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  • Akira can’t even keep his identity a secret from his confidants, so there was no chance of him concealing it from S/O for very long. they’ll reach out to the truth
  • S/O discerned his identity very early on, around the time when Morgana introduce the Thieves to Mementos.
  • An acquaintance had constantly harassed them in addition to others, so Akira urged S/O to give him the harasser’s name.
  • They complied, and once Joker had taken care of it, S/O noticed that the harasser’s currently polite behavior was a stark contrast to their initial aggressiveness.
  • S/O asked if Akira provoked the abrupt change of heart, and naturally he denied any involvement on his part.
  • They rephrased their question and implored him of his role in the Phantom Thieves.
  • Akira swatted away the question with another, inquiring them of what they mean by that.
  • S/O vows to keep his identity confidential before they iterated their previous inquiry.
  • He verbalizes nothing, however, his silence speaks volumes to S/O.
  • They aren’t too surprised; they were already aware that he was special, and they understood that he withheld the information from them to protect them.
  • Gradually, Akira becomes more accepting of S/O knowing his secret since he no longer needs to lie to them regarding his ‘extracurricular activities’. he hates lying to them so much
  • S/O thinks that what he’s doing is incredible and really cool, but that doesn’t hinder them from constantly warning him to be careful.
  • On the days prior to infiltrations, S/O will brew him coffee while he’s crafting tools or they’ll write an encouraging note/text reminding him of his excellent leadership or the reason he became a thief.
  • Akira doesn’t receive many harsh wounds due to his agility, only minor cuts, bruises, and soreness.
  • S/O typically massages him, brews tea for relief, or they’ll take care of mundane tasks / chores (feeding the plant / Morgana, dusting, sweeping, etc.).
  • He insists that they shouldn’t trouble themself, but he’s appreciative all the same. 
  • Although, his favorite form of care is when S/O snuggles him and speaks soft words of how their day was. but don’t tell anyone


  • S/O probably overheard Ryuji blabbering about the Phantom Thieves at decibels only possible for something inhuman. he is cute but loud
  • At that point, their only choice was to hide so as not to alert the Thieves of their presence, and they eavesdropped on the entire conversation as a result.
  • The controversy that surrounded the Phantom Thieves was something S/O was never involved with, but they never thought that the Thieves were inherently evil, and they confirmed that belief at that moment.
  • From what they heard, it sounded as though the Thieves were trying to change things for the better; Ryuji certainly implied as much in the discussion.
  • Once the group disbanded, S/O ducked out of the vicinity and texted Ryuji to meet them at the seaside park; it was usually quiet around this time of day.
  • S/O had to admit they were overwhelmed and rather uneasy about this new information, but they reserved judgment until they heard Ryuji’s perspective.
  • When he arrived as carefree as ever, S/O inquired as to his whereabouts after school, to which he replied that he simply trains with friends.
  • S/O sighed in frustration; they knew it wasn’t entirely a lie, but he showed no signs of hesitation or squeamishness until S/O asked him directly if he was a Phantom Thief.
  • His chocolate eyes widened as he stuttered out, “W-what? Where’d that come from? Babe, there’s no way those guys’ll recruit someone like me.”
  • S/O recited the previous conversation word for word, slowly approaching Ryuji until they were directly in front of him.
  • Flustered, he flat out denied his involvement once more, but seeing the piercing gleam in S/O’s eyes caused him to admit defeat and reveal his identity.
  • Instead of the angry reaction he had expected, they were rather amused by it, which made him even more flustered.
  • Then they grew solemn and asked if this is what he really wanted, and of course he said yes.
  • From then on, S/O became his biggest supporter.
  • when they saw him in his thief outfit for cheeto’s calling card they literally swooned
  • They always tug him into a firm kiss just before he travels to the Metaverse on infiltration days as they order him to “kick some ass”. 
  • Blushing a bright red, he stumbles and trips to rejoin the others as he mentally reiterates that he’s the luckiest guy on earth. goals
  • S/O probably trains with him, too, and they’re proud of his progress as well as the cause he’s fighting for. 
  • They do become worried at times when they see his injuries, but they place their trust in his friends. Besides, they do their best to attend to any damages he receives.
  • Typically, Ryuji sustains abundant bruises and achy joints, especially in / on his legs, so S/O usually places ice in a cloth to apply it to his legs. 
  • They’ll occasionally kiss his injuries gently, and his face glows with a red similar to cherries. the blood goes somewhere else too
  • S/O will even get concealer for him to cover his wounds for the instances he wear shorts. 


