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k but all y'all writin bout yoongi in high school depicting him as the bad boy trouble maker who doesn’t care about class and wears his uniform without the tie and shit… y'all… don’t forget our yoongerz was a member of student council and gave his classmates detention for having their hair too long but made up for it by making sure everyone remembered and celebrated their birthdays throughout the year our yoongerz was a  c a r i n g  n e r d

  • Us pre-hiatus: lol this is gonna produce some weird stuff
  • Beginning of hiatus: OKAY BUT WHAT THE HELL IS HER DOING
  • Early stages: big iSLAND MIKE
  • Mid stages part 2: oh yeah for the big island Mike memes
  • Early late stage: it's the beginning of the end. I can see the light. HER is never gonna release the game. I purchased Miss Clue on Amazon. I hate myself. I hate Mike but I love him. I love Big Island Mike. He's all I have now. I am losing my sense of self. I don't know where to go from here.


i am going to go have a shower and then answer and read through these adorable asks and submissions i have received from you guys shipping me with members.

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the meaning of the circles in wings

jungkook’s circle is a sparrow which is quite obvious given his shadow of wings in his short films. all of the circles come directly from the book demian. the sparrow is especially important so i’m just going to copy what sparknotes says about it

The sparrow hawk first appears when Demian mentions that he noticed it in the archway above the door to Demian’s house. That Demian takes note of it already sets it aside as significant. Further, it forms a connection between Demian and Sinclair. The meaning of the symbol is not fully realized until later in the work when it becomes a part of Sinclair’s dreams. The bird represents a desire to break free, to be independent. Symbolically, since the bird appears on Sinclair’s childhood house, it shows that this yearning has been with Sinclair from the very beginning. Later, the sparrow appears much brighter, illuminated. This indicates that Sinclair has reached within himself to activate the part of him that longs to be set free. 

note: jungkook’s short film is called BEGIN symbolizing the beginning of his longing to break free from his realm.

jimin’s circle is an apple, again obvious because apples were scattered through the entirety of his short film. in demian however the apple is extremely relevant.

in the first (? maybe 2nd) chapter of demian, the main character sinclair tells a neighborhood bully a white lie that he once stole apples from someone’s farm in order to fit in with the bullies and not be picked on. this backfires though and the bully, kromer, blackmails him and says he will tell the farmer that sinclair stole his apples unless sinclair pays kromer. sinclair doesn’t have much money and this causes him to become indebted to kromer and tell more lies and engage more and more in the activities of the “dark realm.”

note: jimin’s short film is titled LIE and he sings “caught in a lie” (trans of the rest of the lyrics)

this circle card is also shown during LIE and for now we don’t know whose it is. on the card “eva” is written multiple times. in demian frau eva is the character demian’s mother. taken from sparknotes:

Demian’s mother. An all-encompassing character, she has both male and female features, meant to symbolize her superiority and timelessness. She is not bound by the traditional societal idea of what a woman should be and for this reason she becomes Sinclair’s ideal woman. She is the woman who looks like the portraits Sinclair paints. She is Sinclair’s protector and, for him, the ultimate symbol of love, beauty, and perfection. Sinclair falls deeply in love with her, the combination of a romantic and a motherly figure, even before he meets her.

note: the painting jungkook had a breakdown in front of resembles both suga and jungkook, similarly to how sinclair’s paintings of a random woman named beatrice resembled himself and demian which foreshadowed sinclair meeting demian’s mother frau eva and falling in love with her. additionally jimin sings “save me who resembles you” (trans cr. @jeonsify).

*read more about the painting in my post here


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