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Can you do the voice crack for the Mukami boys?

Ruki- Shocked at himself, he reached up to his throat, coughing it out while his lover laughed, “It’s not funny, Livestock, does master need to punish you?”

Kou- He’d grow worried instantly, thinking he was losing his voice or SOMETHING, then would rush to his laptop to figure out how to fix it so he wouldn’t get in trouble with his manager for doing it elsewhere.

Yuma- Yuma would groan, pulling away from his lover, “Dammit… How are my chances to getting some no-” (”Next to none.”) “Shit.”

Azusa- He’d blink and look down, touching his throat before quietly giggling, “That was weird… Did I.. sound funny…?”

@captain-atlantic alsodkkdks ;; 💕💕 But seriously I really do appreciate the little likes and reblogs because I feel like you guys are my friends and I get really sentimental about these little things oKAY I JUST LOVE E V E R Y O N E

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the truth is a matter of circumstances, it’s not all things to all people all the time. and neither am i

stop scaring people into thinking tumblr is going to shut down, this site is a source of comfort for many people and a lot of them also rely on it for mental health reasons. scare mongering minors into thinking they’ll lose something they rely on it pathetic, stop

I was trying to color my Shiro, but I’m struggling with that color palette and got a little overwhelmed with how slowly it’s coming along, and not really living up to the vision in my head blah blah blah. I decided it’s probably cause I’m adapting to new software with different brush settings, and so to get frustration out, I decided to freehand something else in one sitting. 

EDIT: OMG I was half asleep when I posted this. The whole reason I painted this was as a belated happy birthday for @steinbecks! Happy Birthday, Francesca!