losers making fun of each other

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hc that Richie plays the cello (he borrowed it from school cause his parents would never buy him one) and the gang low-key makes fun of him for it but Eddie loves it when Richie plays the cello so he drags the entire losers to one of Richie's recitals since his parents never go to one and Richie kinda falls in love more if that's possible?? and Eddie kinda just melts when Richie goes on cause like he's in love with a cello playing idiot

eddie and richie making fun of each other but then other people make fun of them and suddenly it’s war is honestly the ultimate reddie headcanon

eddie would totally listen to richie practice while they’re hanging out, and he’d totally do research on how to perfect his technique, and richie is totally in love.

eddie would be the first to clap WE ALL KNOW at the recitals. the other losers love him and would definitely clap for richie too, but eddie tells them anyway that if they don’t clap, he’ll personally put their heads on sticks and give them as presents to richie

“lmao ____ people cant pronounce the _____ sound!!” wow ur right……. its almost like… there are thousands of languages other than english….. and they each use a certain set of sounds and dont use others……. and wow its almost like ur making fun of them when if you were 2 try and pronounce a ق or a ح u would sound like a fucking loser wow isnt that strange

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oh my kids would have so much fun

- bev would get everyone all dolled up for the occasion because they NEED to go all out

- she’d make all the boys put glitter on their cheeks and paint their nails different colours

- each of the losers would be a different colour so they were all a rainbow when they stood next to each other

- bev would wear this amazing bright yellow dress with a sunflower crown in her hair and those cute heart shaped sunglasses

- bill would be red and wear bright red jeans trousers and a white shirt with a big red heart sewn on (thanks to his little brother’s help) and he’d even get his mother to spray his hair red

- richie would be orange and he’d be that one fucker that wears jeans and suspenders and thats it, both neon orange and so blinding it hurts

- eddie’s pink (of course) and wears little pink shorts and a matching crop top and pink converse and he’s just adorable in it

- mike is purple and went shirtless for the occasion with some shorts but got ben to write ‘LOVE’ on his chest and back in purple paint

- ben went green and wore a fucking wreath in his hair and let bev put green streaks through his hair and he looks like AMAZING in his little green suit

- and stan the man went all blue and allowed bev to put blue eyeshadow on him that matched his checked shirt and he felt so powerful

- they would all have banners and rainbow flags with little love quotes on and they’d all be sparkly 

- they’d all hold hands walking with the crowd, not wanting to lose any of them

- richie convinced eddie to get on his shoulders at one point and eddie was freaking out because of how tall he was

- “LOVE CONQUERS ALL!” is all he’d be shouting from up high and richie would be beaming

- stan and bill would holding hands and grinning at each other because they were so comfortable around all these strangers??

- bev got so many comments on her boys looking cute together and she was so proud of them

- mike and ben would hype the crowd up and run around singing ‘we r who we r’ by KESHA and everyone would fucking love it

- eddie and richie had their first kiss on a float in the middle of the pride parade in front of everyone when eddie was looking at richie and realising he had never felt this happy before and just kissed him because fuck it

Can we just imagine the losers during Christmas time and doing stuff like:

-having snow ball fights that Richie always initiates

-wearing stupid Christmas sweaters

-Stan trying to educate the group about Hanukkah

-the losers sneaking Mike into the school Christmas dance because he doesn’t go to school with them

-everyone going over to Bill’s house to drink hot chocolate and watch Gremlins

-Ben reading A Visit From St. Nicholas like 500 hundred times through out the month of December

-making snow angels and snowmen and basically just being adorable in the snow

-making gingerbread houses with Georgie (he is still alive because in my mind no one dies and everyone is happy)

-Eddie wearing 30 layers of clothes and looking like the kid from A Christmas Story every time he goes outside to play with the rest of the gang

-Richie making fun of him for this but secretly thinking that it is the cutest thing in the world 

-The losers using Ben’s architectural skills to help build an epic igloo that they hang out in for like 3 weeks 

-Beverly taking up kitting and making all of the boys mittens and even though they have holes in them the boys wear them anyways 

