I’ll Wait for You

Today, Ryoutarou stayed behind and waited for me until I was finished even though he had wrapped up about 30 minutes before.  I felt all warm and fuzzy.

Ah, by the way I dyed my hair.  
It’s called Pink Beige!

Even if I were to finish 12 hours ahead of you, I’d wait!!!

You went there, huh.  lol

Y-yes! lol

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So. Jemma Redgrave. THE Jemma Redgrave. This one, right here:

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She was in my dream last night. And we were flirting. Really flirting. At her house. Or it could have been heaven. They may be the same thing. No offence, but I basically spent much of the dream on a promise.

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And I think we kissed at the end but it’s doing that dream thing where the more I think about it the hazier it gets. I was happy just to spend the night being hopelessly in love with her, in her presence, to be honest.

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I’m a simple gay boy who needs money to be able to have his equally gay bf visit during the summer pls buy my art

Things I Can Draw:

-OCs (Yours or Mine! Idk why you’d commission my OCs but, uh, you can I guess? I’m not stoppin’ you)

-These Fandoms: Pokemon, Pokespe, Homestuck, Mianite, Dangan Ronpa, Animal Crossing and a Few Others! You can ask but unless it’s something I’m into I probably won’t be too motivated to do it…

-Blood/Violence in small amounts

Things I Can Draw, Barely:

-PDA; Kissing, Hugging, Cuddling, etc. It’s hard, but I can give it a shot!!

-Pokemon & Animals. They’re very difficult but, again, I will try!

Things I Cannot and Will Not Draw:

-NSFW/Gore; I’m a minor and extreme gore is gross to me…

-Super Complicated Designs

-Anything Abusive (No canonically abusive relationships, no abusive scenarios, none of that. It makes me super uncomfortable.)

Payments must be done through Paypal!!! If you’re interested or have any questions please email raspberrystatic@gmail.com !!!!! thank you so much in advance!!!!

Please also be sure to include a clear reference photo if it’s for an OC!!! Otherwise I won’t know what I’m supposed to draw!!! You can also link me to a tag you have for them if you want!!!

Even if you can’t actually commission me please at least rb this so people see it, it’d mean so much to me!!!!

Second place at trivia tonight

Met up with some friends for dinner, drinks, and trivia tonight with Mrs. MMLTD. By the last question, we were in 5th place. Apparently we were one of the only teams to get the final question right, because we jumped into 2nd to finish the night.

Big victory, and Mrs. MMLTD had the answer.

Strong Wednesday game is strong.

Good luck everyone else.