  • Ann actually hides her secret identity very well; the Phantom Thieves have never been a topic that she discussed with S/O, mostly due to the fact that they both simply had better things to talk about. her conversation skills are too good
  • She couldn’t avoid the subject forever, though, especially not after the massive escalation of the team’s popularity after eliminating Medjed.
  • The moment S/O addressed the topic, Ann began acting suspicious and evasive; it was terribly obvious that she was hiding something.
  • S/O strived to give her the benefit of the doubt, but whenever they spoke to Ann in public, they noticed that her attention always drifted to passerby gossiping about the Phantom Thieves.
  • They decided to bring Ann to their residence to uncover the truth, once and for all.
  • Since they saw no point in dancing around the matter, S/O boldly asked Ann if she was a Phantom Thief.
  • Once again, she acts peculiarly, laughing nervously and flashing forced smiles.
  • S/O sits next to her and grasps both of her hands, their eyes boring through hers as they reassure her that they’re not mad, nor are they going to betray her secret.
  • Ann furrows her brows from their sincerity, and she was surprised from the wave of relief that washed over her formerly tense body.
  • She sighs and rests her head on S/O’s shoulder, apologizing for not disclosing her identity.
  • They rake their fingers through her ashy blonde hair, inquiring as to why she’s doing something so dangerous and reckless.
  • Without hesitation, she claims that she’s a thief because she doesn’t want anyone else to suffer at the hands of atrocious people like she or her friends did.
  • The fervent resolve of her cadence was sufficient enough for S/O, though they’d be lying if they said they weren’t the least bit concerned for her safety. she’s too precious to lose
  • They commit to assisting Ann with her injuries from combat.
  • Ann usually endures ugly bruises on her clavicle and knees; in addition, she’s prone to rashes due to her bodysuit chafing her skin.
  • S/O utilizes ice for the bruises and petroleum jelly for the rashes, although she’s moderately flustered from them being so close. she feels like a princess tho


  • Although he can be bluntly honest, discerning Yusuke’s identity as a Thief is by far the most difficult out of everyone, mostly due to his unshakable stubbornness.
  • S/O begins to question him after inadvertently observing exceedingly vivid sketches of Palaces and Mementos. They also recognize the Phantom Thieves’ logo from his ‘concept art’.
  • When they ask him about the Thieves, the artist explains that he’s very taken and inspired by the group’s aesthetic.
  • However, S/O remains skeptical, so they bombard Yusuke with questions to no avail; he has an answer for everything. he’s a very tough cookie
  • S/O leaves it at that, until they recall the kitsune outfit design from his sketchbook. 
  • On a complete whim, they abruptly shout “fox” from behind Yusuke, and sure enough, he whipped around as though he were responding to their call. rip ice boy
  • He realized what he did and swiftly attempted to recover as S/O crossed their arms with narrowed eyes.
  • After a few tense moments, they verbally confirmed their suspicion of his being a thief, their lips curving into a triumphant smirk.
  • Yusuke brashly repudiates their assessment, claiming that they have no evidence of his affiliation with the Thieves, to which they counter that he essentially admitted to being involved with them.
  • The two bicker in circles until he finally steps toward them, stammering out an accusation of their trickery with a pink flush on his cheeks. he’s really into them outwitting him tbh
  • He’s more ruffled by the situation than S/O, who proceeded to embrace him and promise they wouldn’t tell anyone.
  • Yusuke immediately calms down and tenderly returns their gesture, apologizing for his lack of faith in them.
  • They do understand his reason for keeping his identity a secret, but they’re really apprehensive about the fact that he’s in constant danger.
  • However, S/O is moved by his adamant passion for the Thieves’ justice, so they claim that they’ll support him in any way they can (albeit they’re still worried).
  • Yusuke barely has any injuries because he’s so nimble, although he’s prone to headaches and a few welts on his chest / knees whenever he gets knocked down.
  • He’ll lay in S/O’s lap as they massage his neck and temples. he dies and goes to heaven
  • They’ll also take breaks to apply ice to the swollen lumps on his chest / knees, and he’s eternally grateful for their care.
  • He feels guilty for involving them and being a burden, but S/O sweetly assures him that they don’t mind.


