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Ah I'm legit so jealous of all the people dressing up as the losers, my friends would never do that!

god same (or maybe some of them since i’m kinda persuasive)
let’s make our own losers club halloween party!!

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do one of those 'what the kids would be for halloween' or in general for a cosplay event of some sort

Oh man!! Sorry I’m advance if this sucks tho lmao

- To start off, Richie would definitely be a Street Fighter character. He played it all summer long and mostly played Ryu so that’s who he decided to be for Halloween.

- Mike was Michael Jackson in the Thrilled music video. It ended up being a pretty popular costume but he didn’t mind and the other losers said his was the best out of all the ones they saw.

- As the son of the rabbi, Stan’s Dad doesn’t really like him going Trick-Or-Treating. Stan still gets a costume for when the losers have a costume party though. His dad isn’t the most okay with it but he still allows it because Stan is just doing something fun. The costume he chose was Marty McFly.

- Bill dressed up as Indiana Jones. His parents helped him put the costume together and it ended looking really good. He had lots of accessories with it too and it made him feel really good wearing it.

- Ben was a Ghostbuster. He saw the movie with Richie, who was the one who gave him the idea. The losers think it’s really good and even after Halloween Ben would sometimes play with the Proton Pack.

- Beverly dresses up as Gem from Gem and the Holograms. She went over to Mike’s house to help him with his makeup and did hers while she was there too. They had a great time together that night before heading to meet with the other losers.

- Eddie doesn’t like the idea of halloween, people are always trying to scare him and he doesn’t like taking candy from strangers. But the other losers convince him to at least dress up with him and he gives in. He doesn’t want to wear anything too flashy or humiliating so he goes as Brian Johnson from The Breakfast Club. It’s recognizable but discreet so he likes it.

you’ve heard of losers club high school hcs, now get ready for

losers club shitty british secondary school hcs

oh boy here we go

- the losers club on a duke of edinburgh expedition. that is all
- the uniforms. dear god the uniforms. richie and bev are constantly in detention for breaking the dress code and it’s how they became best friends. bev customised hers with badges and embroidery and rolls her skirt up way past the knees to defy sexist uniform codes. she’s always stopped in the hall by the pedantic deputy head who seems to be employed for the sole purpose of telling girls off for having short skirts. richie wears his tie way too short and always has his shirt untucked and his top two buttons undone. his blazer is also mysteriously at home 24/7
- stan and ben have this really intense, passive-aggressive war to become head boy. stan eventually gets the role and ben has to deal with being deputy
- whenever someone does something stupid in lessons the whole classroom erupts with ‘waaaaayyyy!’ this is usually led by richie.
- the school is in a really crappy part of town and at lunchtime the losers go to tesco to get food and sit in the park affectionately known as ‘druggy park’
- in year 8 they tried to fit eddie into a locker and that’s how he broke his arm
-they all refer to each other as their surnames, and the teachers as their first names
-richie once drew a dick on the board in his form room with permanent marker by accident so mike turned it into a tree
-eddie’s always in the nurse’s office, to the point where they’re so close she sometimes gives him lifts to and from school
- mike’s a really talented photographer and wins all the local competitions. his pieces are on display boards all over the school
- in terms of clubs, richie runs the school radio and is into drama, bev runs textiles support sessions for the younger years with a few of her classmates and is also on the debate team with stan and ben, eddie is a peer mentor for students struggling with mental health issues and is also involved with art club, bill is on the rugby team as well as writing articles and short stories for the school newsletter, stan is friends with the headteacher bc he attends chess club which the headteacher runs and he also helps the younger years with maths, ben is a student library assistant and mike goes to gardening club. he’s really proud of the carrots they’re growing behind the science block.
-stan and bill get the same bus. there was nowhere else for stan to sit on the first day of year 7 and that’s how he and bill became best friends
- the school has wild parties in the name of charity. at one, richie got so drunk and gave eddie so many hickeys he had to be taken to the er by his mum as she thought he had a skin disease. it didn’t help that he was super hungover either so he looked like death warmed up. needless to say it’s ‘the story’ of the night and the talk of the whole school (including teachers- they join in with the students’ conversations about the parties in class) for like a month
- they have a sleepover at mike’s and he unashamedly owns ‘angus, thongs and perfect snogging’. they all agree it’s a british classic
-eddie went through a sherlock phase in year 10 that threatened to become a superwholock phase. it was a dark time for everyone. 
-the whole squad get a cheeky nando’s
-richie and eddie make out in the common room and stan’s head boy office during frees. richie’s given eddie hickeys in there too. stan is disgusted when he finds out. there’s also a hidden path next to the train tracks that they go to if either of those places are occupied
-bill is hailed as a god by the younger students. they say ‘yes then big bill’ and high five him when they walk past him
- richie is known as the archbishop of banterbury throughout the school. what an icon
- on the last day of sixth form they all hit the local ‘spoons and make the most of the 2 for £12 pitchers by buying like 10
-mike’s dark secret is that he was on an episode of ‘dick and dom in da bungalow’ once. he’s vowed to take it to the grave. richie broadcasts this to the whole school via the radio as soon as he finds out.

