My August goals are set. Keeping them very simple this month because August is going to be a super busy, crazy, and stressful month between working lots of OT, having family visiting, and many other celebrations. I don’t want to add crazy goals to add any extra stress right now, so I’m making them easy this month. I really want to make this month a good one! Bring on August! #augustgoals #wwgoals #goals #attainable #weightlossjourney #setgoals #ww #wwgirl #wwsisterhood #wwcommunity #wwsupport #wwlife #behealthy #beactive #weightwatchers #dontgiveup #fitfam #fattofit #gethealthy #lifestylechange #loseweight

This August I’ll be looking to add to my community of people who are ready to get past excuses and start taking steps to make positive changes in their life. I will have an exclusive Facebook group for these folks for 30 days of daily motivation and accountability.

I’m also looking for people who want to be part of our community of people we call “Coaches”; which is really a fancy way of saying we help people find solutions to their fitness and nutrition needs and encourage them to be their best. We let people know they matter. It doesn’t mean being a fitness or nutrition expert, it just means being real about your journey and sharing your experience and lessons with others so you can help them.

If you’d like to talk about this then comment or message me.

*Must not be currently working with another Team Beachbody Coach.

*Will require a financial investment in yourself to keep you accountable to your commitment.

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Our most popular packs!
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You’ve worked hard on your fitness goals for the last 5 days…..don’t go trashing that over the next 2!

Have a great weekend!

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I am looking for 10 people to use my 3 Day Trial Pack
What I am looking for:
✔People to drop some excess weight
✔Drop a dress or pant size or two
✔Lead a healthy lifestyle
✔Meal skippers
What you will get:
💥A Free Wellness Profile
💥Full Support
💥3 days of Nutrition Meal Plan and Advice
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What has helped me the most to stay on track with my healthy living lifestyle over the last 4 ½ years has been Team Beachbody Coaching. It’s not just an opportunity to pursue additional income. It’s much ore than that. It’s my access to a community of positive and like-minded people who support and encourage me. Also, it keeps me accountable to the people I help. I have to walk the talk, so that keeps me focused when I would otherwise lose sight of my goals. Being a coach has helped me become more than I would have imagined. I’ve grown personally in ways I never expected. For what I invest to be part of this group is minuscule compared to the benefits of it that I’ve received in my life. Thanks to coaching I’m a better version of me, which means I’m a better husband, father, and motivator for the people in my life!

We need people who want to be more and do more; who don’t want the ordinary existence of the same old daily grind. I want to build a team of people who know they were meant for something more and who are willing and ready to break free from whatever is holding them back. I’m ready to help you be your best and live a life filled with passion and purpose.

You don’t need to be a fitness superstar or even in great shape. You simply need to be a person who desires to be a better version of themselves and who wants to share that journey in a supportive and encouraging community.

Opportunity is knocking. Can you hear it? Will you take it? Will you be one of thee few who acts on their desire to do something that makes a difference?

Now is your time. I and my team are waiting to welcome you and support you. Will I be calling you teammate? Will I be seeing you grow and celebrating you reaching toward the fullness of your potential?

Comment or message me ASAP to talk more one on one. I want this August to be a defining moment in your life. I want you to be able to look back and see that this is when everything changed for you!

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HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Another loss on the scale for me this week! Super pumped to now be down a total of 15lbs! I feel FANTASTIC! I hope everyone has a great Friday!! xoxo 😘😁👍🏻 #weighin #weightloss #loseweight #fattofit #weightlossjourney #ww #weightwatchers #wwweighin #progress #progressnotperfection #gethealthy #goals #weighinday #wwgirl #wwprogress #wwsisterhood #wwcommunity #wwlife

Please please please don’t ever fear the future. In It’s uncertainty is where the joy and adventure you seek actually await.

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What motivates you? How do you stay on track, choose the right foods, exercise?

It isn’t always easy but when you’re trying to lose weight finding motivation is key. I try to get on Pinterest at least once a day and look through the “Healthy Recipes” board to find inspiration for new meals. I’ll also browse around the category Healthy and Fit for awhile, finding motivation from different quotes or shirts or workout plans.

