I think I’m losing my mind, I think you’re all I’ve ever known. I think somewhere between my next regret and my next apology, I think I’ve seen you. Dressed in gold, dressed in red– you can carve my soul open and paint the dreams of never being here again. I think I’m losing my mind again, I think this time it’s something we’ll soon forget.
Giveaway and Crafting Blog?

Hello again! I was hoping I could have some help! :D

When I posted a few days ago about possibly doing a giveaway featuring my sewing projects, I got 12 new followers in 24 HOURS. HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS <3 THANK. YOU. SO. MUCH.

So I will definitely be doing a giveaway! I wanted to include three prizes; is there a project of mine that you would like to try to win? If you can’t remember what I’ve done, check out my sewing tag and take a look!

And I was also wondering about making a side blog just for my crafts. I’m honestly just stuck on a name, which is pretty important, since it will also be the name I put in for my etsy store and PO Box. I will definitely take suggestions if anyone has one! <3

And a wonderful heaping thank you to every single one of you that likes, reblogs, and continuously supports me in this. A few months ago I wouldn’t have thought it possible to be able to be good enough at sewing to have people want to buy my things?! But it makes me so HAPPY to think about it! :D So, again, THANK YOU SO MUCH! You guys have no idea how much I appreciate every little thing. <3

Stay tuned for that giveaway! I should be posting it hopefully later this week! :D

I just want to have a place to go at night, someone help me. I want a place to lose my mind. I’m going, I’m going insane. Someone please stop this pain. I relieve this smoke from my lungs but none of it is gone. I want to go down to the cemetery were all the dead souls roam, maybe they’re my only hope. Only hope of making friends, all my other ones are gone. Where have they been? Oh, they have turned into the monsters in my head. Go away monster, go away. Go away and go back to your grave.

God, if one more person comes into the ER because they have a flu, I am going to lose my mind. Does that sound like an emergency to you? An emergency is I just got stabbed or I can’t breathe or a holy shit, I just had a heart attack.” Amelia sighed deeply, running her hands across her forehead. “I think I need a drink, and I think I need to buy you a drink for unloading that on you.”

A Not So Important Announcement!

I’m updating all my fics this week/ next week (FINALLY)

These are all in order

Lose Your Mind Part 6

Lone Wolf Part 5

Huntress Part 7

Welcome To Beacon Hills Part 3

If you want to be tagged in any of them just message me

LONE WOLF MASTERLIST { Liam Dunbar Fanfic}

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HUNTRESS MASTERLIST {Dean Winchester Fanfic}

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jemin-guay  asked:

Why would ReySky be unoriginal? I think the idea of Luke breaking the code would seem so ooc that people would lose their damn minds! I mean, he's Luke do-goodercinnamonroll Skywalker. ReySky would be pretty shocking. I mean it's just an HC rn -

jemin-guay said:Continuation ReySky - the implication that Luke would be anything like Anakin is scary&sort of exciting. It would mean he felt attachment, possibly romantic love, and parental love for his child. Which easily could have led him to the darkside…

I think Rey Skywalker could definitely have some shock factor if they wanted to, but I don’t think for this reason. 

I disagree with this weird idea that a lot of people, especially anti-Rey Skys, have that is the “but Luke was a virginal saint who would have followed the Jedi Code exactly as it used to be!” 

The Jedi Order had a ton of flaws and Luke created his own Jedi Order. Yes, he probably built on some of the foundations of the old but after watching the literal last Jedi Master die, I doubt he would be like, “yeah, let’s replicate this thing that failed miserably and see if it works this time around!” Like, lmao, Luke’s not dumb… and there’s no code to break anymore. Luke is the one who gets to create it now. 

It’s also canon that Luke had romantic relationships with women in the new EU. It’s known fact in the comics that he had a thing for Nakara Kelen but she died before their relationship could really go anywhere (likely to make room for SkyMom). 

I don’t think Luke is gonna end up dark side either; we’ve already seen him not only resist the dark side’s temptation, but kick it in the ass when given the opportunity to dive deeper into it. Luke’s in control and being compassionate is his MO. But I do think it would be cool to see him handling being a father what with how he didn’t exactly have the best experience with his own.

I think any surprise we’re gonna get is how Rey handles this new knowledge of being a part of a notable legacy, how she makes her mark on it, and also the circumstances surrounding her being left on Jakku. The originality and unpredictability of it doesn’t have to lie in the identity of the parent(s) but of the circumstances surrounding everything else.