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BTS reaction: you passing out because of dehydration

Thank you for requesting, and sorry that it took me this long! xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin: 

He is not having that. Not at all. From that day onwards, he is going to make sure that you drink enough. He’d try to text you reminders to drink every now and then, just to make sure. He’d get a bit overbearing tbh, but he’s just worried about your health.

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Suga/Min Yoongi: 

If there’s one of the members who are at risk of passing out because of dehydration, it’s him. If he’s really into his work, I’m pretty sure he’ll forget to fulfill all of his human needs. And I feel like he would use that to his advantage in this situation, to make sure that both of you stay hydrated. He’d probably make some kind of deal like “how about we both promise to drink at least one bottle of water every day?” or something along those lines. He would absolutely hate that it went far enough that you passed out, and he’d try his hardest to prevent that from happening again.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok: 

He’d be worried sick at first. But I don’t feel like he’d be as overbearing as Jin. I think Hobi is more the type to like fill up a bottle of water every morning before he leaves for practice, with a note telling you to bring it to work. So he’d make sure you drink enough, but he isn’t nagging you about it.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon:

He would be the type to take you out on dates whenever he can. Obviously not like museums and stuff, as that doesn’t really help you drink more, but more lunch dates, brunch dates, coffee dates etc. Because then he can make sure that you do actually take the time to drink and eat properly. So he’d do that whenever his schedule allows him to. Along with a few reminders on the days it doesn’t.

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Jimin/Park Jimin: 

Again someone who would make a deal with you. Not because he doesn’t drink enough himself, because I’m sure he’s looking after his health more now than he did around their debut, but because he knows you care for him just as much as he cares for you. So he’d turn this situation to something that will benefit both of you.

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V/Kim Taehyung: 

He’d try to make drinking more fun, in an attempt to make you drink more. And he’d obviously do it with you, since then you two can remind each other. But he’d find like really nice water bottles, have like a drawing or something on the fridge to remind both of you, and kinda make it a competition to see who remembers drinking the most, by having some kind of score board, and after a week you’ll see who’s been drinking the most, and the loser has to pay for dinner or something.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk: 

I feel like he would kind of be all of the above, because he cares so much for other people’s wellbeing. He would try to drink more with you, and take you on dates to make it easier. Send you reminders when he cant, and make it more fun in general. Maybe not in the same way as Tae, but maybe by making the water taste nicer, like adding lemon or something to it.

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Final Dress Rehearsal, opening night for Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers is tomorrow!!!  

Some words from various cast members across social media:

  • Kouhei (Tanaka) feels a pressure that he’s never felt before for this play.  But he’s going to believe in his teammates and they’re going to make the best play ever!  A must-see!  
  • Tsuyoshi (Ukai) thinks their show could be called a success if the audience could have fun for half and be in suspense for another half.  
  • Ken-chan (Daichi) quotes Peter Pan, saying that what they need to do right now is to believe.  To trust in each other, the staff, and in themselves.  He feels as nervous as the first time he performed Haikyuu, but it’s a good nervous.
  • Kairi (Yamaguchi) is a as nervous as can be, but he’s looking forward to standing on-stage together with this cast.  He knows he can rely on them for anything.  
  • Hiroki (Suga) is nervous but says that they just have to give it 100%!  
  • Shouhei (Noya) thinks back to all the rehearsals they’ve had together and all the hurdles they’ve overcome as a team, all for the sake of tomorrow.  But really, he’s excited!  His libero blood is clamoring!  
Outcast (High-School AU)// Mark Tuan

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Pairing: Mark x Reader (ft. Jackson, Jinyoung + Yugyeom)

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Oneshot

Summary//Request: Being the school outcast doesn’t bother you too much - except for the grief you receive from 4 boys in your class - little do you know, Mark has always had a thing for you.

This scenario contains slight mentions of bullying.

It’s not that you hated high-school – you just hated the people that were in it. Everyone had their group, their clique that they belonged to; the popular girls, the popular boys, the kids that were dedicated to studying, the alternative kids that seemed to own mostly black clothing and so on, so forth. However; you never really found yourself ‘fitting’ into any of these categories. You wouldn’t have said you were completely dedicated to your studies, but you did well in your classes and the teachers recognised it. You weren’t so much interested or outgoing when it came to sports – but you enjoyed gym nonetheless. With that being said, you excelled the most in visual and audible arts with music being your favourite subject bar none – allowing you to express your creativity in whichever way you saw fit.

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Ok but ur ficlet made me imagine bitty & holster as friends with benefits. Do you think it would work?

(SORRY THIS IS SO LATE OMG i didnt even see this somehow??)

YES im HERE FOR THIS. i love them being bitter pining losers who deal their respective crushes by making out/hooking up/grinding on each other during kegsters/having movie nights

at one point holster asks bitty if they’re dating (mostly as a joke) and bitty throws the entire bowl of popcorn at him. 

whenever ransom has a hookup/march over in the attic holster fakes leaving the haus and then climbs into bitty’s room throgh the window and they make out for like an entire hour and then watch cupcake wars on bitty’s laptop and make fun of every contestant and also florian bellanger’s accent. 

sometimes they get halfway through fooling around and bitty has to stop holster because “im really sorry, but i had a really hard day and im just imagining that you’re jack right now and that’s not fair” “i get it, dude. i can’t really imagine you’re ransom because youre so small, but i get it. let’s just watch something on netflix” 

Sometimes bitty interupts a sitcom to start kissing holster’s neck and holster has to sigh and stop himself from being like “RANSOM would never interupt an episode of community for sex” and it just kinda kills the whole mood and they end up having one of their rare mope-y, crying nights where bitty bakes holster’s favorite pie and they talk about how life isn’t fair and straight boys are horrible. 

basically they’re just really good friends who are there for each other who sometimes do sex things with each other, but only because it helps and because they’re both cuddlers. and random party hookups don’t usually let you snuggle them after. 

(it obviously stops after bitty and jack get together, but that conversation is a bit awkward because bitty can’t tell holster why it has to stop because doing that would mean telling jack that he’s been casually hooking up with holster for the past year so that jack understand why he has to tell him, and he wants to wait at least a month into their relationship before he spills those beans. 

he ends up slightly awkwardly breaking things off with holster by saying he would feel weird sleeping with one of his captains, which is hilarious because holster knows who bitty’s had a crush on for an entire year, but they’re friends so he respects him and doesn’t push for more details and they stay super close friends. by the time bitty and jack come out holster and ransom have figured their shit out so bitty and holster’s friendship is a lot of snapchatting each other pictures of their sleeping boyfriends like “IM SO LUCKY!!!” “IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU LOOK AT MY BF EATING A PROTEIN BAR” “LOOK AT US” “I KNOW WE DID IT” “IM SO GLAD NO ONE ON THIS TEAM IS STRAIGHT” “!!!!”) 

THE BET (Sam&Cait story)

Here it is. I’m a bit afraid actually… My first S&C story. After al that has been going on the last few days, I was hesitating to post it.
But as @wanderingsummerbreeze pointed out, it is just fanfiction.

Hopefully some of you still enjoy reading about S&C and give my story a chance.
Not sure how many chapters there will be, but I’m currently working on the second chapter.

A BIG thanks to the lovely @wanderingsummerbreeze for the help and support! Thanks dear!

So this story takes place during the rugby game; Scotland vesus Ireland, and the twitterfun we had between our lovely couple.

For anyone who doesn’t like to read about real people; stop here. If you’re under age, this story contains Sexscenes.
This story is pure fictional and not to be taken (too) serious. Although I do think this is how it happened. ;)

Let me know what you think.

The bet

Chapter  1. Going Down

Sam opened the door to their home, and while taking of his parka, he heard laughter coming from the living room. Eddy came to greet him; she gave him a low meow and walked across his leg. Sam petted Eddy’s back before she could walk away. Walking towards the noise, he saw his brother talking with his hands, trying to express his feelings.

His brother almost shouted, “You know the Scots will win this. Our defense is wayyy better!”

From the other side of the room, he heard people making their opinion clear by countering him. Sam entered the room laughing, “Need some help Bro?” he patted his brother on the back.

“There you are. You left me alone for 2 hours with these Irish supporters,” Cirdan joked.

“Someone needs to earn money, and it isn’t a nine-to-five-job,” Sam shook his brother’s hand and gave him a man-hug, “Is it that bad?” Sam asked while he walked toward his sister-in-law and gave her a hug. He repeated the same with the rest of the crowd.

Two sisters, with their husbands, and one of Cait’s brothers, came to visit them this weekend before they were leaving for South Africa this week. Sam’s brother and wife had arranged tickets for the match  tomorrow, they would all be going together.

“You know, the better team is in blue,” Sam started the conversation again.

They began to make their points clear of why each team would win.

