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No One Goes Beyond the Reef

My husband and I have watched Moana about a million times with our kids and he has his own theory about the plot that I’m about to share with you all because it blew my mind…

Shortly after her grandmother dies, Moana takes a boat out beyond the reef and sails for a few days before being capsized by a storm. It is here that she and Hei Hei die. Their spirits awake in purgatory where Maui has been trapped for a thousand years.

Consider that…

- The Ocean chose her, but never promised to keep her safe (“the ocean is straight up cooky dooks”).
When she asks for help, the ocean, knowing where she must go, disposes of her mortal body.

- She and Maui never speak to anyone outside of mythological beings or spirits.

- Mortals don’t usually enter the Realm of Monsters, her survival and presence baffling even Tamatoa. However, being an ethereal being, this qualifies her as non-mortal.

- She is visited by multiple fellow ethereal beings, such as her ancestors, and most notably her grandmother. These are the only “humans” she sees outside of Motunui.

- “You will deliver Maui across The Great Sea”
The Great Sea in many cultures is the divide between the mortal life and the after life. This may also be why Taka cannot cross the ocean, and why Maui can’t swim. The barriers they wish to cross are the barriers between life and death.

- Maui arrives to the island after losing a battle to a greater God; thus he is also possibly “dead” at the time of their meeting.

- Te Fiti has the ability to create life itself once her heart is restored.
She uses this power to restore life back to Moana, and creates a boat that Moana may use to cross The Great Sea back to mortality and her family.

- Maui is never seen interacting with any “mortal” humans. The only time he shares a screen with them is the end as a hawk that Moana recognizes as an old friend.

But on the real though y'all have to realize that this is the first threatening hurricane Florida has dealt with in years. Kids (me included) grew up with hurricane Andrew horror stories and now my generation is dealing with this head on. And Irma is actually like 3 times the size of Andrew. I’m from south Florida and I’m actually concerned I won’t have a home after this. I go to school in Orlando which is also taking a direct hit. It’s a statewide evacuation and there’s only one way to get out of Florida and that’s going north. It’s literal chaos here guys and we are probably the most prepared state when it comes to dealing w hurricanes. After Irma, Jose is on its way. This didn’t happen by chance. People in the islands are losing their entire lives and south Florida may be uninhabitable. If this doesn’t open up people’s minds to the fact that global warming IS A PROBLEM then I don’t know what will.

  • Whenever you feel like a failure, remember that Tyrion Lannister, the cleverest person in Westeros, has managed to lose Dorne, the Iron Islands and The Reach, even with two formidable armies and three fire-breathing dragons. Everybody falls sometimes. Just keep getting back up.
  • Alternatively, whenever you feel like you're better than everybody, remember that Tyrion Lannister, the cleverest person in Westeros, has managed to lose Dorne, the Iron Islands and The Reach, even with two formidable armies and three fire-breathing dragons. Everybody falls sometimes. Stay humble.
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Request from anon mixed with how I’m feeling/want to feel about my birthday today

I groaned as I slowly pulled myself up to shut off my screeching alarm. I looked over my shoulder at Harry’s sleeping figure, snores quietly tumbling out of his parted plump lips. Rolling over so I was facing him, I gently ran my fingers through his unruly hair, tempted to fall back asleep by his side. I threw the covers off my body before I could give in, goosebumps meeting my exposed skin. I yawned, shrugging on Harry’s silk shirt from last night before making my way downstairs to make breakfast.

“Mornin’, love,” Harry, my boyfriend of 7 months greeted as he pecked the top of my head, voice gravelly from sleep. Fortunately, he had a short break from his successful tour, so he decided to spend it with me before he had to head back on the road.

“Mornin’ baby,” I responded, bringing my mug of tea up for a sip. 

“Guess what?” He questioned as he poured himself a cup of coffee.


“Tomorrow’s your birthday!” 

I groaned, plopping my face into my hand. “Don’t remind me.”

“I don’t understand why you hate your birthday,” he stated as he sipped his black coffee. I’ll never understand how he can drink it plain. 

“I don’t hate it..I just wish I could skip it,” I mumbled towards the end of my sentence. “I don’t know, I just always have sucky experiences on my birthday, so I find it easier to just keep my expectations low and let it pass.”

