lose the high

ok but?? chowder being a Party Boi in high school. he was always just so happy to be there and got everyone hyped. not so much anymore bc he’s gotta be serious about stuff (like hockey and his friend and his gf and his degree) but like. pong partners lardo & chowder??? unstoppable. undefeated. actually undefeated. they never lose games, chowder just loses interest and like high fives everyone and goes off to do something else.

Getting all As all the time?

I know that I kind of already talked about this in my overrated first year advice post but I seriously want to put this message out there again. 

You do not need to get all As on every assignment for every class. 

I don’t even know how that would be possible, without putting yourself under unbelievable amounts of stress. 

I see these posts specifically targeted at high school students, which is even more problematic in my mind. High school should not be a time when you study for hours every day without doing much else. High school isn’t all about resume building, but also about having fun and making friends and good memories. There are a few reasons that I specifically think this idea is bad: 

  1. Universities don’t necessarily require you to have all As. A lot of universities don’t even look at your grades until certain years, or only look at certain classes. If you’re in grade 9, you should focus on building study skills while having fun, rather than living to make all As. Also, showing that you got a bad mark in grade 11 and then bumped it up to a much better one in grade 12 looks great on an application just as much as all As does. 
  2. If you are aiming for extremely prestigious schools, you need more than grades. If making straight As is your goal because you want to go to Harvard, you also need to have some extra-curriculars and other things on your resume. I don’t know how many stories I’ve read over the years of people who had a 4.0 and didn’t get in because all they did was school, while others will a 3.5 got in based on their amazing resume.
  3. Telling students that they should not settle for anything less than an A tells them that studying needs to be their top priority always. When I was in high school (even grade 9), one of my main priorities was work. Other people want to focus on sports, that they probably won’t be able to play in university. Some people need to focus on hobbies that cultivate their mind and make them happy, rather than putting so much pressure to get all As. I think it is a very privileged viewpoint, in a way, to say that school needs to come before anything else. Only certain people can afford to think that way. 
  4. If you settle for nothing less than all As in high school, university might hit you like a ton of bricks. I don’t know very many people who got all As in their first semester of uni. I don’t know anyone who got all As on all of their assignments. I know some people who didn’t get a single A. At my school, when you hand in an essay, an A means it is perfect and has absolutely no flaws to speak of, so your chances of getting an A are no so high in first year. I had on TA who refused to give out As on any assignment. If your assignment was perfect, you got an 80, which is a B. 

Very literally, a C is average. It is the middle of the range of marks you can get. A is not average. 

I am in no way telling high school students or students in general that they shouldn’t strive for good marks. Or that they shouldn’t consider their education as a gift, and work hard for it. And I understand that for some kids, their parents tell them that they need to get all As and are under immense pressure at home to do so. But telling people that anything less than an A is unacceptable and that their top priority in life should be making straight As all the time, to no end? I do not support that. 

Sometimes you just gotta eat a whole zucchini…

Slice zucchini, place on a plate with soy sauce, coat both sides, heat pan with tiny bit of peanut oil (or whatever oil), plop zucchini in the pan, wait & flip, season with salt and pepper, plate & top with toasted black and white sesame seeds!

Super easy, super delicious, super making this again tomorrow night (but adding some protein)

learning to listen to my body

As someone who struggles with food addiction, it’s sometimes hard to listen to my body. In the not so distant past, I would eat even after I was full. Even if I was painfully full I would still eat because I felt…empty? I know that sounds cheesy, but it was this mental space in my body that felt real. I would keep eating until I was in pain and sick. I don’t know why I did it, but it made the ‘hole’ go away. Just for an hour or two.

I think I was conditioned to view food as a source of entertainment. I ate when I was sad, bored, angry, or stressed because it gave me something to focus on. My parents would even take my sister and I out for ice cream or to a junk-food-restaurant if we got a good grade or won some sports game. Food became viewed as more of a prize or reward. The relationship I’ve had with food has been extremely unhealthy and toxic.