  • This situation is surprisingly… facile, mainly because S/O stumbles upon her Phantom Thief ‘schedule’ in her planner while they’re on a study date.
  • However, Makoto’s quite adept at dodging their question, stating that she’s investigating the Thieves’ movements in order to catch them in the act.
  • She’s too convincing for S/O to question her further, so they neglect to address the subject again.
  • That is, until Makoto begins to be particularly protective of her phone whenever S/O unexpectedly approaches her; she’ll seem startled for a moment, then she’ll hastily conceal the screen.
  • S/O’s slightly pained by the gesture, and the thought that Makoto’s engaging in shady business definitely crossed their mind. she would never
  • As much as they truly want to believe in Makoto, they succumb to their worry and inform her that if she’s going through anything difficult, she can feel free confide in them.
  • The guilt Makoto feels upon hearing them say that is denser than a black hole, but she knows that her identity must remain confidential for their sake, and hers.
  • One day, S/O witnessed Akechi tailing the group, and right as they were about to text a warning to Makoto, the Thieves vanished.
  • Needless to say, Makoto was fresh out of excuses, so she reluctantly confirmed what S/O had already figured.
  • They were relieved to know the truth, and despite the knowledge that Makoto’s an exceptionally capable individual, S/O couldn’t quell their anxiety regarding her well-being.
  • She declares that she can handle her double life, but she’s thankful for S/O’s concern.
  • That doesn’t hinder them from tending to Makoto’s bruised knuckles via ice, or gently massaging her tired legs.
  • They’ll cook dinner for her on the days that the Thieves manage to obliterate a Palace, and they’ll brew tea as well. she’s so happy that she nearly suffocates s/o when she hugs them


  • S/O discovers Futaba’s secret the same way Sojiro did: the calling card in her room. 
  • She had forgotten to store it in her desk drawer when she invited S/O in her room, and they saw it laying right next to her keyboard. tell them it’s a mousepad
  • When they point it out, Futaba’s too flustered to fabricate a proper denial, and S/O attempts to console her by saying she doesn’t have to talk about it if she can’t.
  • Like magic, she’s instantly mellowed, and she proclaims that it isn’t fair if S/O doesn’t know the whole story.
  • Thus, Futaba discloses everything pertaining to her affiliation with the Phantom Thieves. 
  • Naturally, S/O is absolutely mindblown; nevertheless, they admire Futaba’s courage, and they’re considerably pleased to know that she’s made invaluable friends in the process.
  • The combination of the physical demands / dangers of infiltrations and Futaba’s evident lack of stamina makes S/O slightly uneasy; however, she hugs them and iterates that the team takes good care of her. she mostly takes care of them tho
  • Futaba doesn’t really acquire wounds from the Metaverse, save for occasional headaches and cramped shoulders.
  • S/O inevitably massages her achy muscles and joints, but they also give her a cute Featherman neck pillow that she keeps in the glove compartment of the Mona car. but where does it when he turns back into a cat
  • the mystery deepens


  • can u look me in the eye and tell me that pink sweater and fluffy hair would ever belong to a brainwashing heathen
  • Haru’s thief persona is probably the most difficult to ascertain not because she’s secretive, but the very notion of her being a notorious criminal is… unlikely, to say the least. 
  • S/O acknowledges her strong heart, but the only act of thievery she’s committed is stealing their own heart. 
  • They only discover her secret by sheer coincidence, when they spot Haru strolling through the city with an unfamiliar cat. 
  • The two cease their walk in an alley, and S/O was going to greet Haru until they overheard her speaking to the cat. 
  • The temptation to call a psychiatrist was strong; however, they froze when they heard her mutter, “B-Beauty Thief…? Mona, are you truly certain about this? You seem to miss the Phantom Thieves, and I’m sure they miss you as well…”
  • S/O can’t entirely wrap their head around Haru supposedly conversing with a cat, but they were stunned to hear that she was involved with the Thieves, albeit indirectly.
  • They retired to their home to ponder this new information, and they feared that Haru was putting herself in danger; therefore, S/O sent her a text inviting her to their residence for lunch tomorrow.
  • Once the two were finished with their meal, S/O implored Haru of her status as a ‘Beauty Thief’, to which she blushed in response. it’s perfect don’t worry
  • She couldn’t possibly lie to S/O in good conscience, and she trusted them well enough, so confessed her predicament to them.
  • Although S/O hadn’t come to terms with her double life, they harbored no grudges against her since she was fairly new to the concept as well.
  • Haru’s determination to redeem her cruel father was apparent, so S/O clutched her dainty hand in theirs as they proceeded to verbalize their support.
  • They never went back on their word, even when her father passed away or when the world turned against the Phantom Thieves.
  • Haru is rather vulnerable to callused or blistered hands from wielding her heavy ax.
  • In the case of callused hands, S/O prepares a bowl of warm water with some epsom salt sprinkled in. They even prepare tea and aid her in drinking it.
  • If Haru’s inflicted with blisters, they take the necessary steps to puncture the wound and apply ointment to it prior to bandaging it.
  • She tries so hard to subdue a wince for S/O’s sake, and she’s frequently telling them not to worry. she’s v strong
  • Similar to Akira, snuggling is the best remedy Haru could ask for since it eases her unrest on days preceding infiltration. 
i want a name when i lose