“I knew you would wind this crowd up again once you’d be home.” Caitriona walked in the room

Sam saw his wife coming from the kitchen with two beers in one hand and another bottle of wine in the other. He walked toward her, taking the bottles of beer from her and gave one to his brother.

“Hello,” Sam nuzzled Caitriona’s ear with a small kiss, whispering something in her ear. She stood on her toes and gave him a deep kiss.

Cait’s brother walked passed them, “Come on you two, it’s not as if you haven’t seen each other all day.”

“It has been over two hours,” Caitriona giggled.

She knew they worked together for 14 hours, but when Sam or she must work longer than the other, they DO miss each other.

Sam kissed her again leaving, her a bit flustered.  To distract her from his lips wandering along her body, she asked her husband if he was hungry.  

“Not in food,” he answered, whispering in her ear while his hand traveled down her back, lingering on her bottom, giving it a small squeeze.

Caitriona cuddled in to his body, her hip pressed against his front. Looking up in his eyes she didn’t only saw love, but also lust. Looking around the room, she saw their family talking, ignoring their hosts for a moment.

Caitriona’s brother returned, brushing beside the couple. He grabbed his beer from the table and walked back to Sam and Cait, tapping the tip of the bottle with his brother in law.   

“You okay?” he asked his sister.

“Just a bit tired, but I love having you all around.” Caitriona hugged her husband closer. They had both lived a life full of travel, before, but were happier now, settled, with friends and family visiting, now and then.   

“You’re happy,” he said, “and you make my new bro over here happy also. I can see it in his eyes. Like I said at your wedding; we all knew you were meant for each other before you both finally acknowledged it.”

The men both took a sip of their beer. Caitriona took the glass of water beside her wineglass, also taking a sip.

“Speaking of professing, where is your Irish game shirt, hun? I’m sure you’re going to wear it soon.” Caitriona teased Sam.

They  had had a banter on twitter about the forfeit, if the Scots or the Irish would win.  Cirdan had joined them to support Sam before Cait ganged up with them, with her brother.

 Cirdan recalled how Sam gotten the shirt at his bachelor party.

Caitriona’s father and brothers had a gift for Sam. After the round of cards had finished, they sat Sam down on a chair in the middle of the room blindfolding the lad. Sam struggled while they took off his shirt, all the while saying; he had told them he didn’t want a stripper.

Caitriona’s father had assured him it wouldn’t be something that would hurt, and it wouldn’t be something physical.  

The anthem of Scotland started to play and all of Sam’s friends started singing along, but after a minute, the notes from the pipes became quiet and transported into the flutes of the Irish anthem. Sam laughed but he couldn’t see what was happening around him. He knew his brother had orders to keep the blindfold on until someone gave him a signal, which apparently was now.

The blindfold came off and Sam saw all the Balfe men; Cait’s father, brothers, and brothers-in-law singing, while walking toward him all in the Irish green shirts. Sam stood and sang along with the men, which brought a smile to his brother’s face. Sam knew the words to the Irish anthem which confirmed to Cirdan that he does have it bad for his Irish lass. Caitriona’s father stood proud beside his soon to be son-in-law. The rest of the party took their place beside them. Sam knew the last verse was about to start before the last chorus. Cait’s father held out something for him. It was an Irish rugby shirt with the number 13 and S. Balfe on the back. Sam put it on quickly while the chorus began and stood proud between the rest singing; Together standing tall, shoulder to shoulder we’ll answer Ireland’s call.  

When the song had ended Cait’s father hugged him and welcomed him in the family. Sam knew Cait and her siblings all had their own shirt. Caitriona had once told him it had become a tradition; with every 16th birthday that would be celebrated at the Balfe’s house they would get their own shirt. Her father had no. 1, her mother no. 2, and so on. Being the middle child Cait had no. 6 and every spouse that would enter the family, would get their own shirt in time. This was Sam’s time and it had made him feel loved and welcomed into a wonderful family.

“You know it’s in our closet, I´ve worn it many times before when we saw the Shamrocks. Do you know where yours is?” Sam nudges his wife.

“I think it’s near yours. But I’m not going to be wearing it again soon.” She teased him.

“We’ll see about that.” Sam was convinced the Scot’s would win tomorrow.

Caitriona walked away smiling, sitting down with her sisters and joined them in their conversation about the women’s walk, feeling Sam’s eyes on her while he sat down across them. After an hour, Cait started yawning and Sam knew they both had a hard day of work behind them.  Cirdan had left about half an hour ago but Caitriona’s siblings were staying in the guestrooms.  Sam had gotten the men another round of beer but hadn’t gotten one for himself. Excusing himself he told them he needed a shower and had two emails he promised to answer today. They all said goodnight while Caitriona told him she would clean up a bit and join him soon.  


Caitriona walked in the bedroom with only her robe on, tying her hair in a ponytail. Sam had his laptop on his lap, sitting upright in bed. Looking up from the screen he smiled, “Hey beautiful.” He watched her putting on the night cream for her hands. “I’m just sending the last email.”  He waited until the ‘sent message’ appeared and he closed the laptop. Getting up from the bed, he put the device back in the bag, setting it down beside the vanity.

Caitriona let out a big sigh when she felt the warmth of her naked husband behind her. His hands went to massage her neck, slowly working down toward her shoulders, he saw her opening the robe to give him more access to all of her body.

“Shall we go to bed?” Caitriona suggested while turning around and letting her robe fall onto the chair. Sam kissed her softly on the lips and took her by the hand, leading them toward their bed. Crawling in, he pulled her toward him while Caitriona took her favorite place in the crook of his arm and neck, she fit perfectly there. Her hand went to one of her other favorite spots; his chest. There, she could feel his heartbeat which gave her a sense of calmness. Sam felt the breaths she took on his chest hair, they were both enjoying the serene silence which surrounded them in their bedroom.

Caitriona’s hands started traveling along his upper body, which had changed a bit over the last few weeks.

At the beginning of season 3 he lost some weight to make it more believable that his character, Jamie, stayed in prison for all those years. Cait knew how much work he puts in his job, just like she was, but she admitted to herself and later to him, that she liked it better when there was a bit ‘more’ of him. The feel of his muscles under her fingers gave her a sensation which ran through her whole body.

It amazed her everyday  how they couldn’t get enough of each other. Not only physically, but also mentally; they loved challenging the other.

The banter on twitter was fun. It was as if Sam could read her mind.

“You know they expect a picture or a video of the ‘loser’ on Monday.” Sam smirked.

“I’m sure you don’t mind getting your picture taken, just make sure they don’t see the back of your shirt or we’re caught.” Cait bit his chest lightly.

“Oh really, you want to play it like that?” Sam rolled on top of Caitriona, pinning her arms above them. “What about a personal bet. Just one for the two of us?” Sam suggested.

Smiling at his smirked face, Caitriona saw his mind going down a road she would gladly follow. “Do tell, Hugeone.” Cait lifted her right leg brushing it to his growing member. He did have her hands pinned down, but that didn’t stop her from teasing him in other ways.

Sam let out a low groan at his personal nickname and the feel of her smooth leg against his penis. He kissed her deep with their tongues doing the dance of love, but he needed more, so his mouth travelled south, to her erect nipple. Swirling his tongue around one, he let go of her arms to let his hand pay attention to the other breast.

He felt her hands on his head, guiding his mouth to where she liked it, urging him on. Her hands roamed over his back, making small circles, slowly making her way down to his cheeks, here she repeated the movements like on his back.

Her leg was still pressed against his growing cock, trying make as much friction as possible. Sam’s tongue had made her nipples stand out even more when he blew his breath on them, her body reacted with goose bumps all over. He licked his way up to her mouth again while his hand brushed her side going towards its goal. Opening her legs, he felt her leg slip from his member and he let out a low groan at the loss of contact, but he knew what he wanted and it would be even better.

Caitriona willingly opened her legs for him, their kiss seemed to last forever until she felt his thumb on her clitoris. “Mmmmm.” She let out in pleasure.

“About that bet.” Sam pulled his head back a bit, but all the while still stimulating her nub.

“Yesss.” Caitriona tried to answer him, but Sam wasn’t sure if she was aware of his question or spurring him on to give more pressure, because he felt her grab his buttocks a little stronger.

Smiling down at her, he told her to look at him. “The bet,” he reminded her, while his fingers grazed het wet lips.

“I’ll wear that damn shirt Sam, just take me!” Caitriona couldn’t wait any longer for him to fill her completely.

“No, we’re dealing with it now, what about; the loser has to give the winner an orgasm the way the winner wants it?” Sam suggested.

“Really? Don’t you think we’ve done it all? Sam please, I need you.”  Caitriona wasn’t thinking straight. All she wanted was him inside her, now.

“Isn’t there anything you would want me to do to you, Cait? Something you maybe dreamed about but haven’t expressed yet?”

Caitriona saw in his eyes that he was thinking of his own dreams. “If I say yes to the bet, will you please fuck me?!”