Thanks to Keto, I get full faster and I actually stop eating once I’m full. I love this diet and I plan to do it for as long as I can.

Imagine going to the karaoke with Woozi and singing to your heart’s content until you guys start losing your voice.

7 Months In - What’s changed?

I started a ketogenic way of eating on February 26, 2016. I was not consistently on plan throughout the full seven months, resulting in “only” a 40-pound weight loss (I’ll take it!).

I thought this morning a lot about what has changed for me from the beginning of this year to now. 

1. I sleep all the way through the night now. I used to wake up regularly at about 4:30 each morning, just because that’s when my body decided I should awaken. I would be so tired that I would eat a big breakfast for the energy I needed, and the carb spike and subsequent crash left me even more tired. It was a vicious cycle.

2. We’re actually saving money on our food budget. Since we plan our meals ahead of time and cook everything from scratch, we are eating better and spending less than we were on convenience foods. In-season vegetables and cheap beef chucks are your friends!

3. I’m down 40 pounds (duh, this is a gimme item). The scale is a nice reminder of where I was and where I’m headed now.

4. I fit into a bunch of the clothes in my closet now! It’s pretty amazing to go shopping in your own closet and to donate items that are still in good condition that you can no longer wear because they’re too big on you. That has literally never happened to me before.

5. I don’t eat breakfast anymore. January of this year (2016), I would to wake up hungry every morning and eat breakfast pretty much first thing. Now I’m not hungry until about noon each day, so I don’t eat breakfast anymore.

6. My back pain is gone. Minor back pain that I had for years slowly but surely has disappeared over these last 7 months. I forgot what it felt like to be pain-free on the regular.

7. I’m looking forward to going to an amusement park! We’re taking the kids in our family to Disneyland this year and for the first time in a long time, I am actually really looking forward to it. I know I can handle the walking, and I know I can fit into the seats. I will be able to keep up with the kids, and that is a feeling that is priceless.

8. I have tons of energy. I mentioned we cook dinner from scratch every night–I always strived to do that before I started eating LCHF, and I was always exhausted when I got home from work. Even the thought of prepping, planning, shopping, and cooking daily seemed daunting, and when we would order pizza (again) I would feel like a failure, back in my old life earlier this year. Not anymore. I can go go go like I used to and not get all cranky.

9. My numbers are better. I had pre-hypertension at the beginning of this year, and my most recent checkup showed 119/72, which is in the normal range. I expect my BP to get even better as time goes on. Although I am not diabetic, My A1C is down to 5.6, which again, I anticipate will only get better.

10. My mood is significantly more even. I used to have mood swings and I used to get annoyed a lot, especially in social situations. 

11. I don’t get headaches anymore, ever. I used to get 4-5 a week, ranging from minor to moderate, enough to need to take a Tylenol or Ibuprofen. I now never, ever get headaches. 

12. I am in a good mood all the time now. This is kind of an off-shoot of number 10. I wake up happy, I go to work happy, I end the day happy.

13. I don’t get “the shakes” or become hangry anymore. Back at the beginning of this year, I would get ravenous and if I didn’t eat I felt like I was going to actually die. I would get shaky (low blood sugar), I couldn’t focus, and I would snap at people. Now I can feel when I am hungry, and I will eat if I can. If it’s a really inconvenient time for me to eat, I can wait, sometimes for hours, and it’s not a problem.

14. My acne has completely cleared up. Facial acne, body acne, any acne. Gone.

Keep in mind that I started reaping most of these benefits within the first 5 weeks of eating keto (numbers 1, 2, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14.) It’s nice to look back and see how far I’ve come. Slowly but surely, my life has improved in major ways.

i am literally speechless, this man doesn’t know shit about politics nor he knows about diplomacy, i don’t know what’s gonna be of mexico in the next months, i am scared for my people’s future, for minorities, for muslims, for the world’s future, but most of all i am shocked by the fact that so many people share that way of thinking, so many racists, mysogynists, ableists, xenophobic.

so many people filled with nothing but hatred.

america fucked up, and they really did.

america will not be great again after this.