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how old are the cool kids post

the cool kids cameos from this episode and steven being less than 1 in this flashback really help with getting a more accurate age for the cool kids in present time… if you notice, both sour cream and buck have missing baby teeth; like i said in my sour cream post, children don’t typically start losing their top teeth, particularly their central incisors (front teeth, like what buck seems to be missing) until around 6 or 7 years and their lateral incisors (top teeth next to their front teeth, like what sour cream seems to be missing) until around 7 or 8 years. presently, steven is 14 years old and if we assume that the cool kids lost their baby teeth at the standard expected ages, they may be anywhere from 20 to 22 years old (19-23 can also be possible). this would mean that they are definitely not minors, are possibly legal adults or at the very least college-aged. they are literally grown ass people y’all


my favorite couple @aunttanya & uncle Mark ❤️

This hands down has to be my favorite picture of JB. He is serving Happiness, Joy, and Heavenly angel  all wrapped up in Handsome Beauty and I am left in awe.


                                    Eva and Noora finding out
                               Isak worrying Jonas will find out 


Dating Theo Raeken Would Include:

  • you practically living at his house
  • stealing his shirts
  • cute forehead kisses
  • knowing theo’s plans for the mccall pack
  • him always getting frustrated when you want in on a plan because he doesn’t want you to get hurt
  • “if something happened to you, i would go out of my fucking mind”
  • flirting constantly
  • teasing each other during pack meetings ;)
  • him being really protective over you
  • him threatening the dread doctors to stay the hell away from you
  • threatening the chimera pack too
  • “if anyone of you touches my girl, you’re dead. that’s not a threat, that’s a promise”
  • sex
  • so much sex
  • sex in his truck
  • mostly rough and kinky sex
  • but on occasions, slow and loving sex
  • him calling you ‘babygirl’
  • theo slightly losing control whenever you top him
  • low growls from the back of his throat and his eyes flash vibrant gold
  • “fuck, you’re so fucking beautiful”
  • taking loads of selfies together
  • going to the gym and constantly checking each other out when working out because damn
  • you being his first priority no matter what
  • so many cuddles
  • especially after a really long and stressful day
  • “come here, baby”
  • you being the only one who can calm him down
  • him never passing up the opportunity to take pictures of you when you don’t notice
  • he has one of you laughing adorably set as his lock screen
  • staying awake together and talking about random shit after one of you has a nightmare
  • hot makeout sessions
  • him biting your bottom lip
  • “you’re irresistible, god, it’s like i just can’t control myself around you”
  • hickeys
  • especially on your neck, collarbone, and inner thighs
  • play fighting together but theo lets you win most of the time because he likes it when you smile
  • him getting really jealous whenever another guy speaks to you
  • so he makes sure to really over do the pda around certain guys who can seem to take a hint
  • but also pda just in general
  • him smacking your ass when you’re walking in the hallways
  • “theo!”
  • “i can’t help myself, y/n, you’re hot”
  • defending him when the mccall pack (mainly stiles) make accusations about him
  • him peppering kisses all over your face when you’re sad because he knows that it’ll make you smile
  • taking showers together
  • and baths
  • which usually ends in sex
  • watching movies together whilst cuddling
  • “you give the best hugs, theo, you now that?”
  • “only for you”
  • you love it when he nuzzles his head in the crook of your neck because you find it absolutely adorable
  • both of you knowing that you’ll always be there for each other no matter what
  • him finding that listening to your heartbeat calms him down
  • he loves that your scent is practically the same as his because of how much he’s marked you, with sex, hugs, kisses, when you wear his clothes, etc
  • neither of you getting bored of the sex because you both think that it gets better every time
  • you being the only one who sees his soft and loving side
  • “i love you, raeken”
  • “and i love you, y/l/n”
  • him not saying that he loves you all too often so when he does, you know he means it one hundred percent

These photos were taken 1 year and 4 days apart. In the past 4 months I’ve undergone 2 procedures that have removed around 50 pounds of skin total from my stomach, chest, sides and back, the most recent procedure being one week ago today.

It’s been an insane journey. Since 2009 I’ve lost over 270 pounds, and when I see myself without the skin hanging from my body, I see the person I’ve felt like for a long time.

Today, I have value. One year ago, I had value. In 2009 when I was 500 pounds, I had value. It just took time to see it.

I’m proud of who I am today, and I refuse to shame who I’ve been.

Car radio by twenty one pilots |-/
Peace will win and fear will lose.


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ENG: On the first day of February, I bring you Bubblegum Vampire love

[Description: a digital inked drawing of Princes Bubblegum and Marceline the Vampire Queen from Adventure Time. They are close together, Marcy holding PB’s face, her tongue near her cheek, as if tasting her. PB seems to be smiling, her right hand resting on Marcy’s chest, her left hand on the back of Marcy’s neck. Marceline is wearing a lose crop top, with jeanss, boxers, and a flannel shirt tied to her hips. PB’s wearing a corset top, and a skirt.]

ESP: En el primer día de febrero, les traigo amor vampiro con gusto a chicle.

[Descripción: un dibujo de tinta digital de la Dulce Princesa y Marceline, la Reina Vampira, de Hora de Aventura. Están juntas, Marcy sosteniendo la cara de PB en sus manos, su lengua cerca de la mejilla de PB, como si la estuviera probando. PB parece estar riéndose, su mano derecha sobre el pecho de Marceline, la izquierda en su cuello. Marcy está usando un top corto y suelto, jeans, boxers, y una camisa tipo leñador atada en la cadera. PB está usando un corset corto y una pollera.]