Sam gave her a wicked smile “Yes, so the bet is on?” He pushed his long fingers inside her wet folds making her squirm even more.

“Yes! The bet is on.” Cait was racked with an eagerness as she rolled him on his back, pushing herself on him, her body shivering.

His hands held on to her hips, he loved looking at her face when he entered her, the shape of her mouth made the perfect O. He knew what he wanted to do to her, hopefully the Scots would win tomorrow. Looking down at their joined hips he not only saw but felt her push up and back down again with a force of pleasure on her face.

Caitriona looked down at him, giving him a blissful smile which turned into a euphoric cry of satisfaction when she pushed up and down again.

Sam sat up pushing his hard one deeper inside her. Caitriona started to moan louder as he filled her even more. “Ssshh they will hear us.” He silenced her with a kiss and rolled them back over. Thrusting deeper and deeper while she tilted her hips for a different angle, his hipbone was brushing her in all the right places. Their orgasms came as a wave, crashing together, becoming one big wave.

His forehead touched hers as they both tried to slow down their panting. He let his weight fall upon her as she held him close, their hearts beating as one. Sam slowly pulled out of her when he felt her breathing slow down. Rolling on his side, he took her in his arms.

Caitriona murmured, “I love you, but you’re going down tomorrow.”

Sam chuckled at her comment, “I’ll remind you of our little bet when the Scots win.” he pulled up the white sheet over their cooling bodies, kissed her forehead and whispered, “I love you,” also.



for @donghyuckstudies hope you like it!! it was a challenge writing for haechan but i hope i did the cheeky lil donghyuck justice! enjoy :-) was inspired by ur username for the prompt LMAO

-the schoolbell rings and u rush to ur desk at the very back of the classroom

-class is about to start when the teacher says HEY GUYS STOP TALKING look we have a new student, dong-

-HAECHAN!!! this guy holding bunny ears up and the cringiest most forced smiley face uve ever seen corrects the teacher

-without further adue this annoying kid rushes to sit next to u at the back of the class

-u chuckle a little cause wtf just happened and get back to ur work

-but this kid taps u with a twinkle in his eye and just says HI

-and ur like uh hi and hes just winking at u nonstop like a meme or something

-u get back to ur work

-hey do u have a pencil

-hey do u have paper

-hey do u have an eraser

-ur just like omg here take my whole bag

-the next day this boy has the nerve to forget everything again so u give him everything bc hes harassing u and hes like thanks!!!

-during break he gets up bc everyones like OMG HAECHAN and you realize that hes become friends w everyone and they’re all snickering in the corner but when lunch comes he ditches everyone and comes over and begs you! to eat w him

-so he breaks you down bc hes attacking u with paper planes and making sound effects until you fly one up his nose and hes falls off his chair laughing w the plane in his nose…

-you two arrive and he pays for ur meal and you two sit down on a bench in the courtyard. ofc he grabs half of ur sandwich for himself and hes like u know i paid for it lol pay u back when im a rich beautiful kpop star!!! and starts belting fcking random operatic notes

-u ofc put the rest of ur sandwich into his mouth to shush him

-instead hes like omg chagi~ thanks for feeding me and stares at u lovingly

-u cringe too hard and turn away and this kid is ofc like OMG DONT BLUSH!!! and then u kill him

-one day he takes u to sm bc in his words hes a VIP and you should feel honored that hes letting u into his rockstar life

-donghyuck is actually serious and singing like an angel and dancing and sweating and repeating it again and again and you just watch bc you’ve never seen him be like this

-you see him troll his hyungs in between and chase them/randomly scream lyrics but as soon as the music drops hes immersed in the music and he actually looks… cool

-he’s so focused and after the hyungs leave he’s ofc like OMG BYEEE DREAM OF ME to them but you stay with him till ten pm and he just is practicing the same moves over and over again

-when he’s finally done you wait for him since you guys live in the same direction and he  bursts out I WAS COOL WASN’T I but it comes out like a croak bc he strained his voice from the constant practicing + trolling the members and you just laugh so hard but you also wonder how he manages to stay so carefree amidst all the work

-ofc you dont say this but instead ur like NOW IT CAN FINALLY BE QUIET and he smiles to himself

-suddenly you feel this weird rush of concern because you’re not used to seeing haechan differently. and now that he’s finally shut up it’s awkward and when he’s not making ugly ass faces he actually has the cutest smile?

-but you two just walk in silence and say bye but he mimes it bc he cant talk LOL and his mimes suddenly become charades??? so you push the idiot towards the direction of his dorm bc he needs to rest

-the next day he doesn’t come to school and ur wondering if he faked being sick or something. either way, the whole day is super quiet and u cant believe you miss his voice and bothersome presence..but u do

-so ofc after school you run as fast as you can to his dorm w a ton of shitty junk food (his fave ofc) and check to see if he’s actually sick

-you ring the doorbell and the other rookies are laughing so hard bc they see you holding a pizza and burgers and fries

-they go like LOL ONLY DONGHYUCK’S GIRLFRIEND WOULD bc ur literally carrying a feast with you and yuta and jaemin are just eating fries that are falling lol

-donghyuck comes out and he looks so shocked and his eyes widen and he just bursts out laughing and comes over to help you with all the crap you brought him

-ur so happy to see him and his laugh is all high and randomly ur heart just starts pounding like no other. YO WHAT KIND OF FATASS DO YOU THINK I- you cut him off and just hug him bc he’s okay

-except he’s not bc u feel that his face is super warm so maybe he’s actually sick? You let go and his whole face is red and this idiot is suddenly speechless

-UH STOP WITH THE GERMS—-but you hold on bc you would die if anything ever happened to him

-LISTEN IDIOT-just SHUT UP JEEZ-and you guys continue insulting each other while hugging… and the other members keep laughing bc u guys look so dumb

-you pull away after like what felt like an hour LOL and then you’re like.. eat all the food its cold now bc you dont know what to say and u feel all shy???

-so he just starts eating mindlessly and stuffing his face with pizza and burger

-suddenly he spits it out and is like. dude…. this is all cold

-and you guys just both stare at each other for like five minutes

-both u idiots start laughing bc WTF is this situation LOL


-and ur just done with his shit so ur just like YEAH I REALLY DID

-he wasn’t expecting that so he just reverts to this shocked face and he turns red and you just go up to him and squish his face and ur face is red too

-he inches a lil closer and gives u a lil kiss on the cheek before he cant take it anymore and yells UR WELCOME LOSER!!!!!! but u can tell hes dying inside and then he suddenly starts running around the dorm bc hes SO embarrassed and cant cope

-u tug him by the hood of his jacket to get him to stop but instead he pulls u with him and u both fall onto the floor (moral of story: u guys are both idiots)

-since then u guys are as per usual always together and constantly sending each other ugly selfies and making fun of each other

-when he does hold ur hand u he holds u so hard so that u cant escape and he just goes like MUAHAHAHAHA bc…. dumb

-and then u run and then bc hes holding ur hand he just… has to run with u and then u guys collide into each other LOL

-ur always there when hes practicing bc even though he’s sarcastic and cocky he’s the most hardworking boy you’ve ever met and u know he loves having u there

-when u sit there watching u just wonder how the hell u got so lucky to end up with this idiotic perfect weirdo

What It’s Like To Date Mark


  • Honestly, sometimes he can lose interest rather quickly. Often you’ll find yourself fighting for his attention.
  • Your dates are always fun and exciting. Going to theme parks or seeking out thrills.
  • Talking walks outside on cool fall days.
  • He’d try to teach you how to ice skate. (Even if secretly you already knew how to.)
  • You will never have a dull moment with him.
  • He often can be a sore loser. It’s just something you accept now.
  • He may tease you when he is right about something and you aren’t.
  • You both always make silly faces at each other. No matter how ugly.
  • “I can make my face uglier than yours.”
  • “No way! You can’t”
  • “Watch me.”
  • He is always rather good at making a situation better. If you and him got into a fight he will end up mending it once it’s over.
  • He may even stop the fight from happening.
  • Though. Let’s be honest. He might have started it.
  • “You guys are so gross. Stop flirting.”
  • “Oh. Hyung-.. Ah I can not.”
  • When you first met him he tried to act confident when he approached you, but he was freaking out on the inside. You could tell.
  • He’s always very committed to you. He’ll never tease you to see if you really love him. He is confident that you are his.
  • He’s always very affectionate towards you. Hugging you tightly and nuzzling his face in your neck.
  • He always wants your attention. Like a puppy he’ll always come to you.
  • “Pay attention to meeee~”
  • “I can’t I’m doing work.”
  • “Oh okay. You don’t love me i guess.”
  • “Ya! Mark. Come on don’t be like that.”
  • He always does the most romantic things he can for you. You love seeing the surprises every time you come to visit.
  • He’ll act like he’s full of himself at first, but he’s actually very sensitive.
  • Sometimes he might have trouble controlling his temper.
  • He can be very oblivious to things you say. Often you have to spell things out for him.
  • Mark doesn’t often dwell in the past or the future. He tend to just live for what is happening right then.
James Cassells: Too Hot

Request: Can you write an imagine where you play Too Hot wit James from AA? xx Too Hot is a game where the two players kiss without stopping and without touching each other. If one player touches the other, s/he loses. The winner gets to do whatever s/he wants to the loser. You can decide who wins c: Thanks so much!