-Richie punching some kid in the face and getting blood on the mitten that Bev made him because they made fun of Eddie for still believing in Santa Clause

-The losers doing secret Santa and sneaking away from there families on Christmas day to give each other there presents 

-Basically just being smol precious children that would die for each other 

And let me know if anyone thinks of anything else :)
Losers’ Club Head Canons

okay okay so @exceededexpectations and I were talking about the losers club and we got too carried away; you’re welcome

  • Mike, Bill, Richie, and Bev don’t sleep with tops on. Ben doesn’t sleep with pants on. Stan owns like 5 pairs of matching pajama sets.
  • When Richie and Eddie first start to date, Richie starts to wear tops to bed because that is the only way Eddie would cuddle. Even when Eddie isn’t there, he starts to sleep in tops because it reminds him of Eds.
  • Richie and Bev are 100% bffs and always have sleepovers. When it is just them they don’t bother with clothes because they don’t care about seeing each other naked.
  • Richie has seen Bev naked more times than Ben has tbh.
  • Everyone has seen Richie naked on many different occasions.
  • The first thing they did after killing pennywise was go swimming at the quarry to clean themselves. At this point, they had been through so much together that they just wanted to be normal kids so they just went skinny dipping.
  • After IT happened the Barrons stopped being where they would hang out. They did start going to the quarry a lot more and they built a treehouse at mikes farm which they would go to on the weekends.
  • Bev moves in with Richie a couple weeks after IT happened because his parents don’t care and they have a spare room anyway?! But she ends up in Richie’s room so much that they just bring the other bed into Riche’s and it makes his single bed a double. This makes a few problems down the road when Richie and Eddie start dating because ‘No Richie we cannot make out, Beverly is sleeping right there!!’ Richie talked to Bev about it and she said she would either spend the night at Bens if they wanted her to because she is a good friend and understands that Eds is small and awkward and doesn’t know how dating works. She does make sure she gets all of the details from Richie the next night!
  • Richie has ADHD so Eddie brings him calming tea like peppermint or chamomile. When Richie first drank it he really didn’t like it but he really likes Eds so he drank it. Eddie brought him tea every day after that and now Richie can’t go a day without drinking it.
  • Bev brings Ben granola bars so that he can not just eat salad when he tries to get fitter. Bill joins the track team with him all throughout high school so that Ben had someone to support him.
  • No one moves away, Mike goes to high school with the rest of the losers and becomes the biggest jock ever. He doesn’t turn into a massive dick-bag like the other jocks.
  • Ben and Stan lead a book club every week for the whole school and even teachers turn up because bless those boys. Richie and Eddie want to be good friends so they go to the first meeting. Everyone got really angry with them though and they are no longer allowed to go.
  • Every teacher both loathe and lives Richie Tozier because he’s fun but also a dick and they all ship Reddie because yes. Richie has a secret meeting with the Spanish teacher where they talk shit and drink coffee (unbeknownst to Eddie) every Wednesday.
  • Bev, Richie, and Stan sit behind the school in Ritchie’s shitty car and smoke during lunch and then join the rest of the losers who sit on the field to watch mikes practices and they make daisy chains and have grass fights because they are children. Stan started smoking after IT happened because he couldn’t deal with it. 
  • Stan is so fucking good at making flower crowns and he makes them from all of the losers but mostly Bill because you give flowers to the person you like, right?
  • When Stan gives Richie flower crowns Eddie has to spend the next few days picking daisy petals out because Richie’s hair is such a mess and they get stuck. He does try to wash them out but it never works.
  • Ben is really good at braiding hair, no one knows how he just is. Beverly grows her hair out a little longer because she loves when Ben plays with her hair. He does something different to it nearly every lunchtime. 
  • One lunchtime Richie dared Eddie to go grab the football from Mike, no one thinks he’ll do it, but he does and then he has to join the football team because not only does he get the ball from Mike but he keeps it away from the whole team and scores a goal earing a loud cheer from the other losers.
  • Mrs. K hates that Eddie started to play football because he could get hurt and get an infection. ‘You’re allergic to grass, Eddie. You can’t go out there!’ Honestly, fuck off let Eddie doing something for himself for once, football won’t kill him.
  • When Eddie makes the team he gives Richie his team jacket. Richie never takes it off because he loves his boyfriend and he wants everyone to know! Richie goes to every single football game because he really loves watching his boyfriend be happy (and Mike).
  • Sometimes all of the losers can go to the football game and they make signs. Every sign is either really fucking cute or it is a shitposting meme. This makes Eddie and Mike so happy and they try extra hard to win. Mike takes all of the signs home and puts them in the treehouse.
  • They all just become normal children who deal with depression and anxiety but they are all there for each other and there is no dumb dancing clown anymore just love and happiness!

