losing my shit!

Please just stop already

I wish people would stop being annoying and obnoxious about having BTS at literally every single freaking American award show. It’s annoying really it is when all you see on social media is spams of people begging to get them there. If BTS wants to be on the award show THEY THEMSELVES WILL GET THEM THERE! You don’t need to be annoying enough that the award show says okay. That is not BTS getting it that is you being annoying. Just stop. Especially the MTV Video Music Awards. FUCK NO I don’t want BTS there. That award show is shit and means crap. Its always a train wreck of embarrassment during the show and the award means nothing to be honest. Lets not have them there. I truly feel that the people that want BTS at every single American award show are just doing it to be annoying and have BTS in everyone’s face so they can brag about BTS and start the “my group is better than your group” bullshit that happens in the kpop fandom. Just please stop with this and let the boys do what they want. Like my god I am so done with a good portion of this fandom right now. 


UPDATE: Disney released the short to the public! Please go support the official release! https://youtu.be/kabIqXASh1E

thanks to @kimsyub for inspiring this from your tweets. i was going to do it based on your headcanons but then i realised that bangtan are all gina.

alright but listen, just listen, hypothetically if lotor was the galra from the weblum, how hilarious would it be if he was just deadass convinced that he owed a life debt to keith???? like can we please just talk about a ridiculous s3 in which the big bad is actually just like “hard pass, this guy saved my life, not gonna kill him” or, maybe life debts are a big deal in galra culture and so lotor physically can’t be the one to take out voltron because it would involve killing keith in the process. i mean can you imagine how hilarious it would be to have to explain to galra generals that, sorry, their prince can’t come to the battlefield right now because the mullet guy pulled him out of a small intestine once