Genyatta week 2016

Day 3: Wedding

“Yes… I would love nothing more than to spend my eternity with you.”

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To Kill a Witch

Everybody knew how to kill a witch, but nobody had ever told James how to ask one for a favour." 

A James and Lily AU in which Lily is a witch, James is the only son of a wealthy trader, and Tom Riddle is leading the Witch Hunters in a righteous crusade.

chapters one and two are available to read on ff.net and ao3

So, I saw my art being reblogged on my dash again and my initial reaction was “whoa that looks familiar” and then “oh shit it’s mine” i stared at it for a couple more seconds and i was like “fuck how did i do this. How did i make that rain. I couldn’t have done this.” Instead of getting motivated to art more, I made myself insecure of… myself. Lmao