“What’s the fun in tha’?” Harry asked rhetorically before making his way towards me. “I refuse to let you just ignore your birthday.”

“Mm,” I hummed disinterestedly as I scrolled through the news app on my phone.


I groaned, stuffing my head further into the fluffy pillow. Maybe if I ignore the voice, it’ll go away. 

“Y/n.” Wrong.

I finally popped my head up from underneath, groggily facing Harry with half-open eyelids.

“Happy birthday, love,” he said with a large grin. 

“Thank you, baby,” I replied with a smile as I ran my fingers through his bedhead (obviously it was my favorite thing to do). “Can I go back to bed now?”

“No! I’ve got a fun day planned for ya’,” he exclaimed with excitement. 

“Like what?” I asked cautiously. 

“You’ll know soon enough,” he responded with a cheeky smile. 

“Harry! I can pretty much see all of Manhattan from here!” I bounced in excitement as I took in the view. After a lovely breakfast at a cute little restaurant a little outside of Manhattan, Harry had taken me sightseeing. Despite living in New York for a couple of months, I had still yet to explore it. 

“So beautiful,” I gasped as I twirled in place in an attempt to capture everything at once. 

“You are,” I heard him say. I looked over to see him grinning at me, hands tucked in the pockets of his pants.

“What cheesy rom-com did you get that from,” I laughed, but I was lowkey feeling my heart doing flips. He could say cheesy stuff like that to me all day and I’d be 100% okay with it.

“Well excuse me for complimenting my girl on her birthday of all days,” Harry scoffed playfully. I giggled, reaching up on my tip toes to give him a peck on the lips. “Thank you, my love.”

Just then, I felt like we were being watched. I turned around to look for the source causing my hairs to raise on the back of my neck only to see no one.

“Bloody hell,” Harry groaned as a placed his hand in mine, beginning to lead us out. “Fuckin’ papparazzi.”

I turned around once more, this time seeing a man who was either trying and failing to remain hidden, or did not care at all at how obvious he was being. 

“We’ll probably lose them at Coney Island.” 

I turned to Harry with a big smile on my face. “We’re going to Coney Island?” 

“Of course! Thought I wasn’t listenin’ when you said you’ve always wanted to go, did ya’?” Okay but WHY is he the best boyfriend ever?

I nestled into Harry’s chest, eyes wandering in awe at the twinkling lights in the distance as Harry and I rode the ferris wheel. It was peaceful for a while, until I noticed what looked like a different man in the cart in front of us taking pictures.

“Harry,” I nudged. “The papparazzi’s back again.”

“I’m sorry, love,” Harry sighed, “I know you don’t want to spend your birthday being followed by some strangers taking pictures of you.”

“It’s okay, baby, I know you can’t help it. I’m fine, really.” 

When we finally got off of the ride, Harry quickly grabbed my hand, weaving us in and out of places in an attempt to dodge the man. We were finally able to duck inside of the waiting car that Harry had sent for us. 

“My adrenaline is racing right now,” I laughed through pants as I watched Harry do the same with a hand on his chest.

“I swear they’re gettin’ faster each time.” 

Unwinding from a long day of adventuring and dodging paparazzi, Harry and I were cuddled up on the couch watching my all-time favorite movie, 10 Things I Hate About You. 

“Thank you,” I looked up from my position on his chest.


“Making today the best birthday ever.” 

“You don’t need to thank me for that, love. I just want to make sure your happy, and I’m glad you’ve allowed me to do that for you.” There he goes again, saying cute shit!

“You really are the best boyfriend ever, you know that?”

“Stop it, I’m blushing,” he covered his face, faking shyness and looking away. “But I’m really glad you enjoyed your birthday. You deserved to.”

“I love you a lot, wow!”