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pips69  asked:

Hi Kukui~ How long have you and Guzma known each other and what was your relationship like? Were you friends at one point?

“Yeah, we would see a lot of each other because of that, but even as a kid he had a lot of problems. I think he was a bit of a sore loser, yeah, and he didn’t want to be friends with me ‘cause he thought I was making fun of him or something like that.

He probably coulda been a great trainer if he just cooled down a little and had more fun.”

Writing Prompt Masterpost 4.0


-Going to a 24 hour drug store in the middle of the night
-Going to a theme park together
-One of them crying because their favorite character died and the other comforting them
-The smaller one sitting on the others lap and telling a story about their day
-One of them playing with the other’s hair as they rest their head on their lap
-The irresponsible one getting drunk and the responsible one insisting on driving them home
-Cuddling watching horror movies and one of them covering the other’s eyes during the scary parts
-Singing high school musical duets in the shower
-Having heated discussions about their fave superheroes/villains
-Arguing over what cereal to buy
-Making fun of each other’s nerdy underwear
-Prank calling each other
- Pulling lame pranks/making stupid bets on each other 24/7
- Fighting about who ate the last pop tart
- Having a water pistol/balloon fight inside
- Failing horribly at being functioning adults

-Which one put googly eyes on their nipples and which one would come into the bedroom and immediately walk out again
-Which one waits at the airport with a sign that says “Huge Loser”
-Is the most affectionate?
-Big spoon/little spoon?
-Most common argument?
-Favorite non-sexual activity?
-Who is most likely to carry the other?
-Who worries the most?
-Who tops?
-Who initiates kisses?
-Who wakes up first?
-Who says I love you first?

-I’m sitting in my backyard by the pool/sunbathing when I sneeze. You say “bless you” and scare the hell out of me
-You’re the lifeguard at the pool and I pretend to drown so you can “save me” but it sort of back fires and now I’m banned from the pool for life but at least you walked me out and gave me your number
-I’m doing a road trip and ran out of gas. You’re a cop that was passing by and waits with me while I wait for AAA
-I get a sunburn so bad I can barely move but I have to go to the store to get aloe and you’re an employee and wince sympathetically when I go to pay for it (and when I get home I find out that you wrote your number on my receipt)
-I was trying to buy some candy from the vending machine but it got stuck and you saw and helped me get my candy out. 2 packets came out, but no you can’t have one
-We both wanted the last bit of orange chicken at panda express but while we were arguing over who got it someone else bought it
-We’re at a music festival and everything was fine until your fucking giant ass showed up, but when I hit your shoulder repeatedly to yell at you, you turned out to be super cute
-I went up to you at this bar to talk to you but it turns out that you just got dumped
-We’re both on different dates, but our dates ran into each other and it turns out they used to date You’re performing at an open-mic night and played a couple covers and one of the songs you played makes me cry every time
- Yoga
-I saw you in my favourite band’s merch and want to grab a drink?
-My pet rabbit slipped under your fence
-I’m going to fuckin reek you at scrabble I don’t care its 3 am
-I tripped and tried to grab onto something but I accidentally pulled your pants down with me
-I might be drunk right now but your house was the only one I remembered
-Shut your fucking mouth for a second or I’ll have to make out with you to shut you up
-You said you were going to cut your hair you didn’t say it’d look /that/ good.
-Apparently our mutual friend said to both of us they’d meet up with us here but they’re not here.
-You’re locked out of your place in your underwear and forgot your key
-I happened to glance into your window just in time to see you do a slamming’ air guitar solo
-Our building has a strict No Pet Policy and your cat will not stop meowing, I WILL report you
-The postal worker delivered your package to my place and I was expecting something so I totally didn’t look before I opened it and… wow that is um
-I live a block away from this pizza place that stays open until 2 am and you’re literally ALWAYS there
-I dropped my ring and you came to pick it up, but everyone thinks that you’re proposing
-I did not mean to leave the blinds open and change but now you’re staring at me
-The hotel gave me your suitcases by accident
-Annoying next door neighbor and you keep me up all night with your partying.
-You’re an underwear model and there’s a giant billboard of you across from where I work
-We live door to door and your loud singing in the shower every night annoys the shit out of me.
-We meet every day on our lunch break by the hot-dog stand and one time I forget my wallet
-Taxi cab driver/ passenger
-I work at an animal shelter and you come in looking for a pet pretty often.
-Voice actors and we have to voice a lot of romantic scenes
-Teachers at an elementary school and your class is super loud
-We took this game of gay chicken too seriously’ when you took your pants off
-I used to be the best baker in the neighborhood but then you showed up at with a stack of brownies which almost gave me an orgasm.
-Laser tag party and we’re the last two alive on opposite teams.
-You’ve won best costume for the past three years. This year I am wearing the best costume ever.
Bonus: Wait you actually look really cute. When did you turn hot? What the fuck?
-Everyone pretty much thinks we’re dating, so if you’re up for it why the hell not?
-I was on my balcony and you started loudly quoting Romeo and Juliet at me.
-I spilled my drink down your shirt and then tried to drink it off you.
-We had an impromptu rap duet in the middle of the party.
-You kept asking everyone to play the cha cha slide, then passed out when the song started.
-You keep shouting “THIS IS MY JAM” at every song that comes on.
-Whenever you saw me you’d shout ‘WHOOOOOOOOO’ really loudly and then do finger guns at me before walking off
-You thought I was your friend and pulled me up on the table to dance with you. Now you’re shirtless and grinding on me.
-You start singing the national anthem when it got really quiet.
-You threw up on my shoes Bonus: twice/again
-We live in adjacent apartments and one day I accidentally knocked a hole in the wall
-Cosplayers that somehow always manage to meet each other at cons dressed as a popular ships –You and I both got arrested for holding up traffic to let a duck with ducklings cross the
-We bonded on the train through our mutual exasperation at another Spiderman reboot.
-I work at a fruit store and you come in at almost every day and rearrange stuff on the shelves then leave, but today you made the apples spell “call me"
- I just fell face first into your crotch and this is really awkward
-We were both hanging out at the bar I was eyeing you, but someone else came along and hit on you and now I’m pretending to be your bf/gf because you are obviously disgusted.
-Didn’t notice you until our dogs started randomly making love in the street
-I saw you getting robbed so I tried to help but you thought I was the thief and you punched me.
-My friend dragged me to the nude beach, but I’m fully dressed and you’re not.
-I was pulled over because you thought I was drunk, but I’m not, I’m just really frustrated.
-We’re both single parents and our kids hate each other
-I called you hot and randomly made out with you on the street for a YouTube video, but you made out with me back so I don’t know what to do now
-Kiss Cam at a baseball game
-You fell asleep in public and started sleep talking, I tried to wake you up but now I have a bleeding nose.
- I thought you were a robber trying to get into my neighbor’s house and I called the cops on you, turns out your brother is late and you don’t have a key
-Our older siblings are graduating and we met at the ceremony but our families think we’re dating.
-You work at the drive through and your voice is just so attractive.
-I just have thoughts that you’re a really good hugger and so I just hugged you
-We have to go camping together and share a sleeping bag
-We’re at a friend’s wedding and we happen to be the few single ones without dance partners
-You’re the only other person in the theatre in this movie so why not sit together?
-Book club
-Adventure cycling class and we’re the slowest people
-I work at the animal shelter and you always come in to pet the cats when you’re sad
-I can hear you sneezing through the walls and I brought some chicken noodle soup over for you

