Cousin BJ 


Warnings: None

Authors Note: Takes place before Man Cubs (so the boys aren’t calling Jensen Dad yet) I have decided to split this chapter into 2 parts (it was pushing 7000 words YIKES!)  But rest assured it’s finished! 

Special Thanks: to @lady-meatball for giving me the inspiration for Cousin BJ. I don’t think she knew I was going to make him such an asshole! (oops! LOL) It all sprung from THIS POST so thanks guys! ( @myluvislikewow @ariallane and @fvckingavengers) LOVE getting all of your ideas for J&Q! Keep ‘em comin’! xo


“I hate your hair.” Quinn mumbled through her toothbrush and tried to keep a straight face.

“Are you for real?” Jensen checked himself out again in the mirror over the sink. “Do you know how much shit I’ve gotten over the years for my hair? I finally buzz it off and you hate it.”

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Jane sat stiffly, with her back as straight as an arrow, and her hands clasped in her lap. She was wearing her black cloak, with the hood pulled up over her head, and watching the proceedings with a blank expression. She had not wanted to attend this carnival, but Corin had insisted that it would be ‘fun’.

She heard someone walk up behind her and did not turn around to address them. “What do you want?” she asked, coldly.

i just dont understand how people can be so full of hate like?? pls chill isn’t it exhausting?? why are you like this, what do you get out of this i dont get it??? 

@hnschen said: THIS THIS TH

apollo stepping into the office all harried because he’s a little late (like, two minutes. but kristoph) and apologising and klavier’s by the door like “hey do you wanna get lunch”

apollo looking at him like??? “it’s eight fifty in the morning”

klavier doesn’t miss a beat like “brunch then” and apollo’s like “….no”

later klavier just fussing over the cute intern like ”so… you’re a lawyer?” like it isn’t obvious and apollo tells him he hasn’t taken the bar yet because its at the end of the year and kristoph was kind enough to pay for him and klavier is like “good. good. i’m a prosecutor you know”

apollo kinda like “okay” and there’s just a beat of silence and klavier checks his watch like “it’s noon do you wanna get lunch i can get kris to give you more time and we can go across the city to this nice french restaurant i know” and apollo’s like “i have a ham sandwich in my bag” and klavier’s like “okay”

klavier’s usually so suave but not with apollo lmao

i’m rewatching naruto shippuuden and you might know that sasori is my favorite akatsuki member…… and i was just watching his fight with sakura and granny chiyo … thinking like damn boi you’re much cooler than i remembered with your “i used these to take over a nation” speeches and all

then he acts like this and i feel like i played myself….. i should not be fooled by his cool speeches when he’s actually a middle aged drama queen…