“I love you a lot, wow! too, love.”

i really stayed up to 3 a.m. writing this pls tell me you like it

On Sanji’s Characterization in the Whole Cake Island Arc

Let me just say that, for starters, the Whole Cake Island arc, in my opinion, has been the most enjoyable arc in the series post time skip, and it’s definitely making its way up there with the greats like Water 7/Enies Lobby, Sabaody Archipelago, and Marineford for me.  The setting is fantastic, as are the new abilities, the new forces involved, the uncertainty with who’s on whose side, the vast array of badass females characters (REP-RE-SENT), the stakes, the suspense… every chapter is hard to wait for.  However, I want to address something a lot of people seem to consider a downside to this arc and that is Sanji’s characterization, especially in the recent chapters.  From what I’ve seen, people are not happy with his “lack of faith” in Luffy, his “sad sack” attitude, and his recent acceptance of his fate as a member of Big Mom’s family.  And this kind of unnerves me, because not only is a lot of it based on faulty fan translations, but it is also indicating a misunderstanding of a) the situation he is in and b) how he’s been characterized throughout the entire series.

(WARNING: This will be lengthy.  Brace yourselves).

First of all, I don’t really know where this claim of Sanji “not having faith in Luffy” is coming from.  Faith in Luffy’s what, exactly?  His ability to get out of this alive?  His resolve for getting him back?

For one, I don’t know how one can say that any of the Straw Hats “don’t have faith” in Luffy’s abilities and perseverance, let alone Sanji, who just last arc was expressing his belief that Luffy will become the Pirate King to Capone.  I’m finding it hard to believe that Sanji is suddenly doubting Luffy’s abilities and capability in the face of adversity here and now, especially after that.

And based on past experience, Sanji definitely knows how strong Luffy’s resolve is when it comes to getting crew members back, which is why he:

1) wrote a note on Zou saying he’d be back rather than just leaving suddenly, so they would let him handle the predicament himself until he returned (which he did believe he would do up to a point).

2) lied about his allegiance in 844 to get them to leave, because he knew if he expressed that he was in trouble or doing all this against his will, Luffy would not leave him behind.  Unfortunately, he probably overestimated his lying skills with this, because Luffy saw right through him.

3) broke down crying directly afterwards as Luffy was declaring he’d wait for him, because he knew that since Luffy had seen through his facade, there was no way he was going to leave him behind.  This put the SHs more in danger, and prompted Sanji’s complete submission to the marriage and his pleading with Big Mom to let them out alive in 845/846.

This notion of him understanding of Luffy’s resolve is also furthered by this panel, which, in the official translation (which is what people should be referencing for these kinds of arguments, but unfortunately I was not able to get a picture of it bc I’m an idiot.  If you don’t believe me, there are plenty of other posts that have addressed this) says “Please just get out of here safely, guys!” This is evidence of him knowing his crew’s tendencies so well that he is sitting on a window ledge in agony, silently pleading with them to leave safely and forget about him.  The reason he is so agonized is because he knows that there’s no way they’re going to do this, so he’s scared for them.  

Therefore, because of all this, the “Damn, does Sanji even know his own crew?” comments are ludicrous.  Of course he does.

Another thing I don’t think some people are understanding about this arc is that, while it is similar to Enies Lobby, there are some fundamental differences, one of the biggest ones being that Sanji getting out of this is not a matter of his faith in Luffy’s ability to free him or in his own ability to free himself, but a matter of circumstance.  In Water 7, Robin left to protect the SHs because she thought they would be annihilated if she didn’t.  Usopp told her on the train to “believe in Luffy”, as in to believe in his strength, and this all culminated in the “I want to live” scene, where she finally asked to be saved and put her faith in the SH’s abilities to get her out of there.  This is not the case in the current situation.

Sanji is not going to get out of this by simply telling Luffy he wants to be freed, because there are too many factors out of Luffy’s control at play, most notably the impending death of Zeff, who is out of the reach of protection over in East Blue (Sanji was fighting back until the moment Judge brought out Zeff’s picture in chapter 839 I believe).  At this point, he is of the knowledge that the only thing that can save Zeff is him giving in, so that’s what he’s doing.  And until circumstances change and Zeff’s life is off the line, Sanji is not going to resist the marriage.  This is not him “not having faith in the SHs”, but rather him realizing that, realistically, there is nothing that can get him out of this without resulting in Zeff dying, which, in his mind, would be worse than him leaving the SHs and abandoning his dream.  And because he knows he can’t leave for this reason, he is hoping, begging that his crew will go on without him.

