Love Yourself in the Caverns Below Mt. Ebbot (wip)
  • Love Yourself in the Caverns Below Mt. Ebbot (wip)
  • Uberwuf X
  • Determination the Movie: the Game (Championship Edition + α)

Look, let’s say you had… one spear.
And with it, you could bring yourself out of the caves.
One last soul.
Would you kill Frisk, or let them go?

My brow is sweaty,
Arms weak, this plate is heavy
Hey friend, are you hungry yet, I’ve brought spaghetti
You’re nervous, wanna get back to the surface, I see,
But stay a while, I just can’t let you run, buddy!

Don’t forget how far you’ve come, who you’ve seen, where you’ve been
Put those bones away, Sans, why do you gotta be so mean?
Hey, don’t worry, maybe I’m no Paula Dean
But I’ve finally got the recipe down, you see?

So there’s this small game you might not’ve heard about, it’s called Undertale

And some underground rapper from the nation of Detroit decided to name himself after a famous candy from his homeland and made a song named (loosely translated) Lose Yourself

Some guy named Uberwulf X saw a kinda spoof that was funny but was all “I can do it one better” and decided to start writing this song that’s gonna have a good few of the main characters. For some reason he only did like one, two takes of the vocals with no ambiance filter and while the vocals are audible there are few effects on the instrumental that’s being built from scratch. But apparently he’d been sick for a while so until that clears up this is as good as it’s gonna get but y’know until then the standard disclaimers apply

But y’know maybe he’ll finish this song and find a better name for it ‘cause the current working title is pretty long