’s any consolation, the death toll from all the explosions and magic will be terrible, but the Gundams will be really cool. I meant to go out and buy some hard liquor as I realized Trump was going to win, but my state has really harsh liquor laws and the stores were closed, so the system’s already falling apart goddamnit.