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plantazar  asked:

All the headcanons for Hiccup please? ouo


  • Minor personality flaw or quirk: I could write essays about Hiccup’s major flaws and quirks, but i think one of the more minor things about him is his non-static-ness. kid just can’t chill out and stay in one spot, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, or physically. he’s constantly moving and changing and i love it.
  • Physical advantage: He probably has mad upper body strength from his blacksmith work - especially after that growth spurt.
  • Physical disability/disadvantage: Obvious, but if he ever lost his prosthetic leg, he’d be in a bit of trouble. other than that, he’s still pretty lean, so he may be outmatched by someone with more bulk.
  • Fatal flaw: I reckon he has two: one, his bloody tunnel vision. goddamn. his thinking process is constantly “i want to do this thing. therefore i NEEDto do this thing IMMEDIATELY. consequences what are consequences.” two, he tends to think the best of people and trust them without reserve, which as we have seen tends to get shit fucked up real fast. goddamn hiccup. why u do this.
  • Mental or emotional strength: Kind of related to that first fatal flaw, but by god if he wants to do something then HE WILL DO THE THING. he’s bloody determined (or stubborn, rather) and it works for him.
  • Belief they have: Again, related to fatal flaw, but he has such BELIEF that everyone is the same lawful good as he is, and that he can relate and reason with everyone and aaargh he just believes so hard that everyone is fundamentally good.
  • Belief they’ve questioned/struggled with: I feel like he had a lot of struggle with how his father treated him during his childhood - ie. Gobber’s constant “ahhh he’s your father of course he loves you” vs. Stoick’s, well, stoic and disappointed and at times pretty damn harsh treatment. eventually Gobber gives up, and then Hiccup is left with the opinion he has in the first film. “this here is a talking fishbone”, anyone?
  • Critique they have about others: Is “THEY DON’T THINK DRAGONS ARE AS COOL AS I DO” a proper critique? related to how non-static he is, i think he has a bit of trouble with others liking consistency and tradition, so that’s something he’s often critical of.
  • Pet peeve: PEOPLE NOT LIKING DRAGONS. also when people are disbelieving of his skill in the forge. he’s been working there for like fifteen years now guys. he knows his shit. stop questioning it.
  • Something minor they enjoy: idk if it counts as minor, but he loves making/learning shit that’ll bring him closer to the dragons, ie. the zippleback gas cannisters, the wings, the dragon roars he learns in the show. give him until he’s thirty and i guarantee you half his natural body language will be draconian.
  • An obscure interest: He actually really likes dancing. he’s okay at it, but he loves it. you will pry this headcanon from my cold dead hands.
  • A moral standard: ALL OF THEM HE HAS ALL THE MORAL STANDARDS. i think one of his major ones tho is that he never treats people as inferior. like, even if someone is clearly waaaay beneath him in a moral sense, he’ll still treat them as an equal.
  • Way they could see themselves dying: Okay shena will back me up on this one bcause we’ve discussed this at great length, but. he sees himself going either one of two ways: in defense of his people, going out in a blaze of glory on toothless’ back - or, at an old age, dying peacefully in his sleep with toothless at his side. there is a pattern here.
  • Weird thing they want to try or have tried: Does yaknog count? does building his own set of wings count?? this boy does a lot of weird shit. he’s probably tried dancing w/ toothless. he’s probably given astrid a bunch of fascinating leaves bcause he couldnt find any good flowers. he’s probably stayed up until dawn w/ fishlegs trying to perfect dragon calls. 
  • A socially unacceptable thought they’ve had: The vast, vast majority of Hiccup’s thoughts from age three were, in context of Berk, socially unacceptable lbr here. the most socially unacceptable of them all being “hey, this night fury seems intelligent, didn’t kill me, clearly has an emotional range similar to mine, and is hurt. i should defs try to befriend it lol.” (although he… probably didnt use that wording)
  • Someone or something who or that has played a part in a fantasy or daydream: A S T R I D. this nerdbaby has had countless daydreams of Astrid, and they’re p much entirely comprising of cutesy shit like holding hands and braiding each other’s hair and kissing each other on the cheek and giving each other gifts. astrid was initially skeptical but she’s as big a softy as he is and now they’re in blissfully dorky love. he still daydreams about the same things but they’re memories now, not fantasies.
  • Something or someone they down right hate: Fuckin Mildew. fuck that guy. goddamn. but like he doesn’t even downright hate him?? hiccup is incapable of truly bone-deep hatred. he’s just too nice and good