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Hello ^^Thanks for making my day because of reactions. Can you show how exo react when they see their dream girl for the first time? Have a nice day ^^

Oh You’r so nice! Thank You! :D

*sexy wink on the way*

*run after You under the pretext of losing something*

“Hi there!”

*just look at You surprised by Your beauty*

‘Smile Luhan, smile!! Maybe she will notice You!’

*He will be slowly walking to You with big smile on his face*

“I’am  bowled over by the beauty of your”

“Oh Yor so cute! Tell me your name, telephone number, adress!”

‘How someone can be that perfect?’

“Oh hello there my future wife”

“Is it hot in here or is it You?”

‘I think I fall in love with her’

The 30 Day KLK Challenge

Day 4: Most underrated character


I actually like Rei. Although she was loyal to Ragyo, she wasn’t really an antagonist. Rei had a traumatic past, when war was going on in Africa. Ragyo saved her from death, which is why Rei was always loyal, because Ragyo saved her from losing everything, and when Ragyo perished, Rei lost everything again, which was why she went bonkers on Satsuki and company. However, Satsuki saw no harm in Rei. While she couldn’t imagine the hell Rei went through, Satsuki knew what suffering meant, and decided to help Rei. All Rei wanted was to have a better life, because losing everything was something she greatly feared, and Satsuki decided to help her, for better, unlike Ragyo

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Sunday Six

(from my cracky Johnlock fic where John’s on the 5:2 Diet)

Molly happened to be working, so he stopped to ask her opinion on the experiment design for nutritional analysis.

“That’s right, John told me he was trying the 5:2,” she said, smiling fondly. “Going to surprise him with a special low-calorie meal then?”

“No, I want to determine the caloric content of my ejaculate,” he corrected.

“O-oh,” Molly stammered and then “Oh!” She turned bright red.

“So would you agree that the temperature ought to be -” he tried to continue, but Molly was muttering something and had hurried off down the hall.

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I was just wondering how you define "virginity"? I know a lot of people equate losing your virginity with penetration, but I was wondering what you thought.

i think firstly everyone should make out for themselves whether they acknowledge the existence of the concept virginity. i think the concept and term have brought along alot of bad things and abuse and disrespect throughout history and cultures. for me personally there isn’t something “to lose” and therefore id like to step away from it but it also just always has been irrelevant to me in my entire life. obviously i knew it was generally considered a thing but i’ve never thought about applying the concept to myself. i don’t think it’s important but for people who do then i would equate losing your virginity with having sex for the first time. and again, sexual experience is different for everyone individually. seeing it as penetration being the insertion of a body part or other object into the vagina/anus/mouth, with mutual consent is agreeable for me :-) so i don’t like the term because it’s an individual thing which would be fine individually but it brings the complications of getting compared between peoples own perception of sex and more than often heteronormative thinking leads to the impression that penetration (and so virginity) means penis+vagina and thats not okay 

so thinking about whether or not something counts as virginity is less important than being happy and comfortable with your own sexual experiences and decisions and i think the focus should be more on that :)

Shigeo cleared his throat as he recomposed himself. He shouldn’t have just shouted at them. Not because he cared actually about them! But just because he didn’t want to lose face with something as small as this.

“I don’t know what that is and I don’t care to.”

Shigeo could google it later. He was pretty sure with what they said that they just ran into him on purpose. His tone is curt.

“Now obviously you couldn’t have just missed me. So, what? What do you want?”

Hana, for all appearances, waits patiently for Shigeo to re-compose himself, the smile on their face unwavering.

“You should care to, really. You never know when new knowledge may come in handy. But, if you really don’t, I suppose we can skip that dialogue option.”

Hana. Please.

“I want a lot of things! You’ll have to be more specific, if I tried to list them we could be here for a while, a very long while, I don’t mind really though, flowers are patient, you know, we have all the time in the world. Perhaps I did miss you though, who can say? Would you call it obvious when you cannot really know? Perhaps I have poor eyesight! That’s not uncommon in people with red eyes, is it now? Perhaps I should be asking what you want! I’m sure that would be equally interesting, at least.”

What a load of nonsense.

all shall be lost to you

[the answer is BOTH OF THEM]


Make me choose between…
Anonymous asked: Humankind or The Universe?

“Stars die and are born in places like this one […] They condense like raindrops from giant clouds of gas and dust. They get so hot that the nuclei of the atoms fuse together deep within them to make the oxygen we breathe, the carbon in our muscles, the calcium in our bones, the iron in our blood, all of it was cooked in the fiery hearts of long-vanished stars. You, me, everyone…we are made of star stuff.” - Neil deGrasse Tyson


“I think that their definition of friendship is always tested by their situation of life and death and how they can’t lose one another. That huge aspect of ‘I can’t live without you’ creates that loving bond that I think is, you know, ‘Oliver and Felicity on a romantic level’. I think, yeah, there have been a lot of bumps in the road but they’re…obstacles or just sort of things that are forces working against a relationship between them, but they have a connection that no one else is gonna have. And that is a colossal deal.” - Emily Bett Rickards (x)