If you want more, then just request it? This was really fun and I will honestly write about anything if it is to do with my children!  

reddie proposal/wedding headcanons

 encouraged by the 18-21 groupchat, i love y’all <3

  • they’ve been together for, like, 10 years when they finally get engaged even though they’ve been acting like an old married couple the whole time
  • richie enlists the help of the other losers to plan a big romantic proposal ft. lots of flowers and picnic dinner and richie serenading eddie like a big sap and the other losers showing up to celebrate with the
  • they’re driving to where it’s happening and richie is trying to act as normal as possible because he wants it to be a surprise. they’re singing along to the radio (your song by elton john. this is important) and eddie stops and just stares at richie and turns the radio down
  • “why are ya starin’ at me, eds? i know i’m handsome but take a picture, it’ll last longer.” eddie doesn’t say anything for a minute and then
  • “marry me.”
  • richie almost crashes the car
  • what?” “marry me.” “um” 
  • eddie starts to freak out bc he thinks richie is gonna say no. richie notices and
  • “oh! oh, yes, i’ll marry you. i was just kind of driving you somewhere to propose to you”
  • they love telling the story about their impromptu proposal on the way to the fancy proposal
  • the other losers show up early and they all celebrate together
  • that night richie definitely gets down on one knee and actually says the big speech he had planned and gives eddie the ring he bought
  • they have like a joint wedding party. it’s just the other losers (~technically~ stan is richie’s best man and bill is eddie’s but it’s actually just one big group for both of them)
  • they definitely make each other (and everyone in attendance) cry with their vows. richie sneaks in some jokes but his are also really heartfelt and emotional and he spent forever on them (he cried every single time he rehearsed them with bev but he’ll never tell anyone that)
  • their reception is the absolute most fun event of anyone’s lifetime. their first dance is to dearest by buddy holly
  • when can’t help falling in love comes on richie starts crying because he never thought he’d find someone who loves him and cares about him the way eddie does. later richie is dancing like an idiot with bev and eddie fully breaks down because he’s so in love with his dork trashmouth and now they’re married (credit to @kaspbrak-eddie for this one)
  • at the very end of the reception richie says he has a special song to play. bill brings him an acoustic guitar and he sits on a chair in the middle of the dancefloor. eddie is a bit in front of him and the losers are behind eddie because reasons
  • he gives a little speech and mentions that there was a song playing on the radio the day they got engaged on the way to richie’s surprise proposal. eddie is about to cry and he hasn’t even started singing yet
  • eddie is a sobbing mess by like the first chorus. richie starts crying when he sees eddie crying and by the end of the song he’s barely able to sing. they’re crying and eddie just goes to him and throws his arms around richie’s neck and they stay like that for a minute (whispering things like “i love you so much” and “you’re the love of my life i never want to lose you’). the losers are crying, everyone in attendance is crying, the dj/band is crying, i’m crying
  • at the end of the night bill, ben, mike, and stan all owe bev money because they bet on how many times eddie and richie would cry

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the losers club social media, what do they post on instagram, who runs a meme blog, etc

ohHHH boy

let’s start with our boy bill denbrough:

  • lowkey i feel like bill would run an instagram that’s super aesthetic-y
  • its mostly just scenic photography of the creepy small town they live in
  • he has a modest following of a few thousand followers and his blog is like, something he takes deep pride in
  • he also has a personal account that’s private and it’s filled with dorky pics of him and his friends, but it’s not really a spam
  • i could see bill having a tumblr to post his writing, doodles in his sketchbook, etc., very aesthetic-y and stuff but it would have a much smaller following than his IG
  • nonetheless he does it because it makes him happy
  • probably wouldn’t have a twitter
  • would only get a facebook to keep in touch with grandma or some crap idk
  • has no idea what some social media things are (what is a reddit)

richie tozier:

  • richie would be that one dude who’s meme account is his main account
  • the most accurate thing i can think of is that he makes his account at the height of the harambe memes with the username xX_justiceforharambe_420_Xx thinking it’s the funniest, most ironic thing
  • but of course, he gets stuck with that username and it’s 2017 and he doesn’t know what to do
  • richie probably has about 10,000 followers on this account because it’s just so bizarre and IG meme accounts seem to be super popular
  • probably makes a serious IG after he sees all of his friends having fun with theirs, doesn’t associate it with his meme account
  • a lot of the pics that end up on his account are pics that the other losers take of him or let him use
  • richie’s not really the kind of guy to stop and take pictures
  • really into the whole youtube scene
  • that one kid who actually cares about youtubers beefing it up with each other
  • doesn’t post videos to youtube but is that one guy with an incomprehensible icon posting the funniest, most bizarre one-liners in the comment section

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Headcanon that if Bev ever feels bad because she doesn't have female buds to do traditionally girly things with, the boys all have sleepovers with her and get face masks, paint their nails and watch chick flicks. They all love this.

Holy Shit!!!!!!!!! georgous, amazing, beautiful…

Making gossips about the school couples/ the teachers and the other students… ( Richie imitates the stupid girls who are bothering Bev’ at school, making fun of them until Beverly can’t barely breath because she’s laughing to much, and so the other boys start laughing as much as her, holding on their stomachs )
Having so many pillow fights, screaming and laughing, but also tickle fights because some of them(Eddie) are so weak with tickling;.. 

Bev’ also makes them try her clothes and her dresses, the boys making a parade in her bedroom one by one to decide “who wear it better” (and it’s usually Bill because wow… every clothes look good on him)

At the end of the night, after they all watched some stupid love movie, making fun of the characters and eating tons of ice-creams, they all fall asleep on each other on a big group hug, Beverly looking at them with so much love, wondering what did she do to deserve such amazing friends boyfriends

2017′s “It” Understands the Key to Good Horror

If you follow me for my reviews, then you know that I tend to specialize in animated films, usually family affairs. It often shocks people, then, that I’m actually a fan of horror too. There is something particularly enthralling about a good horror film. The problem is, it’s hard to find good horror! However, once the teaser dropped for the new It, my fancy was immediately tickled.

I watched the mini-series in junior high, and growing up I realized that it had a lot of problems. For sure, Tim Curry as Pennywise stuck in my memory, but on the whole it fell flat. In an age of remakes that most find unnecessary, It actually needed a remake to help fix the problems it had. Now that director Andy Muschietti has had his turn with the story, let’s see how he did.

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dating richie tozier would include..

a/n: hi! request are open, so are ships! i might add a prompt list soon..

Originally posted by pennywise-fucker

-he acted like an extra huge asshole to you after he realized his feelings for you
-mostly because his brain just kept going, me and her????? nah, she’s too good for me
-once you confessed to liking him he felt really really really guilty but you told him it was okay that as long as he wasn’t going to continue being that much of a shithead
-you know damn well you two have matching t-shirts
-arcade dates? arcade dates.
-you two waiting on lines at the arcade for a new game; even if only one of you can play it
-him and you always cracking up jokes about stuff at the worst times
-you could be watching a movie with the losers and he’ll mention something you both saw and you two will just break out cackling
-the losers didn’t think you two liked each other until they saw you two holds hands and their reaction was :00
-smiley richie is your favorite richie [and mine too]
-richie???? a rude boy??? who likes to sing???? yes.
-him humming and singing while you two study, or at your house
-being really hesitant on kissing you, the idea of it flusters him
-your first kiss was really dark, literally
-you had a sleepover with the losers n’ you two had stood up to chat and it just.. happened
-you two tried I conceal your laughs and he kept pushing up his frames
-calling him cute all the time
-when you run your hands through his hair he m e l t s
-calling each other by your last name when you fight
-fights between you two make him even more asshole-y and you more anxious
-you both end up making up and it washes a wave of relief over you two
-you’re both really stubborn, so when either of you apologize it means a lot to the other
-kissing his cheek goodbye
-usually ends up in the losers making fun of his red face, and him pushing up his glasses
-you get really flustered when he calls you “my girl” because wow???? he actually likes you???
-him not realizing he rants about you until there’s multiple whispers of “beep beep richie”
-overall cuteness, you two are trying your best to be happy with the things going on in your life; slowly, but surely you’re both making it better

