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OPPS I forgot to put the character Uhm Steve or wade wilson I don't care I love EM both. I had 10 and 24 by the way. :)

10)  “Don’t touch me.”

24)  “Did they hurt you?”

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Steve knows that he loves you ,he loves the way you speak, your laughter, your shining hair and how soft it is, he loves the perfume you use and god he just loves the way you swing your hips as you walk. If was up to him you would be his, he wants do so many things with you, take you to dates, buy your favorite flowers, sleep on the same bed and make you his in every single away possible.

He wants to tell you how much he loves you, but he can lose your friendship one of the only things that make him sane. So he watches you from afar going out on dates that never ending well and there  he is always if your favorite ice cream and a movie for you two watched. As much as he loves and respects you at the end of every day he catches himself in the same situation naked thinking about you on top of him or under moaning like a mess and every time he climax he feels guilty because your his friend and only that.

After he cleans himself, he heard someone crying far away after he identifies that the sound is he enters without care with knocking. And there you are in a pair of black shorts and a red top, you are still sleeping so you are having a nightmare “ Hey doll , wake up” after you don’t move “ he sit on the bed trying to wake you up as he holds you , your eyes open in pure shock.

“Don’t touch me.” you scream and he is a little taken back before he realizes that you are not fully awake he grabs a glass of water and wait a little until you wake up. “Steve darling what are you doing here ?” he pass you the water worried about you , after you drink a little he asks “ are you okay ? You were having a nightmare and you ware crying what happened ?”

He watched as you take a deep breath “ I was being tortured by my hydra and they had killed everyone i ever loved was awful and they decide that torture me in others ways” he nods “ Steve please can you stay with me? i have a lot of bad memories and your presence is soothing He gladly take you in his arms and start to run his fingers thru your hair.

“Can i tell you a secret  ?” he place his hand on the small of your back and nods “I lie to you. When i was little my uncle lived with my family and he used to drink a lot, one day i was at home alone with him and he…” he watches as you cried a little in his chest “ usually my nightmares are about that day” he is almost crying with you but he has to be strong and ask “Did he hurt you? “You say a no with your head ” my mother came home early that day  but i am so afraid of him its being years but i am still afraid”

Steve makes a promise to himself and for you that he never is going to let anything happen with you and is glad that you believed in him. “Doll , can i ask you something ?“ after you agree he ask ” Do you prefer that i call you one of the girls to be with you ?“ you look at him ” no, i like you here with me and you smell really good i could stay here forever" as your head lay again on his chests he is bold enough to say “ you can ay on my chest whenever you want i am yours”

This time he is surprised as you put your lips on his and give him a kiss it’s not a lustful one but is sweet “ I will take upon on the offer” you both stay in the same position until the sun appears thru the window and you both wake up smiling.


Hi all -
I’m just writing this post to let you all know that unfortunately, I’ve made the decision to close down this blog & deactivate my account tomorrow afternoon.

The main reason behind this decision is that I’ve recently found myself losing interest in most things I used to love (this blog being one of them) & I think it possibly has something to do with me struggling through a pretty tough period in my life right now with my mental health (I’ve recently been diagnosed with depression, & along with my GAD I’m finding it v hard to cope with everything at the moment.) But don’t worry about me - I’m currently receiving treatment from my doctor and I’m okay 😋👍

I’m finding myself not actually enjoying updating my blog anymore, & I’m only posting when I’m bored, which I feel really bad about. I want to post because I love it, not because I feel like I need something to occupy myself with :) hence why I feel like this is an ideal time to deactivate!

Of course I don’t want to ditch you all completely - I’ve created a new blog (which won’t just be Holby related, sorry!) where I won’t post a lot of my own stuff - I think it’ll be mainly reblogs, answering questions, & things like that. So definitely feel free to follow over on: @hollysfaves if you’d like to 💖 (they’ll still be very high volumes of Zollie/Berena fangirling FYI, ain’t ever gonna stop that.)

So, thank you to my 400+ followers for all of your support and allowing me into the fab HC family. I’ve had the best year on here, and I’ve met some of the best people ever via this blog. I couldn’t be more grateful for that 🎉

Best wishes everyone,
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I totally agree about not being in love with two ppl at the same time. I think you want to think it's love because you don't want to lose that other person from your life nor do you want to lose their love/devotion to you either. That's one of the reasons why 3x01 retcon was bull crap because in 3x22 Elena knew she was in love with Stefan but had to let Damon go because she wasn't in love with him. They even had her say if she chose one she would lose the other. TVD is horribly written.