bonus round for things that actually happened during my experience in secondary school:

- there’s a weed scandal in like year 9. somehow a wildly untrue rumour about stan hiding weed in his locker is being spread round the school
- beverly hides the clocks in her form room in the ceiling. her tutor buys a new clock. it goes in the ceiling. her tutor buys another clock. into the ceiling it goes. you get the idea. soon staplers and whiteboard pens start making their way up there
- richie and eddie make a meme gallery. it’s taken down in time for open day but some of the teachers genuinely think it brightens up theirs and the students’ days
- the losers are in the same teaching group in year 7. their pe class has to do chair dancing to hey big spender (it’s best not to ask) and it becomes a recurring joke for them throughout the years
-richie had a house party where stan got drunk for the first time and ended up chundering in his sink the next morning

add more if you like!


There was a time before the Pocket Mortys craze when C-382 and D-416 actually got along pretty well. 

The losers at a party

- Mike gets invited to a party because he’s super popular in high school and he invites the other losers to tag along. (we all know he wouldn’t go if they didn’t). 

- Stan and Eddie tries to come up with excuses on why they can’t go but when Richie asks Eddie again, sticking out his lower lip and doing puppydog eyes Eddie can’t say no. 

- “Eddie I thought we were in this together!”. 

- “I know, I’m sorry Stan but he did that thing with his lip”. 

- “You’re so weak”. 

- Stan ends up going to because the other losers doesn’t really give him a choice. 

- Ben only goes because Beverly says she’ll dance with him to NKOTB.

- Bill is so social? Like who is that person he’s talking to?

- Richie doesn’t drink because he’s the only one with a license and he promised to stay sober so that he could drive if one of the others got sick and needed to get home. 

- He has so much fun anyways. 

- Bev gets high with some older girls who thinks she’s super cool. Ben stays by her side the whole time, making sure she doesn’t get into trouble. 

- Stan rules beer pong with Mike and they keep winning. They both get kinda tipsy and very giggly. 

- Eddie gets super drunk. 

- He’s all over the place singing and trying to get Richie to dance with him. 

- “Richie please, you like this song!”

- “Eddie when have you ever heard me listen to girls just wanna have fun?”

- Richie ends up dancing with Eddie anyway because he do like the song.

 - Bev pulls Ben to the dancefloor when NKOTB comes on. 

- Ben is insecure at first but Beverly’s smile makes him forget the world and they dance to the next five songs as well. 

- Mike ends up talking to a lot of girls that night. When the other losers asks him about it he simply says “A gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell lads”. 

- Stan and Bill ends up making out in one of the bathrooms. 

- When they leave they’re out of breath and their hair is messed up but they have the widest smiles on their faces. 

- As predicted Richie needs to drive Eddie home. 

- They stop at mcdonald’s to get icecream on the way. 

- Eddie falls asleep in the booth and Richie almost draws a dick on his forhead. But he stops himself and carries him to the car. 

- Richie sleeps over at Eddie’s house that night. They wake up in eachother’s arms and Richie teases Eddie a lot about the whole girls just wanna have fun incident. 

- “You’re such a liar trashmouth there’s no way I sang that whole song”. 

- “Oh but you did Eddie Spaghetti”. 

- They go to a lot of parties together after that. 