Is it almost too selfless? Yeah. It might even be borderline stupid, and I’m sure if Zeff knew this was happening he would kick the little eggplant upside the head for put Zeff’s life above his own.  After all, Zeff didn’t cut off his foot and save his life so he could throw it away!  But if Sanji’s flashbacks this arc have shown us anything, it’s that his horrible treatment from his family made Zeff much more important of a figure for him than we thought, and that Sanji cares about his “saviors” (Zeff and the SHs) much, much more than himself.  This really has been part of his character since we met him.  He took the lightning for Usopp and Nami on Enel’s ark, offered his life to Kuma on Thriller Bark to save Luffy and Zoro, and sent himself over to a Yonko just to keep his crew safe on Zou.  Really, this is no different than how he’s previously been written to be. The only difference now is that we have some info on why he is this way, and I think that is what Oda meant by the “Year of Sanji” thing.  

In retrospect, him calling it “the Year of Sanji” probably wasn’t the best decision, because a lot of people took it to mean that it was going to be “the Year of Sanji Kicking Ass and Taking Names”, rather than “the Year of Sanji’s Backstory and Character Elaboration”.  Realistically, we all probably should’ve assumed the latter because of the set-up, but I, like many, wanted to believe that finally, Sanji was going to be a 10/10 badass again after being gone for most of Dressrosa.  And while I know he will do that later in the arc (come on, of course he will), I think it’s important to note that, really, he is going to come out of this so much stronger because of how he is acting now during his low point.

I already posted this elsewhere, but think about this for a second.  This whole arc has been Oda going the extra mile when putting everything in the book against Sanji, and given that he is only NOW getting desperate, that truly attests to his strength as a character.  Seriously, he had to have his crew, his father, his hands, his livelihood as a cook, and his freedom on the line (basically everything he cares about), as well as resurfacing of his devastating childhood trauma, physical beatings from his family, a fight with his captain, and the threat of a freaking Yonko’s army against his crew to get him to the point of breaking, and even now he is still doing everything to ensure the safety of the people he loves. Seriously, that is pretty much everything that can possibly be held against him, and he cracked this late in the game. That’s some beastly shit if you ask me, and it says wonders about just how good and strong of a character Oda has made him out to be.

Not to mention that his arc has, IMO, brought Sanji from the cool, quirky character that we knew before to a complex, more durable one because of the fact that he is hitting his low point.  Oda did this with Nami in Arlong Park, Usopp in Water 7, and Luffy himself right after Marineford, and this only made me appreciate and respect these characters more, because it is when a character is at their lowest that they truly can emerge stronger and better than they ever have been.  This is what Sanji’s fans want, right? And this current part of the arc, with him being sad and submissive (which is really a very realistic reaction that probably would’ve occurred for a lot of other characters much earlier on) is the first part of that development. This distressed, hopeless Sanji isn’t the most badass or controlled one, but it’s a human one and I love Oda for that.  Any author that can do this with their characters earns my respect a thousand times over, because it takes guts and really good writing to accomplish it successfully.  Oda has done it three times now, so why should we think he can’t do it a fourth?

^^ The foreshadowing is real, and at this point, it’s the waiting game.  Until then, we should probably let this arc evolve and take the events as they come, because it really is a great one.  And at this point, I’d say instead of doubting Sanji’s faith in everything, have faith in him, because he will definitely pull through and reemerge from this as a more compelling, more well-written, and more beastly character.  Until then, enjoy the ride!

[I am SO sorry for the length.  Holy nuggets.]  

Arrow’s storytelling problems

I was originally going to tack this onto a response to an excellent piece by @eilowyn1 but it became SUPER long and I didn’t want to hijack her post. (But you should definitely read her thoughts, as my post is still in direct response to it. It’s also just a great read from the perspective of an aspiring screen writer). 

Now, I’ve never had ambitions to be a screenwriter but the process of constructing a story fascinates me, and I’ve had a lot of thoughts about Arrow’s narrative issues for a while now. I guess today was the day to let them out.

