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lance’s older siblings hating when he swears in front of their kids so every time he goes to swear he changes the word half way through but as time goes on the swear words get so utterly ridiculous that rather than swearing he’ll break out in song so no one knows even notices he was about to swear like he’ll kick his toe on a table leg and he’ll go to scream ‘shit!’ but he’ll just start yelling ‘shOT THROUGH THE HEART AND YOU’RE TO BLAME YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME!’

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thank you @light-up-shawn 💗 “you know you want it sweetheart.”
“thank you toronto!” your boyfriend yells into his mic, exiting the stage for the final time tonight.

he just finished his last toronto show before his next stop, and you knew he was stressed about the two toronto shows since it was his hometown and it had to be perfect.

you loved being able to be on tour with him and experience everything. the rush of everyone backstage, the excited screams of the crowd when shawn first walks on to the stage, the amazing music, you loved it all.

he exited the stage just as the lights turned on, the usual crowd of people stood around him. some were congratulating him while others were trying to remove all the microphones and in-ears from him.

he was still rushing with adrenaline, as he normally was for about an hour or so after a show. his smile never left his face, especially since he knows he absolutely killed it out there.

you decided to wait for him in his dressing room, knowing it would be less crowded in there and you wouldn’t have to worry about anyone just walking in.

once you walked in the room, it didn’t take long for shawn to come in and notice you right away.

“y/n!” he exclaimed, still smiling like a little kid on christmas.

“shawn,” you copied his amount of excitement. “you killed it tonight babe!”

he chuckled, closing the door to the dressing room.

he was still dripping with sweat and it was causing the whole room to smell.

shawn opened his arms, coming close to you.

“come here,”

you backed away, “nope, you smell. shower first and then i’ll hug you.”

you scrunched up your nose, the closer he came the worse it smelled.

“seriously.” you laughed, not being able to keep a straight face since shawn was doing a fake pout. “take a shower, you’re making the whole room smell like teenage boy.”

“something can smell like teenage boy?” he asked, taking another step towards you.

you had both hands in front of you, ready to push him away if he came too close.

“you know you want it sweetheart.” he smirked, trapping you in his arms before you could even think.

“shawn!” you laughed, “get off, you smell!”

he laughed, hugging you even tighter if it was even possible.

“kiss me,” he said. “then i’ll let go.”

“don’t push it mendes,” you giggled, pushing him off you. “like i said before, shower first then i’ll do whatever you want.”

you playfully wiggled your eyebrows, exiting the dressing room and leaving your sweaty boyfriend to shower.

He hated Adam thinking he’d said or done something wrong. He wanted to reassure him that he hadn’t and that it was actually something he’d done, but he didn’t know how to word “I was watching you sleep and you caught me and now I’m scared of what you think of me.” 

A classic road trip fic with the gangsey (minus noah, i’m sorry) where ronan desperately doesn’t want to sit in the back with adam. Everything goes to shit, as per usual (+ kissing and adam touching ronan’s ass shhh)

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If Bleach characters were held up like baby Simba...

As requested by trunkai. :)

You know how in the opening of the Lion King, baby Simba is held up by Rafiki while all of the animals bow? Yeah. That’s about to happen to Bleach characters. How will they react?

Hitsugaya (kicking angrily): I AM NOT A BABY LION! PUT ME DOWN!!

Byakuya: At last, my nobility is being properly acknowledged.

Ichigo: So, uh, am I the king of the animals now or…?

Soul King: I’d wave, but, you know.


Nemu: You should put me down. My skin is poison. 

As Nodt: Are the animals bowing….or cowering in fear? I need to know.


Yoruichi: Now I see why you asked me to be in kitty form.

Ggio: P-put me down! His Majesty King Barragan might see!

Mila Rose: Yeah. This feels right.

Keigo: How does my life keep getting weirder??

Komamura: I am *very* impressed that you can lift me. You must have mighty arms.

Chad: At last. I am the one being carried. 

Kira: So….do those animals know that I generally behead people who kneel before me?


Soi Fon: Put me down or lose your arms.

Isane: I am sorry that my feet are touching the ground. I am very tall. 

Aizen: I can lift myself into the sky thank you very much.


Tensa: The wind only makes my hair look better. 

Hichigo: Fuck yeah I’m the king!

Charlotte: I’m a princess, actually.

Barragan: This is not how you treat the god of Hueco Mundo!

Halibel: At least my rule is acknowledged in cartoon animal world. 

Hisagi: …

Hisagi: Got lost…got adopted by a lion couple…currently being crowned king of the animals…

Hisagi: It’s been a weird day.

Hotel Stay (A Chris Evans Imagine)

Warnings: LANGUAGE!
Intro: you’re working as a hotel receptionist for the summer when the unexpected happens

As you come back from break, you peep out the window. A huge figure gets out of a Land Rover and you squint to get a better view then your jaw drops. Fucking Dorito you think to yourself. He goes around the back while Scott comes to you at the front desk. Before he can get to you, Chris calls him back. The next thing you know, it’s Chris who’s coming towards you.

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i wonder how exo would react to a super crazy fan?

I’m just going to assume that you mean saesang if that’s alright with you.


XIumin: *on the inside he’s like; “Are you bitches crazy or something, like can you not?”

*but on the outside though, he would just give a polite smile.

Luhan: No caption needed.

Kris: “….ah… why are you like this?”

Suho: “… don’t you have any self respect?”

Lay: “Aigoo, why? Why are you acting like this? Unicorn Lay doesn’t want you to act like this. Where’s all my beautiful, kind, caring fans at?”

Baekhyun: “…really now….?”

Chen: -simply confused and have no idea what to do in such situations-

Chanyeol: -highly concerned- “Are you okay… like on a mental level…”

D.O: Gif says it all.

Tao (feat. Sehun): “Ya, YA! Let me a take a selca with you so that I can report you the police! Ya, come here!”

Kai: “I know you love us but isn’t this too much?” (Totally random but I would totally kiss those lips of is right not.)

Sehun: Gif says it all.

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Is it a bad idea that a character falls in a very passionate and deep love two times? My main character is involved in two love stories, first with a girl who dies, and two years later with another girl. Will readers despit him for it? Will the stories lose power? Will readers be less touch? Sorry for my English, thanks for any opinion or tip you could give me

I think that’s a great idea. I wish more authors would allow their characters to fall in love more than once. Your readers won’t despise you for it because he’s not doing anything morally wrong (e.g. cheating, lying) in the process. Your story won’t lose power - if your message is about healing or recovery, it will probably gain power.