losing ma mind

Yall seemed to like my last post about Space Australia, so here's another one that might be halfassed as well

Okay, just imagine a person who was raised by wolves (I love wolves leave me alone lol) between the crew and an alien finding out. I also like agender characters, so fite me.

Sam was cleaning some guns, since Carl went on a field trip and would only come back 2 days from now. As they were cleaning the guns, Quartz (the aliens had names not possible for humans to repeat. So they gave names to the alien from things they resemble) enters the room, kinda scared, kinda sad.

“Excuse me, Sam” - the little one said, shyly.
The human seemed already mad, Quartz was questioning if she really should tell what just happened.
Sam, noticing the small alien was hesitating, dropped the gun and repeated the question
“What is it, Quartz?”
“…hmm… you see, I… hmm…”
Sam was getting impatient. They wanted to clean those guns and go back to their room, and Quartz was delaying the service. But they knew why she was so scared.

Sam’s was not like the other humans from the ship. Their hair was way longer and covered their face. They had pointy nails and teeth and eyes, as the others said, that were always preying into something. Even if they didn’t meant to.
Quartz gathered all of her courage and finally said:
“While cleaning your room, I couldn’t stop noticing a picture frame on your shelf. So I pick it up to take a better look, but I accidentally let it fell. I am really sorry, Sam.”

Quartz was waiting for the worse. She saw what Sam was capable of doing when they were angry. Last time, they had to be restrained, or they would have killed the spy who was in the ship. The Captain needed him alive to know whom he worked with. The spy told everything, fearing they would put him with the “Beast”, was they was often called.

Sam only looked at her. Then let out a deep sigh and went back to work.

“Aren’t you angry? Won’t you try to kill me?”

Once again, Sam dropped the gun and looked at Quartz.

“Look, ma'am, If it was an accident, there is no point to be angry. And I wouldn’t kill you. That would be a terrible decision. You ma colleague.”

Sam went back to work once more.

“May I ask you one more thing?”
“Will you go away if I answer? Need to be done here or imma lose ma mind.”
“Yes,I will be gone! I just wanted to know what were those creatures around you. And why you seemed to control them”
“Those creatures were wolves. I was raised by them, when I was younger. Ma speech is not great, but I have learned a lot. And I don’t control them.”
“Oh… wait… You were raised by them? I didn’t know humans could be born from creatures like that!”
“Can’t. I was abandoned as a baby. Wolves are wild animals, not meant to interact with humans. It just so happened that one of the female wolves lost a cub prematurely, found me and adopted me.
Is that all?”
“Hmm… is that the reason your voice sound like that? Kinda ‘crooked’?”
Quartz tried to say Sam’s voice was dry and low. Almost like an old man.
“Yes. And also why sometimes I have to think about some words and why I say ‘ma’ and skip words.”

Sam looked at the small alien. Her eyes were wide open, she seemed to have heard the most wild thing from her whole life.
How could that human be raised by wild creatures? Why they was abandoned?

“Do you miss them?” Quartz forgot she had to leave. She was too curious to just leave.
“Everyday. I know I human, but I rather stay with my pack. Humans are boring and loud”
“Because they are your family…”
“Ye… we done?”

Quartz left the room. She thanked Sam for their time and went back onto her errands. She wondered how it must had felt for Sam to be separated from their family.
She also came with the conclusion that humans were full of surprises.

Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood Fanfic Rec List

As promised, I put together a list of some noteworthy malec stories. Some are based on the The Mortal Instruments book series written by Cassandra Clare and others on the new tv show Shadowhunters. I’ll update it whenever I come across a story that I feel is a must-read, but until then, enjoy! (Updated 4/08/2016)

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