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probably not gonna write a “tweek and craig take on hawaii” fic but if I did it’d look a little something like this 

  • they’re like… in the 6th grade 
  • tweek’s parents want to go to hawaii to explore the coffee industry (they’re thinking about introducing a new blend at their shop) 
  • this also means they get a vacation, and because tweek and craig are so good for the business, they don’t mind taking the the couple along too
  • so tweek surprises craig and they go to hawaii during spring break 
    • tricia was excited too, because she gets to play auntie for a whole week
  • tweek packed so much! he’s prepped for anything. he’s even bringing a first aid kit because… “craig, if you fall, and you get a cut, and it get’s infected or if I have to go to the store and buy expensive stuff because everything there is expensive… I’m going to kill you.”
  • craig was worried that tweek was going to be scared of the airplane but tweek ended up falling asleep on craig as soon as they boarded 
  • so they spend a week in hawaii, half of it on maui, the other half on the big island
  • they sleep on the floor, and tweek’s parents sleep in the bed, but every morning tweek’s parents are out of the room by 7am, so once they leave tweek and craig get up in the bed and fall back asleep 
    • the first morning they had the bedroom to themselves they had a pillow fight and jumped on the bed and had the time of their lives 
  • while tweek’s parents are out trying to find the best bean, tweek and craig get to spend their days at the hotel 
    • which they love!!! there pools are huge! one has a slide! both have little waterfalls! there’s lazy rivers! 
    • they do the little activities each morning and one of the mornings they make each other friendship bracelets
      • “here craig! I tried really hard and thought about how much I love you while I was making it! but I got a little carried away so uhm if it’s a little messed up I’m sorry!” 
      • craig proudly wears it, and tweek wears his… the hotel staff and other guests just watched their exchange like “…what?”
    • they take long walks on the beach and play in the ocean
      • craig dove under and snuck up on tweek, who thought he was a shark and freaked the fuck out
    • they go snorkelling!! 
      • tweek laughed so hard when he saw craig put on the snorkel and flippers that it took him an extra ten minutes to calm down enough to get in the water
  • tweek was scared of the sea turtles until craig showed him how calm and gentle they are
    • tweek loves the turtles so much that he spends an hour floating around face down with them 
    • they remind him of craig, they don’t really give a shit about anything around them and just let the waves roll off of them 
    • but he burns his back so craig has to take care of him (craig will accept any excuse to rub his hands all over his boyfriend) 
  • craig gets super tan, tweek thinks it’s super hot, expect that craig got a flip flop tan, which he’s embarrassed about but tweek thinks its the funniest cutest thing ever 
  • they get matching hawaiian floral print shirts! and they love it! 
  • whenever they’re out in public tweek holds onto craig cause he’s scared that he’s going to get left behind on the island and lose craig
    • craig thinks it’s cute but “honey, you don’t have to hold onto me that hard… we’re fine.”
  • they go to a luau and tweek tricks craig into trying poi
    • craig politely swallows it but jesus, tweek laughed so hard at craig’s face he almost fell out of his chair 
    • craig was spoon feeding tweek some food and tweek was swooning so hard he didn’t realize craig dipped his spoon in poi and then craig had his laugh 
  • each night they lay out on the beach and stargaze! it’s kind of the only time they get to really snuggle so they enjoy it, immensely 
  • tweek wants to buy everyone stuff, craig only wants to get ruby something because she babysat their kid… so ruby gets something nice and everyone else gets a keychain 
  • uhhh they have a blast! I think I’m gonna stop here for now but feel free to add more, guys! 

Sit yourselves the fuck down, everyone, because I wanna tell you a thing about some books.

A little while back a friend saw my Facebook post complaining about how I need more than just middle-aged white men being good at things to draw me into a fantasy world. He recommended this series to me.

So in the first book, the main character is a badass POC female whose mentor/boss is also a badass lady secure in the upper echelons of a very prestigious “law” firm. (In quotations because in this universe, the practice of law and the practice of magic are essentially the same thing, which, let me tell you, is one of the more fascinating magic systems I’ve ever encountered.) And yet, never once do I feel like this character is at all masculine. She’s a feminine character without her femininity being a drawback or a focus. She is a character, and a well-rounded one, and not simply a stand-in for what “should be” a male part and not badass for sex appeal. The storyline is amazing, a look at what happens to a theological society when their god dies and the subsequent murder investigation. I read it in about a day and a half.