Exactly. She says “no matter what I feel for you” to Damon in 3x22 because she doesn’t know what it is, which means it isn’t love. JP herself said that it was just confused emotion, which is why the sire bond was a necessity.

Dean Drabble 7: "Go on, tell me. Tell me you don't love me."

Prompt: 7.      “Go on, tell me. Tell me you don’t love me.”-Dean

Characters: Dean and Reader

Warnings: Talk about leaving, fear of losing a loved one and I think that is it (?)

You sniffled as you finished packing your bags. You had been with the Winchesters for about two years and dating Dean for about half of that. So why were you leaving? Because you and Dean being together made this life so much more dangerous, especially because of who you two are. You were almost on Winchester level as far as hunters went and you and Dean loving one another gave your enemies one more thing to use against you both. You were attempting to sneak out so that Dean couldn’t stop you, but as you made it into the living room of the bunker you knew that wasn’t going to be an option as you saw Dean sitting in an armchair.

“Going somewhere?” he asked raising an eyebrow at your luggage.

“Dean don’t,” you pleaded.

“Don’t want?”

“Make this harder than it has to be,” you sighed.

“Oh you mean I should make it easy for you to leave me?”

“I’m doing this for you. For us!”

“How is this for me?” Dean demanded crossing the room to stand in front of you.

“Because you’ll be safer without me here!”

“That’s bull and you know it.”

“No, I don’t.”

“The only way that I am letting you leave is if you look me in the eye and tell me that you don’t love me.”


“Go on, tell me. Tell me you don’t love me.”


“Tell me.”

“I can’t and you know that!”

“I know and I know that you know so why do you think that you can just walk away?”

“Because us loving one another is dangerous!”

“You think leaving is going to change the feelings we have? They’ll still be there and we’ll be in more danger because we won’t be together to protect each other!”

“You’re right. I’m sorry, I just…I can’t stand the idea of you getting hurt because of me.”

“I get that, believe me, I do, but I love you too much to just let what we have go,” Dean explained pulling you close.

“I love you.”

“I love you too,” Dean smiled kissing your head.

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There’s nothing you can do.

oooooh look, another list of aus for your writing pleasure: 
[sorry if any of these have already been done!]

+ you’re the cute barista and i’m the indie artist who plays at your coffee shop. i’m totally doing it for the pay and not to stare at your face for three hours every week, what are you talking about.
+ i’m the librarian and you’re the person who, in an attempt to flirt, just asked me if we carry books here.
+ you discreetly come into my bookstore every day just to play with my cat that i let wander. you think i don’t notice, but i totally do. don’t worry; it’s freaking adorable.
+ you are the lead singer of a rock band, and i’m the fan who you just called up on stage to sing a song with you. wow, you are way hotter in person and now i just forgot every lyric of yours ever.
+ you’re the cute trainer at the gym and i just fell off my treadmill because i couldn’t stop staring at you. 
+ we’re the only two people in this theater and i’m taking note of all the parts of the film that make you laugh so i can talk to you after. 
+ you’re selling cookies for your sister’s girl scout troop and you’re so adorable and awkward while doing it that i buy fifteen boxes.
+ you just started telling me your life story on the bus without even giving me your name first, and wait did you just say that you’re involved in the mafia?! 
+ you’re the tech guru on campus and i keep getting viruses on my computer just so i can come talk to you. 
+ we’re rival vloggers who are forced to do a panel together at vidcon, but it’s hard to despise you when you’re that much cuter in person. 
+ you’re an actor on my favorite tv show and i’m your biggest fan. needless to say that when i meet you for the first time, i get so excited that i accidentally punch you in the face. 
+ you’re a pirate and you were unaware about your feelings for me until a siren took my image. 
+ you’re my tutor but i keep getting distracted because you’re so pretty.
+ even though i’m about to be carted off to the er after my car accident, i’m still gonna try to flirt with you, the cute emt. 
+ i’m an escort but not that type of escort. if you play your cards right though, i could be. 
+ i own an esty shop and you’re the cute worker at the post office i keep running into.