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Our Current (2/15/17) Women’s Champions

the First Japanese woman to become the NXT Women’s Champion

the First African American woman to become the Smackdown Women’s Champion

the First Latina woman to become the Raw Women’s Champion

i wish i could have one more chance just to make sure that you knew i loved you. one more chance to ask if you were okay. one more chance just to say hello.
even more than that, i wish you had one more day than what you had gotten. one more hour. one more minute.
but wishes are for disney films and fairytales, things like that which are light and airy
and real life is louder than the flat line of heart monitor, no matter how hard i try i just can’t stop myself from hearing it
and real life doesn’t grant wishes, no matter how many shooting stars we see or how any eyelashes we blow in the wind, no matter how many times the clock strikes 11:11
we don’t get one more chance, one more day, one more minute
we only get one, period.
we get one life and i hope that yours was as meaningful to you as it was to me
now that is something that life can offer; hope
because wishes are fleeting but hope gives us strength
and i hope that your pain was relieved
i hope you were able to smile
i hope you knew just how loved you truly, truly are
i hope you’re out there listening to me now, i hope you can hear how sorry i  am and how much i miss you
and above all, i just hope that your spirit and your memory will continue to shine as brightly as you did
—  rest in peace, Kips <3
(cc, 2016)

Sara Lance + Vowing Not to Alter Time / Reality

Commission for @extranikiforov :D
A pic for their fic which you can find here! >w<
Was a heck of a lot of fun to work on ;w;

Here’s an excerpt from the fic! :D
“It always begins like this: Yuuri is alone in the middle of the ballroom, a warm, bright spotlight perched over his head. He looks up and takes in the audience, a gaggle of faceless people who await his first move. They whisper as the cameramen count down, and once action is announced they fall quiet.

A tinny, mournful melody begins to play through the speakers overhead. A man sings about losing the one you love, of being alone, and Yuuri absorbs those words as he begins to dance. He falls forward in a sweeping motion, brushing his fingers against the floor before coming up again. His eyes fly heavenward and he reaches until his arm feels as if it’s going to pop. His feet follow the steps of a waltz, carefully pattering across the hardwood, and his arms rest at his sides, useless without a partner to hold.

But then, the tune changes. A female voice joins in with the male on the record, and a familiar figure joins Yuuri in the ballroom. Hot breath brushes the back of Yuuri’s neck, accompanying a taut, sleek body. He doesn’t need to look to know who it is, standing there, brushing up against him, long fingers creating indents on his hips.

Flowing silver hair, rippling down his back like a waterfall. Bowstring lips, pulled into an impossibly beautiful smirk.

Electric blue eyes, bright enough to set the world on fire.

Victor Nikiforov.“

I don’t now why I’m holding on to you

There is nothing to hold on to

I use to be scared of losing you

I think I still am somehow

Like if I let you go then I officially lost you

If I just hold on to every little memory

Maybe you’ll come back

But I know you won’t

And that’s even scarier

—  Lily Evangeline

Bpd facts
-people w bpd have over active frontal lobes (the things that control emotion and memory)

-ppl with bpd have amygdala glands that are 16% smaller (the part of your brain that regulates emotion)

-people with bpd experience pain similar to how others feel when they lose a loved one almost daily and over super minor things

-people with bpd will test others by pushing them away, in these situations reassure your loved one with bpd and if they still want soace give it to them but let them know youll be glad to hear from them again if they want to come back

-after an episode people with bpd most likely wont remember much of the episode and can bounce back fairly quickly after an episode which can be confusing

-when a person with bpd tells you they are suicidal, no matter how often, they mean it. Bpd is horribly, horribly painful

Hope this helps some people understand a lil better but theres precisely a shit load of info online so if you think you cant help your loved one with bpd, think again

my heart breaks for harry and his family. nobody deserves to lose a loved one; the pain is indescribable. i may not have known him personally, but there’s no doubt robin was an amazing man. he raised harry and gemma like they were his own and supported them and loved them through and through. may his beautiful soul rest in peace, and my deepest condolences go out to the styles/twist family.

anti-tony meta: tony sTark dOESn’T KNOW what its like,,,,,,,2 be held captive,,,,,,torturEd,,,,,,MoDiFied SUrgicaLLy withOUT his cOnSENt,,,,,,,,forCED to DO ThiNgs,,,,,,,,,,,to LOsE LOVed OneS,,,,,,,,,,,,to StRUGGL E  witH MeNtaL iLLneSs,,,,,,,,,,

me: ok you could have just opened this with “i’ve never seen an iron man movie in my life, but” and it would have been a lot quicker for everyone involved 

Fanart for @zanimez’s fanfic Barrel