The second book  our main character is male, yes, but the culture this book focuses on is very heavily Aztec-influenced, so clearly this character is intended to be non-white. His best friend is an awesome lesbian. They’re middle management at a company that provides water for their desert city. You would think that would be boring, but it’s really not, because they’re harnessing the power of demigods to do so and everything goes wrong and there is questioning of moral and economical gray areas and the main character must decide between cultural heritage and modern values and neither choice is the right one and there’s a girl he’s chasing, but more as a metaphor (and I should note that only the book with the male main character really has a romance sideplot). This one was my least favorite of the three, but that’s like saying that Sam is my least favorite of Team Free Will – I still love it, just not quite as much as Dean and Cas.

In the third, which I just finished this morning despite a splitting sinus headache, we return to a female POC main character (this culture draws heavily on Pacific Islanders). Two female main characters, really; one is the 15-year-old homeless reluctant priestess of a dead goddess (which is a big deal) and the other, get ready for this, is a native islander transgender priestess who drew upon the power of idols to facilitate her own transition. And what is amazing is that her character is treated as a woman for the entire book. There are a few mentions of her history, and about how meeting people from some of the other cultures makes her uneasy because other cultures aren’t as accepting of the transition she’d made, but it’s neither used as a point of drama nor as an excuse for her to act like a masculine hero of a main character. She has a one-night stand with her ex-boyfriend at one point, kicks him out of her house when she’s done, and it is not painted as shameful or slutty, just gentle regret for having made a mistake. The moral theme of this book is largely an island slowly losing its heritage to tourism and modernization, and attempting to preserve that while still moving forward with the rest of the world.

The writing is amazing and gripping, with both description and prose equally readable. (I find that genre books largely do one or the other well; this one excels in both.) The character census is close to 50/50 in terms of men to women, with women actually tipping the scales. These books don’t so much pass the Bechdel test as blow it completely out of the water, and they aren’t artificial or saccharine in the way they do it. Romance is almost entirely absent and doesn’t solely drive the plot even when it is present. These characters feel like people who exist even after I close the book, going about their lives, and the universe itself is a fascinating blend of old gods and new magic and countries clashing over the differences.

Read these books. 

“Tales from Earthsea” Foreword

In the years since I began to write about Earthsea I’ve changed, of course, and so have the people who read the books. All times are changing times, but ours is one of massive, rapid moral and mental transformation. Archetypes turn into millstones, large simplicities get complicated, chaos becomes elegant, and what everybody knows is true turns out to be what some people used to think.

It’s unsettling. For all our delight in the impermanent, the entrancing flicker of electronics, we also long for the unalterable. We cherish the old stories for their changelessness. Arthur dreams eternally in Avalon. Bilbo can go “there and back again,” and “there” is always the beloved familiar Shire. Don Quixote sets out forever to kill a windmill… So people turn to the realms of fantasy for stability, ancient truths, immutable simplicities.

And the mills of capitalism provide them. Supply meets demand. Fantasy becomes a commodity, an industry.

Commodified fantasy takes no risks: it invents nothing, but imitates and trivialises. It proceeds by depriving the old stories of their intellectual and ethical complexity, turning their action to violence, their actors to dolls, and their truth- telling to sentimental platitude. Heroes brandish their swords, lasers, wands, as mechanically as combine harvesters, reaping profits. Profoundly disturbing moral choices are sanitized, made cute, made safe. The passionately conceived ideas of the great story-tellers are copied, advertised, sold, broken, junked, replaceable, interchangeable.

What the commodifiers of fantasy count on and exploit is the insuperable imagination of the reader, child or adult, which gives even these dead things life—of a sort, for a while.

Imagination like all living things lives now, and it lives with, from, on true change. Like all we do and have, it can be co-opted and degraded; but it survives commercial and didactic exploitation. The land outlasts the empires. The conquerors may leave desert where there was forest and meadow, but the rain will fall, the rivers will run to the sea. The unstable, mutable, untruthful realms of Once-upon-a-time are as much a part of human history and thought as the nations in our kaleidoscopic atlases, and some are more enduring.

