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Nothing But The Weather // Chap 1

*Deep breath* Alright.

This is my new multichap fic I’m focusing on, guys! It’s a Beauty and The Beast Klance Au (Oh yes, so original, I know) But it’s a mix with the original story! So, it may have some twists! 

Anyways; here’s the link for Ao3 http://archiveofourown.org/works/9215594/chapters/20901749

And that’s it! I hope you enjoy! 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

It’s raining.

The fifteen years old prince pants heavily as he leans forward, resting his forehead against the cold ground at the entrance of his own castle, his dry heaving being tuned out by the sound of the raindrops falling down on him.

The loud and shallow breaths he’s making are not enough to fill his lungs and the desperation to breathe increases by the second. Everything around him it’s bright; the abnormal purple glow envelops him in a tight and suffocating ball and he can’t breathe.

Something on his ear pops and then Keith’s finally able to hear. Thunder and raindrops make their way to his ears and Keith could almost laugh in relief when his lungs take in the air they were missing.

He stays still for a few seconds, inhaling and exhaling rhythmically until the pain in the back of his head disappears and the hot feeling inside his skin dims just enough for him to feel the coldness of the rain on his skin.

Groggily and with a hint of dizziness, the Prince blinks slowly only to snap his eyes wide open as they meet the reflection on the puddle below him.

Big and bright golden eyes stare right back at him, just as wide and terrified as he feels. Any sings of his birth eye color erased entirely, the white area around them gone and leaving behind only a deep golden space on its place.

The teen lets out a shaky breath, “W-what –?”

It takes him a moment before he acknowledges the smug chuckle coming just a few feet from him.

A tall dark figure stands proudly in front of him, looking down on him with pale golden eyes similar to his own and something inside him snaps at the sight.

“Haggar.” Keith whispers dumbfounded as he recognizes the figure of the exiled witch before he frowns deeply, “What did you do to me, you witch!” He snarls, sharp and angry.

The figure hums unamused at his anger, “I made you a favor. You should be thanking me, young Prince.”

Keith suppresses the shiver that went down his spine at the deep and eerie voice. Not being satisfied with the answer, he slams his fist against the ground, water splashing at the hit.

“What did you do to me!?” He shouts, his voice dripping with venom and yet the witch just laughs at his face without flinching.

“I made you stronger.” Haggar hisses, “You’re one of us, now.”

His blood turns cold.

“What –“

“Congratulations, Prince Keithel, you’re now one of the most powerful creatures in the kingdom.” Haggar smirks, as she waves a hand over where prince’s on the ground, gesturing to his whole being.

”Vrepit sa, young cub.”  

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“Do you still love him?”

“No. But I miss him. God. Some nights it’s just a dull throb and it’s calm and steady but then other nights. The bad nights- My whole body shakes and my pillow soaks up enough tears to last me a lifetime. I lose my breath and I feel for him on his spot of my bed but then I remember that he doesn’t have a spot because he’s gone and I’m alone and it fucking hurts. I don’t love him. But I couldn’t tell you that I’d turn him down if he asked me out somewhere again. I can’t be sure I would deflect his kiss. My body. Mind. It longs for him. But I don’t love him. Because when he left he broke my heart..
And if I keep saying I don’t love him, maybe one day I’ll believe it.”

—  One day I’ll believe it.

second Zora oc \o3o/

he’s themed around a cuttlefish

there’s only a few zora variations in game (I think like…four :v)
but I feel the possibilities could be endless with this species 

ARIES, you are orange and gold encased in maroon skin, sweet as honey. hang loose and know that your best is it’s own reward.

TAURUS, you still make me lose my breath with the curve of your neck, and i’m counting vertebrae to fall asleep, your laugh an indulgence I control my intake of. you are the best screenplay i could never write.

GEMINI,  the skyline is trying to kiss the moon, but you’re lucky that you bring her home.  be gentle with the kind of starlight you find.

CANCER, you were the first chord of a piano I learned to understand and my favorite poem, my most repeated prayer. we’ve made it this far. tell me that means something, and i’ll believe you.

LEO, to know you is to breathe in the first feeling of tomorrow. you are ceaseless and a shooting star - my night time dream wish. i miss you written a hundred times in blue.

VIRGO,  i’m often left asking if this is even worth it, and i think you’re the same. i want to be there for you. it used to be easier, you used to be a reminder of love and now i swallow your silence like a prison sentence. please don’t forget who you are.

LIBRA,  we are interlocked hands and ankles swinging in sync; knowing you is a second chance, and i’ll learn for you.

SCORPIO,  it’s natural to be terrified of what comes next. call me a lover but i don’t think anything is quite as important as the diamonds in your teeth when you smile. you are my undercurrent of inspiration.

SAGITTARIUS,  you are in your moment of nebulae, make it spectacular. rebirth tastes like last year’s champagne and  snow. 

CAPRICORN,  the smooth engine of a car, and a highway of mistakes and constellations. the chase is yours if you want it.

AQUARIUS, your palms say that it’s too late for you but when I close my eyes and swallow the middle name of the girl you once were it’s not sacrifice, but a promise. i will never forgive you if you press pause.  an artist is a guttural cry, and you can’t stop.

PISCES,  i carry your happiness in a pendant, knowing that some times things do work out, and it can be good. you are the best friend i didn’t know i could have.

maybe i’m not easy to love.
i have a strong heart. it’s a strong
heart but sometimes it still
hurts when people try to pull on it.
it’s my lungs that are the
problem. i lose my breath faster
than i lose my headphones.
it’s like my lungs are two balloons
being squeezed too tightly
and my chest concaves
and i feel like they’re going to just
pop. i’m not easy to love.
it’s more than just that.
i do impulsive things like cut
all of my hair off and tell you i
love you before i’m sure
i do. and one day you’ll wake up
and you’ll notice that i’m
not as kind as you thought i was.
or i’m not as smart.
or as pretty.
and you’ll realise i’m not
easy to love. you’ll
realise you just wanted to believe
i am. that you’d managed
to convince yourself otherwise.
—  (r.e.s)