WOD + Food intake - Wednesday 28th Sept.

Alright, fitness first: wow this morning was soooo full on both in the gym & maybe even more so in the pool.
I got through all of the workout I had planned as well as adding 3 x 10 reps of 18kg pectoral fly and a few extra MB slams.
My Aquafit instructor is also one of the female trainers who I work with in the gym and she is definitely my biggest real life female supporter. The advice and compliments I receive from her have made me 110% more confident of myself in and out of the gym.
Anyway, I’d never taken one of her classes before as I usually go to the gym of an evening and I am soooooo glad I decided to try it.
It was so much more intense & fun than my normal Aqua classes. She wheeled a whiteboard over to the side of the pool and wrote numbers ascending from 5 and going up in multiples of 5 up to 50 and then had 10 numbered pieces of paper stuck to the board with exercises on the backs of them. They ranged from spiders,flip flops, two foot push off, ski jumps etc. Kasey called on us to pick a number from each of the two sides of the board and we then did the number of reps per exercise.
There were also four “bonus” rounds, which were hardly bonuses lol 😂 They included swimming 10 laps of the pool, 50 crunches, 60 push ups out of the pool and running 10 laps of the pool.
Just when we all thought it was over, the final 8 minutes were spent doing absolutely everything (excluding bonuses) one after the other. I finished with 40 seconds to spare and that was after I’d already spent an hour and a half in the gym prior to the class!!

On to my food intake today and I’m fairly happy with what I’ve ingested. I burnt off more than 1000 calories between the pool and gym today so I treated myself to a small portion of cheese and cabanossi (around 150cals) instead of having my usual Greek yogurt (120 cals)
I’ve already prepped my dinner and boy do I have a big plate of veggies to dig into tonight! Looking forward to it!

Oh and I absolutely crushed my water intake today. I had already drank 2.1litres by 9am! 💦💦

I’m currently trying to eat as much fruit & veggies as possible. Micronutrients and a clean diet are so so important for seeing results. I’m even considering switching back to paleo… But I might miss my all bran for breakfast too much! Edit: I just realised I left the e of cheese in my food planner, whoops haha 😝