losing a loved one

Okay, but that text message makes us understand Even so much better. He felt alone, always. And then there’s Isak, who makes him feel alive, makes the loneliness go away, and if any of you has ever felt like Even did, like no matter how many people are around you, you are still so terribly, terribly alone, then you know how terrifying it would be to lose the one person who makes that feeling disappear. God, I love him so much. Please, protect Even.

I’ve been so sad all day, so close to tears all the time and no one’ll understand why, because “You didn’t know her, why are you sad?”, but just the thought of seven lovely children and one grandchild losing their mother and grandmother just breaks my heart. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to lose your mum at a young age, when only a year ago, you thought you’d have forever. I can’t believe out of all people, Jay had to be the one. She was so loving about every single one of her children, so supportive of so many charities, so humble and beautiful and protective. If there’s someone who deserved to live forever, it’s Jay. My heart is aching for all of the Tomlinsons-Deakins and I hope they find comfort in each other and friends. 

My heart and prayers go out to the Tomlinson’s/Deakin’s family. May God comfort their hearts and give them strength to go through such a difficult moment and to face the pain that it is losing a loved one. 💔

90  Tony Stark - Ironman

I’ll admit I had no interest in Ironman prior to the MCU, but I loved the first movie intensely and used it as a springboard to learn more about Tony in his various other incarnations. He’s always the smartest man in the room and knows it, no matter where he’s at or if it’s true and is ready to hit you with a cutting remark or belittling nickname at the drop of a hat. Inside, though, Tony’s insecure about love after losing his family at a young age. He keeps his loved ones close, but just far enough to feel safe while inside he’s crying for want of a hug. 

He’s hiding the Ironman keyblade behind his back but not very well. It’s the same as his relationship with his secret identity…from word one he wanted other people to know he had it

talking to someone whose faced a loss of a family member is so difficult. .. . because anything said to them could upset them. .. . which makes sense, its never fair to lose a loved one. 

He is gone but the wind still blows and the birds still sing and it’s almost as if he did not mean a thing. But the tears on my cheek know he was everything.
—  I think I will always miss you

There’s nothing you can do.