Hot & Bothered

Author: @punkof-pop
Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader
Words: 1,177
Warnings: Implied smut??
Request: Anon- prompt 19 with Theo Raeken
Song: Hot and Bothered - State Champs
Prompt list

“Hello, y/n.” Theo’s voice whispers from behind your ear causing you jump.

“Shit!” You scream and push him away. “What?” You snap and slam your locker shut.

“Where are you going?” He wiggles his eyebrows as he follows you down the long hallway towards the exit.

“Home. Why?” You narrow your eyes as you open the large door under the glowing exit sign.

“I’ll take you home.” His eyes are dark and seductive, already undressing you.

You smirk and scoff at the offer. “Okay.” You roll your eyes and follow the chimera to his car. Theo’s used to getting what he wants but so are you. You never lose, not even to the intimidating Theo Raeken.

As Theo drives you home, you take notice in his chemosignals. He reeks of sexual desire and it only makes you snicker under your breath. Just like with wolves, werewolves have times of heat. This just so happens to be Theo’s and you are more than happy to take advantage of it, after all, he does the exact same thing to you.

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high school losers hc’s

@eddiekasp and @eddiesbadbreak helped a lot with this and i love them

- all seven of the losers would sign up for a class that literally no one else takes so they would have at least one class all together

- bev and richie take theatre all four years and bev heads up the costume and makeup crews and richie always gets comedic roles in the shows

- bill plays football and baseball, and mike plays football too, but the other losers are more hyped about football season. they come to every game and richie is a student section leader and flag boy

- one of the game’s student theme is jersey theme and stan wears bill’s letterman jacket

- stan runs for student council and all of the losers help with his campaign and he ends up winning

- richie and eddie have biology together and they sit in the back at the same lab table and richie doodles all over eddie ( @eddiekasp has a post abt this gO READ IT)

- all of the losers would come to every play and musical that richie is in and eddie brings him flowers and afterwards when they are taking pictures, eddie is CHEESING SO HARD

- stan plays on the baseball team for his sophomore and junior year with bill and they have so much fun. they throw the ball with each other during lunch while the other losers lounge near by and chat with them.

- eddie will always run lines with richie either for his auditions or the show itself and he always reads them without any voice inflection and it makes richie laugh

- they carpool with each other a lot

- they all have “study sessions” around finals which are really just them avoiding studying at all costs

- in the classes they have together, they have a system to help each other out with answers during tests through a series of foot taps and arm stretches

- ben runs track and bev comes to every meet and cheers for him the loudest

- ben convinced richie to join track because he has so much energy and eddie gets super happy that richie is doing something healthy

- richie comes home from every meet and practice so exhausted and he conks out all curled up next to eddie

- one day per semester they will have a skip day and drive into bangor for a fun time

- a dumb senior tries to pick a fight with richie on the first day of school one year and richie just turns around and lays that boy out in the middle of the cafeteria and no one messes with him for months

- richie and eddie skip class sometimes and bum around either the empty locker rooms or auditorium

- mike gets sick for like a straight week and the losers go see him every day after school and bring him food and his school work

- during pep rallies, richie is the one who leads all the cheers and he announces all of the football players in one of his big, booming voices

- everyone loves richie

- when it isn’t track season, ben takes part in model un and youth leg

- eddie is in HOSA and DECA and richie gets super sad when eddie has to leave for state/national competitions

- eddie also takes art and sketching class with bev and for one project he does a portrait of richie and it turns out AMAZING and richie sees it at Arts Night and tears up

- mike is super good at algebra and geometry and tutors for some extra cash

- one time the teacher left the room and richie called a pizza place and ordered lunch from the teacher’s phone then got detention 

- bev is in debate club and she absolutely kills her competition with her quick wit and killer outfits

stenbrough roadtrip headcanons

requested by @losvers-club!!

