This is by far the healthiest weight loss program I have ever seen. My mom, and others I know, lost a total of 16 pounds in two weeks. If you follow it exactly (don’t even cheat with gum) - your mind will feel clearer, you will BE lighter, and your energy levels will be off the charts. 

Not usually a fan of talk show docs, but this fellow knows what he’s doing. And puts his foot where is mouth is. Good luck! :) 


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How do you lose weight? 

And no, the answer isn’t just workout, eat right, and expect great things.

Would you believe it comes down to simple math and science?

No, you don’t need an electromyography machine.

No, you don’t need supplements.

No, you don’t need a personalized meal plan.

Check out this week’s episode of BCC TV, and we will reveal the truth!

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Happy Cinco De Mayo

Like tequila, our smoothie regimen is known for making your clothes fall off!

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• 2 packets of NEURO in Lemon Lift
• 2 packets of NEURO in Raspberry Boost
• 4 packets of Vi-Defy
• 1 scoop of Vi-Shape® Shake
• 64 oz. of water (16 oz. per packet)
• 3 cups of ice
• 1 lime
Makes 3-4 servings


Add ice to the blender first.
Add water and blend with NEURO, Vi-Defy and Vi-Shape Shake.

TIP: If you add more than the recommended serving of Vi-Shape Shake, be sure you don’t use too much that it takes away the fruity tartness.


Use a lime wedge to moisten the rims of the margarita glasses (if you don’t have any, a regular glass will do!).
Add a thin layer of stevia onto a plate.
Press the rim of each glass onto the plate to coat with stevia.
Pour the frozen blend into each glass, and garnish with lime wedges.

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