We have inhabited both the actual and the imaginary realms for a long time. But we don’t live in either place the way our parents or ancestors did. Enchantment alters with age, and with the age.

We know a dozen different Arthurs now, all of them true. The Shire changed irrevocably even in Bilbo’s lifetime. Don Quixote went riding out to Argentina and met Jorge Luis Borges there. Plus c'est la même chose, plus ça change.

It’s been a joy to me to go back to Earthsea and find it still there, entirely familiar, and yet changed and still changing. What I thought was going to happen isn’t what’s happening, people aren’t who—or what—I thought they were, and I lose my way on islands I thought I knew by heart.

So these are reports of my explorations and discoveries: tales from Earthsea for those who have liked or think they might like the place, and who are willing to accept these hypotheses:
        things change:
                authors and wizards are not always to be trusted:
                        nobody can explain a dragon.

~ Ursula K. Le Guin (2001)

anonymous asked:

do you think zoro will confront sanji about his departure when they meet again? he was rather harsh and seemed kind of hurt once he heard about it and even though it was heavily implied that he was worried for sanji, zoro's gonna want some answers. hopefully it won't turn into a full-blown dispute ;_;

I’ve been wondering about the same question ever since we saw Zoro’s reaction back at Zou. I do think Sanji’s departure is the perfect opportunity to give some major development to the zosan dynamics which is long overdue… but at the same time, I’m not sure if Zoro has a right to say anything about it. Unlike Usopp’s departure which happened pretty much in front of everyone of the crew sans Robin, in Sanji’s case, only the Curlyhats + Luffy have been involved up to this point. That being said, it’d be weird if Zoro accused Sanji after not witnessing anything and not doing anything, even if he’s the de facto first mate.  

On the other hand, Sanji’s initial choice to take the burden all by himself is definitely an issue that mush be dealt with, and I can’t see anyone but Zoro stepping up to actually voice it (perhaps Nami too, but I doubt she’d be as harsh with Sanji after all that he’s been through, being the kind girl she is). I know there are fans who argue that since Zoro didn’t confront Nami or Robin for leaving, he’d be the same with Sanji… but I think his case is different. Nami and Robin hadn’t witnessed a crew member leaving before them, so they had all the reason to believe they could actually quit. But Sanji had witnessed both cases and had fought his hardest to get them back; he should know better than anybody that that kind of stuff doesn’t work to Luffy, and yet he still chose to sacrifice himself… and we all know where that has ended up. Sanji even admitted in the recent chapter that “I thought if I sacrificed myself everything would work out, but that turned out to be wrong” - what if this is the message Oda’s trying to deliver through his arc? That he should learn to share the burden with others? If Zoro becomes the one to give such message to Sanji, as a zosan shipper I would have nothing else to wish for ;_;

This is getting way too long but just one more thing - remember when Zoro said in Water Seven that “leaving the crew is not a simple thing”? I have a feeling that Oda didn’t make him say that kind of stuff for nothing and when those words finally become relevant, they’re going to be relevant to what Sanji has pulled off in this arc. And I don’t think there’s going to be a full-blown dispute between them because the Sanji I know would admit his fault, even before Zoro makes him do it.   

Game On.

Request from @avengersrulez1536Hey I have come up with another idea- it’s a pan x reader where the reader is Tiger Lily and she was born on the island  and now that pan is there they fight for the throne of neverland.

Note: Now I’m not sure how people would see Tiger-Lily as she hasn’t been introduced to the OUAT verse yet; however I know a few people that would see her just as dark and unforgiving as Peter but, unlike him, she truly cares for the girls under her protection - the ones that have found their way to the island. I hope you enjoy this and if you want her written differently for your request then please just let me know <3

Peter Pan x Tiger-Lily!Reader

Words: 1,916

Warnings: Well this is Peter and Tiger-Lily so I guess I should probably put violence here.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine. All credit goes to their creators <3

Neverland had never been as glorious as it was during the days of Tiger-Lily. You had been here for as long as the island itself had and over the centuries that have passed whispers have travelled among the girls that ended up on the island….whispers that would suggest that you weren’t born of man and woman but of the very soils of Neverland. It has been so long and there have been countless different stories of your origins fabricated that no one actually knew the real truth and you weren’t one to speak of it to others either.

