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But I’m Better

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But I’m Better

“What the hell do you mean Bewhy?” Sungmin groaned, staring at you in total and complete betrayal. “How are you gonna try my life like that? I thought you were my girl. My one and only. My ride or die. My-”

“Yah…Oppa…Don’t you think you’re being just a little over dramatic?” you quirked a brow. 

“No!” he scoffed. “I just never thought my girl would betray me for my best friend…”

You rolled your eyes and looked back at your book; Ignoring the little temper tantrum your boyfriend insisted on throwing. You were spending an evening at home; Catching up on your reading. When your boyfriend stormed inside of your apartment, yelling about an interview you did for the producers at filming earlier. It was literally just a fleeting moment but you were asked who you were cheering for and you said Bewhy.

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if you give Four Ladies shit for their choreography but love it when your oppa does the same pelvis thrust moves youre an idiot and i need you to take 10 steps back and look at your life decisions and choices