Loserville&I (pls Reblog)

When I was twelve I’ve fallen in love with this band called Busted. I knew them from the singstar copy my cousin got me for christmas. As soon as I’ve fallen in love with them I had to realize that they broke up one year ago.

Because I always liked James Bourne the best I found out about his new band, Son of dork. They ment a lot to me, they made me learn English and play the guitar (Ticket outta Loserville was the first song I thaught myself). Now I’m in a band and in the English-high-intense-course. Those 5 guys made me who I am today. Just one year later SoD broke up.

I never stopped following and supporting James’ projects (like Call me when I’m 18 )… Now that I’m just aged 18 (see the prank my life pulled on me?!) I found out about James’ latest project: he wrote a musical, Loserville. As I’ve grown into a big fan of Glee recently, I was totally psyched. I’m totally into it. I mean I’m a geek, an IT-nerd like Micheal Dork (from the musical)

So I saved money, went babysitting, was the nicest kid my parents could wish for. In the #BiggestGeek competition of the musical I’ve even won tickets for the preview which I sadly could not attend.

Because I’m from Germany and most of my friends are students they don’t have the money to go there with me. But I want it so bad that I drew one picture to the topic of Loserville and my interpretations and feelings towards it each day until I see the Musical (I’m still doing it - you can see on my website http://sofa-pro.webs.com/apps/photos/album?albumid=14184631). I planned to go on the 4th of January 2013.

Then Halloween came and my friend Melli and I have been to the show of Young Guns and Don Broco in a City near us. I asked her if she’d go to Loserville with me but she found it to “expensive” as well so she set me a (nearly impossible for me to realise) deal. Her deal says that if Gustav or/and a member of Don Broco showed us around in London, she would come with me.

Now I have this Mission Impossible running. Without any help. Would you please help me? The Musical will end on 5th of January 2013 (I’d call this fate) and I have to see it. Would you please help me spread the word aout this? I need you.

My deepest thanks and best wishes for you and all the best (if you believe in God, may God be always with you)…



I don’t even care how much of a creep I am, but the other day I went to see James Bourne at the Olivier Awards/Covent Garden and we met Danny Hall. I decided to take photos of my boyfriend getting his CD signed by Danny because he always forgets to ask for photos and ends up complaining afterwards and I just think this is the cutest photo ever and aw, look how happy he is.

That’s all.