The girls that came to your island had often lost their way in life or had wished to come here because of the horrors they were experiencing and each one of them grew to quickly admire you. You were connected to the island in a way that you could control each and every plant that grew, use them for whatever advantage you needed, but most important of all you could use your magic to provide healing medicine and food for the ones who relied on you.

If you gave to the island than the island would provide. There was only ever one rule for those under your leadership too: You looked out for one another. No one here would be out for themselves and if they proved to be selfish in their ways they would be banished.

Life couldn’t have been any simpler or any sweeter….

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How would the guys react to the MC "blacking out" when losing a battle

a/n: OKAY so after many answers to what y’all think actually happens i’m gonna do the on where they just start panicking and need to get to the pokemon center (if u waannnt me to do the one where they actually just collapse shoot me an ask.)


  • even though his s/o is freaking out, he’s maintaining a calm front in order to make sure they clear their head before they do anything.
  • he’s bad at consoling them, so he just walks with them silently to the pokemon center.
       + his presence does help his s/o, even if they don’t notice at the moment. afterwards, they’d thank him for being there with them.
  • he’d ask them a million times afterwards if they were okay, just to make sure.


  • he’d make sure they’re thinking straight before they went anywhere. ilima would talk them up, complimenting them and letting them cry if it was a really bad loss.
  • would give them all the potions and revives they needed to heal their pokemon so they wouldn’t have to fly all the way to the pokemon center.
  • is really supporting and will train their weaknesses the next week or so to be able to defeat the person they lost to.


  • he’s just as shocked as you are. his s/o is one of the strongest trainers in his eyes so he just kind of… sits there in shock.
  • after his shock wears off and he sees his s/o start to panic, he rushes over and calls his charizard and takes them straight to the pokemon center.
  • assures them that they’re much better than that one loss. he doesn’t let them leave until they believe it.


  • he will actually fight the trainer that beats his s/o. if he can’t beat them with his own pokemon, he’ll do it with his fists.
  • he really doesn’t know what to do when he sees his s/o panicking. guzma lets them have their own space to breathe and lets them fly off to the pokemon center, himself following soon after.
  • after their pokemon are all healed up and they’re okay, he plans out how his s/o is gonna challenge them again and wreck them, after a little bit of special training with ya boi.


  • he comes over to cheer them up when he realizes that “oh, they’re actually really upset about the loss”. after that, he heals up their pokemon.
  • if it’s a bad loss, hau lets them cry on his shoulder. hau hates it when his s/o is upset, so he figures the best thing to do is let them vent. hau probably ends up crying too because he’s very empathetic towards his s/o.
  • takes them out and buys them all the malsadas they can eat afterwards.


  • he’s bad at consoling his s/o so, like guzma, he gives them space and allows them to go to the pokemon center themselves.
  • he’d meet them there and give them a very short, very inspirational speech about how losing sucks but everyone has to lose sometime.
  • since he’s the island kahuna, he has pretty strong pokemon so he’d train his s/o’s pokemon until they were sure they could beat the trainer that beat them. he’d be there in the front row for the rematch.
What General Weygand called the Battle of France is over.
I expect that the Battle of Britain is about to begin.
Upon this battle depends the survival of Christian civilization. Upon it depends our own British life, and the long continuity of our institutions and our Empire. The whole fury and might of the enemy must very soon be turned on us.
Hitler knows that he will have to break us in this Island or lose the war.
If we can stand up to him, all Europe may be free and the life of the world may move forward into broad, sunlit uplands.
But if we fail, then the whole world, including the United States, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science.
Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that, if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say,
“This, was their finest hour.”
—  Winston Churchill, June 18, 1940, to the House of Commons.
  • 3.25: phone and laptop batteries conveniently still work after being exposed to an EMP that killed the electronics of the entire freaking plane PLUS after three weeks of the devices being exposed to the elements
  • 4.08: the defibrillator battery is fried from the EMP after the transformer blew whoopsie daisy