-When I agreed to this road trip I had no idea you were coming along and now I have to sit next to you for 8 hours.
-You are literally perfect at everything and I’m just a mess when it comes to… um, everything.  Can you help me finish this paper for lit?
-You’re really bad at beer pong but you do this really cute dance before you throw the ball so I’m letting you stay on my team.
-Our mutual friend dared us both to chug a whole pint of beer and I’m not letting you beat me.
-We both grabbed for the last bottle of the good beer
-Your sister is throwing this huge sleepover in your basement and as I look around your kitchen for snacks you come down the stairs wearing nothing but a pair of low sweatpants
-Best friend’s little sister but I kissed you at a party
-My friends dared me I couldn’t get a date with you. I keep bugging you until you say yes. Bonus: you find out about the dare/ I realize I like you
-Pretend to be my boyfriend/girlfriend to make my ex jealous.
-Class clown finds me in the back of the library bawling my eyes out because my boyfriend/girlfriend just dumped & shit stop making me laugh I’m supposed to be sad
-Cramming until 3 in the morning and having to sleep over at each other’s house.
-The classic Lab Partner. Bonus: Now we always choose each other
-I don’t like changing in front of people in the locker room can you cover me from now on?
-Detention/Summer School
-I’m stuck in my locker and you’re the only one in the hall.
-None of my friends are good at math and I need a tutor.
-I twisted my ankle and you’re the only one here strong enough to carry me to the nurse.
-I lent you my cool pencil months ago and you still use it
-We were both skipping class at the same time in the bathroom but someone passed by and now were hiding in a cramped stall
-I accidentally took your notebook thinking it was mine
-You started sitting by me at lunch because I’m alone but we never talk
-I was really hungry but had no money and you bought me lunch even though I don’t know you. Bonus: You make two lunches every morning and give one of them to me every day
-I left my phone number on the bathroom stall wall and you text me about your day and your frustrations Alternative.: Someone wrote cute notes in the bathroom stall and your notes match the handwriting
-Our friends grouped up for prom but we’re the only two without a date let’s hang out
-I fell asleep on your couch after a party but you didn’t complain and made breakfast for the both of us. Bonus: I made breakfast because I felt guilty
-I heard prom tickets are cheaper with a date can we go together just for cheaper tickets
-You’re always inviting me to “study” with you but you know all the fucking answers already
-I notice you’re sketching a lot on this bus Bonus: Is that me?
-I lost my little sibling in IKEA and I need your help finding them
-You’re the camp counselor my little sibling keeps talking about
-Team leaders at a summer camp Bonus: You may be hot, but goddammit my collection of twelve-year-olds are going to beat yours into the dust.
-We both have friends who party too hard and we keep running into each other in the bathroom while we hold their hair back
-I work at Chuck E. Cheese and your sibling is having a huge birthday party
-I have a service dog and you’re failing because you just stare at it instead of taking notes
-Our little siblings are on rival sports teams and I’ve made it my goal to cheer louder than you
-I thought you were my new roommate’s boyfriend so I casually invited you in but you’re actually the RA of the dorm and now you think I want to have sex with you.
-I accidentally flooded the laundry room
-I took a bunch of free condoms from health services and they all fell out of my bag at once
-The cereal dispenser in the dining hall broke while I was getting froot loops and you blame me.
-We argued so much during a class discussion that we both got kicked out Bonus: We’re still arguing outside of class
­-Your RA almost sight your illegal cat but I convinced them that it was just me meowing
- Hey I just followed my friend to your friend’s house but now they’re screwing really loudly in the other room, want to go do something else?
- You and I ride the same bus home every day but never talk but then you fell asleep and sorry to wake you up but it’s your stop next
-Your headphones aren’t plugged in at the library and you’re listening to a hardcore smut thing.
-I was taking photos for my college class but your ass got in one of the shots and you know it
-I don’t know you but they just paired us up for the haunted house and I’m not good with scary stuff


-Your country’s trying to take over my country and you’re making it difficult to hate you because you’re so nice and attractive.
-We’ve been engaged to be married since we were three but this is the first time we’ve met
-Prince/ss + servant, not supposed to hang out, but fall in love anyways Alt.: Bodyguard, Knight
-Prince/ss from a small country nobody’s heard of in college pretending not to be royal, another student always calling me out on my bs
-My country’s going through some issues so I’m in hiding and you’re a civilian who lives in the same apartment complex as me

-You drive a massive SUV and steal my parking spot all the time Bonus: I was just heading out to leave a strongly worded note under your windshield wiper but you’re hot.
-Barista and the obnoxious customer who comes through and orders a venti macchiato while talking on the phone the whole time. I misspell your name in increasingly creative ways every day. Alternative: I’m a busy businessperson and my barista keeps misspelling my name in increasingly disrespectful ways, honestly, who does this person think they are.
-We were both playing wingman for our friends who have now decided to go home together, and after five minutes of conversation we fucking hate each other, let’s bang it out.
-I saw you trying to hit the “door close” button in the elevator but I made it in and then I pushed every single button to make you later for work, but now we’re stuck in this fucking elevator as it stops at every single floor and I don’t know what to say other than “you started it”.
-I asked for your help getting a book off the top shelf and you laughed at my taste and called me a nerd so I shoved you into a table of nonfiction best-sellers and that’s how we both got banned from the community bookstore.
-I take my grades very seriously and you’re the lazy asshole who asks a ton of off-topic questions to distract the professor and I might be a foot shorter than you but I swear to god I’ll fight you.
-You tried to barge into a private conversation so I said something devastatingly witty and dismissive but you came back with something even meaner and cleverer.
-Shouting match over the last Thanksgiving turkey at the grocery store.

-We accidentally switched our suitcases from the airport terminal.
-I fell asleep on your shoulder and you were too polite to move or wake me up.
-Author of book gets seated next to someone reading their book
-Bonding solely via eye contact over that annoying person on our plane that we’re both slowly becoming more and more exasperated about.
-You fell asleep and I started making funny faces at your kid to keep them amused and the steward mistook us for a couple
-I’m afraid of flying and you were incredibly helpful
-I made a horrible first impression at the gate or in line for airport food but now we’re sitting next to each other.

An immortal being has the ability to share their power with one soul and make them immortal too, so they can have a companion for all the years if they choose. Only one though. The being tells one of their lovers, whom they’ve been with for ten years or so, about their ability, and the lover begs to have the energy shared with them so they can be together for eternity.
“I can’t,” the immortal says.
“Why not?” the lover asks.
“I’m already sharing my power.”
“With who?”
The immortal looks down. “My cat.”

-Imagine if we lived in a world where you could see the exact date when everyone is going to die except for yourself. Then one day people start acting nice to you. Like, really nice.
-World is black and white until you receive the first touch from your soulmate  Bonus: Colors only exist when they’re with you
-Imagine dating an immortal and finding a photo album of their exes who all sort of look like you dating back a century
-Merperson caught in a fisher’s net.
-Rival dragon riders.
-Bumped into each other while watching a street magic performance.
-Got drunk and broke into a dragon guarded tower together.
-Stole a sacred artifact from a witch and now I have to hunt you down.
-Well, you try talking some sense into the bridge troll.
-Pegasus joy riding.
-Werewolf gladiators.
-Your kiss broke a sirens spell.
-My folks are making you steal a griffin feather to prove your love but that’s not stopping me from going with you.
-I just fell in love with my magic mirror.
-Kidnapped by a band of magical golden hearted thieves.
-First pet dragon.

-Who the hell are you and why you are on my laptop
-Did you actually just blue shell me on our date, you fucker?
­-Um, hi.  Are you the one using my Wi-Fi?
-I know you hate cats, but you’re personality literally speaks cat, so I got you one. No you’re not gonna give it back to me.
-I have a confession to make, I keep coming back to this diner every Wednesday night -no, not for the dinner special. But because I’ve been having problems and the sound of your singing literally touches my soul.
-Okay dude, I’m sorry that you want to put a poster for your band up right there, but I want to put up a flyer for my lost cat, so I think I win.
-Someone gave me a fake phone number and it’s actually yours
-Hey can I borrow a dollar?
-Um, this isn’t your dorm-? Oh, okay. Yeah, um, sure you could totally sleep on my bed.  That’s totally, just feel right at home

Sources: (because there’s no way I thought of all of these on my own.Some of the sources no longer exist or have changed urls so they’re not included)
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nelfes  asked:

Huscal for le meme

when I started shipping it if I did: back in my first play through, right during the main arc. I decided I liked pascal and I liked hubert so why not throw ‘em together.
my thoughts: I hate these fuckin losers so much. I hate how they complete each other, I hate how pascal calms down and Hubert has fun again, I hate how much they balance each other out and how much friendship lies between them, ugh
What makes me happy about them: how much they just feel like friends!!! even without romance their interactions are still just so great
What makes me sad about them: the age difference :( it’s not enough to really turn me off to it but it’s still there. Also how the game just teased us the whole time? At least give us some insight to how pascal feels, yikes.
things done in fanfic that annoys me: I hate that people just kinda treat pascal like her entire personality is “NYAN CAT LOLZ XD” because she’s so…not that? Pascal’s actually pretty grounded so anytime people write her like that it gets on my nerves
Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: pascal is basically anyone else in the party, but Hubert…I really can’t see him with anyone else. Maybe that cute npc in lhant that has a crush on him for the entire game, I guess.
who is the big spoon/little spoon: pascal loves being little spoon
what is their favorite non-sexual activity: puzzles!! Basically any riddles or something that requires them to think a little

bts ships

Anonymous said: hi! i’m fairly new to the bts fandom and i was just wondering what are the ships in bts and the most popular ones? thanks for answering if you do!! love you and your blog!!!