✧ it’s obviously bill’s idea

✧ he also drives because stan failed the driving test on multiple occasions

✧ richie makes them a playlist for each state they’ll have to go through to get to their final destination

✧ stan insists he hates them but actually loves them

✧ when bill first proposed the road trip stan initially thought that he meant all the losers so he was slightly disappointed and bill picks up on this (“oh do you not think this would be a fun date?”) and stan smiles and reassures him that it’s okay and it’s perfect

✧ bill takes a lot of photos of the trip and of stan so he can send them to the other losers

✧ stan takes blurry candids of bill

✧ they usually get a room in a motel but sometimes they sleep in the back of bill’s car after stargazing

✧ bill holds stan’s hand while driving or has his hand on his thigh

✧ they don’t really have an end destination in mind other than that they want to go all the way to california and back

✧ stan likes to make out w bill either in the back seat of his car or the hood

✧ they skype the losers basically the whole trip because they miss them so much since they’re gone for most of the summer

✧ they get each other dumb souvenirs that they reveal at the end of the trip

Best friend Taehyung (V) includes:

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

that little side smirk asjfkdajkf somebody end my life

  • lots of spontaneous (road) trips to literally anywhere
  • which you almost always regret going on cause you never actually properly pack essentials
  • meaning you almost always end up stranded in the middle of nowwhere with taehyung without any water or food or any money to buy said water and said food smh
  • dis boi also wild af
  • meaning he has a very “YOLO” mindset
  • whilst you on the other hand have a very “You Only Live Once so im not gonna waste my one chance at life doing something extremely stupid and/or dangerous” mindset
  • “we should totally go and play in the amusement park down the street, Y/N”
  • “but it’s closed.”
  • “so? it sounds like fun!”
  • “it sounds illegal.”
  • but you’re still always up to whatever he has planned
  • also turnt as fuck
  • will literally whip to anything
  • “Ya, this is so lit, Y/N”
  • “this is Beethoven’s Fur Elise, Taehyung ffs”
  • lazy movie nights when he’s not out seeking a thrill
  • y’all would actually have the cutest contact names for each other
  • lots! of! piggy! back! rides! courtesy of kim taehyung!!!
  • weekly sleepovers at each others houses
  • pillow fights; loser has to make breakfast the following morning
  • the cutest platonic friendship to have ever existed
  • so many hugs and little cheek kisses!!
  • and random “hey Y/N, I love you!”
  • hanging out and playing on the swings at the park despite the woman with their buggies giving you odd looks
  • awful rap battles between the two of you that make yoongi want to die
  • tickle fights 
  • teaming up to play pranks on the other members
  • running away from jungkook cause maybe drowning his face in whipped cream whilst he was napping wasn’t the best idea
  • late night calls ranging from dogs to “do you think pigeons have feelings?”
  • face derp offs that the members catch you doing and are like wtf
  • celebrating your birthdays like children cause neither of you are ready to accept the fact that you’re adults just yet
  • writing the longest paragraph on your birthday via text that leave you in tears
  • you showing up to his with a box full of arts and crafts on his birthday cause he just loves that sort of stuff
  • pinkie promising everything cause it helps Taehyung feel at ease
  • staying on the phone for however long he wants you to when he’s upset
  • or practically running to his place when he says he’d much rather have your company
  • and on days where he’s crying his heart and eyes out, you’ll put on some music in the background cause it calms him down
  • “ “please don’t leave, Y/N, not now”
  • and you’ll let him rest on your shoulder
  • “I won’t”
  • “promise?”
  • “I pinky promise”
Outcast (High-School AU)// Mark Tuan

Originally posted by jordragon

Pairing: Mark x Reader (ft. Jackson, Jinyoung + Yugyeom)

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Oneshot

Summary//Request: Being the school outcast doesn’t bother you too much - except for the grief you receive from 4 boys in your class - little do you know, Mark has always had a thing for you.