Der Grund, warum ich immer abgesagt habe wenn ich zu Partys eingeladen wurde: Ich hatte große Angst davor, da wieder alleine rumzustehen, so als Looser der keinen Anschluss findet. Außerdem hatte ich auch große Angst wieder schlechten Eindruck bei den anderen zu hinterlassen, und sie wieder sagen was für ein stiller Mensch ich bin, dass ich nichts sage und dass ich total langweilig bin.



One of my Twitter followers (misterjaredgray is his handle) created a IT 🤡 themed dinner party 🍽 menu for his book club. He was kind enough to share it with me and I was so impressed by his creativity that I just had to share with all of you (with his permission, of course). So, if any of you are throwing a Halloween 🎃 Dinner Party this month,this menu wouldn’t be a bad idea to replicate. 😉

rain (reddie) ch. 1

Type: Series

Summary: Richie and Eddie had dated each other for a long time, and things had been going great - or so, they thought. After Eddie comes home to an empty apartment and a note left behind, the loving relationship of four years tragically ended. Years of never speaking to each other later, the wedding of Beverly and Ben brings everyone back together, including Eddie and Richie. Hotel room mix-ups, drunken confessions, loud arguments between several losers, bad parties, old childhood games, memories, music, love, and drama ensues over the week of preparing for the wedding.

Pairing(s): Reddie, Stenbrough, Benverly

Word count: 2.2k

Chapter Warnings: Your heart might hurt a little

A/N: I’ve written two one shots so far and people seem to like them, so I thought I’d try my hand at a full blown fic. I hope it takes off, because I have some great ideas for this. If you’d like to be updated with the tagging system on possible future chapters, just let me know! Oh, and the losers are around 27 years of age to help out a bit. There will be some stenbrough and benverly involved, but it’ll mostly center around reddie.

Also, big shout out to @r-u-reddie for being the beta of this fic. Without Rose, this shit would’ve been hella bad. She went the whole nine yards in being a beta, so she deserves major credit for this chapter and the next chapters to come. @reddie-asheck did a bit of beta-ing for the first half of the chapter, so they deserve a shout out as well! 

One last thing before I shut my mouth - The song I listened to to get into the mood for tihs chapter is Happier by Ed Sheeran. Enjoy guys!

AO3 link coming in two weeks

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“Richie, are you here?”

A trembling, but soft sigh sounded past the blue tinted lips of Eddie Kaspbrak as he closed the wooden door behind him, visibly wincing at the squeaking sounds of his sneakers as they collided with the hardwood floor beneath him.

It was raining. Hard. His previously dry jacket was now soaked to the point that his once-dry clothes took a heavy hit as well.

This caused Eddie’s body to tremble like an autumn leaf, but the immense relief he felt once walking into the warm apartment helped to curb the effect a bit.

“Richie? Did you fall asleep in my bed again?” Eddie called out once more, carefully removing his shoes before walking further inside of his small abode.

There wasn’t much to his apartment; it unfortunately lacked space. It contained one bedroom, one bathroom, and a kitchen/living room that shared the same area. In fact, the common area wasn’t too much bigger than his room, but that was fine to him. He had what he needed. Besides, living in New York meant that any decent apartment would cost a fortune.

He had done his best to make it his own by using subtle, but neat decorations to line his walls and inexpensive furniture in hopes of not making it too cluttered.

After grabbing a towel to dry himself off with, running it over his curls, Eddie walked over to his bedroom to see if his theory was correct. However, a deep frown began to settle on his face when he found both his bed and bedroom empty.

‘Where the hell is he?’ Eddie thought to himself, trying not to become worked up over his boyfriend’s absence.

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Obsession {Part 2}

Writer- @myhellyourstories

Requested- Anonymous

Request- Hello!! Can I please request a Harry Hook imagine with a female reader as Mal’s younger sister who Harry has an obsession with and he just loves her but she doesn’t like him back and he maybe kidnaps her? Anything you want in the story though! Thank you!!

Disclaimer- I do not own any of the Descendants characters, all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney’s Descendants. All I own is my story.


Pairing- Harry Hook x Fem! Reader

Summary- Mal’s plan doesn’t work out very well, (Y/N)’s and Harry’s past is revealed.

Warning(s)- Kidnapping, Cursing, Hating Uma, Talking about abuse.