ANON UR SO CUTE PLS OMG THANK U ILY TOO but anyways this post isnt about me…. its about the beauty of ships…. now this is gonna be long…. i dont know the most popular ships really but ill just tell u my personal favorites (with an *)! gifs are not mine!!

*NAMJIN (namjoon x jin):

Originally posted by namjinkiss

also known as my parents. namjoon taking on the manly father role whilst jinnie is the loving mother to bts and me. they are married and no one can tell me different just look at how he’s looking at him in the gif im screaming and they even have the same last name. you know who shares last names? married couples and family but theyre not family bc theyre married and meant to be together forever

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Bisnet things
  • lava pool parties
  • holding each other in their strong arms
  • having faux battles
  • garnet unfusing so that bismuth can have not one, but two lesbians in her arms
  • additionally, bismuth carrying garnet (or ruby and sapphire) on her shoulders
  • going out to eat and getting the spiciest food on the menu because heat doesn’t phaze them one bit (they weird out the restaurant owners)
  • recalling days from the war - reliving the victories, laughing at the fun times, and helping each other through the terrible feelings that come after such a horrible time
  • going to carnivals and seeing who can break the strength tester first
  • racing each other around beach city (the winner receives lots of kisses from the loser, making it a win-win situation, really)
  • tackling each other with hugs and smooches
  • please feel free to add more

I can’t believe kids my age this day are doing

Their own Disney Channel Show

Doing their own series of performances

Doing something talented

And im here like

* watching reruns of boys over flower, watching some losers rapping and dissing at each other and making fun of verbal jints meme*

incredibly important things about zayn, revealed by the behind the fader cover interview:

  • zayn named his big threatening dog after bob marley
  • zayn has life-sized wooden figurines in his backyard, a la niall. “the boys” bought it for him and i don’t have to tell you who those boys are. fun fact: one direction expresses love for each other with backyard figurines.
  • zayn’s interior decoration is strange and eccentric and wonderful
  • zayn loved being the bartender!!! zayn was distant until you put him in a place where he was comfortable, where he could just smile and chill and be himself
  • zayn makes jokes as bad as harry’s. zayn called duncan “duncan donuts” to his face
  • zayn SENT DONUTS TO DUNCAN. what a loser
  • “zayn sending someone a box of donuts is very representative of the person i hung out with” you literally just need to spend a couple of hours with zayn to recognize him for the SWEET NERD HE IS!!! INCREDIBLE

anonymous asked:

Being friends w Peter and one day he asks you to pretend to be his girlfriend so he can take you home to his mom to prove to her and his sisters that he's not a total loser and the two of you spend a whole night together in his bedroom telling each other every fact, quirk and interest about yourselves and its all fun and games but once he sees how you are with his family hIS HEART BURSTS and he realizes how actually in love he is w you

and imagine like having your first kiss in front of his family?! like you’re playing with the girls and they’re making you king & queen and putting plastic crowns on your heads and they go “okay now kiss!!” and peter just flushes red omg, and you’re like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ so you lean forward and press your lips to his softly. he kinda freezes but then responds, closing his eyes - and then lorna & wanda are like ENOUGH OF THAT and when lorna pulls you away and wanda climbs on peters back, you’re both embarrassed and giggling like NERDS

Neymar Imagine || Birthday Surprise (David Luiz)

A/N - Hey. So this is the first imagine I’ve ever posted online. It wasn’t a request, just some random idea I had. But please send any requests.

Neymar is sitting on the floor, with his back against the couch and me sitting between his legs.  I’m leaning into his chest and his arms are wrapped around me, holding his controller, as we start our weekly FIFA marathon. I don’t know how and when exactly we decided to make this a thing, but now we spend at least two hours every weekend playing against each other. It’s a lot of fun, though. It always starts out really cute, with us cuddling and playing in peace and quiet and then it ends with us sitting on opposite sides of the couch, yelling at each other and fighting over who actually deserved to win. He’s an incredibly sore loser.

 “I can’t believe this!” He yells, throwing his controller flying across the room and onto an armchair, after our third game of the night and my second consecutive win.

“Not to brag or anything, but that was kinda awesome.” I laugh. “I can’t believe you scored an own goal!”

“You distracted me!” He kicks his feet up on the coffee table. “This thing is rigged. You always beat the crap out of me. I don’t understand.” I scoot closer to him and straddle his lap.

“Yes, babe. I totally bribed the virtual referee.” I can’t help but laugh at how genuinely upset he is. “You’re hilarious when you get so worked up over a video game.”

“You’re one to talk.” He chuckles and I melt at the sight of his smile. “You punched me when you lost earlier!”

“Because you stood in front of the screen so I couldn’t see when I was about to score!” I playfully punch him in the arm again. “So what’s the plan for next weekend?” I change the subject to avoid the tickle wars I see coming.

“More of this?” He says, pointing to the game console across the room. “And also some of this.”  He leans in and softly pecks my lips, before pulling me in, with one hand on my back and the other playing with my hair, as his tongue fights for dominance with mine. His lips then brush against my cheek, making their way down to my jaw, before finally nibbling on the sensitive spot at the crook of my neck.

 Neymar’s 22nd birthday is next Friday and so far he hasn’t told me about any big party, which is strange for him. He would use any possible excuse to throw a party and normally I’d be a little worried, if I wasn’t – um – otherwise occupied. I bring up his birthday a few more times after that, but every time he deviates the conversation before it even starts, insisting that he’d be happy with staying in and playing video games with me.

It’s a couple of days later, when I’m hanging out with him and David (Luiz), who is visiting for a few days, that I find out the true reason behind my boyfriend not wanting to do anything special for his birthday. David mentions something about how shitty it is that most of Neymar’s family is busy and unable to come and be with him on his birthday, especially Davi, since his mom is taking him on a trip to Disneyland, which I’m sure the boy doesn’t mind in the least bit. Of course, I knew about everyone being busy this upcoming week. I just hadn’t made the connection to his birthday, but now I realize how obvious it was.

 “So that’s why he’s not very into celebrating his birthday this year.” I say, taking advantage of the fact that Neymar is not in the room. “I was getting worried. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him turn down a party before.”

“Me neither.” David laughs. “But you know how he is about his family. I’m not surprised he doesn’t care about celebrating without them.”

“I know, but isn’t it kind of sad that he won’t get to enjoy his birthday? He’s all decided to stay in now, but I bet he’ll be bugging me to go out and do something fun by then.” I ask. “Maybe we should do something about it. Throw him a party or something.”

“A surprise party?”

“I was thinking about more of a ‘We-don’t-care-if-you-don’t-want-to-celebrate-we’re-doing-this-anyway’ party, but your idea is better.” We both laugh.

“I’m in. But it’s going to be a pain in the ass keeping it a secret from Neymar.” David adds, right as Neymar walks into the room.

“Keeping what a secret from me?” He questions, sitting next to me.

“The way I always beat you at FIFA.” I say the first thing that comes to mind.

“That’s no secret. It’s called cheating.” He teases, smirking at me.

 David and I spent the next few days planning and organizing Neymar’s surprise birthday party, which was particularly challenging, since we had to make sure he didn’t suspect anything. The only tricky part was finding a place to have the party. Our house would normally be the first choice, but there’s no way I could pull that off without him finding out. Luckily, Dani (Alves) offers to let us use his place, saving the day.

The morning of Neymar’s birthday I wake up early enough to make breakfast and bring it to him in bed. A few pancakes, a glass of orange juice, a cup of coffee and a lot of cuddles later, it’s time for me to go to meet David and Dani, so we can set up the last few things at the house.

 “I’m gonna let you waste your day now, birthday boy.” I say, walking to the closet.

“What? Where are you going?”

“Meeting some friends for lunch. I told you about it last night.” I finish getting dressed and hastily brush my hair in front of the mirror.

“But it’s my birthday.” He whimpers.

“You said you didn’t want to do anything, babe. Besides, I’ll be back in a couple of hours.”

“I don’t like this.” He follows me downstairs and pouts at me while I grab my things and throw them in a purse. “What am I supposed to do here by myself?”

“Practice your FIFA skills. God knows you need it!” I laugh. “I’ll see you later. Love you!”

“I doubt it.” He smiles, kissing me. “Love you, too.”

 About two hours later, balloons and all kinds of decorations have been spread out all over Dani’s house and backyard, the bar has been stocked and the tables have been set with every possible snack. David and I give the house an once-over to make sure everything is perfect, before going to find Dani, which is not that hard to do, considering he’s been sitting on the same exact spot on the couch since we got there.

 “I’d yell at you for sitting on your ass and doing nothing, but I don’t feel like getting kicked out and moving the whole party, so I’m going to try and be nice.” I say to him.

“Smart choice.” Dani laughs, still on his phone. “And I am doing something, actually. I’m texting Neymar to keep him busy. He’s not very happy that you left him alone on his birthday.”