This scenario contains slight mentions of bullying.

It’s not that you hated high-school – you just hated the people that were in it. Everyone had their group, their clique that they belonged to; the popular girls, the popular boys, the kids that were dedicated to studying, the alternative kids that seemed to own mostly black clothing and so on, so forth. However; you never really found yourself ‘fitting’ into any of these categories. You wouldn’t have said you were completely dedicated to your studies, but you did well in your classes and the teachers recognised it. You weren’t so much interested or outgoing when it came to sports – but you enjoyed gym nonetheless. With that being said, you excelled the most in visual and audible arts with music being your favourite subject bar none – allowing you to express your creativity in whichever way you saw fit.

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Dating Richie Tozier and Wearing Glasses

Hi hi hello!! Can you do some headcanons as to what it’d be like to be dating richie tozier and wear glasses? (As in both richie and the reader need glasses) if not that’s cool!!

these are wayyy shorter than my other headcannons sorrrryyyyyy requests are open btw :)))

  • ok first off, he would love the fact that you and him both had glasses
  • him taking yours off and trying them

“holy shit (y/n) you’re more blind than i am”


“richie, your glasses are thicker than ben’s thighs”


  • when you’re both not wearing your glasses, you squint at  the shit you can’t see together
  • all of the losers make fun of you two for doing this btw

“my favorite blind couple”

“(y/n) how do you eve know if richie is attractive to you? you can’t even see him”

  • you can see richie just fine
  • & he can see you just fine
  • y’all just have to squint sometimes when you’re not wearing you glasses
  • awwwwww sometimes when you guys would try and kiss, your glasses would bump into each other and y’all become a mess of giggling nerds
  • if anyone ever tried to make fun of you for your glasses, richie would actually beat the shit out of them
  • there is a 20% y’all would have matching ones, but i doubt it hahaha
  • he would take your glasses off when he wanted to see your eyes better
  • because ‘your eyes are the prettiest thing ever’
  • hiS gLassES WouLd FoG uP wHen HeS bLUShinG AWAwwawaAwAw

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god i love winn wolfhard

BTS reaction: you passing out because of dehydration

Thank you for requesting, and sorry that it took me this long! xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin: 

He is not having that. Not at all. From that day onwards, he is going to make sure that you drink enough. He’d try to text you reminders to drink every now and then, just to make sure. He’d get a bit overbearing tbh, but he’s just worried about your health.

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Suga/Min Yoongi: 

If there’s one of the members who are at risk of passing out because of dehydration, it’s him. If he’s really into his work, I’m pretty sure he’ll forget to fulfill all of his human needs. And I feel like he would use that to his advantage in this situation, to make sure that both of you stay hydrated. He’d probably make some kind of deal like “how about we both promise to drink at least one bottle of water every day?” or something along those lines. He would absolutely hate that it went far enough that you passed out, and he’d try his hardest to prevent that from happening again.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok: 

He’d be worried sick at first. But I don’t feel like he’d be as overbearing as Jin. I think Hobi is more the type to like fill up a bottle of water every morning before he leaves for practice, with a note telling you to bring it to work. So he’d make sure you drink enough, but he isn’t nagging you about it.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon:

He would be the type to take you out on dates whenever he can. Obviously not like museums and stuff, as that doesn’t really help you drink more, but more lunch dates, brunch dates, coffee dates etc. Because then he can make sure that you do actually take the time to drink and eat properly. So he’d do that whenever his schedule allows him to. Along with a few reminders on the days it doesn’t.

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Jimin/Park Jimin: 

Again someone who would make a deal with you. Not because he doesn’t drink enough himself, because I’m sure he’s looking after his health more now than he did around their debut, but because he knows you care for him just as much as he cares for you. So he’d turn this situation to something that will benefit both of you.