Words- 2178

A/N- I’ve decided to make a part 3 or maybe even a miniseries, idk which one yet.

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Smart Richie HC

This was requested like ten minutes ago, and I have stopped everything just to write it! 

Request: secretly smart! Richie and the rest of the losers find out? 

continue sending requests: here

-Stanley’s always been the smartest in the losers club, with Eddie and Bill battling for close second

-and Mike and Ben get B’s and C’s, and Beverly is basically a C student

-the group rarely discuss school, so no one exactly knows about Richie’s grades??

-but one day Eddie is studying at Richie’s, because his mom has been shouting at him all week, and he couldnt study in peace

-so he goes to Richie’s and Eddie accidentally knocks papers onto the ground, and finds a pile of Richie’s class tests

-and Eddie is SHOOk

-Because Richie is getting better grades than Eddie is, and Eddie is so????

-and Richie is very unphased, because his parents never cared about his grades, so he’s like “Whats the big deal?”

-”You have the same grades as Stan, genius!” 


-Eddie, of course, tells all the losers about Richie being a genius

-So now everyone in the group asks him random questions, to see if he’ll get the right answers

-And he usually does

-and none of the losers can get used to it??

-And Stan the man cant stand the fact that Richie and him have practically the same grades

-But he puts it behind him, and helps the other losers plan a party for Richie to congratulate him on his grades

-And Richie is so shocked, and he gets all teary eyed, because, fuck, his friends are so nice

-and they play games, and do shitty quizzes on buzzfeed

-and Richie realises that his friends are the best, and they’re all so proud of their little genius!!!

this was awful im sorry hdcnskdjcns but soft richie <333

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Can I have some headcannons for toshiie? i love him a lot

honestly come join the club toshiie is my luv 

  • like he still kinda dumb but he reads a lot more than ppl give him credit for??? could probs quote all of sun tzu but will never apply it to actual battle because No Strategy, We Die Like Men
  • has known hideyoshi since he entered the oda clan like if u think they’re Stupid now joke’s on u because they’ve been Stupid Together for years
    • fun fact hideyoshi is like two years older than toshiie and held it against him for like years
    • but then toshiie started getting taller than hideyoshi and hideyoshi had to shut his goddamn mouth
  • anyone who actually has the nerve to call him ‘puppy’ actually gets socked in the jaw the only exception is hideyoshi
  • like ridiculously insensitive all the fuckin time but kinda feels bad and tries to apologize for it later??? like hey i know i said you looked weird with short hair but like i’ll get used to it take this flower i’m sorry
  • everybody thinks he’s like this Huge Meat Eater but he’s actually rly picky and like. hates red meat. it better be chicken or fish or he’s eating three whole plates of edamame tonight or s/t
    • he’ll literally eat just about Everything Else tho don’t get it twisted
  • actually rly likes having his hair pet and someone scratching his scalp. he tries Rly Hard not to let anyone know this Ever bc he doesn’t want hideyoshi to have any more reason to give him dog nicknames 
  • has a Very Strange relationship w/ his dog. toshiie takes care of him and feeds him and plays with him all the time but mamechiyo is an ungrateful little shit and likes keiji more for some reason
  • toshiie worries so much about everything??? like is always thinking of the worst that might happen. will def yell at u if u stay out too late or something because oh my god were u kidnapped??? did someone gang up on u??? did u get robbed??? he runs out to find u but ur just helping the merchants count their produce
    • he’s rly upset but he calms down and just asks that u pls tell him if u think u might stay out late again he would appreciate it
  • pretended he was straight for a Very Long Time but turned out to be Bi And Ready To Try
    • u can thank nobunaga for this himself
    • hideyoshi wouldn’t stop looking at toshiie weird for like a whole week after hideyoshi found out
  • is actually surprisingly popular with maids in the castle??? they’ve seen him Be Nice and know he’s not always that scary and they think he’s kinda dreamy
    • toshiie doesn’t know what to do w/ this information but he kinda just panics when one of them tries to hit on him and just like. runs away.
    • he’s trying his best really
  • nobody gives him credit for actually being a Decent Leader like he’s rly reliable??? would throw down for u in an instant. 
    • that’s actually a huge lie a lot of people know this and thinks he’s got a lot of potential
    • but what fun is letting him know that??? so they just keep making fun of him all the time