“Well, we’re done here. The caterers are on their way and everyone should start arriving soon, so you should go get him now.” David says.

“Okay.” I stand on my tiptoes and hug him. “Thank you for everything, David. You’re a lifesaver.”

“Don’t mention it.” He smiles as I grab my bag and head out.

 I get home and spend at least five minutes looking around the house from my boyfriend, who is sitting by himself on the stairs of the patio in our backyard, with his face hidden in his hands.

 “You’re definitely not old enough to be depressed on your birthday.” I step out the house and onto the dark wooden floor of the patio. “So what are you mopping around for?”

“Look who’s home.” Neymar looks up at me. His eyes are red and puffy and if I didn’t know any better, I’d think he was crying before I got here. “Had fun with your friends?” He asks with a sarcastic tone in his voice.

“Why are you being so weird? What’s going on?” I ask.

“You tell me!” He stands up. “You tell me what’s going on, babe. Or maybe I should just ask David or Dani, since the three of you seem to have a hell of a good time keeping things from me and screwing around behind my back.” Neymar is now yelling and it becomes obvious that he really was crying before.

“What are you talking about?”

 I’m so confused by all of this pointless yelling. I don’t understand what he could possibly be talking about. There isn’t anything I’m hiding from him,  other than the party, but that’s no reason for him to be this mad, even though he didn’t exactly want to celebrate.

 “I’m just wondering how you thought you’d be able to get away with something like this. I may be naïve when it comes to you, but I’m not an idiot!” He is still yelling and I find myself slowly backing away, because his behavior is a little frightening.

“Will you stop screaming at me?!” I snap. “Tell me what the fuck you’re talking about already.”

 Without a word, Neymar hands me his phone and one of Dani’s infamous selfies pops up on the screen. Dani must have taken this today, while David and I arranged his whole house for the party. I don’t understand how this is in any way relevant to the scream session we’re currently having, but then my eye catches something. I’m in the picture, right in the corner of the screen, hugging David. I want to punch Neymar for even thinking there was anything more than hugging going on, but I did lie to him about where I was going, so I can’t really blame him.

 “Do you know what I’m talking about now?” Neymar’s voice cracks midsentence and I’m sure he’s about to burst into tears, but before I can say anything, he starts yelling again. “I have to be honest; I did not see that one coming from you. I mean, you had the whole in-love act down to perfection. I guess this is what I get for being so fucking dumb, but I really thought you were different. It’s obvious you’re just a –“

“Shut up!” I yell back, cutting him off. “Stop talking before you say something you’ll regret. If you would just let me –“ He interrupts me before I can explain.

“I regret a lot of things about you right now, but this conversation isn’t going to be one of them!”

“Neymar, I know you think you know you have everything all figured out, but you don’t.” I sigh, shaking my head. “Come with me.” I try to grab his hand, but he yanks it away, although he still follows me all the way back though the house and to my car.

“You’re just going to leave, then?” He looks even more hurt now and it takes everything in me to not break down at the sight.

“You’re coming with me, actually. Please don’t be the stubborn idiot you usually are and just get in the car and shut up.”

 I’m genuinely surprised when he doesn’t protest or yell again, and just gets into the car. All I need to do is take him to Dani’s house, so he can see the damn party and understand what David and I were actually doing there together. I could just as well try to explain everything to him, but I know my boyfriend to well to believe for a second that he’d listen to anything I have to say right now. I thought he knew me well enough to not make this kind of assumptions, but I was obviously wrong.

Neymar doesn’t say anything during the drive. I was supposed to text David and let him know when Neymar and I were almost there, so everyone could hide and surprise him, but given the current circumstances, I can’t. Which is why, when I open the door to Dani’s house, no one expects to see us and they all yell a half hearted “Surpise!”

Neymar’s friends and teammates are already approaching him, to wish him a happy birthday or whatever, but he ignores them and turns to me. I’m still standing right outside, beside the door.

 “What is this?” He asks, almost whispering.

“Your birthday party. This is what David and I have been doing all day today and most of the past week. It was all his idea. It’s funny, really. While he and I were here, doing all of this for you, you were home, making sick assumptions.” It’s my turn to yell now.

“But in that picture it looked like – “

“I was hugging him? Because that’s exactly what I was doing. I was hugging our friend who helped me put all of this together, just so you’d have the best possible day!”

“Babe, I had no idea.” He grabs both of my hands in his. “I’m such an idiot.”

“You are.” I let him put his arms around my waist and pull me closer. “You know, you don’t really deserve a party right now.”

“I’m really sorry. “ He whispers into my ear. “I should trust you more.”

“You should.”

Road Trip

By: SassyShoulderAngel319

Fandom/Character(s): Avengers - Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Sam Wilson/Falcon

Rating: PG

Original Idea: Another lovely imagine.

Notes: I’ve never been on a road trip - or at least, not a super long one - but I hope to one day. And I keep writing these super-long shots because I can never figure out how to end them. Hope that’s not a problem.


“Why can’t we take the jet?” I complained as Steve and Bucky picked up my massive suitcase and shoved it in the back of the giant SUV.

Sam chuckled lightly as he put his own bag on top of mine. “Because this is more fun, kid! Don’t tell me you’ve never been on a road trip!” he exclaimed. “Also, shotgun!” He edged around me and hopped in the passenger seat of the car. I shrugged.

“I haven’t ever been on a road trip. But the jet would be a lot faster—not to mention safer.”

“Don’t you trust my driving?” Steve joked.

“Sure, why not? It’s other drivers I don’t trust.”

“We’ll be fine,” Bucky reassured me. “We’re just going to California—”

“Which is a forty-hour drive, not including sleeping and eating and bathroom breaks and all that!” I interrupted, frustrated.

“At the very least you’re not sleeping in the same hotel room as we are, so you’ll actually sleep,” Steve remarked sarcastically. Since I was a girl and two out of three of the men I was travelling with were extremely old-fashioned they had insisted I stay in the room next-door to theirs. “We’ll probably stay up all night talking—or playing those card games you hate.” I snorted. He was just saying that because I was a monster when I got bad sleep and he probably wanted to avoid dealing with me during the drive. If my math was correct and we drove roughly ten hours per day, it would take four days to get there. We were staying for a week, and then four days back. Honestly. It would be so much better to just take the jet. Not that they’d listen to me.

“C’mon, guys! We’re losing daylight!” Sam shouted.

“Daylight just started you moron!” I snapped back. “Which brings me to my next question: why the heck are we leaving at dawn? We couldn’t have waited till ten or something?”

“Where is your sense of adventure, child?” Steve demanded jokingly. He hauled his suitcase into the trunk and then Bucky’s. Giving me a smirk he circled the car and got into the driver’s seat. Bucky, who was still standing next to me, opened my door.

“Trust me, riding to and from places in the war was worse than this. I think you’ll be okay,” he murmured quietly in my ear. Louder, he continued, “Plus, we’re gonna sing songs the entire time! You won’t even notice time passing!” I planted my face in my hands the moment I was in the car behind Steve with my seatbelt buckled. Bucky rushed around to the other side and got in. “Let’s go!” he exclaimed excitedly. I groaned. Better to just put up with it, I supposed.

After about an hour of just talking, Bucky got bored. “Ninety-nine bottles of pop on the wall—ninety-nine bottles of pop—” he started singing quietly.

No!” I protested.

TAKE ONE DOWN, PASS IT AROUND, NINETY-EIGHT BOTTLES OF POP!” Steve and Sam finished in almost perfect sync, belting at the tops of their lungs. “Ninety-eight bottles of pop on the wall—ninety-eight bottles of pop—take one down, pass it around, ninety-seven bottles of pop!” I groaned in complaint and pulled my iPod out of my pocket.

I spent most of the rest of that day listening to as many noisy songs I could think of, attempting to drown them out. They just kept going, though.

Eventually, at “negative-ten bottles of pop on the wall”, they finally got bored.

It was around six at night when Sam came up with the worst idea in the history of his bad ideas—“Hey, Steve, how about those two kids in the back play Too Hot?” he asked. I yelped and clapped my hand over my mouth.

“No way!” I protested.

“What’s Too Hot?” Steve and Bucky asked at the same time.

“Two people make out without touching each other—except their mouths of course—for as long as they can—first one to touch the other loses. Winner gets to do whatever they want with the loser—within reason of course,” Sam explained. I banged my head against the back of Steve’s chair, over and over again. Why had I agreed to coming on this stupid road trip with these soldiers? I thought it would be somewhat fun, not embarrassing!

“I don’t know, Sam,” Steve muttered. Thank goodness someone had a little reason in his brain!

“I’m all for it!” Bucky exclaimed. I whirled to glare at him. “C’mon, it’ll be fun. I bet you touch me first.”