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V/Kim Taehyung: 

He’d try to make drinking more fun, in an attempt to make you drink more. And he’d obviously do it with you, since then you two can remind each other. But he’d find like really nice water bottles, have like a drawing or something on the fridge to remind both of you, and kinda make it a competition to see who remembers drinking the most, by having some kind of score board, and after a week you’ll see who’s been drinking the most, and the loser has to pay for dinner or something.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk: 

I feel like he would kind of be all of the above, because he cares so much for other people’s wellbeing. He would try to drink more with you, and take you on dates to make it easier. Send you reminders when he cant, and make it more fun in general. Maybe not in the same way as Tae, but maybe by making the water taste nicer, like adding lemon or something to it.

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hc of the losers watching a horror movie for the first time!! and reddie bein all over each other :)))

- they’d watch something classic like texas chainsaw massacre

- bev would be the only one not totally freaking out and she’d just make fun of all the boys cowering in the corner

- mike would only flinch during the gory, bloody scenes because those freak him out the most

- ben and stan would be holding hands and trying not to freak out too much at the jump scares

- however stan would definitely shriek every so often, making ben jump even more

- bill would be hiding behind a pillow and ducking down whenever someone started screaming and getting cut up

- he’d have to ‘take a pee break’ every so often because he kept feeling sick

- richie would end up laughing his ass off throughout most of the movie because it looked fake to him and he liked blood and gore

- eddie would be curled up in his side the entire time trying not to scream too loud and kept hiding his head in richie’s neck whenever someone died on screen

- georgie almost walked in on the movie at one really bad part and Bill instantly yelled to turn it off

- that night the losers were all trying to sleep but kept feeling like they heard noises coming from outside and couldn’t go to sleep

- they ended up staying awake through the night together watching something light hearted so they didn’t have nightmares

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Cuddling with Bill headcanons pwease? ❤️

  • cuddles a lot
  • cuddle monster if you guys are just lazing around
  • at a cinema and watching movie? get cuddled mate
  • Richie tires to make fun of him for being “whipped” Bill just tells him to shut up and stop being salty
  • winter cuddles are the best, you guys become blanket burritos
  • in the summer if the A/C is on and its really cold he just cuddles closer to your body looking for heat
  • that being said, he has cold feet
  • cuddling has become an instinct, if you guys are close to each other he hugs you 
  • likes giving you small kisses and snuggles on the crook of your neck
Dating Bill Denbrough Would Include

Anonymous Requested: Dating Bill and being a very silly couple headcannon?

  • Bill would undeniably be the cute kind of boyfriend that would like to get little things for you.
  • Whether it be jewelry or just little things.
  • You’d tell him again and again he didn’t need to, but he’d always say, “I don’t need to, I want to.”
  • It wouldn’t be often as he didn’t just have money all the time, but anytime he could get some money, he’d buy something for you.
  • And that’d be the end of the discussion.
  • You’d both be really shy around each other at first.
  • Not really sure how to talk to each other.
  • You both were only thirteen and dating was still kind of an unknown thing.
  • But, you’d experience and learn from it together.
  • Bill would make the first move.
  • You’d find his stuttering absolutely adorable, and didn’t care if it took him a while to say things.
  • Bill was Bill, and you wouldn’t change a thing about him.
  • You’d of course be close friends with the rest of Loser’s.
  • Holding hands and just hugging was what you two found yourselves doing a lot.
  • You’d be walking to school, or through the halls, and Bill would slip his hand in yours.
  • Hugging every time you guys had to separate.
  • Despite being in a relationship, that wouldn’t change your guys friendship at all.
  • You’d still tease and make fun of each other.
  • Mess around and just act like kids.
  • Your first kiss would be extremely awkward.
  • Ending with the both of you stuttering messes.
  • And while you didn’t kiss very often, it wouldn’t be as awkward as the first time.
  • Richie would constantly tease the both you.
  • Actually all the Losers would.
  • You’d defend him around Henry and his douchebags every time they made fun of his stuttering.
  • You were small yourself, but you refused to let them talk about Bill like that.
  • That’d of course bring their attention on you… but Bill would defend you as well.
  • Just overall being really cutesy and silly around each other.