I learned to work the saxophone
I play just what I feel
Drink Scotch whiskey all night long
And die behind the wheel
They got a name for the winners in the world
I want a name when I lose
They call Alabama the Crimson Tide
Call me Deacon Blues

Donald Jay Fagen, Walter Carl Becker


is an antiquated term
you name it
but beyond that
it is simply incorrect

implies that I have lost
my “womanly qualities"
but I did not have these things to lose
they never existed in me
and they are not womanly

is not indicative of MY womanly qualities
and so much more in my own identity
womanhood is not flowery
it is work and it is beauty and it is wisdom

does not do justice to my
to my choice
or to my body
to my decision to have sex

he did not take my virginity
and I did not lose it
I simply shed it
by my own design



a forgetting digs deep
hungry wishes a whisper
hollowed out

i am a reaching
that spasms

we hide armies behind our smiles
we bury our wounded in laughter
bleeding out

                           a sky coloured with
broken crayon in shades Crayola
never marketed I keep finding
that I have more to lose

they say that war is hell
but the war no one sees
is the worst one


Even though the two of them already knew what they truly wanted to obtain.

Jakuzure: What’s wrong, Doggie?

Inumuta: Huh? What?
J: What happened?
I: Nothing, why?

J: You’re acting a little strange today

I: Strange?
J: Like, you’re more aggressive today, or something?

J: Ooh, did the doggie go into heat? Or is he frustrated?
I: Get to the point, Jakuzure. What are you trying to say?

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Sublime Sentence Starters
  • You took my shame, and you took my pride.
  • My soul will have to wait
  • Light me up a cigarette
  • I would take it if I could.
  • I’m not high on booze
  • Said I’m gonna play with myself
  • I don’t cry when my dog runs away
  • I gave her all that I had to give
  • Every day I love her a little bit more
  • Here’s my telephone number, call me
  • I didn’t know she had the G.I. Joe kung-fu grip
  • I smoke two joints in time of peace
  • I’m gonna make you so feared. 
  • I’m the type of lover with the sensitivity
  • God knows I’m not going back
  • It’s that smell inside the van
  • I think she laughs inside.
  • I broke every single traffic rule.
  • Are you feelin’ the same way too?
  • One more secret lover that I shot dead.
  • Let me tell you about a girl I know
  • I keep my body strong, clean and ….
  • Who taught you those new tricks?
  • I’ve come to tell you that she’s evil most definitely
  • I was participating in some anarchy
  • I would not lie to you
  • I’m on a run for attention but I just can’t lose
  • They locked him up and threw away the key…
  • Nobody ever told her it’s the wrong way
  • Let it burn
  • Just remember that it’s flesh and bone
  • I got the microwave, got the VCR
  • It’s your own life.
  • I ain’t high I won’t lose
  • It’s up to you what you really wanna do
  • I’m gonna make it hard to live
  • You’ll be gone before too long
  • Ain’t got no money to spend
  • All the people in the dance will agree
  • It gets so real sometimes
  • The tension is getting hotter
  • I wanna hear the same song twice
  • And every day I wonder if it’s over
  • I swim but I wish I never learned
  • Ain’t got no quarrels with god
  • I’d like to hold her head underwater
  • Saying I’m happy when I’m not
  • I smoke two joints in the morning
  • Damn I shouldn’t start that talk,
  • Tell me where were you?
  • I can play the guitar like a mother fuckin’ riot
  • Oh well the bars are always open, and the time is always right.
  • Yo girl you don’t mean a thing to me
  • Every day I love him a little bit more
  • Lonely, that’s what I been
  • What is this shit on my face?
  • I love her so bad but she treats me like shit