Crap. He’d challenged my resolve. It was harder for me to back down from a challenge—particularly with these guys. They would never let me live it down if I refused. Thinking back on it later, that was probably their point. I sighed and stared at him for several long moments, pondering. He was giving me a very sarcastically flirtatious look, closed lips grinning—almost seductively. “Bucky,” I warned, raising one eyebrow. “Keep looking at me like that and I’ll shoot you.”

Bucky shrugged. “Don’t care. Play with me!”

Sam pulled his camera out of his pocket and clicked a few buttons.

“Fine!” I relented. “Just because I’m gonna win. Now gimme a kiss, you big idiot.”

He leaned over the middle seats where our backpacks were and pressed his lips to mine. I bent forward, pressing into the kiss deeper. I knew him. He’d always been a gentleman to me, just like Steve, but I could tell he was interested in me. He wouldn’t be able to resist me.

I smiled against our lips and leaned my head slightly to get a better angle.

I felt metal fingers slide through my hair and I yanked away. “Ha! Told you!”

“How can I not keep my hands off you?” he asked.

I leaned against my seat. “I’m a woman. You’ll never be able to resist me,” I teased.

“Rematch,” Bucky said.

“No way,” I retorted.

Rematch, rematch, rematch!” Sam and Steve chanted. I snorted.

“Fine. Only ‘cause I’ll win again and then this guy will owe me two favors!” I conceded.

“What’re you going to do him now that you’ve won?” Steve asked teasingly. I snickered mischievously and glanced at Bucky. I saw a slight note of panic in his eyes.

“Dunno. Maybe I’ll just make him teach me how to knife fight for the next several months,” I replied.

“That is so much nicer than everything I was picturing,” Sam commented.

“Samuel Thomas Wilson!” I exclaimed, scandalized.

“What? If I got to do whatever I wanted to a gorgeous woman, it would not be knife fighting!”

“Well, see, there’s a difference between you and me.”

“Are you calling me a gorgeous woman?” Bucky demanded, half amused, half offended.

I snorted so loudly I made my nose hurt.

Steve started guffawing so hard he had to pull over to the side of the road. Sam was flustering something about how he meant if he were in a similar situation with some woman and in no way did he mean to imply that he thought Barnes was a gorgeous woman. It didn’t matter though because Steve and I were laughing our heads off and Bucky was grinning brightly—it was the first time I’d seen a smile that reached his eyes since he’d mostly recovered. He glanced over at me and gave me a wink. I was still laughing so I didn’t manage to do anything in response.

After like ten minutes of us not being able to control ourselves, we finally got back on the road. “Don’t think Bucky’s little stunt got you out of your rematch, young lady,” Sam remarked sarcastically.

“Yes, Mom,” I snapped sassily, thoroughly done with his crap.

“Hey be nice to each other!” Steve warned.

“Sure, Dad,” I retorted.

Bucky was almost giggling.

“How come he gets to be Dad?” Sam demanded.

“Because of your nesting habits,” Steve joked.

“Because that’s what my dad used to say to get me and my siblings to get along. And my mom always called me young lady when she was cross with me. You sounded like my mom and Steve sounded like my dad. End of story,” I corrected. I turned to Bucky. “Ready to owe me two favors?”

“That’s not going to happen. When I win we’ll both owe each other one.”

“Except you’re not going to win.” Before he could protest I leaned across the middle seat and kissed him.

Sam was recording us, I knew that. He hadn’t pulled his camera out for nothing. I was definitely going to carefully monitor his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts to make sure that video did not make it to the internet. Because then my friends from high school would find it and download it, and I would never live it down for the rest of my life. Every high school reunion for the rest of forever would feature that video—at least among my old social group.

I grinned against his lips as I saw his hand twitch towards me before he had to consciously yank it back to him. And I knew I was going to win again. I couldn’t claim to know Barnes like the back of my hand, but I knew that back in the forties he was a flirt (courtesy of getting Steve to rant about how good his best friend was) and he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off me for too long. Mwahahaha!

Of course, he held out longer than I thought. It was certainly longer than the time before. I was impressed. But it only took about three minutes of me leaning closer and tilting my head slightly to the side to get him to cave. His normal hand grabbed the back of my neck, metal one grabbing my hand.

Instead of pulling away, cackling that I won again, I put my free hand on the back of his head and slid my fingers through his hair, kissing him deeper. After a moment of feeling startled, he leaned in, metal hand moving from my hand up my arm and to my back. I pressed my face against his and clenched my fingers into a fist in his thick hair.

“Oi! You two! Get out of the rearview mirror!” Steve snapped.

I finally pulled away from the Winter Soldier. “Aye, aye, Captain!”

“Are you going to be anything but snarky the whole trip?” Sam asked.

I nodded enthusiastically. “To be fair, you guys didn’t want to take the jet.”

The soldiers in the front seat rolled their eyes.

About an hour later we made it to our first motel for the night. Looking around at the kind of shabby neighborhood it was in, Steve suddenly got very apprehensive. “I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want you in a room on your own,” he told me. “You never know if there are creeps watching out for a girl on her own.”

Bucky shrugged. “I’ll stay with her. Then we’ll both sleep and I can drive tomorrow. You and Sam can stay up playing card games.”

“Should we all just stay in one room?” I asked.

“Well, if we stay in two, everyone can get their own bed,” Sam pointed out. “Dunno about you guys but doubling up with this guy—” He jerked his thumb in Steve’s direction. “—doesn’t sound very appealing.”

I chuckled. “Well, it wouldn’t be too bad if the smallest one here doubled with the biggest and the two in the middle doubled. It’s not ideal but it’s cheaper,” I pointed out.

“Nah. We’ll do two rooms,” Steve decided.

Bucky and I shrugged at the same time. “Great. Parents in one room, kids in the other,” I remarked.

Sam glared at me. “You know what, kid?” he threatened.

“Yes, Mother?” I replied nonchalantly.

He took a swipe at me that I ducked under.

We checked in and separated for the night. Bucky showered first, then me, then we were climbing into our separate beds, curling up for the night.

Steve knocked right as I was drifting off. Bucky snapped ramrod straight, leaping out of bed and standing at attention. I wasn’t sure if that was leftovers from HYDRA or World War II and I was too tired and scared to ask. His past was a very touchy subject. I rolled out of my bed and opened the door while Bucky stood like a plank of wood. “At ease, soldier,” Steve remarked. Only then did Bucky seem to realize what was happening and he relaxed. “I just thought I’d make sure you guys were okay—since you are my children. Your mother’s out.” I smiled and laughed while Bucky chuckled behind me.

“Yeah, we’re okay. Have a good night, Dad.” He gave me a cheesy wink as he hugged me and then his best friend.

“Sleep well. I’ll see you two in the morning.”

“See ya.” Me and the former assassin got back in our beds and almost instantly fell asleep.

I slept just fine until Sam pounded on the door at ten-minutes-to-dawn. “Up and at ‘em, kids!” he called through the door.

“Early bird gets the worm,” Bucky muttered.

I laughed so hard I fell off the edge of my bed and landed on the floor.

“We’re up, Mother!” Bucky called back.

“Watch it, Barnes!” Sam threatened. Since we could both probably take him out without breaking a sweat it was a pretty empty threat, but it was funny to wind him up anyway.

We got ready, checked out, and got back in the SUV.

The Wheels on the Bus go round and round…” Sam started singing quietly. I hit my head on the back of Steve’s seat again, groaning in complaint.

Detention - Chapter 2!

Summary: Phil Lester gets detention again, and meets Dan Howell, who is a shy and quiet kid and never talks to anyone. Phil picks up a conversation with Dan and they take a liking to each other. Phil doesn’t want to stop talking to Dan so he offers him a ride home and a friendship blossoms right before their eyes.

Genre: AU, Fluff

Word Count: 1,854

Chapters: One

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anonymous asked:

Cute bonding headcanons between Kirihara, Zaizen, Kaido and Hiyoshi, please? Thank you, thank you!

No problem, sweetheart! <3

Zaizen, Kirihara, Kaidoh, Hiyoshi:

  • Zaizen and Hiyoshi constantly make fun of or scare Kirihara and Kaidoh
  • they don’t have ill intentions, actually they like each other a lot
  • Hiyoshi tells some scary stories every single night, completely freaking out Kaidoh and Kirihara
  • Zaizen acts like he doesn’t care but writes in his blog about everything that happens
  • all 4 of them often play some video games together (usually Hiyoshi or Zaizen wins)
  • Kirihara always makes a mess and Kaidoh usually is the one tidying up and scolding Kirihara
  • Kirihara often is a bit too excited, Kaidoh is the only one that listens to his babbling while Hiyoshi relaxes and Zaizen listens to music
  • Zaizen somehow manages to take a picture of every single embarrassing thing that happens to one of the other threes
  • one night they played the newest Pokémon game against each other, like a little tournament, the loser had to clean the room for the next week
  • all in all they have a lot fun teasing each other