When it comes to the kitchen I have found that, for me, it is super important to plan ahead. If I try to eat something last minute without any meals prepped and ready to go in the fridge or any sort of healthy option almost ready to go I am more likely to fall into the trap of eating like shit. Two days ago, while home alone, I was super hungry at lunch time. I rummaged the fridge and cupboards but couldn’t find anything that looked good. I <i>almost</i> gave in and ate left-over chicken alfredo that hubby and our little one had had for lunch a few days prior. It was a real struggle to put the container back in the fridge and prepare something else. Convenience almost won with me here. I just had to keep telling myself that this would <b>not</b> get me anywhere near my goals, it would actually set me back.

I have never been a fan of exercise.

I hate to sweat.

There, I said it…

I hate to sweat. The only time I like it is when I’m in the moment, pushing myself, so close to my daily workout goal. All the while thinking “this will make a seriously inspirational picture for myself later! I’m sweating so much!” If I’m doing much of anything else, though, I despise it. House work, running errands, etc. Sweating during these times makes me feel gross and it’s embarrassing. Even if only my face has sweat on it I instantly get an urge to wash my hands. It makes me feel dirty and germy. This is probably from working in a hospital for the last 6 ½ years.

Right now we’re on vacation at my father-in-law’s a few hours north of where we live. I love our time up here, the little time we get. It’s hard to find a time where we can get away from work and the house and husband’s family up here is also free. It’s nice to get quality time with his father, sister, and step-sister. They’re such fun, loving people.

Temptation is strong in this house, though. Yesterday I way, way over-ate. When I left for my drive up here I had a coffee flavored energy drink to stay away since I had just worked the night before. I grabbed a small bad of trail mix for a snack for the way. I couldn’t keep my hand out of it so after about 20 minutes of driving I literally threw it on the floor on my car and made sure it landed so far out of reach I couldn’t safely grab it while driving. When I got to the house with the rest of the family I ate a doughnut with my daughter. I had bought some for her and hubby since I hadn’t seen them in a few days. It looked so amazing and I had planned to be eating healthy the rest of the time and didn’t think it would be a big deal to help eat <i>one</i> doughnut. Wrong. I haven’t hardly eaten healthy since getting here. It’s so difficult because I couldn’t bring meal-prepped food and I can’t force everyone else to eat clean. For lunch hubby made hamburgers on the grill. I did the  best I could and only ate half of one, the other half daughter had. I piled mine high with romaine lettuce, onion, and a thick slice of tomato. For supper we had pizza… I ate 4 slices.. not happy about it. At least they were smaller slices because they were frozen pizza, as opposed to take-out where the slices are huge. Still, not at all healthy.

So I sit here, it’s 7:38am. Father in law and sister in law are getting ready for work. Hubby and little one are still fast asleep. My sleep is off for now, just coming off my night shift. (Finally back on day shift again for good!) I’m hungry. Thinking about boiling some hard boiled eggs so I have a healthy option when everyone wakes and wants breakfast. I will probably snack on coffee until then. I’m not doing so good on cutting out coffee, as instructed by my doctor. While pregnant I had to cut down from, seriously, 5+ cups a day to 1. My one cup was my savior on night shift. Maybe now that I’m on days I won’t need it anymore.. but I will still love it. It’s taste, it’s smell, it’s warmth.. it’s variety of flavor options (lol).

I’m rambling… Tell me what gets <i><b>you</b></i> motiveted!

How can you not? This challenge is going to be unlike any other: I will be doing it right there with you - whether you join in for the 20in20 or just need the kick start package, you’ll be sure to reach your goals with my customized programming included in your challenge. Let’s sculpt some kick ass muscle, get sweating every day and reach some goals that will set you up for success on our adventure to a healthier, happier, fit lifestyle. #thetimeisnow

Visit my site in the bio section and select 24 day challenge. *or email me* Once you purchase your bundle I will send you everything you need to get started and add you to my private support page with other challengers and like minded people to motivate you along the way 👊🏻 are you ready to move mountains? #getfit #fitnessjourney #weightlossjourney #buildmuscle #lift #sweat #livefit #lifestyle #lifebydesign #buildyourbody #dreambigger #goals #fitfam #transformation #loseweight #joinmyteam #onlinecoach #committofit